The Enforcer Ch. 21


Jillian who had no doubt had little time to get new clothes looked quite nice wearing a white vinyl top. It also left her belly open. A white Lycra tube clung to her hips, and not much more. Her simple outfit was finished by a pair of white open design plastic sandals.

They started to howl at me as I walked down the stairs. I was still in awe of their combined appearances that I barely noticed their catcalls and whistles. When I reached the base of the stairs I hoarsely said: "You all look wonderful."

They all blushed, and then in turn said: "You look pretty good yourself."

I hugged each one individually then asked: "So where are we going?"

Jillian shyly stepped forward and said: "I thought a night of dancing at one of the local clubs might be nice." She blushed deeply as she added: "The club has a mostly lesbian population, so no unaccompanied men are allowed in, but I didn't want to be subjected to the leers of horny men, I can only hope that they will let you in too."

Candy toyingly said: "If the big man can't get in we'll leave him hanging like he left us for the last few days."

Jillian interjected, as she snuggled up to me: "I will tell them that you're with us, I know I will be able to get you in."

I softly replied: "I am not worried, I trust you completely."

We all headed out, it was a quick ride, the girls all talked together during the short trip while I just lay back and relaxed. When we arrived at the club William pointed out that it was very hard for men to get into this club.

Jillian softly said: "Don't you worry about it, I will get Vinny in, I promise." We all exited the car and headed to the door. There was a sizeable line-up. The bouncer at the from noticed us, and turned her face in disgust when she saw me. But when the doorwoman saw Jillian she smiled. We kept walking towards the door, bypassing the line. When we reached the door the woman addresses Jillian.

"Hi Jillian, haven't seen you in a while. I take it the big guy is with you."

"Yeah, his name is Vinny; the women around me are also friends, any issues with me taking all of them in?"

"Nah, have fun."

With that she motioned the bouncer to let us all in. We sneaked past the crowd and entered the club. We spent the rest of the night talking, and dancing. I got to dance with each one of them. We stayed there all night, having fun, talking about ourselves, it was very relaxing. We even got to stay after closing, Jillian introduced us to most of the staff; she was well liked by all of them.

It was four in the morning by the time we got back to the hotel. Guido left us a message saying that he would be picking us up tomorrow evening around six. We all went to bed, and quickly feel asleep. Jillian and Mandy decided to sleep with me; the others made their own arragements.

I woke up around lunch time; Mandy and Jillian were still sleeping soundly. So I got up quietly and took a shower. After my shower I checked on the others. Mandy and Jillian were finally up. All of them were dressed, and were packing up the last of their things into their suitcases. It was about five by the time we were done cleaning up our stuff, we packed up the suitcases and called for a porter to come and get our luggage.

We bid farewell to the room that had been so nice to us, the repair crew passed us on the way in, and started to fix the broken wall. William picked us up, my mother was with him. We all headed to the airport. We arrived just as Guido came in for a landing. The jet was being refuelled as we cleared the security check points. Our suitcases were quickly packed into the plane. Guido and Jillian talked while we got settled in the bigger jet he had brought. The flight was quick, and we spent all of it talking.

We landed in St. Johns, cleared customs; Jillian was welcomed into the country for the first time. Guido refuelled the plane, and then we headed back to the base. It was another uneventful flight, and a smooth landing, mind you I was impressed at how easily Guido managed to land such a large plane on such a small airstrip.

We were met by Phillip, Max and of course Adolph. Max was the first to address us.

"Hello friends, much has come to pass in your absence, but I am happy to say nothing bad. I am glad to see all of you are back. Who is your new friend?"

I shook his hand as I said: "I would like you to meet Jillian, she's a friend of Guido, and will be moving in with us."

I shook Phillip's hand, then Adolph's while the girls each gave Max a hug. Phillip was still too shy and just shook their hands. Jillian was a little surprised when Max gave her a hug, but she let him none the less. After they had all shook hands I held Jillian and said: "Jillian my dear let me introduce you to my friends. This is my general, Max, and his assistant Adolph; you could say they are inseparable. Adolph acknowledged her and said hi, but did no more.

I moved to Phillip and said: "This is my second in command, Phillip; he will add you to his list of people who he must make certain are safe should a fight break out."

Phillip nodded his approval and shook Jillian hand as he said: "I am proud to meet you Jillian, I will make certain you are always safe, if you ever feel worried, fearful or just need somebody to talk to, feel free to come to me, or ask anybody on the base to fetch me, they will all be informed to treat such a request with the utmost priority."

Jillian blushed as she moved closer to me in an effort to hide her apprehension. I hugged her as I asked: "Max, can I get a report on the events that have occurred in our absence?"

"Certainly, we have completed the construction of the framing of the hall, the building also has a roof, and all electrical, plumbing and infrastructure is complete. The first floor is almost completely finished, very little work is left, but we are still awaiting a delivery to finish the conference hall's flooring and walls. The second floor and all first floor offices are complete and ready for use. The third floor carpeting is being installed today, and should be ready for use within the next three days."

"The now renamed officer's barracks are complete, structurally, and should be ready for habitation by the end of the week. The academy and main barracks' footing and foundations have been poured, and are dry, construction on the moulds and forms for the ground level floors are being completed as we speak, and concrete should be poured later today. We predict a two week timeframe before they are ready."

Phillip chimed in: "I am also happy to report a growing number of new recruits, our numbers have been bolstered to the point where have had to unpack the last palette of tents. The employment rate has risen from twenty percent to eighty percent of the legal age workforce, and we have secured a cost affective supply of food, water, fuel, bedding, clothing and satellite based internet connectivity."

I smiled as I replied: "Sounds like you guys have been busy. So how did we manage to get all those resources?"

Max replied proudly: "I got Phillip to send scouts out to see if any of the city's businesses might be in need of a greater workforce, we found a dozen nearly bankrupt business, so we used some of our petty funds and acquired a few of the more useful ones, cleaned them up, and used your four friend's connections to find a clientele. Well, it work so well that we had other businesses come to us and ask for our help, we now have two dozen companies under our wing, and we have bolstered the town's economy a little. We hope things will keep getting better."

I looked at them puzzled as I said: "I wasn't gone that long, was I?"

Max replied: "No you weren't but you have not asked for a status report for a while, and we had already rebuilt the business before you left, but everything just bloomed over the last few days, so I just threw it all in together. Also Randal and David called us, seems they were curious about what was happening after the second jet sighting in the area. I explain what had happened, and we got talking, and he asked that I have you call him when you got back to talk about setting up a small airstrip that the town might be allowed to use in case of emergencies."

"I will call him later, but I think we will need to make an official airstrip if we plan on getting many more visits from Sean and Guido. Max, have Paul and Allen draw up a cost analysis for that. Then see if you can find any good deals in the city to cut down on cost."

Phillip and Max both gave me a few more details about the current status of things, then we all headed back to the house, Guido drove, at his request. When we arrived I was surprised by just how much the new structure had taken shape. When we had left the holes for the two new structures were only beginning to be excavated, the backhoes were on site, and the lines had been drawn out, but not much more. Now we had two footings in place and the backfill was being put in as the carpenters were finishing the form work.

The hall had two floors when we left; the carpenters were fabricating the top floor walls, no siding, no doors and very few windows were in place; now it has three floors, the siding is complete, all the windows and doors are in, the walkway has been poured, and the place only needs a little landscaping to be finished. The Barracks were three stories high when we left, they now stand a proud six floors, the first three have all their windows, and doors, the upper three are in various level of completion, and power had been run from our generators to each of the buildings.

The girls were all quite surprised by the progress, and the actual size of the structures. They were large buildings, but until they reached their full height their dimensions were not a perceptible. The hall was a fifty by seventy-five meter building. While the officers barrack was a massive hundred and fifty by seventy five meter monster. Several members of the gang were happy to thank me for the wonderful new structures. Max offered to take us on a tour of the buildings, all the girls were quick to take him up on the offer, and I had planned on taking a tour anyhow so I joined them.

We started with the nearly finished officer's barracks; it was a nice building and would house about forty families per floor. The first floor was almost ready for habitation, the only thing missing was finished floors in the halls, but we could start moving people in soon. I made a mental note to have Phillip decide who was going to be housed in this structure. We continued our tour and moved on to the hall.

The first floor of the hall had a lobby, and was filled with offices, I planned make it our centre of operations, but I still had to finalise those details with Max and Phillip. We reached the hall; it was quite large, roughly a hundred feet wide and a hundred and fifty feet long. The ceiling was also elevated, and easily cleared the two stories, making it about twenty five feet tall. I had planned to make this into a general assembly hall, but again I had a few details left to work out. Right now it was bare concrete, but I knew that the wooden flooring was on route, so I was not worried.

We moved to the second floor's rooms. The layout was simple, a lobby with an office was right off the stairs, but behind that was the living quarters I had designed for the girls and I, including a second private set of stairs that exit out the side of the building.

I showed the girls into the area and cheerfully said: "This will be our new home soon; I had this floor built for us to all live in."

They were all very surprised, and after screaming in joy they all mobbed me and kissed and hugged me, even Jillian was overjoyed. I held them close as I added: "We now all have a place to call ours, and to make a fresh start from, I hope you will love it."

They all thanked me and began exploring, quickly staking claim to various rooms. There were a dozen rooms, two of them bathrooms, one large kitchen and one common room, leaving eight rooms for them to pick from, and since all the rooms were larger than an average apartment meant for a family of four, I was correct to expect that they would pair off. Soon enough Maya and Candy had picked their room. Not long after Sarah and Kimberly asked if they could have the room beside them, I of course agreed.

Mandy and Jillian picked out a room to live in together, and Amber and Lynn were just as quick to stake out a room of their own. I had a small room behind my office built so I could sleep there, it was only large enough for a single bed, and a few dressers, but I didn't know if I was going to be sleeping there much with all these women around, but I always preferred to be prepared, rather than having to scrounge at the last minute.

After everyone had their room we still had four rooms left, the girls quickly decided to turn two of them into offices where they could each have a desk and computer, and we decided to make the last two into guest rooms, for now at least. You never know what the future holds. The third floor covered both the area of the offices, and extended over the hall, so there are another thirty rooms possible up there, but since they were busy working up there we stopped our tour on the second floor.

After we were done we had a decision to make. Since Jillian stuff was still not in Canada; actually it was leaving London only later that day, so it wouldn't be here anytime soon. It was early evening now, so the sun was setting quickly. We had to decide what to do.

Guido had already decided to get something to eat, and he was quickly invited to a party being held later that evening; nothing major, just a barbecue, bonfire and combat pit, normal biker fun. The entire gang had taken the hand to hand combat training Ed was giving, they were all happy to spar. We were invited, but I had not promised to show up yet, explaining that I still had gang business to attend to first; they were understanding and let it be, but made certain I knew I could show up if I wanted to, and the girls were all invited also.

The girls were making plans for their new home as I talked with Max. He agreed that we should start moving some of the men with families into the barracks as soon as possible. There were a few younger kids in the pack and since their parents might be getting jobs soon we realised that a daycare would be a good idea. We made a few plans, and decided that since Phillip had drafted a few enforcers, that they should be moved into the barracks ASAP, Sid was the first one to come to mind and Phillip had also agreed that he was one hell of an enforcer so I decided to go visit him and Anne. Sarah and Kimberly decided to accompany me.

I knocked on their door, Sid replied hoarsely: "Come in!"

I opened the door, and the two lovebirds were just tying up their robes, oh well it was an improvement. When they noticed Sarah, Kimberly and me, they both smiled broadly and walked up to us; Sid shook my hand firmly and said: "Good to see you, Vinny."

Anne hugged her daughters, and me as Sid hugged his girls lovingly. When the greetings were done Sid casually asked: "It's nice to see y'all, what do we owe this visit to?"

I replied: "I have good news, the officer's barracks are almost done, and I came here to offer you a permanent room, you interested?"

Sid smiled as he gruffly said: "Sure, what's the catch?"

"No catch, you're one of the enforcers for The Enforcers, it's only appropriate for the gang to provide you with proper living quarters."

"You mean Phillip has decided to make it official?"

"Yup, you are now a senior gang soldier. You are assigned to Phillip, he will be your direct superior, and will make certain that you are kept in the loop on all clan activities, congratulations." He shook my hand firmly, quite happy at having a job once again.

"Does that mean I don't have to get a normal job?"

"Well, I like to think that being an enforcer is a normal job, but no you don't have to get another job, you will be paid, housed and fed. Anne can also remain free, but if she wants to we will be opening up an official daycare and we could use a few nice ladies to help out."

Anne hugged me as she said: "I would love to; I really enjoy talking care of kids." We all sat down after and talked, Sarah and Kimberly recounted our trip to England, which of course brought up the fact that we had cleared up all of their legal records. Anne and Sid thanked me for that. We ended up spending a few hours talking, it was very relaxing, but as all good things it had to end, so the girls and I headed back to Max's place, it was now quite late, and we had yet to decided on sleeping arrangements.

When we reached the house we were greeted by Max and my mother, they were sitting on the veranda, drinking tea. Max addressed me politely: "Vinny, Maya and Candy decided to go to Amber and Lynn's place for the night; they said they would be back for breakfast tomorrow morning. Jillian and Mandy are inside waiting for the three of you, and I have already taken the liberty of setting up my last spare room, so we have a room for your mother, your usual room, and one spare."

"Thanks Max. How are you tonight mom?"

"I am a little tired Vinny, but I am happy, your father called and said he would be here tomorrow afternoon, but he will only be staying for a few hours while my sisters get cleared at the base, then they will all be heading out to take care of business."

I hugged my mother and lovingly said: "He'll be back soon; it's just something he has to do. You know he loves you deeply, but he is a proud soldier and can't leave such a crime unpunished."

"I know son, but I just got him back, I don't want to lose him again so soon."

"If he is not back within the expected timeframe I will go and get him myself, I have made a few new allies, and I can call in a few favours, I promise he will be back in your arms very soon."

She gave me a hug as she said: "Thanks Vinny, you have always been there for me, you are a better son than I deserve, thanks for all your love."

Kimberly, Sarah and I entered the house, leaving Max and my mother to relax on the porch. Mandy and Jillian greeted us enthusiastically. Mandy hugged me as she said: "Jillian and I want to sleep with you tonight."

I looked over at Jillian awaiting her confirmation of her wishes, she shyly nodded.

I turned to Kimberly and Sarah and asked: "What of Sarah and Kimberly, they have been following me all evening."

Mandy was uncertain, Sarah and Kimberly waited uncertain, but all our attentions moved to Jillian who softly said: "I would not mind them spending the night with all of us, but I am not certain how far I shall go tonight, but I do know I want to play a little."

We all smiled, all of us having the same thoughts. Jillian giggled as she said: "You all want the same thing don't you?" We all nodded. Jillian turned her back to us as she walked away: "Follow me, and we will see just how far you can get tonight."



If you want to read more of this storyline or if you have a comment, feel free to drop me a line. I read all feedback I get. I hope you enjoyed it, I had fun writing it. I would love to hear from you if you have ideas for a next part, or want to see something special.

A Thank you goes out to my editor for all his help.

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Thank you.


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