The Enforcer Ch. 20


I replied: "I care, but not in a bad way. I want to protect you from him."

She hugged me close and cried tears of joy as she said: "You're the nicest man I've met in years."

I hugged her close, and to lighten the mood I casually asked: "Does that mean that you want to come to Canada with me?"

She giggled as she said: "I'd love to." I held her close for several minutes. When she felt better she looked deeply into my eyes and said: "So that's settled. What's the plan for tonight?"

I reluctantly said: "Seems that the girls want to make you part of their group. They are devilishly planning an initiation for you right now. I made them promise not to do anything without your ok."

She smiled and said: "I'm game. Are you going to watch?"

I replied: "Only if you want me to. They tend to be very sexual in anything they do as a group."

Jillian replied: "Sounds like fun to me. Give them the go ahead. And tell them that you are going to watch the whole thing, or I won't play with them." I agreed and headed downstairs to tell the girls.

When I got downstairs they all stormed me and Mandy asked: "So what's happening with Jillian?"

I replied: "Well you guys have her cooperation as long as I can witness your activities."

Candy giggled: "We were planning to use you in the initiation, so that's fine."

I continued: "However I feel I should also bring up that she will be coming home with us." All the girls looked at me in surprise, so I added: "Her life's at risk, so Guido asked me to take care of her. Jillian readily agreed to accompany us."

Mandy smiled as she said: "Cool. I really like her."

The rest of the girls started to poke fun at her, saying she was in love and all the other fun stuff. It was good natured so I let them play, and went upstairs to fetch Jillian.

She bubbled over with joy when I told her that they had agreed and they were all happy to hear that she was coming to Canada with us. The two of us headed downstairs to meet the firing squad as it were.

The girls were now sitting in a circle on the floor. They were all in their nighties still. Jillian and I were both fully dressed. Sarah was at the head of the group and motioned for us to stop. We did as she indicated.

She then spoke in an authoritive voice: "Vinny if you wish to participate you must strip to your boxers."

I quickly stripped, all the girls watched me intently. When I was done I snapped them out of their trance when I said: "What next, oh mighty one?"

Everybody but Sarah giggled at my comment. She was a little miffed, so sternly said: "Since you want to play the servant, you will act as my chair."

I smiled and moved to where she was, helped her up and placed myself onto my hands and knees and, holding my back firm, said: "Your throne awaits you mistress."

All the girls giggled again. But Sarah decided to see how long I could last and sat upon my back. From her now elevated seat she addressed Jillian: "Jillian we have been told that you accept to go through our rites of initiation. Is that true?"

Jillian stood straight and said: "This is true. I bow before you and await your judgement." She was now bowed over on the floor awaiting her reply.

Sarah replied coquettishly: "Cool, we have planned a little evening of fun. We will start with a game strip blackjack to break the ice." I was acting as a chair, so I did not get to keep dibs on the actual game, but it was determined that I would be the prize. And the winner would also get my boxers as their prize, but they would have to remove them from me.

I was eventually permitted to get up, but not before Jillian was declared the winner. She was wearing her panties and bra, while everybody else was naked. She looked at me and coquettishly said: "I have all your women's clothes, and my own, so I guess get to do the honours of stripping those boxers off you."

I replied: "It's a reward for winning, only do it if you want to."

She smiled: "I am scared what will happen if I do, but I'm also very curious to see what you're hiding under there that has permitted you to win over so many lovely women." She inhaled deeply then said: "Ok big boy, let's get those boxers off of you."

She stood and motioned for me. When I was standing proudly beside her she grabbed my waistband and, lowering herself, dragged my boxers down. When her eyes reached my semi hard cock she gasped: "Now that's impressive."

I looked down; she seemed captivated by my member. She got up, and once she was standing said: "Ok, I'm impressed, that's a monster you have down there."

I casually said: "You've won me, feel free to do what you want with me."

Jillian looked at me and silently said: "I'm not ready for that Vinny."

I replied: "Then make them do anything to me you want to see. They'll do almost anything you ask of them."

Mandy stood up and, in a voice filled with tenderness, said: "Jillian, I really want to make love to you, and I want to take my time. Please let me try and please you."

Jillian's face filled with tears as she answered: "I never thought you'd ask." They moved into each others arms and hugged lovingly.

The other girls realised that the two needed space, and decided to give it to them. I had come to the same conclusion, and started to leave, but Jillian stopped me and said: "Vinny, please stay with us. I want to see you and Mandy making love after. And I want you to witness our first time together."

I agreed, and followed them upstairs to the room Jillian and I had slept in last night. The girls walked, holding hands, in front of me. Their small butts looked so sexy as they walked that my penis quickly grew to full size.

When we reached the room Jillian noticed that I was at full strength and asked Mandy: "How in the hell did you manage to get that thing in your pussy?"

Mandy casually replied: "It's a most enjoyable experience I must say. And I have even allowed Vinny to put that monster up my ass. It was a tight squeeze, but it was great once I got used to having him in there."

Jillian just looked at my cock, then at Mandy's ass, then my cock, then again at Mandy's ass, then she said: "You're kidding me, right? Theirs is no way that monster went up your tiny asshole."

I said: "Maybe you want me to demonstrate the procedure to you."

Jillian replied franticly: "Not on me you won't!"

Mandy tenderly said: "He was offering to show you on me. I trust him and if you want I'll let him show you on me."

Jillian smiled, realising she wasn't even a target for me right now, and said: "We'll see. But first I want to get to know you better Mandy." With that Jillian began to kiss Mandy, who in turn started to explore Jillian's body as she returned the passionate kiss.

The two kissed and groped for a few minutes before coming up for air. They were both breathless when their kiss broke, but their faces were filled with a mixture of love and lust. Mandy moved her mouth to Jillian's ear and whispered softly: "Are you ready to show us both your charms?"

Jillian nodded, and reached behind her own back and quickly undid the clasp on her tiny bra. The garment fell away from her small breasts. Her aureoles were the lightest shade of pink I had ever seen, and the tiny nipples that adorned them were only slightly redder in colour.

Her body really did not match her age, but she was so beautiful to me that I said: "Jillian you're truly stunning."

She blushed strongly at my compliment. Mandy moved behind her. Jillian was flushed with embarrassment, but she stayed where I could study her body. Mandy then lowered Jillian's small panties and her hairless mound came into my view for the very first time. Her pussy lips were closed firmly shut. They were just as lightly coloured as her aureoles.

My cock twitched as I affectionately said: "Jillian you are such a beautiful woman."

She shyly blushed, and tried her best to avoid looking at me. I could have looked at her for hours, but Mandy had different plans and started to grope Jillian's small breasts as she kissed the nape of her slim neck. Although they were about the same height, Jillian looked tiny in Mandy's hands.

Jillian began to moan as Mandy's hands moved to her exposed sex. Slowly Mandy's probing fingers began delving into her new play toy. She kept up her ministrations for several minutes before Jillian's body was wracked with spasms. She made Jillian cum while she was still standing.

Mandy sensually pulled her now dripping hands from between Jillian's legs, and looked at me as she said: "Want a taste?"

I moved closer as I said: "Sure, why not?"

Jillian just watched in awe as I licked her juices from Mandy's hand. She had a very delicate taste, but very powerful aroma. Her arousal could be inhaled with greater power than it could be tasted.

Mandy's other hand went to her own mouth, and she tasted her newest friend's pussy for the first time. She smiled broadly as she said: "That's nice. A lot easier on the palette than the rest of the women I have tasted."

I chimed in: "It reminds me a little of how you taste."

Mandy replied: "I'd have to get a fresh sample from the source to test that theory." I smiled as I grabbed one of Jillian's hands and guided two of her finger into Mandy's already dripping sex. Jillian didn't resist as I then pulled her slender fingers from Mandy and brought them to my lips.

I licked the tip of one of the fingers then said: "You're a little headier than her, but they're very similar."

Then I moved her hand so Mandy could lick her own juices from Jillian's hand. After she sucked one of her fingers clean she said: "I see your point."

Seeing a look of fascination in Jillian's eyes I asked affectionately: "You want to compare the taste dear?"

She shyly replied: "I've never even tasted myself."

Mandy chimed in: "There's no better time than the present." I brought the finger that Mandy had not sucked to Jillian's lips. She tentatively stuck out her tongue and gave it a quick lick. Her eyes filled with surprise as she tasted pussy for the first time.

She said softly in a surprised tone: "That was not at all what I expected. And I must say that I found it quite pleasant."

Mandy offered the hand I had licked to Jillian as she said: "Want to try yourself now?"

Jillian's tongue ran over the full length of Mandy's finger. Her face filled with surprise as she tasted herself for the first time. She then said: "I taste pretty good if I say so myself."

I replied: "You won't get any argument from us." Jillian giggled at my comment.

Mandy then said: "Jillian, have you ever had your pussy licked?"

Jillian replied: "Sadly no. Heck until you Mandy, I had never cum. And I have never had sex either."

I asked her affectionately: "Didn't you have a boyfriend?"

She replied: "Yes, but I wouldn't put out, that's why he left me."

I hugged her close as I whispered: "I promise that I will not pressure you into sex, and I will never leave you even if you and I never actually make love."

Mandy tenaciously said: "He might not demand sex, but I will."

Jillian giggled as she replied: "That's honourable of you Vinny." Then she turned to Mandy and said: "Ok you horny thing. I promised to put out for you tonight and I plan on keeping that promise. I'm not really worried about doing it with a woman."

I asked coyly: "Since you seem to have no issues with sex with Mandy, what's your position on receiving oral sex from me?"

She looked at me puzzled and said: "In exchange for what?"

I replied: "Nothing, I love eating pussy, and I think you'll grow to love it too."

She replied: "Ok, but you have to promise not to try and shove the monster of yours into me when I am fuzzy with lust."

"I promise not to try anything sexual with any part of my lower body tonight, even if you ask."

"That's sounds fair, now feel free to do anything you want with your tongue."

Mandy smiled realising what Jillian had just agreed to. She gave me a devilish grin as she said: "You heard the lady."

I laid Jillian on the bed and positioned my mouth over hers; I gave her a single, quick kiss, then placed my tongue on her chin and dragged it down her body until I reached her navel. By that point Mandy had moved herself over Jillian's head and was now suckling on her tiny nipples. Jillian shivered as Mandy nipped her left nipple.

I slowly continued my trip, her feminine charms growing nearer every second, my nostril flared as I became aware of her pungent fragrance. I could clearly smell her arousal, and as my tongue grew closer, I began to taste it. Her juices fully covered even the skin around her sex.

I took great care in cleaning her up with my tongue while avoiding her lips and love button. Jillian squirmed, trying to get me to give her some release, but I kept slowly building up her desire.

After teasing for a few minutes I finally ran my tongue along the full length of her slit once. She sighed deeply, so I did it again, which netted the same result. I finally delved my tongue into her slit. Using only my tongue I gently pried open her outer lips, and then her inner ones. I keep lapping at her, making certain to never so much as graze her clit. She kept trying to grind her hips into my face, desperate for release.

I ran my tongue over her asshole a few times sending shivers through her body. Then I decided to give her a reward for being so nice. So I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked it while I hummed, and teased it with my tongue. Needless to say she came quite quickly and she kept cumming. After her fifth, or at least that's what my count indicated, orgasm, I decided to back off and let her catch her breath.

Mandy had already moved herself so she could kiss Jillian freely when I came up from my chosen task. I smiled as I realised that the two had fallen in love. Not matter what would happen from this point on, I was happy to see that Mandy would now have a friend to spend her nights with.

The girls broke their kiss and lay back, side by side. When they noticed the huge smile on my face, Jillian asked: "Why the huge grin?"

I replied: "You two make such a lovely couple."

Jillian was about to object, but then she stopped herself, and thought for a few seconds before realising that she and Mandy were now an item. She smiled and said: "Yeah, I guess that's the only thing that works for us." And with that they hugged and kissed.

After the short kiss Mandy said: "I really wasn't expecting to find love when I decided to go on this trip with you."

I replied: "Can you ever really say that you are expecting to fall in love?"

Mandy giggled: "I guess not." They both looked me over, and then Mandy said: "Well you've made Jillian come hard. What's next?"

I replied: "I'm game; you two can choose what we do next."


If you want to read more of this storyline or if you have a comment, feel free to drop me a line. I read all feedback I get. I hope you enjoyed it, I had fun writing it. I would love to hear from you if you have ideas for a next part, or want to see something special.

A Thank you goes out to my editor for all his help.

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Thank you.


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