tagRomanceThe Entity Pt. 07

The Entity Pt. 07


This is the story of love lost, love explored, and love found in a place least expected. It is also a mystery that involves power, money, greed, and lust. While not as graphic as most here at Literotica I hope you find it an entertaining read. I apologize for the state of the work. It still needs proofing. Please vote and comment.


Chapter 18

CNN – Breaking News – Republican presidential hopeful, Kerry Richards, has made no comment concerning recent allegations that ten years ago he was involved in a five year relationship with a twenty six year old staffer from his office. In light of photographs, several video tapes, copies of e-mails and other correspondence discovered inside a suspicious box abandoned at JFK airport in New York, that caused a bomb scare until authorities X-rayed the cardboard container and finally decided to open it, there seems to be little room for denial. Going through the contents, trying to identify the boxes owner, the FBI were surprised to find tawdry black and white photos of Richards, frolicking in the buff, and more, with a young man later identified as Josh Winston, a former Richards aid. Oddly enough, once revealed, the videos could also be found on-line through any of the more popular search engines. Richard's wife had no comment. The FBI is currently investigating and CNN will bring you new information as soon as we have it.


Michael sat patiently, waiting for the sunset. Now that he knew why, the euphoria of being clutched from the jaws of death had diminished.

He watched longingly out his small portal on the world at the bright yellow ball that was minutes away from the ocean. Linda's laugh echoed. He felt her silken hair slide between his fingers. The smell of jasmine from her soap, the soft warmth of her lips on his.

His eyes welled but no tears ventured forth.

"A penny for your thoughts."

The voice startled him and, for a split second, he felt intruded upon. He knew it was almost there. His journey's end, yet he turned to see the source of the voice.

"Teddy. Hi!"

"I'm sorry, you seem, distracted," Theodora looked genuinely demure, "I should come back tomorrow."

"No! That's okay. I was just thinking. And how are you this evening?" Michael noted the change of wheelchair to an electric model. Suddenly, he realized that was the same chair Mrs. Miller used when she stopped by.

"I'm okay. Feeling much stronger after my nap. They think I might be shuffling around by tomorrow. I just got bored. I mean, it seems you and I are the only ones in the place and I thought I'd stop in and see if you wanted to take dancing classes with me?"

Michael chuckled at Teddy's mirthful smile and noted her hair had been pulled back in a thick braid that hung over the back of her wheelchair.

"Sure. We'd make quite the pair."

Teddy laughed, "I'm electric now, you could sit on my lap and I'd whirl you round the floor!"

The room fell quiet, Teddy speculating on how she might be progressing with her prey. Michael smiled, enjoying Teddy's beguiling presence.

"Really, Michael, I actually came by to ask a favor."

"Sure, Teddy, what can I do for you?"

"Well, as you know, my grandmother died a couple of days ago," Teddy paused and Michael nodded solemnly, "And believe it or not, she headed up quite an empire. It also turns out, that since the death of my parents a year ago, I'm the sole heir.

"The lawyer has called and would like to meet with me tomorrow. I know it's a lot to ask, but could you come to the meeting with me? I'm really a klutz with such things and I just want some moral support."

Michael didn't hesitate; it wasn't as if he had something more important to do. "Of course, Teddy! What time?"

"Well, I told them noon. She had an apartment here. We're meeting there. Your nurse will bring you up."

"I wouldn't miss it for the world," Michael offered, "Besides, maybe I can learn enough to swindle you out of half your fortune." His smile was more lopsided than lecherous and they both laughed.

Wheeling closer, she said, "All you have to do is ask, Michael."

Michael turned back to the window and noted with renewed sadness the sky was quickly fading to purple and the sun's bright disc had disappeared. He thought of Linda but was nagged by an image of Teddy, her quiet beauty pushing into his thoughts.

Theodora was urging her body to gain strength for tomorrow.


There he was. Alone at a table in the dark, crowded club. They'd discussed the plan and Linda lurked in the wings, waiting to make her entrance.

"Oh!" Tammy squealed like a fifteen year old, "You did come! I thought you were putting me on."

Buck stood and, to Tammy's eye, even in the dark, blushed as he stuck out a hand in greeting, "Why sure. I was afraid YOU might not show up."

Taking their seats, Tammy leaned in, her fingers interlaced below her chin, trying to find that dreamy eyed little girl look that had worked so well in college.

Buck lasted less than fifteen seconds as Tammy let the silence hang, "So. What do you want to drink?"

Tammy continued her soulful stare a beat more and replied, "Oh, a beer. Thanks."

Buck flagged down a waitress, ordered the beer and turned back to his redheaded goddess. He couldn't believe his luck. Jim, his shift partner bet him twenty dollars she wouldn't show up.

"So, ah, wait. What's your name again?"

Tammy fluttered her eyes and said in a breathy voice, "Christine."

"Christine. That's a pretty name. So, what did you do this afternoon? I mean, after you came by the clinic."

"Oh, just wandered around. I found a Japanese restaurant and ate. Stopped at my hotel to call my mom," she paused as if finished and waited for Buck to open his mouth to speak before continuing, "Oh! And I thought about you!"

Buck nearly melted in his chair. Before he could recover, 'Christine's' beer landed on the table, the waitress just kept moving. That was Linda's queue.

Taking a sip, Tammy just stared dreamy eyed at Buck and wondered if he was really that gullible.

Buck's eyes wandered openly across her face, up to her hair and down to her chest. Oh yea, this is gonna be a good one, he thought.

He was annoyed when he saw Christine's eyes turn away, looking at something over his shoulder. He turned to see what the distraction was and was flustered when he bumped his head into the breasts of a soft young woman that was standing right behind his chair. Her eyes locked on Christine's.

They'd agreed that Buck should start the conversation. "Ah, can we help you?" Buck seemed duly annoyed.

"Well," the Asian beauty began, "my girlfriends and I have a bet."

Buck waited for her to continue noticing the deep splash of her navel just below her midriff top. Pulling his eyes away he said, "And?"

Stepping around the table, Linda walked up to Tammy and whispered in her ear. Buck's mouth fell open when Tammy nodded her head and the Asian beauty leaned down planting her mouth on Christine's, their eyes closed and Linda's hand came to the back of Tammy's head trapping her there. Enough wet grinding to squeeze an orange dry, their lips parting to let Buck see the dance of their tongues.

"Wow!" Tammy exclaimed as Linda released her head. Buck watched as Linda rocked back on her heals and gave a big thumbs up to an unseen someone over his shoulder.

"I made a bet with my friends," Linda explained turning to Buck, "That I could get whoever they picked out to kiss me," turning to Tammy she continued, "I'm sure glad they picked you. Where did you learn to kiss like that?"

Buck froze as he tried to figure out how to take the exchange. Here Christine was, all dewy eyed for him, and this Asian chick comes and steels all his glory. On the other hand, he'd just watched one of his fantasies come true. He thought caution could be the best response.

"So, do you kiss girls a lot?" he asked Linda.

Linda guffawed and blushed, a very real blush, and said, "Only this one."

Tammy reached across the table and pulled one of Buck's big hands out of the clench they'd formed and said, "Can she have a beer with us? Please, Buck," her expression went starry eyed again, "Pretty please with anything you want on top?"

All doubt was gone, "Why sure. Pull up a chair."

Buck waved for the waitress and downed his beer. When she arrived Tammy yelled, "Beer for everyone!"

Buck glanced across the table and noticed the Asian girl nodding yes, just as her hand fell across the back of Christine's chair, perfectly timed with the small squeeze he felt in his palm.

"Yes," he said, "Hell yes!"


Scanner Bob continued to pull Allessandra's hand as they went down the stairs. He hoped no one happened upon them as he noted the black streaks down her cheeks, her vacant stare, mouth slack, as she swished along in her beautiful gold dinner gown from the previous evening's activities.

"You really must hurry, Allessandra."

Bob struggled with the duffle bag over his shoulder as they negotiated the next landing.

"Ah, yes, yes I must, Mr. Johnston."

He figured she was in shock and thought it was a good sign that she'd responded. He just needed to get her out of there before she found herself and started screaming.

Finally coming out into the parking garage he continued to pull Allessandra along, occasionally tugging hard when she'd stop and start crying again. The small remote in his hand, he repeatedly pushed one of the buttons until a silver Honda Accord beeped at them from across the rows of cars.

Shoving Allessandra in the passenger seat, he threw his duffle bag in the back and pulled out. Since he never used the visitor parking, there was little chance the girl that changed his parking ticket, collecting twenty four dollars, would recognize either one of them.

He had no destination. His heart was till pounding in his chest. Not from fear. From sheer exhilaration. From the adrenalin pulsing through his body.

Turning right, merging with the traffic, he recalled his other two suits that had been abandoned. Oh well, he thought, I can always have Allessandra make more.

Sarah had been more than he'd hoped for. Mid twenties, no husband, no children, no time. "Why, Mr. Johnston, with the market as hot as it's been the last two years, there just hasn't been time."

They'd spent an hour going through 3 x 5's of properties and talking about the features and amenities of each. Teresa had glanced several times at Allessandra's naked form as she sat demurely in an oversized chair, flipping through channels on the television, the sound muted, feet folded to the side hiding what Sarah might have felt was a rather vulgar view.

Bob had no idea how Sarah dealt with the situation. How she justified sitting eight feet away from his Venus, casually talking with a client, was beyond him, but then, this was California, and a hotel full of rich eccentrics.

Selecting a property, Sarah cooed and ahhh'ed, reinforcing her client's decision. "I was just out there this afternoon, it's a great choice," she'd said, digging in her purse to pull out a set of keys, "It's not even listed yet."

"You and your wife will love it. It's a three bedroom log cabin with a fruit and wine cellar. Vaulted ceilings, two car garage; all the amenities. And it's very isolated. It sits at the end of a two mile lane in the middle of fifty acres."

Bob had stopped listening after the fruit and wine cellar was mentioned. Noticing the small digital camera in Sarah's briefcase, he plucked it up as he acknowledged Sarah's questions. No, the price isn't a problem. No, the two months deposit was not a problem either.

Finding the on button he held the camera to his eye and searched the viewfinder for Sarah's smiling face. Click. Yes, he could sign tomorrow. Turning the camera sideways, getting all of Teresa in the picture he clicked again.

"Mr. Johnston, what on earth are you doing?"

"Oh, I'm sorry dear. I just thought you were so lovely. I wanted a picture."

There was no crimson blush of Sarah's coffee colored skin, just a slight darkening of her neck and chin.

"A drink, Dear, to celebrate?" Sarah's eyes locked onto Allessandra's thighs standing less than a foot away offering drinks.

"That depends on our guest, Dear." Turning back to Sarah, Bob snapped another picture that featured her cleavage. "I'd also like to pay the entire amount in advance. I really don't want any distractions while I'm working."

Sarah's eyes finally withdrew from his Venus and she found her voice, "Oh. Right. That would be great."

"I think we should celebrate. What do you think, Sarah?"

Sarah had already decided she'd done other things with, well, other clients; just to get them to CONSIDER a piece of property. This one had already said yes.

"Oh, and one more thing, Sarah. Is there an option to buy?"

That clenched it. "Ah, is there a bathroom I can visit?"

"Sure, Dear. My, ah, wife will show you the way."

After the two had been gone for nearly thirty minutes, Bob wandered into the bedroom, dropping clothes as he walked, to find the two naked women, tangled on the bed.

Walking past Allessandra's beckoning hand; Bob knelt beside his duffle bag and started digging around. Muffled moans and quiet sighs were the opening to a Rhapsody that would soon be elicited from Teresa.

"Watch, Tammy. This one's for real. The others were just play acting, but this one's for you." The whispered wish faded beneath the sharp click of the razor knife and Bob smiled broadly.

Chapter 19

Fox News – This just in. Josh Winston, allegedly involved in a five year relationship with republican presidential hopeful, Kerry Richards, the extent of which is still undefined, was found dead this evening in his Georgetown apartment, the apparent victim of a gunshot to the head. The FBI have made no official statement but undisclosed sources say a note, maybe a suicide note, was found on Winston's bedside table. Kerry Richards was a no show at the DAR gala he was scheduled to attend this evening and has not been seen since this story broke earlier today.


Buck was enjoying himself entirely too much pulling Tammy along, who in turn pulled Linda, the casual interlace of their hands now a death grip.

After much pleading and unspoken promises, Christine and her new friend, the Asian girl, had convinced Buck to show them the place Christine's grandfather had breathed his last breath.

They'd driven past the main entrance and bounced in unison, Tammy and Linda giggling, as Buck pulled up and over the sidewalk half a mile past Waverly Hills, taking a gravel lane that wound up into the woods beside the property.

Linda started to wonder if Buck intended to collect on their veiled promises before he took them in. Finally heading back down the hill, driving along beside a security fence, his lights off, they parked by a small gate.

"This is a service gate the construction crews used to come in through. They used to park here," stepping out of his pickup; he motioned them to follow and disappeared through the unlocked gate.

"When the crews left, I think they forgot about this gate. No one put a lock on it."

They'd skirted the fence back down the hill for about fifty yards and found themselves back at the main entrance.

"Wait here," he stage whispered, turning to look at his two prizes.

Tammy circled her arm around Linda's waste and pulled her cheek to cheek, "We will sweetie. Hurry up, we're scared."

Buck showed a full spread of enamel and disappeared through the foliage.

"You have to keep him distracted. I don't know what we'll find, but I may need to get away," Linda whispered into Tammy's ear, turning it into a sloppy tongue swipe when Buck suddenly appeared.

"I had to get a set of keys. They don't let us take them home," Grabbing Tammy's hand he smiled again and pulled her toward a gray steel door in the back of the small brick building that sat beside the entrance.

"Once we get inside the tunnel, you can speak normal. There're no cameras out here but don't go past me. I know where they're located," looking over his shoulder for compliance; he pulled Tammy through a door into the next room. A round object, like a steam boiler, occupied most the room. Linda noted dog ears on a steel plate and tugged the three of them to their stops.

"What's this?"

"Oh, that's the crematorium. That was used to cremate the bodies when this place was a TB clinic."

"Uhhhh," both Tammy and Linda were duly impressed.

"I wanna see inside," Tammy planned on getting her moneys worth.

"It was restored but it's no longer used," Buck said, as he swung the latches and pulled the door open.

"What's this?" Linda asked holding up a finger smudged gray with some kind of coarse powder she'd found on the floor in front of the crematorium.

Bob leaned in and produced a small pen light shinning it on her finger. "Oh," not wanting to disappoint, "That's just cement dust from the construction."

Another tug and he drug Tammy, who was starting to wonder what they'd gotten into, toward another door.

"This is the body chute," Buck announced, turning to see the reaction. Tammy's mouth involuntarily fell open and Linda looked on with skepticism.

"No kidding." Buck pushed a door in and shinned his pen light into the dark shaft. "Come on," grabbing Tammy's hand he drug her through the dark doorway, but not before she grabbed Linda's hand and pulled her close behind.

"See how it curves," Buck shined his pen light again, trying to penetrate the veil of darkness. Tammy and Linda peeked around his arm.

"It was designed that way. People were dying so fast and they wanted to get them out of the main hospital so the other patients wouldn't find them. So they'd put them in the body chute at the top and slide them down. The drop and the curve would keep them on the outside wall of the long tunnel. These stairs were in case a body got stuck or something. Someone would have to walk up and get em started again."

This time Tammy wasn't pretending when she responded with a low croak.

Buck pulled them along the purpose built, shadowy stairs, as they ascended. Passing the bend Buck stopped and played his light across a dark mark that ran along the wall where it met the smooth concrete floor and continued the tour, "That black mark on the wall and the floor is axel grease that was put on the bodies so they'd slide. Once they got to the bottom they were burned in the crematorium."

Tammy wasn't enjoying this at all and really didn't feel like playing the game anymore. She white knuckled Linda's hand and hesitated when Buck pulled them along again.

Sensing Tammy's discomfort, Linda leaned close and whispered, "I think your boyfriend is full of shit."

The spell Buck had cast was broken and Tammy started giggling which caused Buck to look over his shoulder, misinterpreting the situation, "Hey you two. Don't get started without me."

They both laughed and said in unison, "Oh, we won't, Buck."

When the tunnel became shallower Buck stopped, holding up his free hand. "Okay, you have to be quiet again and stay close. I know where the cameras are and how they work."

Tammy released Linda's hand and leaned into Buck, her arms circling his waste, "Is this close enough for you, Bucky," which elicited another giggle from Linda.

"Ah, well, that might be too close. Just stay close!"

They came to a steel security door and Buck slid a key in. Pulling it open he stepped through, pulling Tammy and Linda to the right just inside the door. Pointing over his head they noticed a security camera pointed down the long hall.

He ducked into the first open door which was a long cafeteria or dinning room. Tammy marveled at how everything looked brand new, the chairs and tables awaiting guests in the dining room looked like the originals, perfectly restored.

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