tagReviews & EssaysThe Envy of the Erotica World Ch. 02

The Envy of the Erotica World Ch. 02


Alright, folks. I guess I can make it official now. There's no hiding it anymore. I am certifiably bored. Seriously. Things that used to give me pleasure simply don't give me pleasure anymore. My name is Sam and I'm a tall, good-looking young black man living in Boston, Massachusetts. I'm a rather unique individual. Openly bisexual stud, activist for various causes such as Men's Issues, Gay Rights and Civil Rights. I am a cheerfully sociopathic gentleman. I've got no conscience, yet sometimes, I think I might care just a little bit for others. Plus I'm a genius who can do things you can only imagine. I'm very talented and like challenges, otherwise I get bored. You don't want to see me when I'm bored. I've done it all. I've seen it all. And I've run out of ideas. I'm bored out of my skull. What am I to do? What in Hell am I going to do before I lose my frigging mind?

I've done a lot of the things I used to do which gave me pleasure. Stories of macho black men going out there in the world doing manly things. Like playing college and professional football, basketball and wrestling. These supermen found in my stories are fine examples of awesome masculinity. They're very tall, good-looking, with a genius-level IQ and big cocks. Both men and women are drawn to them and rendered helpless by their super masculine sexual power. Yeah, they're the kind of men that both sexes dream about. In the 1950s, they would have been called Matinee Idols. Men who are universally worshiped and adored. These sexy black supermen go out there and they do things the rest of us can only dream of.

Yeah, in my stories, my tall and sexy black male protagonists are out there, seducing men and women, often at the same time. Yes, my hero usually has a sexy woman on her knees and she's sucking his dick or getting fucked in the ass. And she's grateful for receiving the black male hero's cock in her mouth, pussy and asshole. The same goes for the gay males who are seduced by my super sexual black male heroes. These gay men are usually wealthy, confident, established members of the community. And my sexy black male adventurers render them helpless due to their super masculine sexual prowess, amazing charisma and charm. Yes, I glorify the black man in my stories. I love the black man. Especially the bisexual black man. I think he's a strong brother who doesn't always get the respect and admiration he deserves simply for being who and what he is.

The bisexual and heterosexual black men in my stories, along with the gay ones, are often inhabiting worlds we can only imagine. They attend prestigious, all-male colleges. They also play professional and college football. They're corporate executives, billionaires and power brokers. Sometimes, they're congressmen, senators and governors. Wealthy and powerful men. They call the shots. Both men and women throw themselves at their feet. They're the kings of the world. The lords of the castle. They run the house. They can do whatever they want. Yes, I throw glory upon them. And they deserve it. I give them glory because they deserve it.

Sometimes, there are strong women in my stories. Believe it or not, I'm quite fond of strong females. There is a difference between a strong woman and a man-hater. America seems to have forgotten that a real woman doesn't need to crush a man to feel her personal worth. This country worships man-hating furies. And I despise this land for it. The strong women in my stories love and value the men in their lives. They fight side by side with the men they love against overwhelming odds. They're not supporting characters. They're individuals with their own personas, hopes, dreams and goals. I make them just as interesting as the men. I also take down cliches. A woman can be strong yet submissive in the bedroom. A strong woman can suck dick, get her pussy filled with cock and get royally fucked in the ass all night long and still call herself a strong woman in the morning. If anyone disagrees, send them to me.

Sometimes, I explore various other concepts in my writing. Men and women who are genetically engineered to be perfect. What are their thoughts and feelings? How does a man or woman living in the universe of ten thousand years from now feel? I focus less on the fact that it's the future, ( although I give enough detail to make the story interesting) and more on the basic humanity of the characters. Some of the heroes and villains in my stories are Angels and sometimes Demons. Beings who embody forces both good and evil and wield amazing power. Yet they're still very human inside, feeling love, hate, anger, fear and doubt. They're on a mission of self-discovery, fulfilling their purpose in the ultimate game plan of the universe and also facing themselves and their shortcomings. The gods and goddesses in my stories go through the same thing. Basically, the gods and goddesses along with the Angels and Demons in my stories, and the Aliens and Monsters aren't that different from your friends and neighbors. They're males and females from various brands and variations of super-humanity, post-humanity and meta-humanity, given extraordinary powers and placed in impossible situations. Watching what happens should be both entertaining and educational. You might learn a thing or two about humanity while watching my characters in action.

Yeah, I've written all that. I've even gone into forbidden territory. Luscious, curvy and big-bottomed black daughters seducing their hunky black fathers. Sons seducing their sex-craving mothers. Or vice versa. Oh, yeah. The incest category has always been taboo and I wanted to see how I could shake things up. My way. I mean, in one story, I've got a middle-aged black man being seduced by his two daughters. They're two tall and sexy, large-breasted, thick-bodied and big-bottomed college women. And they put the moves on him. They suck his cock and he licks their respective pussies. Then he puts one on all fours and slides his dick up her asshole while the other daughter licks his ass before drilling him with a strap on dildo. In another story, a sexy mother seduces her hunky college man of a son. Oh, yeah. She puts the moves on him. They have hot raunchy sex. He fucks her in the ass. She sucks his dick, then does him with her strap on. It's fun for everyone. Wow. Yeah, what's next? I've decided to mix things up. I'm going to write a bisexual alien/demon incest story. It's going to kick ass. Or maybe I'm just losing my mind. I don't know. Writer's block is a pain.

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