tagFetishThe Entertainment Ch. 04

The Entertainment Ch. 04


Steve sat back and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. It dawned on him that he had just crossed a line that he would never be able to deny. He had just sucked another man's load of cum from his own wife's pussy. He knew then that his life would never be the same.

Steve's wife, Tracy sat on the sofa in front of him, her legs splayed lewdly. Her face was still flushed from the series of intense orgasms she had just experienced. Gary, their new Master, whom had just given Tracy the best fucking of her life, and who's cum Steve had just swallowed, left the room, headed towards the bathroom.

Lana, Gary's wife and Steve and Tracy's new Mistress, sat down on the other end of the sectional couch and leaned back, settling in. She spread her legs suggestively and beckoned Tracy to her. Tracy crawled obediently toward her and knelt at her feet.

I was kneeling on the floor on the other side of the room, watching my Master and Mistress toy with their new slaves. I had been their slave for a couple months now and it was exciting to watch them dominate another couple.

"Have you ever tasted another woman, slave?" asked Lana, as she ran her finger slowly up and down her slit, tracing circles around her clit.

"No, Mistress," answered Tracy.

"I want you to go down on me," said Lana. "I want you to make me cum. I like the feeling of a woman's touch."

Tracy crawled forward slowly until her face was in front of Lana's sex. Tracy could smell her musky scent. She had never been this close to another woman's pussy before. Her submissive side was thrilled by this new scenario. She leaned in and ran her tongue over Lana's labia in one long stroke. Her smooth shaven skin felt hot and soft. She repeated that several times. Then her tongue found its way into her slit. She probed gently, tasting her juices. Lana was beginning to moan softly, almost purring as she felt Tracy's tender licks, gingerly working deeper. She gasped as Tracy's tongue flicked against her clit. "Ohhhh...that fells nice," she breathed, contentedly. She brought her hands to the back of Tracy's head and began running her fingers through her hair. Feeling encouraged, Tracy began to eagerly lick deeper and faster.

Lana turned to me and asked her to fetch another drink from the kitchen. She turned to Steve, who was still kneeling in the center of the room, watching his wife eat another woman out for the first time. "Steve, your wife is a natural," said Lana. "But don't get jealous, you'll get your chance, too." She smirked at him. "In the meantime, why don't you make yourself useful and give your wife a treat for being such a good little slut? I'll bet you've never licked her ass before, have you?"

"No, Mistress," said Steve.

"Well, you've been wanting to put your little dick in there for so long, why don't you put your tongue in there instead and maybe she'll warm up to the idea."

Steve was incredibly turned on by the thought. He crawled over behind his wife, who raised her ass up off the ground for him. He could see her pussy lips, still red and swollen from Gary's cock. Her little pink rosebud peeked out at him just above. He always liked seeing her in this position. He eagerly dove in and began to lick her ass, running his tongue around her anus.

"Does that feel good, Tracy?" asked Lana. "Do you like having your husband worship your ass?

"Yes, Mistress," said Tracy.

I returned from the kitchen and handed the drink to Lana. She sipped it and smiled, enjoying the life of the Mistress, surrounded by her willing slaves. Gary returned from the bathroom and took in the scene. He turned and walked into the workout room, where they kept a supply of toys in a closet. He returned holding a short, slender dildo, made of clear rubber, which he handed to Steve. "Use this," said Gary. "I think she'll like it."

Steve took the dildo and stared at it for a second. His dick was throbbing in its cage. He had fantasized about playing with Tracy's ass so many times before but had never been allowed to. He began to suck on the toy getting it wet.

Gary sat back on the couch and motioned me over. I obediently dropped to my knees, crawled over to him, and took his cock in my mouth. After serving him for several weeks, I had come to know what he wanted without being asked.

After getting it good and wet, Steve took the toy and pressed the tip against Tracy's tight hole. Her muscles resisted the invader at first. He licked her hole again, getting it nice and wet. He pressed the toy against it while licking. Eventually she relaxed and the tip slipped in. He felt Tracy's back tense up. He left the toy where it was and continued to lick around it, trying to coax her into relaxing. She did relax and he began to slowly press the toy in and pull it out, all the while licking around it. After a while, it began to feel good to her. She gave in to the feeling and pressed her ass back against the toy. She spread her legs wider and arched her back, giving Steve easier access.

"I think she's starting to enjoy it," said Gary.

Lana pulled Tracy's head out of her crotch and looked at her. "Do you like that, slut? Do you like that toy in your ass?"

"Yes, Mistress," said Tracy.

"Good!" said Lana. "I told you it feels good when it's done right. And to think that all this time you've had a husband who would have loved to play with your ass. Keep working her slutty ass, Steve."

Steve needed no encouragement and was thoroughly enjoying his task. He was working the toy in and out of her ass, occasionally pulling it all the way out and replacing it with his tongue. Tracy seemed to be enjoying it and was grinding her ass back into him every time he shoved the toy in. She was also lapping at Lana's cunt enthusiastically. Lana was moaning and began pulling Tracy's face deeper into her crotch as she felt her orgasm building. She began panting as her climax peaked. Tracy's face was getting drenched in Lana's cum, which she eagerly lapped up. Lana rode the wave of her orgasm until it began to subside. When it was over, she let Tracy lick her tender parts for a couple of minutes, then got up. Steve continued to play with Tracy's ass as Lana left the room.

Lana returned with a medium sized butt plug, which was larger than the toy that Steve was using on Tracy. She handed it to Steve telling him to use it instead. As Steve began to suck on it, getting it wet, Lana came and sat on the couch and snuggled up close to Gary. She propped her legs up on my back as I knelt on the floor still servicing Gary's cock. He was still only semi-hard but then Lana leaned over and began to whisper something in his ear, and his manhood grew to its full glory.

Steve began to push the new toy into Tracy's willing ass. The tip slipped in easily since she was already loosened up but he had to work the biggest part of the plug in slowly. Finally when the widest part slipped past her sphincter, she let out a low moan and pushed back into his hand. He shoved the toy in the rest of the way and pushed until she rocked forward on her knees. Then he began to pull on it pulling her whole body back towards him until the widest part slipped out of her ass again. She moaned again as it slipped out. She really appeared to be enjoying it! Steve continued that motion for several minutes, rocking her back and forth. Then he pulled the plug out until her ass was wrapped around the widest part and he began to lick around the plug, slowly pistoning it in and out about an inch or so. She began to moan louder and grind back into him.

"Make her cum," said Lana. "Make her cum with the plug stuffed in her ass."

Steve reached his other hand under her and began fingering her pussy. He was licking all around the plug and working it in and out of her ass he began fingering her with the same rhythm. She began to moan louder and faster. The sensation of the toy in her ass was exciting nerves she never knew she had, giving her a whole new type of pleasure. It didn't take long for her orgasm to come. She climaxed hard, shoving herself back into Steve's hands trying to get the toy and Steve's fingers as deep inside her as possible. She screamed and grunted as she came all over Steve's hand. She continued to orgasm for several minutes. As she slowed her rocking, Steve removed his fingers and slowed his motions with the toy. He sucked her juices off of his fingers.

Lana came over and began to rub her hands over Tracy's ass. She leaned close to Tracy's head and said, loud enough for Steve to hear, "I bet you wish that was a real cock, don't you?"

"Uh huh," said Tracy still out of breath from her orgasm.

"Do you want to get fucked in the ass for real?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"How about you Steve, I'll bet you wish that had been your cock in her ass, don't you?"

"Yes, Mistress!" said Steve, excited.

Do you like knowing your little slut wife just orgasmed with a plug in her ass and now wants to get fucked?

"Yes Mistress!" he said.

"Well I think it's time to move to the bedroom and give her what she wants." said Lana

Lana turned and walked out toward the stairs, beckoning Tracy to follow. Gary and Steve followed behind Tracy and I tagged along behind them. Steve eyes were glued to the women's swaying posteriors as they started up the stairs. Gary, walking close behind Tracy, reached out and stroked her ass as she ascended before him. Steve felt a tinge of jealousy as Tracy turned and smiled flirtatiously back at Gary. Gary's cock was still hard and he was slowly stroking it as he walked.

When they got to the bedroom, Lana pulled the chair out from her vanity, put it in middle of the room and told Steve to sit down. She cuffed his hands to the back of the chair and then came around and unlocked his cock cage. His dick sprang to life immediately. She walked over to Tracy. "Now Tracy, before we let Steve put his little prick in your tight little ass I want you to play a little game with him, said Lana. "I want you to give him head until I tell you to stop. But you are absolutely not allowed to let him cum. If he cums, the whole game is over, do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tracy. She sank to her knees in front of Steve and took his dick in her mouth. Steve moaned and rolled his head back. Tracy began to slowly suck him and stroke him, being careful not to get him too close to the edge.

Gary came up behind Tracy and began rubbing his hands over her ass. She arched her ass up to greet him. He began playing with the plug in her ass pulling it in and out slowly. She moaned a little and pushed her ass back, spreading her legs a little wider.

Lana crouched down next to Tracy and began playing with her hair, pulling it back behind her head as Tracy continued to suck Steve's dick. "You really like having something in your ass, don't you?" asked Lana. Gary continued to fuck her ass slowly with the plug.

"Oh yes, Mistress," Tracy moaned.

"You can't wait to feel Steve's hot, hard cock in your ass, can you?"

"No, Mistress. I really want to get fucked in the ass!"

"Do you hear that Steve?" asked Lana. "Your sweet little wife is practically begging to get fucked in the ass. I'll bet you never thought you'd hear that. Are you excited?"

"Yes, Mistress!" answered Steve.

"Do you like that you're wife has turned into such a dirty, depraved slut?"

"Yes, Mistress!"

"Well you know Steve, you should thank Gary for turning her into such a slut. You really couldn't have done it by yourself. You have to admit you're just not enough of a man unleash that side of a woman." If there was one thing that I had learned about Lana, it was that she loved to tease. And she was good at it. I had a feeling that this scene was only going to lead to Steve's further humiliation.

"Why don't you tell Gary how much you appreciate what he's done to Tracy?" suggested Lana.

As Lana was saying that, Gary took his hard cock and stuck it between Tracy's legs, pressing the tip against her wet pussy. Tracy sucked in a quick breath of air as Gary's huge cock entered her pussy and began to slide deep inside. She let out a long moan as Gary began thrusting in and out slowly, pulling all the way out and plunging all the way back in. Steve looked down at his wife and then looked up at Gary.

"Th..Thank you for turning my wife into a slut, Master," said Steve in a quiet voice.

"I'm sorry," said Gary, still pumping his cock in and out of Tracy's well-fucked hole. "I couldn't hear you. What did you say?"

"Thank you for turning my wife into a slut, Master," said Steve, louder this time.

"I didn't turn her into a slut," said Gary with a cocky smile. "She always was a slut. You were just never able to bring out her true nature." He continued fucking Tracy, and playing with the toy in her ass as he spoke. Tracy was letting out a sharp moan with every thrust. He only had to fuck her for a few minutes before her orgasm began to build. She still had one hand wrapped around Steve's dick although she had completely forgotten that she was supposed to be giving him head. She squeezed him hard as she yelped in rhythm with the enormous tool pumping into her. The pain of her squeezing prevented Steve from cumming, although he was on the edge the whole time as he listened to her building passion. Before she could climax, however, Gary slowed his rhythm and came to rest with his cock buried in her pussy. He was still slowly pumping the plug in and out of her ass. Lana was still kneeling next to Tracy and she began stroking her hair again.

"You love Gary's cock, don't you?" Lana asked Tracy.

"Uh huh," panted Tracy, still out of breath.

"Do you like his cock better than Steve's?"

"Mmmm...Yes, Mistress."

"Do you still want Steve to fuck you in the ass?"

"Yes, Mistress," said Tracy, pushing her ass back into Gary.

"Well, you know, if Steve fucks you, you won't be able to fuck Gary anymore." said Lana. As she said that, Gary pulled his cock out until just the tip was inside of her and shoved the butt plug all the way back in her ass. Tracy moaned a little and looked up at Lana quizzically.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Well I said earlier, that once Steve cums, the whole game is over, remember? That means that this whole night is over and we send you two home. It just wouldn't be right for Gary to fuck you anymore because you wouldn't be our little sex toys." At that, Gary pulled his cock all the way out, at the same time pulling the plug out, leaving her feeling empty and frustrated.

"No, please," begged Tracy. "It feels so good."

"How much do you want to get fucked in the ass?" asked Lana.

"Oh, god, I want it bad, Mistress!"

"Well you can't have Steve fuck you in the ass if you ever want to feel Gary's cock again," said Lana. "Of course, you could let Gary fuck your sluttly little ass instead."

"Oh, yes Mistress! Please let him fuck me!"

"Really?" asked Lana, sounding innocent. "You're willing to deny your husband an orgasm just so you can keep getting fucked by Gary? You love Gary's cock that much."

"Oh, god yes! His cock feels so good." said Tracy. "I'm so sorry honey, but I'm not ready to go home yet. I've never had sex this good before" she said, looking up at Steve. Steve could not believe what he was hearing. He was wide-eyed and totally speechless. Tracy felt bad for him. "Please forgive me honey," she said. "When we get home, I'll let you fuck me in the ass whenever you want. I just really need this right now."

Steve had never seen his wife looking this desperate before. She had turned into an insatiable sex fiend. And now she was going to let the biggest cock either of them had ever seen fuck her in the ass. He was crushed that she was going to give her anal virginity to another man right in front of him, after all these years. Even so, he couldn't help being turned on.

"You're not going to mad at me are you?" asked Tracy. "You know I love you."

Steve knew there was nothing he could do about it. Though Tracy's heart belonged to him, her body belonged to Gary right now. And she was willing to let him have it all. "I love you, too." he said, defeated.

"Oh, thank you!" exclaimed Tracy, getting up and kissing Steve on the lips. Then she turned around and knelt in front of Gary. "Will you please fuck me in the ass, Master?"

Gary laughed. "I've never seen such an enthusiastic slut. Except maybe Sissy here." He grabbed a bottle of lube from the nightstand and handed it to Tracy. "Lube me up, and then get up on the bed," he said.

Tracy took the lube and squirted some in her hand. She rubbed it over the length of Gary's enormous tool. She could barely wrap her hands around it as she smeared the lube around. "Make sure you get every inch," said Gary, "because you're going to be taking it all." She looked up at him hungrily as she finished rubbing him down. Then she wiped the remainder into her ass crack and jumped up on the end of the bed getting on all fours with her ass in the air pointing at Gary. Gary instructed to turn a bit to the side. "I want to make sure Steve gets a good view."

Steve was sitting just feet away and had a front row seat as he watched Gary come up behind his wife. Gary stuck a finger in Tracy's ass. It slid in easily and she moaned a little as it did. Gary stuck another finger in, this time feeling a little more resistance. "Man, you're tight," he said. "Are you sure you're ready for me?"

"Yes, Master!" she answered. "I want you to fuck me. I want you to fill my ass."

He rubbed the head of his cock against her hole, smearing the lube around. He set it against her hole and began to slowly apply more pressure. Tracy moaned and tried to relax her muscles. Her sphincter was still a little loose from the butt plug so it opened up allowing the head of Gary's cock to slip in. She grunted as he entered, feeling it stretch her open. Steve watched, awestruck as his wife's virgin anus swallowed Gary's massive mushroom tip. Gary paused to give Tracy time to adjust. Then he slowly began to feed more of his length into her, bit by bit. Every so often he would pull out a bit and squirt some more lube onto his shaft.

As Gary continued to work his tool into Tracy's ass, Lana instructed me to get down and tease Steve as Tracy had been. His cock was rock hard. He was obviously turned on by what he was watching. I began to suck him slowly, careful not to bring him over the edge.

Gary was now over half-way buried in Tracy's bum. He began to pull out and stroke into her slowly. "Oh my god, your ass feels amazing!" he said. "You're so tight." Tracy was grunting and moaning as Gary's rod pistoned in and out of her ass, getting a little deeper with each thrust. "Does that feel good?" he asked her.

"Unngh....yes! Fuck me!" grunted Tracy.

Lana was standing behind Steve, leaning down to put her face next to his. "Your wife is really enjoying this, isn't she?" she said. "Did you ever think you would be watching her get fucked in the ass by another man?" Steve was silent, just staring wide eyed at his wife's debauchery. Lana continued. "It must be frustrating seeing another man, take your wife's anal virginity, and with a much bigger cock than yours. Hearing her beg for it. Knowing it could have been you, but she chose him instead." She was running her hands over his chest as she spoke, and nibbling on his ears and neck. The combination of her words and her touch with my mouth on his cock was making him want to explode. He was in a constant state of extreme arousal, on the edge of cumming. It was almost as if he was in another place, watching this scene through someone else's eyes. Gary brought him back to reality.

"Damn, Steve, your wife's hot little ass feels so fucking good!" said Gary, looking over at Steve. "I can't believe you've never been able to try it. She's really taking it like a pro!" He was now sliding almost his entire length in and out of her, slowly, being gentle so that she would be able to enjoy it. As he continued to fuck her, he reached down around her waist and began fingering her clit. Tracy was moaning loudly now. The feeling of Gary's cock stretching her ass was intense and exciting. It hurt a little, but it felt good. She felt like such a dirty whore, getting her ass reamed out and enjoying it. She loved being a whore for Gary. She never wanted to stop. As Gary started fingering her, she began to orgasm almost immediately. This orgasm was completely different from any she had ever had. The nerves in her ass exploded with pleasure as the clitoral stimulation pushed her over the edge. She was screaming full force, with her head tossed back. Gary slapped her ass and began riding her harder.

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