tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe English Countryside Encounter

The English Countryside Encounter


As Dayna clicked the Polycom off in the conference room, she could barely contain the grin on her face as her eyes darted around the room at her colleagues, trying to assess whether they were as excited about the news as she was. Brian and Luke had neutral expressions on their faces as they jotted down a few notes in their notebook about the meeting.

"What do you guys think?" she smiled giddily. Her dark brown eyes crinkled at the corners and twinkled with glee, while her long dark locks flowed around her shoulders.

"About?" asked Brian, not quite sure what she was talking about.

"The trip!" Dayna replied.

Brian and Luke looked at each, puzzled, wondering where she was going with this conversation.

"Uh, I think we're flying to the UK for some meetings, then we stay in the hotel til Wednesday, then go to the conference, then fly back home," Luke responded in his usual semi-arrogant manner, returning his gaze back to his notebook to record a few more notes from the teleconference.

Dayna sighed heavily, "Guys, with the customer meetings happening the week before the conference, that means we have a company-paid four-day weekend in the southern part of the UK during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! We need to DO SOMETHING, I don't want to sit in a hotel for four days watching BBC."

A look of annoyance crossed Luke's face. He traveled to the UK frequently and had no burning desire to drag Dayna through London sightseeing, even if she was his manager. He would be perfectly happy to sit in the hotel and do some work on his computer while nobody was around to interrupt him.

Brian sensed the tension between the two - Dayna's giddy exuberance often clashed with Luke's more reserved and introverted nature. Brian's personality was also quite different from Dayna's, but she was a beautiful woman and a decade younger than him - no red-blooded American male could resist the charms of a woman like her. Well, except for Luke, apparently. Even though their relationship was strictly professional, with Dayna as Brian's manager, there had always been a closeness between them and Brian liked to make Dayna happy.

Luke was a jaded traveler, but Dayna had only been to the UK a handful of times. Whenever she went, she was usually on such a tight schedule that there was no time for sightseeing or tourism. Brian offered a compromise, "Here's an idea - why don't we rent a motorhome and drive through the countryside, maybe go down to the coast. It's beautiful there this time of year, and we won't get caught up in the crazy tourism near London for Jubilee."

"Sure, sounds great! I'm up for anything! I just don't want to blow my weekend sitting in a boring hotel," Dayna's smile was back on her face as she practically bounced in her chair in excitement.

"Faaaaaaantastic," Luke replied coolly.

Brian rolled his eyes at Luke, "I'll have our secretary make the arrangements."


Arriving at London's Heathrow on-time after the red-eye, Dayna, Luke, and Brian walked through the airport terminal groggily, hauling their luggage, looking for their driver. Dayna was the first to spot the man they were told was named Paul, dressed formally in a tuxedo as he stood with a placard listing their names. "Over there," she pointed as the trio began walking towards Paul.

As they approached, Paul greeted them cheerily, "Welcome! I trust you had a pleasant flight?"

"Yes, it was lovely," Dayna replied graciously.

"Wonderful, I'm happy to hear it! Right this way, the car is waiting."

Paul led them out to a gorgeous black limousine and assisted them with their bags.

"Oh baby, a limo!" Dayna giggled to Brian, who laughed and shook his head as they piled in. Their customer meetings were in a town an hour west of London, and Brian was happy to tip his head back and try to rest until they got there.

Dayna sat up in her seat, looking out the windows excitedly, trying to take it all in. She couldn't wait until the weekend for their mini-vacation.


The four-day customer meeting seemed to drag. There were so many technical details to be reviewed, and with the new personnel on the customer team, Dayna, Brian, Luke, and their UK-based colleagues had to work extra hard to try to get the new staff to understand what they wanted to build for the solution.

Throughout the week, Dayna had grown weary of Damo and his team. Damo was the customer's program manager; he was polite and professional, but whenever she was in the UK, she always felt that men looked down on women in business. Maybe she was just being paranoid, but she was used to being treated as an equal and not feeling like she had to work harder to be taken seriously. Trying to stay on her toes at all times had been tiring, and it didn't help that she found Damo to be attractive.

He was slightly older than Dayna, and always impeccably dressed in a well-tailored suit and expensive Italian shoes. He was tall - about 6'2" - with broad shoulders, an expansive chest, muscular arms, and a narrow waist. He had long, smooth strawberry blond hair that fell down to his shoulder blades and the bluest eyes she had ever seen. His voice was deeper than you'd expect, and ohhhhh that accent was so sexy. Despite his fair complexion, Damo had a dark, sensual look in his eyes, like his mind was often wandering in appropriate directions. Her mind often wandered, too, wondering what he looked like under that suit and what kind of a guy he was outside of the workplace. But she had to quickly snap her attention back to the meetings to ensure she stayed on top of the conversation at all times, ready to answer any question Damo or his team dealt out.

Each day ran late - they often didn't return back to the hotel until 7 or 8pm - and by then they were exhausted from the intensity of the meetings and the jet-lag. After a quick bite to eat in the hotel's restaurant, they would each retire to their rooms and try to sleep, but instead found themselves tossing and turning restlessly. By Friday, though, the American team was adjusted to the time zone difference, caught up on sleep, and feeling refreshed - something they were all grateful for, since they would be in the UK for another week.

"So, gentlemen, I believe we've now met agreement on each of the points. Do you concur?" Dayna asked Damo politely.

"Yes, Dayna, I believe we have. Many thanks to you and your team for your hard work, I believe this solution will provide exactly what we need," Damo smiled warmly and stood to offer his hand for a shake.

Dayna stood and reached out, sealing the deal with a handshake, taken aback by the weird tingle of electricity that passed between their palms - she wondered if he felt it, too. The others on the team shook their hands and offering their thanks before Damo and his team departed.

Tipping her head back and scrunching up her face as she rubbed her eyes wearily, Dayna said to the team, "Nice work, everyone. Now I propose we retire to the pub for some bloody drinks!" Her UK colleagues laughed at her British impersonation, but were quick to agree that she had a good idea. Of course, what British man would turn down the opportunity to go to the pub at 3pm on a Friday afternoon before a long holiday weekend!

Dayna, Brian, Luke, Simon, Graeme, and Ian walked into The Frog and the Crown and settled into a table, then Simon headed off to get the first round of drinks.

Graeme chose the seat beside Dayna. He was a member of the UK team who she also hadn't been able to take her eyes off for most of the week. "Damn, what is this with me and British men?" she wondered to herself. "Must be that sexy accent!"

Graeme was also tall, but very slender - he had the body of a marathon runner. He had sparkling blue eyes, and dark hair that was gelled at the top into a tousled, spiky look. Graeme was a couple of years younger than Dayna, and had a sweet and funny personality, often cracking little jokes to her and the team as they were walking to lunch or when the customer was out of the room. Several times throughout the week, she caught him looking at her, and each time he got caught he would look away as a smile gently spread across his face. He was so adorable, and while he was always professional in his dealings with the customer, Dayna suspected that Graeme was being restrained and was probably a lot of fun outside of work - she was immediately attracted to him.

"So, any special plans for the weekend?" Graeme asked her quietly, propping his elbow on the table and cocking his head as he rested his chin on his palm to look at her.

"Yes, actually. We're renting a motorhome and driving around the countryside."

Graeme pondered her last statement for a moment, with a funny smile playing on his face. "Ah, fantastic! I'll be doing the same with my family, although we'll be gone for a week - we're camping down in Southampton. Have you ever been?"

"No, actually I've never had a chance to do any sightseeing," she said, as she finished her first pint of beer. Dayna hadn't been eating well on this trip due to their erratic schedules, and the drink immediately went to her head, making her feel tipsy and relaxed.

"My, my, I see the lady is quite thirsty today," Ian interrupted from his seat across the table.

Dayna blushed as she glanced down at her empty mug and realized she was the first to finish. "I'm sorry, that wasn't very proper of me, was it?"

"No worries," Graeme reassured her, "I'll get you another."

Before she could protest, he was already up and halfway across the room. With her hands folded in front of her, Dayna squeezed her eyes tight in embarrassment. Ian reached across the table and put his hand on top of hers in a friendly gesture, "Really - no worries. We're all just getting started," he laughed.

She laughed in response, and was thankful for his kind gesture to put her at ease. She looked around the table and was further reassured when she realized that everyone was finishing the last sips of their pints in anticipation of the second round that Graeme was bringing.

Dayna turned to the other guys and joined in their conversation, recapping the customer meeting. Graeme returned and passed the fresh drinks around, then slid back onto his seat beside her, lightly brushing her thigh with his hand. His motion was so smooth and swift that it almost appeared as accidental contact, but she suspected it may have been intentional. Either way, her stomach somersaulted at his touch!

Graeme leaned into her and asked quietly, "So where are you going on your trip?"

"I don't know, I think we're just going to drive southwest, see what we see, and stop when we stop. Brian's doing the driving, I don't think he has any specific plans."

"I highly recommend this place," Graeme purred as he pressed a piece of paper into her hand under the table, letting his fingers caress her palm just a few moments longer than necessary.

Dayna pulled the paper up to look at it, and found an address written down. "What's this?"

Graeme looked deeply into her eyes, his smoldering blue eyes melting her. He leaned his face closer to hers, tantalizingly close as if he were going to kiss her, then at the last second moved his mouth to her ear and whispered, "It's where I'll be staying. I'd love to...," he paused, "see you there." He winked at her and smiled.

Unable to hear the conversation, Ian laughed, "What are you two conspiring about over there?"

Dayna and Graeme laughed, jolted back to the reality of their business dinner with their colleagues, and she responded, "Nothing," before they returned their attention to the conversation at the rest of the table.

Throughout dinner, and as the group continued to down a few more pints, funny stories flowed and everyone became giggly. Whenever Dayna would erupt in laughter, she absentmindedly leaned into Graeme or put her hand on his arm in a friendly manner.

Graeme's hand occasionally wandered onto her leg. He would surreptitiously continue to follow the table conversation, making eye contact with anyone but Dayna, while his hand gently caressed her thigh. She would let his hand linger for a few moments, then playfully knock it off of her leg without raising anyone's suspicion. When she glanced over at him, his mouth would be in a hard line, attempting to suppress his smirk, but his eyes were turned up at the corners giving away his smile.

"Well, gentlemen, I think we should be heading back to the hotel," Luke noted as he glanced at his watch. "We're planning to leave early tomorrow for our trip through the countryside."

Dayna's shoulders drooped with disappointment, she was enjoying this evening - especially Graeme's company. He reached under the table and laced his fingers through hers, giving her hand a squeeze before leaning over and asking quietly, "Maybe I'll see you in Southampton?" with a hopeful smile.

She shrugged, unsure of what Luke and Brian wanted to do, or where their trip would take them. "Maybe," she said hopefully.

"I hope so," he said, before taking her hand and pulling it onto his lap, pressing her palm against his erection.

Alarmed, she quickly pulled her hand back, but smiled at him and shook her head in amazement of how bold he was. His eyes were droopy from the alcohol, but there was no question that the look in his eye was that of extreme arousal. There was electricity between them, so palpable that she hoped others around them couldn't feel it. She wanted him as much as he seemed to want her.

The group paid their bill and began to walk out, but Graeme gently tugged her arm and quietly urged, "Let the others walk out ahead of us."

She did as he requested, unsure of the reason for his request, so that they were the last two to step out into the cool, dark evening air as they walked to their cars. Quickly and without warning, while the others were walking up the steps to the parking lot, Graeme grabbed her and pulled her close, pressing his lips against hers. Caught off guard, she resisted momentarily but then quickly relaxed into his kiss, letting his tongue explore her mouth while his hands reached back and pulled her against his body, pushing his erection against her belly. She moaned quietly into his mouth, returning the feverish kiss.

As quickly as it began, he broke it off, then grabbed her hand and ran up a few steps to catch up to the group, so they wouldn't attract any attention. Dayna walked up the remaining steps in stunned silence, feeling the familiar tingling sensation between her legs. Oh, she wanted Graeme! But she had a professional reputation to maintain, and she had to ride back to the hotel with Brian and Luke in the single car they had rented.

Arriving at the top of the steps, the US and UK-based teammates shook hands and said goodbye. When Graeme grabbed hold of Dayna's hand to shake it, that shock of electricity passed between them as he looked into her eyes seductively, "I hope the remainder of your trip is more than pleasant," as he emphasized the word "more".

"Goodbye, Graeme, until next time," she returned quietly, but seductively, licking her lip before biting it softly to tease him.

Returning to the hotel, Dayna went to her room and couldn't get Graeme out of her mind. Her pussy was so wet from her encounter with him that she needed relief or she wouldn't be able to fall asleep. So Dayna washed her face, brushed her teeth, turned off the light, then pleasured herself to images of Graeme until her body convulsed and shuddered in a glorious orgasm, before falling into a deep sleep.

That night, she slept soundly but awoke the next morning recalling her vivid dream about meeting up with Graeme in a campground before they snuck off into the woods to get frisky. Oh it was such a hot dream, she had to make sure that she, Brian, and Luke got down to Southampton today!

As she showered, she led the suds flow down her naked body. Closing her eyes and tipping her face to the hot water coming down on her, her mind kept reliving the brief kiss she shared with Graeme in the parking lot the night before. Her hand slid along the slope of her breasts, pausing on her nipples, which quickly grew and darkened as she squeezed them. Dayna moaned in pleasure, imagining that the hand was Graeme's instead of hers. Putting more soap lather in her hand, she slid her hand between her legs to wash herself and shuddered at her own touch, so soft and sensual.

Dayna lifted a leg and rested it on the edge of the shower, providing herself with better access to her swollen pussy. She slipped a finger inside herself and then slowly inserted a second, stretching them apart to add pressure and tension to her slick folds. "Ohhhhhhh," she groaned at the sensation. Wanting so badly to be penetrated and fucked, she opened the shower curtain and anxiously glanced around the bathroom to see if there was anything in there she could use as a makeshift dildo.

"Ah, jackpot!" she yelled, as she reached over to the sink and grabbed her hairbrush, which had a long, thick, rubber-coated handle. She inserted it slowly and sighed as it filled her. Bending over, she used her left hand to thrust the handle inside herself rhythmically, while she used her right hand to diddle her sensitive clit.

The hot water made everything slippery and stifled the sound of her yells and moans so that the sounds wouldn't drift into the adjacent hotel rooms. Dayna was so worked up that she quickly picked up the pace of the thrusting, shoving the handle into her horny pussy hard and fast while feverish fingering her trigger point. Suddenly her body was wracked with spasms of bliss as she called out "Oh God, Graeme! Graeme! Yes, Graeme, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee!!" as she imagined that he was there.

Within moments, she felt the crescendo build, reach the peak of her orgasm, then slowly start working its way back down, fluttering like a butterfly, bringing her back to earth. She fell to her knees, having lost all energy, and supported herself on her hands on the shower floor, letting the hot water continue to pour over her while her breathing returned to normal, before clambering back to her feet to finish her shower.

Once out of the shower, she quickly dressed, did her hair and makeup, brushed her teeth, and packed up her remaining items. As she stepped off the elevator to the lobby, Luke was standing there impatiently, glaring at her. "We've been waiting for 15 minutes, where have you been?"

"Oh geez, I'm sorry, I uhhh overslept," she lied.

Brian tried once again to be the mediator, "It's OK, we have four days ahead of us without any schedules to maintain, let's just get going."

"Great!" she said enthusiastically, glaring at Luke in equal annoyance. "Hey I found out about a great place we should go to - Graeme recommended it!" She thrusted the piece of paper that Graeme had given her with the address towards Brian.

Looking at the address, his face crumpled in a frown, then he looked back to her and saw her waiting there expectantly, excited about her find. "Dayna, I'm sorry, I already made reservations for us in Cornwall."

Crestfallen, Dayna replied, "I didn't think we had any specific plans? I thought we were just going to wing it, and go wherever we go?"

"I know, but unfortunately it's a holiday weekend over here - it's the Diamond Jubilee - which means most hotels and campgrounds in the southern part of the country are booked. I had our secretary find a place and make the reservations weeks ago. But listen, she found a great place - she looked at all the travel review websites and it was highly rated. We'll take our time driving there so we can see the countryside," Brian responded tentatively, unsure of why Dayna would be acting so strangely about this.

She sighed heavily, then picked up her bag and said, "OK, then, let's get going." Deep down, she was heartbroken that she wouldn't see Graeme again. "Maybe it's for the best, though," she thought to herself, although she knew that she was still going to be horny most of the trip thinking about him.

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