tagFetishThe English Teacher

The English Teacher


I had a desire to get back into writing but due to the many rejection notices I received about bad grammar, I had to give this matter more consideration.

When I look back I remember thinking,"Damn this English lesson could be used to torture enemy soldiers, and if they did not pass the test, they would be forced to clean the waste out of an atomic powered boiler."

Such pleasant thoughts came to me while I was attending Peter Thatcher J.H. though I bet some students call the school "Peter Torture."

So I decided to take some English lessons and figured even if I did not write, I would still be speaking better grammar and most likely I'd have a shot at getting my stories published.

I looked in the newspaper under "Education" and found a retired English teacher offering her services. Her name is Miss Higgins and she has a sort of plummy voice like Julia Childes, the well known lady of kitchens. She told me where she lives, how long the lesson is and how much. We agreed I would be there at seven that evening.

I arrived at her place on time with a notebook and pencils,naturally wondering what she would look like. I guessed that by her voice she would be a pretty good looking woman in her sixties and wearing either a skirt and blouse or a dress.

When she opened the door, my fantasies went into overdrive. She had to be sixty five and what a good looking sixty five. Dark brown hair center parted;black skirt; white ruffled blouse and black patent two inch heels. Miss Higins had a pair of silver half-glasses hung from an eye- glasses chain of small pearls.

"Good evening Miss Higgins."

"Hello Harold,a notebook and pencils, you are serious."

"Seems I would be expected to bring these, Miss Higgins."

"That's right but you would be surprised how many don't,Like it is up to me to supply stationery."

"I know what you mean, a pack of pencils and a notebook won't cost more than a few dollars but do that ten times and it will add up for sure."

Her office was very nice, dark mahogany paneling and various antiques on shelves. I knew I had a bulge in my pants but it was not my fault. She had a comfortable looking chair and card table so I knew where I would be sitting.

"So Harold, you want to brush up on English to write stories?"

I don't know why it never occured to me that she might ask what sort of stories. Well I was not going to be embarrassed about it.

"I want to write about the intimate doings between a man and a woman, how they met, their relationship and what happens in the bedroom."

"Who do you want to write for?" She asked in a pleasant voice.

"There is a website called,"Literotica."

"O.K. tell me what you know about English so I can see where you are at."

So I told Miss Higgins what I knew about English.

"Well Harold, that's why you are here. And you will learn the parts of a sent- ence and how they all come together to form a sentence;paragrph;page and story."

"O.K. Harold as you know, we use various forms of punctuation as we talk but when we write, we have to follow guidelines so we understand the story as the author wants us to. Do you know what I mean?"

"Yes." I answered.

"Have you written any stories yet, Harold?"

"Yes,I brought it with me." So I handed to her.

She sat back in her chair and pushed her silver half-glasses down her nose.

As I am sitting there,I am conscious of a boner stir up in my loins. I am thinking I could be quite interested in Miss Higgins. So what about the age difference.

"Harold, what is your age?"

"Fifty five...why?"

"This is a good story, very good really. Some mistakes in grammar and punctuation. Sounds like you have been married."

"Yes I was married."

Miss Higgins looked at me over the tops of her half-glasses

"You were?"

"Yes,Nineteen years and eight months, she passed away last March with no thanks to St. Pete General hospital."

"I am very sorry Harold, if you would like we could talk about this after the lesson would you like a cofee or coke?"

"A coke would be fine, thankyou."

"Harold, the heels you talk about are known as black patent."

"Dorothy told me that at times."

"So far as the quote, that can come before or after the tag."

Miss Higgins told me what I needed to know about quotation marks and a few other errors as well.

"Loveys heels" is a very warm story Harold, I know you miss her dearly."

"I keep her in my stories as she stays alive in my mind."

"I can understand that. Do you know you're starring at my breasts?"

"It does look that way, but actually I am looking at your silver half-glasses."

"Oh, why is that Harold?"

"Hanging from your eyeglass chain of pearls, there's a lot of femininity there."

"Dorothy was very feminine I am sure."

"Yes Miss Higgins she was."

"Harold, you may call me Janet."

We went over more rules of English and the hour was over. She asked if I would like to stay a bit and I did.

"What do you do for work Harold?"

"Locomotive electrical systems"

"Diesel electrics?"

I was a bit surprised,It just did not seem likely a woman would know about locos any more than a guy would know how to run a quilting bee.

"Yes Janet, Geeze I am sort of surprised."

"Don't be. I mean I drive so I see Mac trucks and big buses. When you said locomotive electrics I had to believe it would be a diesel electric locomotive."

"Well that is a great means of deduction, to put what you see with what you hear."

"I suppose Dorothy had a number of pairs of glasses?"

"Yes she did,I still have them of course and I loved making sure they were always spotless.I really miss doing that for her."

"Dorothy really dressed well, I loved her style. Either a dress or skirt and blouse with ruffles; two inch black patent pumps;string of pearls."

"I think you should wear them from time to time, Harold."

I looked at her in wonder, as if she knew I wore my Wifes clothes..

"Why Janet?"

"Wearing your Wifes clothes will make you feel closer to her."

This made me like Janet a lot, very quickly too and I felt I could be honest with her.

"Janet, I do wear Dorothy's clothes, have been for a long time. Her half- glasses too as small print is a bummer at times."

"Oh I knew that, Harold."

"When a man admires a woman's half-glasses, and her femininity,that really stands out."

"So what are your past times?" she asked.

"Piano for the most part, sketching, painting.

"What kind of music do you like?"

"Well Janet I like to listen to the pops, country western but mostly classical."

"Do you have a piano?"

"Yes, a Baldwin model L."

"Baldwins are a very good piano."

"Which composer do you like the best?"

"Chopin and Beethoven, Chopin for his etudes and nocturnes, love that Opus ten number three. Beethoven for his Moonlight sonata and Path'etique.I have thanked Dorothy a million times for introducing me to the classics."

I could tell Janet was warming to me when she asked if I could play her a few pieces so I played Chopins opus 9 No.2 opus 10 No.3 and Green sleaves.

The night was moving on and Janet told me to come back tomorrow at the same time.I pulled out my wallet to pay her for the lesson.

"I am not going to charge a friend for English lessons, Harold."

"So Janet, if I asked you over Saturday night for supper, you would come?"

"Of course I would come and I am looking forward to it."

"Here is what I would like you to work on tonight or tomorrow before you come back."

I was back at Janet's doorstep the next evening, with my finger on the doorbell button.

Janet opened the door and welcomed me in,she noticed me undressing her with my eyes and she smiled.

She's wearing a purple skirt and a creme colored blouse with ruffles; black patent three inch belt in gator skin and black patent pumps.

Today she wore a string of small purple beads from which a pair of silver oval style glasses hang. I figured they were reading glasses until I saw the the half-moons.


"Yes Harold?"

"Why are you wearing bifocals today when yesterday you wore the silver half-glasses?"

"You really notice things. I wear the bifocals when I am out driving but the half-glasses you like so much when I am in the house."

"Why do you say, "The half-glasses you like so much?"

"Well yesterday when I thought you were starring at my bosoms you said,

"But actually I am looking at your silver half-glasses."

"You also said you wore your Wifes clothes and her half-glasses too. Harold, many guys have fetishes."

"I would not be surprised if you had a few fetishes,say cross dressing and high heels. There is not much I know about you, but you seem to be a very warm and caring man who will always love his wife."

"Lets talk after but work on English now."

So she talked about predicates and dependent and independent phrases and adverbs;adjectives. She gave me some problems to work out before the next lesson was due.

"Would you like to play Green sleaves for me again?" Janet asked.


So we walked into her piano room. She left her gold half-glasses with beads on the piano next to the sheet music and I took them an cleaned them with a corner of my shirt and held them out at arms length to check for spots.

Janet was working on how to keep me around but how? The answer came when I cleaned her glasses.

"Harold I have like ten pair of glasses most are the half-glasses style and a few pair of silver ovals. You can always visit, just keep my glasses and heels spotless."

When Harold used her bathroom he saw a brassiere on the counter and remembered the size.

"You can bet your 44D's on that Janet."

"And how do you know so much about bosoms?" She asked with a warm smile.

"It would be easier to show you Janet."

"Follow me Harold."

Her bedroom is nice, her headboard and drapes for the large window are of the same shade of mauve. A French provincial style dresser,a large cozy chair to sit in while watching t.v. and two glass lamps on the dresser and a similar style lamp on the bedside table.

Janet drew the drapes and turned the lamps down by a dimmer switch.The room had low wattage bulbs behind the drapes and the setting was cozy.

Janet removed her blouse and skirt and let her silver bifocals hang across her bosoms by the string of small purple beads. She also had yesterdays pair of silver half-round glasses with the string of small pearls on the bedside table.

Her breasts were just lovely, extra large with big pink aureoles and plump red nipples that erect as I started to lick them going from long slow licks to short fast licks. Janet was moaning and making little mewing sounds as she was being loved by a man who would turn out to be a great lover.

I took her string of beads and moved them back and forth against her plump red sexy nipples and watched as they quivered when the beads went fast by them.

"Please give me those half-moons, Janet?"

She did and I had her half-glasses and I rubbed her nipples with them and Janet really liked this.

Having been married I knew that sometimes a woman would have waves of sexual pleasure radiate from her mamories to her pussy. That is what I hoped for.

That was not going to happen though but she did have a nice idea.

"I would like to see the effect my half-glasses have on your hog."

"Why do you call it a hog, Janet?"

"My husband was a biker, he had a Harley Davidson and always referred to it as a hog. One day I told him I really liked his hog and he dropped his trousers faster than lightning."

"OK. Sounds like a fine idea."

"Which of my glasses turns you on the most? The half-round style or the silver ovals with the half-moons?"

"I really like both pairs, you said you have ten pair so how about doing something wild with them as you look at me through a pair?"

So I stripped off my clothes and got up on the bed. Janet took her half- glasses and silver ovals and touched me all over down there as she looked at me through or over the tops of her gold granny glasses.

"Oh Harold this cock turned into a purple monster! I am going to have this beast in me soon!

"You are going to wear my dress as I jerk you off into it, I want my fingers wrapped around that monstrous cock of yours."

"That would be so great Janet, I can't believe it.

"After you took such good care of my bosoms. They loved what you did. They will want that again."

So she took her smooth pale blue gown with lace and handed it to me. I put it on enjoying the feel of that smooth silky fabric. Janet had put some creme in her palm and slowly jerked me off into her dress as she looked at me either through or over the tops of her gold granny glasses. If my granny were this sexy I'd have no trouble doing her.

My voice was raspy between some heavy breathing as I hollered,'UM CUMMING!"

And did I ever. I blew a nice dollop of love sauce inside her lovely dress. And Janet licked it off as though cum would never be around again.

Janet and I laid in bed for awhile talking about this fetish I have and life in general.

Four months later.

We had been seeing each other once or twice a week. I took her to a well known Italian place or a very good rib joint, prime rib that is.

I had her over for supper a number of times and had the idea it may not be long now that we would things, much more intimate things than what we had been doing.

I had Janet over one Saturday for ribs and got up to get another cold beer. She noticed my hard-on and asked,

"Whats up?"

"I am horny."

"I know." Replied Janet."Only one thing to do about it."

"What would you suggest Janet?"

"My pussy is in dire need of a good piece of pork, but not with the Dinosaur sauce."

"To have this really work out well, we need some good old fashion foreplay." I told her.

"Of course we need that, most likely it is the reason "quickies don't always work well. One has to go through fifty; sixty;seventy; and eighty before they get to ninety."

"Sounds great, what would you like me to do first?" I asked in a very content voice.

"I have thought of that and I want you to work on my nipples, then eat me and to finish up, Fuck me like there's no tomorrow."

So we went to the bedroom and stripped off our clothes. She kept her undies on though.

"Harold, do you like my brassiere?"

This was a purple patent brassiere with the nipples exposed, very sexy.

Once upon that king size bed I started to lick Janet's lovely 44D size knockers and they are the nicest bosoms I have seen in a while.

Then I moved over to her nice pink aureoles and started licking her nipples, going from short quick licks to long slow licks.I saw her glasses on the night table, they winked at me as if to say, "Touch her with these."

"Oh Harold, drag them over my nipples then run the beads slowly past them."

I did as she desired and I could tell by her ooohs and ahhhs she was getting turned on.

"Janet wants you to eat her," She said in a Mae West voice.

Faster than greased lightning I had her purple panties with white lace off and my head in her silky muff. I was giving her vagina the licking of the century, working towards the pearl that would send her over the top.

I decided to warm up the furnace of her desires by a bit of finger fuckin' I went in slowly and speeded up. Soon I was hearing her pussy juices slurping round my fingers and I licked them clean.

"WELL Col. Saunders, bet your chicken does not taste this good!"


I'm climbing over her getting that monstrous cock aimed for her glory hole. Yup its in and damn it feels so HOT an sexy. I love the feeling of being in the woman I love and truly adore.

In and out I went, nice and slow,this felt so fucking good I did not want to cum in a hurry and I knew Janet did not want me to either as she loved having that purple monster cock deep up inside her.

"Faster Harold!"

Well Janet wants to be fucked like there's no tomorrow? O.K. I can and will do that. I was ready for this! That purple monster was going to conquer her hot sexy body and from this time on Janet would beg for it!

I could feel her shake then stiffen up and she brought her legs together with a lot of force so the monster cock would not escape from the confines of her hot juicy puss.

"More Harold!"

I was giving Janet a real good pounding and I know this is what she has been wanting. I was going at her in a ferocious way, letting the real animal in me come out. And suddenly like the knife switches at the powerhouse being closed, thousands of amperes of raw sex power coursed through Janets body giving her a series of mighty orgasms one after another and still another.

I looked at Janet and till this day I never saw such an expression of rapture and complete contentment in her. I know she felt womanly and complete and whole and that was very good.

Well we laid there for a while talking about how good this was and that for our sanity we would have to do this a few times a week anyways.

"You know Harold we're going to get the munchies. run over to the package store and pick up a six pack of Coors to go with those great country style ribs."

As I am driving over I am saying to myself,

"This is the best way to learn English."

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