tagAnalThe Enforcer Ch. 22

The Enforcer Ch. 22


I was gallant and let Mandy, Sarah and Kimberly go first; we all followed Mandy up to the second floor of Max's place. As I walked up the stairs I realised that this might be the last night I would call this house my home.

I had left many places that meant a lot to me, but for some reason this time felt even more important than usual. I knew I could come back any time, there was even a good chance that Max would keep the room the same after we moved out, and we were moving less than a hundred meters away, but it was the most important move of my life.

I had actually chosen to make a house my home, and I had picked somebody to be a part of it, and my life, for the rest of it. Well actually there were six certainties now, but I hoped to make it eight soon. I loved Amber and Lynn deeply, but they still had the option to leave, and I would not stop them; I would try to convince them not to go, but it was their decision to make, not mine. I loved them too much to try to force them to stay. We reached the room and the girls were quick to sit on the bed; they all watched me as I stood at in the doorway.

Mandy noticed the serious expression on my face and asked: "What are you thinking about Vinny?"

I snapped out of my fog and replied: "I was just thinking about us and our new home. This is the first time I will have a place I can truly call my home. I spent most of my young life on military bases with my dad, and most of my adult life drifting with biker gangs, but that came to an end when I arrived in this town, where I stayed in the same place, until I met Max. I have been living here ever since. However, tomorrow I will be planting roots in a new location, but for the first time I am the architect of that decision. It's just a little overwhelming when you think about it."

Jillian shyly asked: "Does that mean you're having second thoughts about it?"

I smiled as I soothingly said: "No, I have never been more certain about anything in my life. What bugs me is how little it worries me. Actually I have never felt more at one in my life. I am with those I love, and I just want to stay there."

Kimberly softly said: "Well, since you have just had an epiphany, I am curious what you want to do with the rest of the night."

"Why I think I would like to make love to four of the most beautiful women I know. And if she wants it, I would like to make Jillian mine. But that is not my decision."

Sarah said: "We will make her so aroused that she will be begging you to ravish her. Let's get started. Plenty of good fornicating time being wasted by this conversation."

Jillian smiled at her eagerness and teasingly said: "Vinny, you can't touch me until I ask you, but the rest of you can do anything to me shy of penetrating any of my orifices with anything more than a single finger. And the challenge is to get me to the point where I am begging or at least asking Vinny to join us."

I subtlety asked: "I understand I can't touch you, but can I play with Sarah, Kimberly and Mandy, as long as I don't touch you?"

"Yes, feel free."

Mandy, as if on cue, got up and approached me. Sarah and her sister began to undress Jillian and themselves as I embraced Mandy and placed a powerful soul kiss upon her lips. Our kiss broke as Mandy finished unbuckling my belt and started to remove my jeans. I unzipped her short dress, she was not wearing a bra, and as I reached her ass I realised she had no knickers on either.

A mild look of surprised filled my face as I said: "You're frisky today. I can't remember the last time I undressed you and found out you weren't wearing any underwear."

Mandy quipped back: "That's mostly because until a short while ago, when you undressed me you had been the one to dress me first. Remember you spent more time around my naked body when I was too young to realise what I was feeling for you was love, mind you I haven't gone commando in a long time. Actually I started the day with underwear on, however Jillian deprived me of it earlier."

When I glanced over to the bed I noticed that Kimberly and her sister had finished stripping, and Jillian was also naked. They were actually each sucking on one of Jillian's breasts. My attention returned to Mandy when I felt her delicate hand wrapping round my already engorged cock. She was still standing so I gave her a quick kiss on the lips as she let go of me just long enough to remove her dress.

As Mandy stood in all her naked glory, I brought her back to me, and kissed her while my hands tenderly explored her ass. Our kiss broke, eventually, at which point I whispered into Mandy's ear: "Want to put on a show for Jillian? I think a sixty nine would be most appropriate."

Mandy nuzzled my throat as she whispered back: "Sounds good to me, but while you're at it can you get my ass ready, I want you in both my holes today."

I permitted one of my fingers to delve between her sweet buns, brushing lightly over her rosebud. She shivered as I replied: "Such a naughty little girl, I love it."

We kissed once more, then our embrace broke and I approached the foot of the bed. I laid back onto it, placing myself in perfect view of all the girls. Jillian would have a good view of our actions, but not enough to see all unless she came a few feet closer. Mandy languidly climbed onto me. She slowly moved her body over mine, placing her legs on either sides of my chest. She lowered her face to my hard member, which simultaneously brought her butt closer to my face.

Before she was in position to grasp my hard cock I had already wrapped my hands around her waist and begun to draw her sex to my eager tongue. As she grasped me in her hand, I heard Jillian gasp, as I ran my tongue along Mandy's young slit. That was both the last sound I heard from Jillian before my tongue entered into Mandy and the only sound I needed to hear to know I would be making love to Jillian that night.

My thoughts focused only on Mandy for the next several minutes, but I can say that there was plenty of moaning from Jillian, Sarah and Kimberly. I ran my tongue along Mandy's pussy several times as she stroked my cock a few times. Then, as if we had choreographed it, I stuck my tongue between her lips as she licked across the head of my penis. She soon swallowed my cock, licking it gently, as I lapped my way into her core.

She was aroused when I had suggested we play, but she dripping her nectar into my mouth now. I kept teasing her clit every few seconds as I explored her body. She was soon moaning and writhing. She diligently kept up her blowjob even as an orgasm mounted in her body. I concentrated my efforts on her clit, and she soon climaxed. That was more or less the end of my blowjob, but I didn't mind.

As she came Mandy sat back, both in an effort to increase the pressure my mouth was putting on her nubbin, and also as a reflex. She was kneading her breasts as she enjoyed her orgasm. Her change in position had the added affect that her rosebud was significantly closer to my probing tongue so I released her clit from my lips, replacing them with the thumb and index finger on my right hand, and began licking her anus.

She moaned deeply as she continued to convulse. I used my tongue to explore the crinkles on the outside of her rosebud. After a few spins around the perimeter I moved the tip of my tongue to the centre of her sphincter and began trying to pry it open. Slowly, as her body descended from its high, my probing paid off and I began making some progress. The strong resistance that her body had initially offered faded quickly, and I was soon freely reaming Mandy's most private orifice.

I kept my exploration up for several minutes, while Mandy just sat there moaning as she enjoyed my efforts. She never got back to my blowjob, oh well, I still had two holes to fill on her, and who knows how many more would be added by the others.

After I felt her ass was open enough for the moment, and had placed a sizeable amount of spit into her rectum, I decided that Mandy would not get up on her own so I placed both my hands on her slim hips and coaxed her off my face. She raised herself up with a groan of disappointment, and said: "I was really enjoying that Vinny."

I replied teasingly: "I am all for ass kissing, but I have my limits."

She giggled as she turned to her side, permitting me to sit up. That is when I saw what Sarah, Kimberly and Jillian were up to. Sarah was lapping at Jillian's pussy and Kimberly was rubbing hers all over Jillian's face. I was about to speak when Kimberly climaxed. Jillian soon followed, her moan muffled by Kimberly's body. I got up, moved to the floor, and then knelt behind Sarah.

Upon feeling my hands on her tush, she looked back just in time to see me plunge myself into her soaked hole. Her fingers had been keeping her close to orgasm, but when she felt my cock plunge into her depths she came. Her body convulsed as she continued to lap at Jillian. By the time Kimberly pried herself from Jillian's face Sarah's body had just started to return control to her mind.

I got up, still hard, with Sarah's juices on my cock and said: "Kimberly, do you want to clean your sister's spend from my cock? I think Jillian will really love watching you suck up your own sister's juices."

Kimberly jumped at the chance and quickly began to suck my cock. Jillian's mouth went wide as she realized what she was seeing. She began playing with her clit as she watched us. I softly said: "Why Jillian I do believe you're a little aroused. Have anything you'd like me to do?"

She blushed profusely as she pulled her hand from between her legs and said: "It was not...just forget it. But if you want, I might be willing to give you a blowjob."

I replied, absently, back: "No, I think Kimberly is having plenty of fun doing that. Oh well, guess it will have to wait till later, I might ask again in an hour or so."

A panicked look covered her face as she tried to protest, but I stopped her by raising my hand, and said: "You had your chance. It will come again, but first I have to please the three other girls in the room, after all, we have to be fair. I got Mandy off with my mouth, I gave Sarah a quickie, and Kimberly is enjoying cleaning her sister's juices from my penis." I paused, scratched my chin, and then added: "I'll have to thank her properly once she is done."

Kimberly released my clean cock and lovingly asked in a coquettish voice: "Can you sodomize me, please? I want to feel this monster up my ass." She had pleading eyes and looked so innocent that I could not have refused her anything at that moment and she knew it.

"I would be happy to since you have been such a good girl."

We hugged as Kimberly kissed me. Once our kiss broke I patted her bottom as I said: "So you want slow and tender, or fast and rough?"

She daintily pivoted as she said: "I want it like all good girls who like to get their asses fucked - fast and rough. I wouldn't mind a little discomfort, but be loving; I don't want to be unable to sit for a week." She glared at her sister as she said: "Unlike when Sarah did me rough. It was a bitch finding an excuse to keep our parents off our back that week."

Sarah mused: "If it was so bad why did you have me do it to you again once your tush was better?"

Kimberly giggled: "I liked it, but I've still never let you do me hard again, now have I?"

I interrupted the fight as I placed my cock to Kimberly's asshole and jabbed her hard. I did not enter her, but she fell forwards onto the bed and gasped at the feeling. She was surprised but managed to brace herself as she landed, ending up bent over, her hands supporting a good deal of her weight.

Sarah muttered: "No you haven't, but now you are going to let Vinny and his monster rip you a new one, why is that?"

Kimberly replied to her sister: "That's because he knows how to use his tool, unlike you."

As she was talking I had accumulated a good amount of spit in my mouth and left hand. I wrapped my left hand over my cock as I spat the contents of my mouth between Kimberly's widely spread ass cheeks. She jumped at the feeling, but didn't move as my right hand quickly followed my spit and began working it into her orifice.

Sarah took the opportunity to add: "I wasn't that bad with a fake cock. True, compared to Vinny I have the skill of a ninety year old quadriplegic, but you shouldn't be so mean."

My cock was ready and so was Kimberly's ass, so I lunged forward, impaling myself deep in her rectum. Kimberly yelped as she tried to reply to her sister while I entered her: "I am sorry sis, you weren't that bad. But can we have this..." she moaned as I thrust back into her ass, "...conversation later? Can't you see Vinny is..." She gasped again as I thrust once more into her ass, I had pulled from her languidly, but I was nearly slamming back in. "...fucking my ass, and I want to enjoy it."

I had moved to a slowly increasing pistoning action as she spoke, and fucked her ass with gusto as I groped her supple breasts with my hands. Meanwhile Mandy and Sarah had decided to double team Jillian; Mandy was kissing her newest lover while Sarah was fingering both of them.

I continued pounding at Kimberly's ass, and she soon declared: "I am going to cum!"

And then she climaxed as I kept pounding into her ass. By this point I was wondering if I would get to cum at all if things kept up like this. Once her orgasm passed I let her lie down and rest. She happily took the chance, feeling more than a little worn out.

Sarah, upon seeing I was free, said: "Hey, I have never licked a cock that came out of my sister's ass, come here, I want to try it."

I walked over to where the girls were and placed myself in such a way that Sarah could lick my cock while she kept fingering Jillian and Mandy. She noisily slurped at my rod, cleaning it quickly, smiling whenever I was not in her mouth.

My cock was soon cleaned and since I was still rock hard I said: "Mandy my dear, are you ready for your second turn? Jillian offered me very little, so I am free to play again."

Jillian whimpered: "But Vinny, I want you to..."

I stopped her with my hand as I said: "You had your chance. But, since I am nice you will get another one, however, you will have to wait, right now it's Mandy's turn."

Mandy shrugged her shoulders in apology, then turned to me and softly said: "My ass is not as limber as it was a few minutes ago, but I'm game."

I drew her to my body, kissed her deeply, and then picked her up by the waist, and said: "I think I can fix that."

We kissed once more as I bent forwards and placed her onto her back on the bed. I stood up and teasingly said: "You know, this might work better if you assume a doggy position."

She giggled as she asked: "Does that mean you could technically fuck me up the ass while I was lying on my back?"

"Yes, but the entry wouldn't be as gentle, however if you want to experience it that I way I am willing to do it, but I would recommend starting the other way around, then changing positions."

"Decisions, decisions." She paused, looked at me attentively, then said: "I think I want a little straight up intercourse first, then after I climax a few times we can see about my ass."

I lowered myself; cock pointed straight at her opening as I said: "Sounds fair to me, and who knows, I might get to cum for the first time this evening."

My length met with her soaked pussy and, meeting no resistance, penetrated smoothly into her body. Mandy's hands grasped at my shoulders as I continued to burrow deeper into her body. I kept advancing till my pubic flesh met hers, then I slowly lifted my ass as I probed her mouth with my tongue, gradually withdrawing my engorged length from her depths. I skilfully plunged back in as my body relaxed a little, my passion inflamed by her kiss.

Mandy held firmly onto my shoulders as I began to plough faster into her body. I made love to her with a purpose; I was neither rough, nor gentle. Her body climbed to its peak quicker than mine again, and she was soon on the verge of climax, once again. I slowed my pace, but it was for naught and she climaxed around me, while I was nowhere close to cumming. I kept pumping into her as she enjoyed her latest orgasm.

It did eventually abate, but by then Mandy was weak, and her pussy tender, so she shyly asked: "Vinny, I am too sensitive right now, do you mind if I take a break?"

She had the most innocent look on her face, not that I would have denied her any wish even if had not looked so angelic, so I kissed her lovingly once more then said: "Rest my little one, you have earned the right."

I pulled from her and surveyed the room. Kimberly was still weak from her buggering, and I wanted to tease Jillian a little longer, so I turned to Sarah and asked: "What would you like my little nymph?"

She giggled as she said: "I like that name. Can we make it my special name from you?"

I laughed at the reality, but seeing the joy in her eyes said: "Certainly, but know I have to come up with a name for that succubus you call a sister."

Kimberly weakly chimed in: "I'll take that name; I would love to think I can drain the very soul from your body, even if it's not true."

"That sounds fair also." I turned to Sarah and said: "So what my does my little nymph desire from me?"

"I am torn between a good buggering and a solid fuck."

Kimberly chimed in: "Take it in the ass; I want to taste your ass off his cock. You got to taste mine after all."

"Okay sis, I will." She turned to me and said: "You heard her, give me a good rimming, and then fuck me up the ass."

Jillian timidly said: "I am all alone. I know I have to wait my turn, but can I at least give you a soft suck while you get her ass ready?"

I looked her over and, noticing how needy she looked and how much her face was filled with desire, I caringly said: "I have been mean to you Jillian, I am sorry. Please feel free to do what you want, and if you still want me to I will gladly make love to you as soon as Sarah's needs have been sated."

She jumped up and ran to me, crashing against my side as she hugged me and said: "I love you Vinny, and I too have been mean, I should never have kept my body from you, I was just scared."

I held her lovingly as I said: "You have nothing to apologise for; I knew you needed your space, and I am still willing to give you whatever you need or want."

"All I want right now is to feel you inside me, but since I don't want to butt ahead in the line I will be happy just playing with your monster as you get Sarah's ass ready for it."

Sarah had already climbed on the bed, her ass sticking proudly up, her hands spreading her ass cheeks as her face lay sideways on the soft surface. I bent forwards, leaving my cock rather exposed, and lowered my face to Sarah. I placed my hands by her sides, to brace myself. My exploration of her tight recesses was much more methodical than Mandy's had been.

I only spent a few minutes lapping at her rosebud, spreading it open slightly and depositing a generous quantity of my saliva in her rectum. She enjoyed the experience, but her hands never left her cheeks while my tongue delved between them. Jillian, to her credit, did manage to get me closer to cumming than I had been all night, up to that point.

I raised myself up indicating to Jillian that she was to stop also, and then I asked her to keep Sarah company while I sodomized her.

Sarah helpfully suggested: "If you want to Jillian, you can lie under me and get a front row seat, as it would be, of Vinny stretching my pucker wide. I could also use my gifted tongue on your pussy if you want."

Jillian jumped at the suggestion and was soon lying on the bed beside Sarah, who moved over and covered her body. I followed suit and moved closer, positioning my cock at Sarah's small, firm ass.

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