The Enforcer Ch. 21


The sensation was quite different, not completely unpleasurable, but also not quite enjoyable either. It was a new experience, and I made a mental note to see how the girls would react to it. My attention had lapsed for only a second, but when I returned my thoughts to Maya and Candy they had already managed to move onto the bed with their legs astride my legs, each having their own leg. I was curious what they had in mind as I watched their dripping pussies hover over my legs.

They were sitting back so slowly that I didn't perceive their movements until their ass cheeks came to rest against the arches of my feet. The soft flesh was just lightly touching my feet, but it was an intense feeling. They lowered their pussies onto my legs, covering my ankle with their sweet nectars. They slowly ground their pussies along my legs and they inched forward. I still had no clue what they had in mind, but I was ready for just about anything; or at least I hoped.

After a short while Maya looked into Candy's eyes and lovingly said: "I just don't see what's so great about this. I mean he can't do anything right now."

Candy giggled as she replied: "I think you're missing point; the one thing I love about doing this is just that. He is normally so powerful, so commanding, but right now he is as helpless as a baby."

Maya smiled as she said in a mocking tone: "Candy, he's always helpless in my hands. Unlike you, I actually never felt his power overtaking me."

Candy smiled as she said: "Guess I played my cards wrong. I thought you'd like this more."

Maya replied: "I enjoy being around the both of you, but I have had power at my fingertips all my life, I don't really get excited about it."

I decided that I should help the two out: "Candy, why would a person who has never had anything but power want it sexually all the time, it's nothing new for her. However she has never felt the excitement of not knowing what would happen next, or the apprehension of knowing but not being able to do anything about it."

Candy was still thinking about my words while the expression on Maya's face told me she understood. She quickly tried to protest: "Don't you dare Vinny!"

She began to back away as I said: "Maya, my love, you have no choice in the matter; either you come forward and submit to it, or one of us will catch you, tie you up and make you submit. Besides, I think you will enjoy it."

Maya looked at me like I was crazy and defiantly said: "No I won't, and you can't make me."

I looked at her with love in my eyes and tenderly said: "You know I can make you do it, and even worse, we both know that I won't even have to get up to make you do it."

Her eyes locked onto my face, it was filled with tenderness and love, and she looked at me for a few seconds, realising the truth in my words. I only had to say: "My love, now come here and show me you trust me and Candy." She slowly inched forward as I said: "Lay over me, give me kiss, and place your hands behind your back. Candy will be gentle as she ties you up, I promise." She did as I asked, with fear and apprehension, but knowing that I was going to keep her safe like I always did.

Candy made quick work of tying Maya's hands tightly behind her back, unlike me Maya's hands were tied close together, giving her very little room to even squirm. When Candy was done tying up her lover, she reached around and began to play with her victim's breasts, kneading with her fingers. Maya was now sitting upon me, her pussy resting on my abdomen. She was flush with a mix of fear and sexual hunger.

Candy placed several soft kisses on her neck as she kept teasing Maya's nipples. Candy was astride my crotch, her pussy hovering just above my engorged cock. Candy grasped my manhood with one hand and guided it into her over heated sex, and then she slowly lowered herself, my hard staff plunging into the depths of her body. I groaned as she moaned. When I was fully into her she stopped and just sat there. She had returned her hand to Maya's breasts shortly after I began to enter her.

Maya's face told me she was horribly aroused, but she was also straining against her bonds, so I realised that she was not completely relaxed. I was a little concerned and in a caring tone said: "Maya do you want to stop this?"

"No Vinny, not yet, I am curious to see what will happen."

"Ok, but why don't you bend over and give me a kiss if you don't mind?"

Maya's breasts were still in Candy's grip, but she bent forward, Candy bending a little to follow her, until our lips met. We kissed softly as Candy began to move up and down on my engorged cock. Maya's face was filled with apprehension; I could even taste the discomfort on her lips as we kissed. I softly whispered into her ear: "You're worried, why do you choose to let this continue?"

She replied beneath her breath: "I am aroused by my fear and anxiousness, and I need to know why. That, and I have never been helpless, and I would like to know more about what Candy went through before you saved her; I know this pales in comparison but it's a start. I love her and I have never been able to talk to her about that part of her life."

"If I wasn't tied up I would give you a hug, I love you dearly Maya, and I am reminded every time we are together of just how lucky Candy is to have you."

Our conversation although short, had given Candy enough time to get herself all worked up, our attention returned to her when we heard her moaning, as she came. Her pussy squeezed me for all it was worth. I was not close to cumming, but it did not matter to Candy, she just kept on pistoning up and down, neither Maya nor I were able to see her, but both of us were aware of her every movement. She eventually stopped, and slumped down over us as she tried to recover.

Maya had grown calmer, feeling her body draped over my body, and her lovely friend's draped over hers. She gazed deep into my eyes and said: "I want to feel you inside me."

I kissed her softly then replied: "Let's see if Candy can help us." I spoke louder: "Candy do you have enough energy to help Maya position herself over me so we can make love?"

Candy replied shakily: "Yeah I can do that." I felt her weight shifting, and then she sat Maya back up. Once they were both seated, Candy pulled herself off my cock and shuffled back, making room for Maya. She strained her legs, lifting her body off mine. Then she shifted backwards until her pussy was floating above my proudly erect member. She descended slowly, Candy guided me into her. She was wet, no doubt about it, she might have been anxious, but she was also aroused.

Not having her hands or arms to steady herself she wasn't able to move much, and after a few strokes she lost her balance and slumped forwards onto my chest. I took the opportunity to kiss her nose; she was a little short, and when we made love it required me to crane my neck to kiss her on the lips, but given our situation we both had to stretch. But we were able to kiss. I used my hips and slowly pistoned myself into her sheath, eliciting a groan from her. I continued to make love to her slowly for a few minutes, her arousal peaking very quickly, her senses made more acute by her situation. I was not quite ready to climax when she did. I kept pumping into her slowly as she came; her ragged breath filling my mouth as we kissed once again.

When her orgasm abated she was worn out, and lay limply on me. I asked Candy: "Candy could you help Maya up, I think she needs to lie down."

Candy made to help, and then she paused, and thought for a few seconds then said: "Wait just one minute. Why am I doing what you say? Both of you are tied up." Her face filled with an evil grin as she looked upon her two helpless victims.

I loved her dearly, but decided that since Maya was worn out, it was time to put my foot down, so I said sternly: "Candy, be nice." Then in a very calm tone I added: "You wouldn't want to give me a reason to break my bonds now would you?"

Candy smiled devilishly and said: "Go ahead, I don't think you can." Just as she finished her sentence her face flushed as she saw my hands wrapping around Maya. Maya broke our kiss as she felt my hands touching her.

She looked at me in awe and said: "How exactly did you get you hands free?"

I smiled as I said: "I cheated a little. I broke the rope a few minutes ago. I just didn't see a reason to let you know until now." I held her closer to my body as I kissed her once again.

Candy whined: "That's just not fair. Why are you so fucking strong? I mean I didn't even see you straining against the ropes once."

I replied: "Do you really need an answer to that question?"

She just sighed.

I was holding Maya lovingly as I said: "Maya my dear, you seem to be dealing better with being tied up. What do you want to do now?"

She just gazed into my eyes and said: "I wouldn't mind just a few minutes of rest, and then we can see where the night takes us. But for now I think Candy could use a little more of your attention."

Candy helped Maya off me, and laid her beside me on the bed. I took the opportunity and untied the frayed rope from my wrist, there was a little redness, but no blood, and so I ignored it. Candy was over me as soon as Maya was safely placed beside us. She climbed over my hard cock and without asking placed it as her asshole, and began lowering herself onto it. Within a few seconds my hard shaft was buried, balls deep, in her tight sphincter. I was now a lot closer to cumming by then.

I reached up and grabbed her hips as I began to fuck her tight backdoor. Candy was moaning pretty heavily as I ploughed into her small hole. It only took a few strokes and I was cumming hard, filling her bowels with my spunk. She climaxed just as I finished shooting into her. I kept fucking her, never relenting. She finally slumped forwards, exhausted, and weakly said: "Enough, I'm done, no more."

I helped her off my cock and laid her down beside Maya. Maya had recovered, and she feebly asked: "Could you untie me, I am too tired to do any more."

I untied Maya's hands and the numbness in her arms quickly passed. And when she had recovered enough we all hugged. The day had taken its toll and we decided just to go to sleep, wrapped in each other's arms.

I woke up the next morning alone, which surprised me. I got up, and went to the bathroom, where I found Jillian showering. I used the toilet, then right when I was about to leave Jillian finished her shower. She started getting out, and yelped, surprised by my presence.

Her naked body was still dripping wet when she said: "Hi Vinny, I wasn't expecting to find you there, sorry about that."

I smiled and casually said: "I really should be the one to apologise. I just need to use the bathroom, and well I didn't really think about it much. You are the only one I have not made love to here, so nobody else minds me being around them when they are naked." I got up and made to leave as I said: "I guess I should let you get dressed then."

As I walked by Jillian she lifted her arm and softly placing her hand on my shoulder said: "Vinny," my attention returned to her instantly as I turned to peer into her eyes, she continued: "don't go."

Our eyes met, her face flushed, I said affectionately: "I'll stay if you want."

Jillian hugged me as she weakly said: "I need to know if you were serious about taking me with you to Canada?"

Her pleading eyes locked onto mine as I said: "I was, and am still, quite serious about that. I like you, and believe that with time we could grow to love each other. But above all else, I believe that Mandy has fallen quite deeply in love with you, and I would do anything to make her happy."

Jillian smiled as she said: "Thank you." We just hugged for a while. I was only wearing a pair of boxers, while Jillian was completely naked, and wet, still. By the time our hug broke I was more then a little humid. Upon seeing that Jillian giggled as she said: "I guess I should dry myself, huh?"

I smiled back: "If you want me to help you dry I am quite willing."

She playfully slapped my chest as she said: "I think that would be inappropriate, but why not." With that she threw me a towel.

I quickly dried myself a little, and then proceeded to wrap the towel around Jillian's small frame. I dried her tenderly and when I was done I gave her a friendly hug, and placed a soft peck on her cheek. I said: "Best get dressed; we have a busy day ahead of us."

Jillian asked: "What are we doing today?"

"Well I want to take the girls out around the town for a few hours, then we need to get you and my mother packed up and ready to leave. You are both after all moving in with me it seems."

"Won't it be getting crowded with all those people moving in with you?"

"Might be for a few days, but I am having a few new buildings erected as we speak, and as soon as they're done we will have plenty of room."

"Just what exactly do you do in life Vinny?"

"I already told you I'm a biker, the head of my gang."

"How exactly are you managing to pay for all of this?"

"Oh, well I have a little bit of money saved up, and my gang has a few very powerful allies. Maya is a pretty important one herself."

"Oh yeah, I remember you saying that she was the mayor's daughter."

"Candy already used her relationship with Maya to get the original building permit, and I have befriended the mayor since then, so we have a lot of backing on our current projects."

"Sounds like your lives are pretty complex."

"Well, maybe, but I still like the simple pleasures, so I have appointed trustworthy people to lead the gang in my absence; in fact my second in command and general are watching the gang right now. I am so confident in them that I have not tried to contact them since I left."

"Sounds like you trust them completely."

"Yep, I guess you could say that. But enough about me, what do we need to do to finalise the details of your employment termination, and lease, and anything else that needs to be resolved? We need to leave within the next 72 hours." Jillian and I talked to the hotel owner, and her landlord, we made the arrangements for her last pay cheque to be cut later that day. We also got her landlord to agree to her breaking her lease.

Then I called William and told him what we needed, he offered to get a lorry over to both my mother's and to Jillian's. I explained that dad was going to be providing the transport for the stuff back with the help of my mother's sisters. So he said he would provide a container to ease the transport. I thanked him and gave him a number where dad could be reached so they could finalise the details. Since mom was already packed up we decided they should get her stuff in the container first, then we could get Jillian's.

I told Jillian the news, by then the other girls had been brought up to speed, and they decided to go to Jillian's first to help her pack. I agreed, and we all headed over to Jillian's. We spent the next few hours packing up her stuff. By the time we were done the container filled with my mother's stuff arrived. Mom soon followed, she told me that dad was already on his way back to Canada with her sisters. They had things to get set up before their mission, but they all promised to drop by the base in three days.

The military squad that was in charge of helping mom move had already begun getting Jillian's stuff by the time we finished talking. Twenty minutes later and Jillian's belongings were all ready to leave, save a single suitcase with clothes to keep her going for a week. The girls were all tired and sweaty, so we decided to head back to the hotel. Mom hugged me and said she way going to spend the evening with William; he had offered to take her out to dinner.

I was the last to shower; we had two showers, so it didn't take that long, and since everyone showered in pairs, except me. I decided to brush up on my exercise, realising that I had not worked out much since getting to England. I did a couple dozen sit-ups, a hundred push-ups and ended the mild workout by picking up the stone planter outside in the hallway and doing a dozen squats while holding the three hundred pound object. Maya found me and told me the showers were mine.

I showered alone, to my surprise. I found the shower relaxing; I had not worked up much of sweat, even with the workout, but decided a shower could do me some good. When I was done Maya and Candy told me to get dressed in the clothes they had picked out for me. I walked out of the bathroom and into my room, where on the bed I found a nice pair of grey dress pants, a loose fitting almond silk shirt, a pair of black Lycra socks and a pair of shoes. I looked at the shoes and could not tell what they were for, but just like all the clothes on the bed, I knew they were not in my wardrobe when I left Canada.

I put on the clothes, adding a pair of boxers to the kit, and tried to locate the girls. I walked slowly down the corridor to the main area of our suite. I was at the top of the stairs when I noticed that all girls were dressed to kill. They all looked so beautiful; it took my breath away when I saw them. I will attempt to describe what they wore, but it truly does not justice to their actual attires.

Maya was wearing a strapless flowing royal blue night gown, which hugged her hips as it cascaded over her legs. The top lay just above her breast, a deep V was cut at the centre of the front, it extended just below her breast, but the narrow opening was held closed with a string tied in a bow at the top, the gap created was small enough to hide all but the smallest hint of the curves of her breast. The material was reflective, but only from certain angles; it appeared as if the weave of the dress itself was laced with reflective threads.

Candy was dressed in a similar purple outfit, it clung to her every curve, however the cut at the front was much shallower and wider spread; it clearly displayed the top of her breast, and being strapless left me wondering how such a small amount of material could be holding up such an outfit. Her gown had reflective sequences in it, non overlapping donuts, strewn about the full length of the dress, at regular intervals.

Amber was dressed in a stainless steel breast plate lined with light suede. The front was held on by suede straps running over her shoulder, connected to the ones attached to the base of the short plate. It managed to cover her breast completely, but very little else. She was wearing a heavy tan leather mini skirt, covered by a loose banded mail made of cooper. The unique outfit was completed by a pair of mid leg roman styled leather sandals, similar to the ones that appear in older films.

Lynn wore a heavy copper chain mail top, again covering her breast completely but leaving her abdomen bare, however unlike Amber this piece of armour wrapped fully around her frame. The top was wonderfully complimented by a steel blue chain mail mini skirt, topped by a soft black leather belt, that hanging barely down to mid thigh. The outfit was completed by a pair of plated leather boots.

Kimberly was dressed in a leopard print tank top. A tiger patterned silk choker was wrapped around her neck, a small gold cat bell hung from the front. A translucent black jaguar print silk half dress hung behind a generous leopard bikini bottom. The ensemble was completed by a pair of white tiger print ankle boots.

Sarah had on a zebra print tank top, with a fake white fur choker, also decorated by a golden kitty bell, wrapped around her neck. She also wore a translucent half dress, but a black zebra pattern covered it. She like her sister had on a generous bikini bottom; however it was covered in a spotted owl pattern. Her outfit was completed by a pair of snake skin boots.

Mandy was dressed in a tight fitting black leather top with a zip running down the middle at the front. A hip hugging black leather mini skirt covered the upper part of her thighs. The skirt also had a zipper running up the middle at the front. A pair of black unfinished leather open toe high heels finished off her look.

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