tagMatureThe English Professor

The English Professor


Michael Lavine was one of the most sought after bachelors that I knew. Not only an English professor adored by both his students and peers, he was charming, charismatic, and gorgeous. He was toned with a muscular build, short wavy brown hair, and had the most dazzling set of green eyes anyone had ever seen. He was also a best seller novelist causing fortune to be added to his resume. Women of all ages would always have the tendency to throw themselves at him. But he always pulled away, not really giving in to their temptation. His way of showing he was a confirmed bachelor.

Not only an English major but also head of our campus literary magazine, I was able to see Professor Lavine more often than most other students. Jealousy would wave, but I didn't care. While the man was obviously attractive, I was more excited to always have the opportunity to pick his brain. Lavine was very intelligent, which was just as much a turn on as his exterior.

We had just finished accepting submissions for the literary journal and had entered into the editing and layout process. My friend Tina did most of the editing. I focused on the layout, which was something I enjoyed more. We ended up accepting more submissions this year than we had any other year, so the process started to take longer than expected. This meant spending more time with Professor Lavine.

At first, it started out as my lunch period and his office hours. But as the deadline creped closer, we ended up spending more time in the late afternoon and evenings going over the layout. While the rest of the editors were more than welcomed to come by, I was the only one who had the time. I even started taking over some of the editing.

Professor Lavine and I had a very strict student/teacher relationship. I was the student, he was my teacher. That was it. But as we started to spend more time together, both of us began to open up about our lives in very nonchalant conversations. I expressed my interest of working as a high school teacher after pursuing a journalism career. He spoke of how he became a teacher and what writing his first novel was like. I talked about wanting to publish a book of poems and he gave me pointers.

What started off as conversations about dreams and goals, either reached or reaching for, entered into conversations of a more personal nature. I had only one serious relationship that lasted about two years and ended because we were heading in different directions. Lavine was never married, which did come as a shock to me. He explained that why he had serious relationships, none were ever long enough to go beyond that step. I talked about life with a single parent raising me and he spoke of being an army brat. We laughed and joked, breaking our student/teacher relationship and entering a relationship of friendship.

So when the day came to send off the final copy of the schools literary magazine for printing, I walked with disappointment to Lavine's office. It was obviously the end of our time spent together outside of the classroom. When I got to his door, I knocked and followed the muffled 'come in' on the other side.

"Hello, Samantha." He smiled when he saw me. His smile was lifting.

"Hello Professor Lavine. I have the final copy of the book."

"Really? It's finished?"

"Yup. I already sent it off the printers. We should have copies soon to distribute."

"That's great, Samantha. It took us a little longer than usual, but I'm glad we were able to get it out to the printers on time."

"Me too." My heart sank deeper. I had grown accustomed to our time together in the evenings and didn't want them to stop. Professor Lavine I guess felt otherwise. "Well, I wanted to give you your copy. They gave us a couple to view before printing the rest." I placed the book on his desk and stepped back to go. You could probably see the hesitation in my gestures. "I guess I'll see you Monday."

"Leaving so soon, Samantha? I thought you would at least stay."

"Really?" I was shocked. There seemed to be a hint of disappointment in his voice. Was he really asking me to stay?

"Of course. It's really nice to have someone to talk to on a regular basis. I enjoy our conversations."

"Me, too," I replied with more liveliness than needed. It was probably obvious but I didn't care that much. I really didn't want to leave the room. I ended up standing there awkwardly though, not really sure what to do. With no work to pursue, I had no idea what direction our conversation would head in. It usually would just casually go.

"Samantha, are you hungry?"

Hungry? "Yeah. Umm, a little."

"Would you like to go grab something to eat? Now that we don't actually have to be in here to work, it would be nice to eat somewhere else for a change."

This was definitely a first. "That would be great."

We decided to take his car since he lived on the way back to campus and it was better than taking two. I never really asked where we were going, but he took us to a familiar restaurant not far from the school. It was a small little place that most of the people I knew wouldn't go to since it was always crowded. However, we were able to get in and get a table within mere minutes. The hostess knew who Lavine was, referring to him as Michael. Obviously, he was a regular.

We sat and immediately began talking. He ordered a bottle of wine for both of us and we ate, chatting about our different childhoods. I figured out he was 43, making him 21 years my senior. I would have never marked him for 43. He looked younger than 43. He acted younger than 43. And he was honest when he stated that he originally had me pegged for a grad student. Everyone always told me I acted older than my age.

Half way through our conversation, I noticed that our knees kept touching. The tables were a little smaller in this restaurant. It seemed to be a consistent thing that neither of us tried to stop. When our plates were taken away and the check was brought over, he politely paid the bill and we got up to leave. The restaurant had gotten a little more crowded as the evening grew on and as we pushed our way through the crowd, he grabbed me by the hand to follow him.

The gesture confused me. But not in the way it would have normally confused someone around their professor. It confused me because I liked his hand there, his fingers intertwined with mine. It felt comforting and relaxing. And normal. More normal than I would have ever thought. I not only enjoyed my time with Professor Lavine, I realized I had grown feelings for him. And all of a sudden, I didn't want to let go. I didn't want him to let go. And because of that, I grasped his hand tighter to make sure that I didn't. His hand responded. And when we got through the patrons and outside, he didn't let go at all.

As we stumbled out the door, he turned around quickly and using his hand that was holding mine, pulled me into him and kissed me. I wasn't expecting it. I didn't even see it coming. His lips felt so warm against mine. He pulled away and looked at me.

"I've wanted to do that for weeks. Normally, I would never kiss a student. But you're different. You make me feel different."

My head was spinning. "Lavine, I honestly can't think of anything to say." He looked a little disappointment. I wanted to quickly reassure him he was okay. "Just do me a favor and kiss me again."

And with that, he did. I wrapped myself up in him as we kissed right in front of the restaurant, not really caring if anyone ever saw us. I realized how much I felt for him. How much I wanted him. And I couldn't understand how I never noticed it until now. How my body felt like it had wanted him for ages and my mind was just now catching up. I never really eyed Professor Lavine like the rest of the girls that I knew, always keeping him at teacher status. But now was different. Now he was Michael and I felt for him like I'd never felt for anyone before.

I knew what I wanted now. And I was pretty sure that he wanted it to.

"Take me home with you."

He didn't even respond. He just kept holding on to my hand and got me in the car. He immediately jumped in and drove off, driving with his left hand and grabbing my left hand with his right. I looked at him a little confused.

"I'm sorry, Samantha. I just don't want to let you go. I'm afraid if I do, you'll leave."

"You're afraid I'll jump out of a moving vehicle?"

He chuckled. "I'm just afraid you'll change your mind and leave me." He paused and a confused look washed over him. I watched as he opened his mouth with hesitation. "I want you. More than I think I've wanted anyone. I don't want you to go."

Before I knew it, we were parked in a driveway. His house. I turned to him and smiled.

"I'm not going anywhere."

He got out of the car and practically ran to my side, opening the door, grabbing my hand, and pulling me out. He once again never let his hand leave mine, opening the front door to his house with one hand. When the door opened, he stepped aside to let me enter first. I did, pulling him in behind me. I wasn't going to let go either.

The minute he shut the door, he pulled me into him and kissed me once more. I melted against him, not wanting anything to ever end. I never really realized how bigger he was compared to me or thought about how strong he was until he lifted me up by my waist. My legs voluntarily wrapped around him and he carried me to his bedroom.

The room had a large bed that sat center against the wall in light colored linens and sat on a simple wooden frame.Everything in the room had its own place. Just like his office. He was neat. And clean. And the way he obviously lived showed in his personality. He was just my cup of tea.

He sat me down to stand, breaking our kiss, and held me in his arms. He was practically wrapped around me. And as he held me, he brushed his hand through my hair in such a loving and caressing manner. It felt perfect.

"If you change your mind at any point, just let me know and I'll take you back. No questions asked."

I just looked into his eyes. His beautiful deep green eyes. How I could get lost in them. And I wondered how I never got lost in them before.

"I was serious Lavine. I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying here - with you."

He smiled. "Michael."


"It's Michael. I adore you too much to have you call me Lavine."

"Yes, Michael." And this time, I kissed him, jumping up and wrapping my arms around his neck. I guess I had jumped with such force because he tumbled backwards with me, still attached to him, and we both fell onto the bed. He quickly rolled me over, placing himself on top of me. I opened my legs to cup him into me and felt his hardness press into the inside of my thighs. He wanted me very much.

Our bodies fought with one another, his hands encircling my body; my hands searching all over his. As we laid there within each other, I could feel the tension rising between us. Our tongues fought harder and harder in each others mouth, exploring and darting in a fearful frenzy that at any moment, this could all end.

He pulled himself from my mouth and off my body. When I tried to follow, he motioned for me to stay there, pushing me back onto the bed. Still leaning over me, he slowly unbuttoned my shirt, opening it to my bra covered chest. I lifted myself up so he could pull the shirt off my body and once he had it removed, he went straight to my bra, unclasping it and pulling it off as well. I laid myself back as he just stared at me and my chest. He lowered his head down and planted kisses all around my breasts, moving to the center of my body, and trickling down to my lower abdomen.

When we reached my jeans, he lifted his mouth off and began to undo them. He pulled them down with my underwear and when he reached my feet, took my shoes off as well. He stood up and surveyed me. There I was, lying on his bed, naked. The outside light covered my body.

Grabbing my ankles, he slowly started to drag me towards him. As my legs began to come off the bed, he pulled them apart, opening me up to him. When I was close enough to the edge, he dropped my legs and knelt before me. He placed his face in front of my vagina and I heard a deep moan leave his mouth as his hot breath hit me. Cupping his hands underneath my butt and bringing me to him, he immediately stuck his tongue out and licked me from my opening up to my clit. As I trembled in pleasure, I could have sworn I heard him smile.

He placed his tongue back on my clit and began to flick at it. My body jumped at every flicker and when I tried to move myself closer to him, he gripped firmly, holding me in place.

"Be patient, Samantha."

I tried my best to restrain myself as he savaged my clit once more with his tongue, never once stopping to break. I grabbed on to the covers of the bed as he grabbed my legs and swung them over his shoulders, burying himself deeper into me. Before I knew it, my legs were shaking against his back and my body tensed up, releasing an intensifying orgasm.

He put my legs back down and stood up before me. Grabbing me by the waist, he pushed me back up the bed some and then stood back. As I tried to regain my breath, he began to undress himself. I watched with intensity, trying to photograph with my eyes every line upon him. If this was the only time I was going to be with him like this, I wanted to make sure I wouldn't forget.

When he was completely naked, he just looked at me as I scanned his being into my mind. Everything about him was absolutely breath taking. He then moved towards me, placing one knee at a time onto the bed between my legs. As he moved forward, I moved back, getting us both fully onto the bed. When my head reached the pillows, I lowered my body back on the bed completely as he lowered himself into me. And even though he was slow and sensual, I still jerked towards him in pleasure.

He slowly started to rock into me and though he held his body above mine, I wrapped my arms under his and pulled him closer, wanting our bodies to be completely touching at all times. Our lips would meet for mere seconds, allowing quick access of our tongues, only to break quickly to release moans of euphoria. I never let my hands leave his body or his mine, almost as though we were both fearful we might lose the other at any moment. But we were already lost inside each other.

My body moved in rhythm with his and I spread my legs wider, taking him deeper into me. I tighten my muscles around him and felt him began to pick up speed. He picked his body off mine, placing him at angle that moved him even deeper than before. I held onto his arms and before I knew it, I was releasing another orgasm onto him. My body arched towards the ceiling and he immediately placed his mouth on my neck to kiss me. His rhythm became faster and as he held me up to him, he hit his own pure orgasm, releasing himself into me. His breathing suddenly became noticeable and we kissed again, moaning into each others mouths as he collapsed on top of me. I held him there, both of us in blissful exhaustion.

We laid there in bed, never saying a word. We planted kisses all over each other as he caressed me and fell asleep into each others arms. I was there for the entire weekend, both of us enjoying each others company and each others bodies. Before I knew it, I was there the following weekend. And the weekend after that. And as graduation passed, I was there longer, staying with him always.

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