tagRomanceThe Entity Pt. 08

The Entity Pt. 08


This is the story of love lost, love explored, and love found in a place least expected. It is also a mystery that involves power, money, greed, and lust. While not as graphic as most here at Literotica I hope you find it an entertaining read. I apologize for the state of the work. It still needs proofing. Please vote and comment. I just wanted to say thanks for making it this far.


Chapter 21

CNN – Still no news from the Richards camp. Democratic hopeful, Arthur Wright's position continues to be 'no comment' as he continues stumping for votes. This Saturday, Wright will be attending a technology demonstration at the Waverly Hills Clinic in Los Angeles. Where he's visiting is not as important as who he's visiting. Rumors early in his campaign claimed Theodora Elizabeth Miller, reclusive heiress of the Thomas Lee Miller fortune, some of the oldest money in the world, had bloated Wright's campaign coffers through illegal campaign contributions. Mrs. Miller's lawyer, Rudolph Bartholomew, has always claimed his client's innocence and was finally vindicated when a Federal court in Los Angeles threw the case out citing lack of evidence.


Pulling into the valet drop off at the Palace, Linda and Tammy both noted the large number of police cars. At the front desk, they were directed to suit 301 where they found the imperious manager standing in the hallway being humbled by an SFPD detective.

"So this guy, this Fred Johnston, asks for a recommendation for a tailor and you send one Allessandra Martinelli up to sorta take care of business."

The manager just nodded.

"Then she's in there," and he pointed at a room full of cops, technicians and the coroner, "for four days. You hear rumors of wild sexual romping that includes Miss Martinelli answering the door in the buff, and you didn't find that unusual?"

"At the time –

The detectives hand came up, "At that time, this time, any time! As the manager of one of the premier hotels in the world, you felt no need to check on the well being of Miss Martinelli?"

"You see, Detective –

"Don't give me that 'you see' bullshit! I do see! I would have seen long before Miss Martinelli disappeared and a virtual bloodbath was discovered in the room. You can go now." Detective Pete Bronson dismissed the flustered manager with a wave of his hand and made a bee line for Linda.

"Hey, Woo! What brings you to the party?"

"Oh, you know, Pete, slumming."

"Right, that'll be the day. You hang out with us guys cause we get to have all the fun," glancing at Tammy, "Who's the Lucille Ball impersonator?"

Pete Bronson was somewhat of an enigma to the California crowd. Born in Jersey, a stint in the Navy and he found himself discharged in San Diego. Wandering the coast with a few of his shipmates, he woke up one morning in an SFPD lockup after a rowdy night on the town, and was asked if he wanted coffee or cappuccino. Deciding that was just too weird, he decided to apply. Twenty years later his claim to fame was the highest solve rate in the state. Built like a balding fireplug, the guys called him asshole. All the ladies called him bull. He preferred the ladder.

Tammy turned red, Linda wasn't sure if it was from embarrassment or anger. "This is Tammy Spalding. She's helping me with a case. Tammy, this is Pete 'Knucklehead' Bronson. Don't take him seriously, no one else does."

Tammy stuck her hand out and said, "So does the Danny DeVitto impersonation go over big with fans?"

"Oh, a wise guy. I like that. Nice to meet you, Red."

"So what have we got, Pete?"

"A twenty six year old, black female. Body found by maid service after noon today because there was a 'Do Not Disturb' on the door and the phone."

"Where'd they find the body," they followed Pete into the suit stepping gingerly over blood stains.

"Well, that's the interesting part. They found her in the bathroom." Pete waited.

"What's so interesting about that?"

"It seems they also found her under the bed, in the closet, on the couch, on the balcony and in the trash can."

Tammy glanced around nervously and Linda became serious, "Dismembered?"

She noted that Tammy paled and brought her fingers to her mouth.

"Yes. Not sure what with yet but we found her mouth taped shut. And something new for me. We found strips of material tied real tight around the upper extremities of each of her limbs. Kind of like a tourniquet. We think whoever did this, may have kept her alive until her head came off."

With that Tammy lunged for the door, palm pressed against her mouth, gagging. Linda took note but continued talking with Pete.

"Who's your suspect?"

"One Mr. Fred Johnston. Checked in using a bag of cash. Literally. Paid a week in advance, enough to buy a couple of economy cars then spread the cash around hiring a string quartet one night and a French chef. His first day he hired the services of a tailor. Turns out the tailor was a female. But stranger still, the tailor, or seamstress, or whatever she'd be, was seen over the next three days, parading around stark naked here in the suit. The bellboys started fighting over who got to take their meals up. Shit like that. That would be one Allessandra Martinelli."

Tammy returned and took up post beside Linda.

"And no sign of Miss Martinelli among the body parts?"

Tammy wretched again and headed for the door. They both paused to watch her retreat.

"Not even a finger. And we did find a lot of fingers. Eight fingers, two thumbs and ten toes. They were in that wooden box over there. Looks like Miss Martinelli's work kit."

"Any idea who our Mr. Johnston might be?"

"Well, I can assure you he isn't Mr. Johnston."

Linda took a closer look at the room taking in the deep red circles of blood that could be found almost everywhere. Knowing that a dead body doesn't bleed much she cringed thinking about what the victim had gone through.

She noticed Tammy, jaw set, making her way back into the suit.

"Come on, Pete, that's not like you. No idea at all?"

"We got a couple of snaps from the lobby security cameras. He was seen by several hotel employee's and the parking booth girl confirmed that he drove the vic's car from the hotel that night. Said there was a striking woman in the passenger seat, dressed for a ball or something. Also said it looked like she'd been crying."

"You have those snaps, Pete?"

"Sure," he said handing three black and white photos to Linda.

Linda spread them like playing cards and held them up for Tammy. "Is that our man?"

Tammy looked, then looked distraught, then looked frightened. Her hand came to her mouth again and she managed to yell "Yes!" over her shoulder as she ran through the door for a third time.

"You found Robert Nunn Pete. He's wanted by the FBI. Some swindle or fraud deal."

Pete looked around the room and said, "I think our white collar guy has gone blue collar. This was a lotta damn work. Thanks, Woo. Is your friend gonna be okay?"

"Sure, Pete. She just needs something to eat."

They both chuckled at the joke and Linda headed out looking for Tammy. When she saw her standing by the elevator, one elbow resting on an arm across her chest, hand raised and her fingers snapping nervously, she knew she was in trouble.

"Tammy," Linda walked up and touched Tammy's elbow.

Tammy just stared at the floor, the fingers on her raised hand snapping nervously. "Sweetie. It's me. Linda."

Her look was dazed but finally focused. "He – he – he – dd did that. He – he cut her up. Alive!"

Linda ran her arm around Tammy's shoulder and pulled her close. "Its okay, Tammy. It's going to be okay."

Tammy shoved hard, broke free and started yelling, "Like hell it is! This guy's crazy and he's looking for me!"

"Tammy! Really. It'll be okay. I'll take care of you."

The policeman at the door to the suit looked on, not sure if he was needed.

Linda pulled Tammy close and hugged her, running her flat palms across her back. "Really, Tammy. It's okay. We're going to be okay."

The ding of the elevator arriving made Tammy jump and she suddenly realized where she was. Pushing away, she jumped in the car and waited. "Are you coming?"

In the Jag it got worse as Tammy's rants turned to blubbering. Almost to the point of incoherence, Linda was sure Tammy was going into shock. Flipping her phone open, she called Doctor Bledsoe and asked if she could swing by. "Right, Doc, it's kind of an emergency, and I'm just a few blocks away."

The Doctor gave Tammy a shot of some very strong sedative. "She has to rest and stay calm. I think the worse passed before you got here, but you need to let her get some sleep. Give her one of these every four hours and call me in the morning." The Doctor shoved a sample box of some sedative into Linda's hand.

At Linda's apartment building, Tammy leaned like a drunk on Linda's shoulder as they negotiated the stairs.

"Right, Sweetie, I'm gonna take care of you." When Tammy said Sweetie, it dripped with sarcasm.

Linda stopped on the third landing and leaned Tammy against the wall. A hand planted on the wall on each side of Tammy keeping her from falling and she spoke softly, "Tammy."

Tammy continued to babble incoherently like a drunk.

Leaning closer, locking her eyes on Tammy, Linda whispered, "Tammy."

The babbling stopped and Tammy's eyes locked on Linda's. "What?" She sounded belligerent.

Linda leaned closer, her lips brushing Tammy's as she spoke, "I can't let anything happen to you, Tammy," pressing her lips against Tammy's they kissed until Linda pulled back to continue, "We still have to have that talk."

Linda pressed her lips to Tammy's once more.

"Yes! We do," Tammy whispered her voice urgent. "And I know he won't get me. And I know I'll be alright. It's just that, well, what am I doing here? We solved the big mystery. The Entity is Michael. I can go home now," Tammy stopped and stared at Linda before continuing, "But I don't want to. Well, yes, I want to go home, but then I have to leave and you have to stay. It's all a big mess!"

"I promise, Tammy, it will all work out."

Practically falling through the door, Tammy fading fast, Linda propped her on the couch and said, "I'll be right back. Let me park the car."

When Linda returned the only thing she found was a note on the couch where Tammy had been sitting.

Dear Linda,

You have three days. You had your fun with Tammy. Now I want to have mine. After that, all bets are off. The clock is ticking.

Fred Johnston

Linda crumpled the piece of paper angrily yelling through her tears, "You're a dead man, Asshole!"


Michael stirred, opening an eye. At first he thought something was wrong. The only thing he could see was the color red. Then he realized where he was and, more importantly, what they'd done. Raising his hand he gently moved Teddy's hair out of his face.

He could see the slow pulsing of her carotid artery along her slender neck. Her breathing was slow, her warm breaths teasing the hair on his chest.

His first complete thought was betrayal. Linda tugged at his heart even as his hand came up and splayed across Teddy's bottom.

His next complete thought was confusion. Not as a state of mind. More importantly, as a state of being. He'd never felt so lost and confused in his life. In the back of his mind he played the 'what if' game. What if Mrs. Miller hadn't saved me? What if we had stayed and watched the sunset? What if Teddy weren't so beautiful and vulnerable?

Teddy shifted and he felt her knee slide over his thighs as she straddled him. Glancing down, he saw she was still asleep.

Why didn't you come, Linda? Why didn't you find me? Save me? At some level he felt betrayed. At the same time, he knew she had no way of knowing. He'd been buried. She'd seen that. Why would she keep looking?

Teddy moaned and her lips smacked as she continued to snooze. And you, thought Michael, why are you so beautiful? Why do you care so much for me? One of your grandmother's experiments?

"I could lie here forever," Teddy said dreamily.

"That might make it a little hard to entertain guests this Saturday."

Teddy raised her head, hair mussed across her face, and peaked out between her locks, "That old goat? He'll come when I tell him to."

Michael laughed when she started purring like a kitten, her hand snaking between their bodies, "Look what I found!"

"We have to eat sometime, Teddy."

"Not until the beast has been slain my dark Knight," she was peeking through her hair again, a crooked smile on her face.

Michael put Linda away and wrapped his arms around Teddy. "You must think I'm a plaything or something," he laughed.

Teddy brought both hands up, splayed them on his chest and pushed up, staring into Michael's eyes. "No. Never! You will never feel obliged to me. No matter what my grandmother's miracle science did to save you. And I'm not kidding, Michael!"

"Alright! Stop! It was just a joke!"

Teddy settled back onto Michael and slid her body until she was aligned perfectly. Scooting down a little she watched Michael's face as he started to penetrate her.

"If you're here. It's because you want to be. I would have it no other way."

With that, Teddy scooted down his body until she could scoot no more. Michael's agonized mask of ecstasy said it all but his whispered word said so much more.

Bringing his arms up, he pulled her body hard into his while he rotated his hips.

"Yes," he whispered with each thrust.

Chapter 22

Fox News – Democratic presidential hopeful, Arthur Wright, finally spoke out about his opponent's recent campaign woes. 'I feel what this country wants is integrity. I personally don't care what Senator Richard's sexual preference happens to be. But I do care if he fails to live up to them.' Expert's feel Wright was able to draw support from the gay community, and at the same time, keep the moral high ground as Richard's numbers took another hit.


The first thing Tammy noticed was music. Her eyes opened but didn't seem to focus and she wondered why Linda had the music up so loud.

Carmen, she thought. The opera.

Turning her head to one side, she could make out what appeared to be candle light, her vision still blurry. Her body flushed as she recalled what she'd said on the landing to Linda.

Then she could smell food. Italian, she thought. Suddenly she felt hungry. Smiling she moved to swing her feet off the bed and was confused when they wouldn't move. Pushing down with her elbows, she was even more confused when something pulled at her neck. Panic coursed through her and she yelled, "Linda! I need help!"

"Now, now, Dear. Just lay back. You'll be fine."

Tammy froze. She knew that voice. What's that voice doing in Linda's bedroom?

"I'm cooking us a meal. You must be starved."

Scanner Bob's face jumped into focus as he leaned in to speak.

"We're celebrating this evening. I've made a wonderful meal!"

Tammy jerked her legs and realized they were bound somehow to the bed. Trying to do a sit up she nearly choked when a leather collar pulled tight around her throat. Raising a fist, she felt a small triumph when she realized it wasn't chained as well.

Bob easily ducked the swing and said, "My, my, aren't you the feisty one." He chuckled and Tammy was infuriated.

"You really must calm down, Tammy. You might hurt yourself. Besides, there's so much to do tonight! You'll need your strength."

Tammy suddenly realized she was naked. "What the hell have you done, Bob?"

Noting her gaze down the front of her body he was quick to reassure, "Nothing, Tammy. I just wanted you to be comfortable."

"I want my clothes back! Now!"

"Not to worry. I have a very nice dress for you to wear tonight." Pointing beside the bed, he added, "Besides, I had to cut your clothes off. I don't believe you could do much with them now."

Tammy started screaming as loud as she could, the shrill notes actually hurt Bob's ears.

Suddenly Bob's face was inches from Tammy's and his voice was low and menacing, "I haven't done anything to you, Tammy," pausing for effect, "But we can change that if you want."

Tammy's mouth snapped shut so hard Bob could hear her teeth clack together.

His voice continued to threaten as he brought his face closer to Tammy's and she could smell his breath, "I wouldn't be too worried about what's between my legs if I were you," one of his hands came up and brushed the inside of her thigh, "I'd be more worried about my legs if I were you."

With that Bob was gone, disappearing through the bedroom door. The shaking was uncontrollable as tears streamed down Tammy's cheeks. Small whimpers filled the air and she bit down on the edge of her hand between the thumb and forefinger to keep from yelling.

She searched her surroundings as kitchen sounds drifted back to the bedroom. A vaulted ceiling, tawny colored unfinished wood. Heavy pine furniture that projected a strong male presence.

Three doors and two windows. Bob had disappeared through one. The others must be a bathroom and closet, she thought.

A small writing table off to her left and she noticed the glow of a computer screen. Could be a way to communicate, she decided.

Suddenly Bob appeared. "Time to get ready," his voice cheery as if they were getting ready to go out on a date for the evening.

She could barely see the top of his head bobbing around at the foot of the bed. "Now. You mustn't move until I undo your neck. You wouldn't want to hurt yourself," his voice dripping with sarcastic concern.

Tammy pulled her legs up slightly and was relieved to discover her restraints had been removed. She watched as Bob walked to the head of the bed, picking something up from the writing table.

"Now, Tammy, I'm going to undo the chain. You mustn't try anything because if you do, I'll use this." A small handgun appeared and made an ominous clicking sound as Bob pulled the hammer back.

Tammy escaped into her childhood and played statue while Bob fumbled with something under the bed. Straightening, he waved her off the bed with the gun.

"I think you should take a shower. You'll feel much better. Go on," the gun indicated the door on the left and Tammy turned the knob.

Inside she found a bathroom stripped of all indication that someone actually used it. On the toilet seat was a washcloth, a new bar of soap on top and a solitary towel hung on a towel rack beside the shower door.

"There's some shampoo in the shower. Unfortunately, I had to take everything else out. I don't want you hurting yourself. I'll be right here at the computer. Just leave the door open and I'll get your clothes when you finish."

Turning on the water, Tammy stepped back to the mirror and was shocked to see a black leather dog collar around her neck. Looking sideways, she saw Bob was still watching, but reached up to turn the device and inspect it anyway. Then she found it. A small, but sturdy, lock that kept her from changing the size of the collar or removing it.

She glared at Bob and he just smiled. Taking her washcloth and soap she stepped into the shower and slid the door closed.

"Leave the door open so I can see you," Bob commanded.

She obediently slid the door open and turned her back to Bob as she luxuriated in the hot water and soapsuds.

"Very nice," Bob intoned, as if her move were designed to give him a better view. Turning back around, Tammy continued, ignoring the eyes that burned holes in her chest.

"I like this side too."

She didn't care. He was going to like anything she showed him. She rifled her thoughts, trying to find a starting point. This is just like computer logic, she thought. I need to get from point A, which is here, to point B, which is free. Her favorite college professor had always said, "The most important thing to do, Tammy, is define the problem. Then you lay out the steps and take them."

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