tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Epidemic

The Epidemic


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Katarina watched through the scope of her rifle. The young woman was maybe twenty one, twenty two? She was in good shape, perhaps an athlete. Her long blonde hair flying through the air, looking like a halo around her angelic face. The naked man chasing had almost caught up to her, his huge erection was hindering his movement. He reached out and grabbed her shoulder, spinning her around. Regaining her balance, she sprinted out of reach. Spotting Katarina, she ran towards her yelling for help.

Kat spotted three more men, their massive erections protruding, trying to surround the girl. She had at one point in time appreciated a large dick, but not so much anymore.

Kat had to decide in the next two seconds, was this girl infected or was she worth saving? If it sounded like she was hardened and callous; she was. This infection made it difficult to know who you could trust. Some we're obvious as the four crazed goons with their hard-ons showing, but the women were harder to detect.

The goon grabbed the girl again tearing off her blouse.

"Wow what a great set of tits!" Kat exclaimed under her breath. She had to decide now, 'Do I save this girl or watch four goons have a gang bang.'

She pulled trigger, the goon chasing the girl head exploded showering the area with his brains. The other three goons stopped and looked around. There had been no report from her silenced sniper rifle; it was a Russian invention, a VKS 94. The rifle was a compact assault rifle with a large silencer barrel, it broke down, fitting into a small bag the size of a purse.

Kat jumped down off the roof of the Land Rover Defender, just in time to catch the girl in her arms. She took in her smell sweat, fear, and sex. It had been a while since she had sex with anyone: she couldn't help but admire the younger girls breasts. She gave her head a shake, they needed to get out of here, this was not the time for leering.

Kat pushed the girl into the passenger seat, climbing in she dropped the truck into drive. They shot off down the road, Kat's foot to the floor, smiling she accelerated seeing the other three goons bounced off the crash bar, flying in all directions. The mangled bodies lay motionless as Kat sped off.

They drove out of town, the girl sobbing uncontrollably. Finally she pulled herself together enough to mumble a thank you. Kat looked across at her, 'damn she was hot'.

"It's ok. What the hell were you doing out there with all those dicks?"

She put her arms over her breasts in an attempt at modesty. "I was looking for food, I had run out a few days ago and had to go out to find some."

"You must have had a good hiding spot to have not been fucked by now."

The girl winced at the language, but said nothing. Kat laughed, how had one so innocent managed to survive this long.

"Listen I have a place that's secure, if you have nowhere else to go."

"I have no one....nowhere to go. I would appreciate any help you could give me."

"How appreciative would you be?" ask Kat. She laughed when the girl turned a crimson shade of red.

"Just kidding", she said not meaning it.

After a half hour of driving they left the paved road, making their way up a steep hill. Like the warriors of the dark ages, Kat liked to have the high ground, her castle stood at the top. Stopping at a large gate in the front of a concrete wall Kat got out and whistled. The large Irish Wolf hound bounded around the corner almost knocking her to the ground. His head stood even with Kat's breasts.

"Hows everything Wolf? Any intruders?" she ask patting the dog on his head.

She opened the back door of the Land Rover and Wolf hopped in. He had a low growl for the girl in the front seat.

"Wolf, she's our guest; stop growling."

Pushing a button on the dash, the heavy steel gate creaked opened to show the compound beyond. Once inside, with the gate again secured, they all climbed out of the truck. Wolf came over to sniff the girls crotch, she stood very still and let him.

"Get outta there you horny hound!" Kat exclaimed.

'Thats were my nose is going' she thought, licking her lips.

"Come on, lets get you some cloths and something to eat. Oh by the way, my name is Katarina", she said extending her hand. "Call me Kat."

"Heather; Heather Leary", taking the hand that was offered. "And thank you again, you saved my life. How can I repay you?"

" We'll think of something." Kat gave Heather a wink and turned to the big steel door. Heather blushed again, she knew what this woman wanted from her, she was willing, looking forward to repaying her for her kindness.

Katarina Estmoriva, thirty two, a Russian- American, FBI field agent, had an athletic build. Unlike Heather Kat had 'A' cup breasts, but her body was rock hard, six pack abs, defined pecs that any man would be proud of. She practiced yoga and mixed martial arts two hours every other day. At six feet tall she could be imposing, intimidating even. Long black hair and piercing blue eyes drew her attention were ever she went. She enjoyed sex, with men or women as long as she was on top.

Kat led Heather through the house to the living room. Like the rest of the house it was ultra modern, white leather, chrome, glass furnishings. She pushed some buttons on a remote, the steel shudders covering the windows creaked and groaned as they opened. Beyond was the desert, the sun sending rays of gold and orange across the valley below. The large deck on the back of the house had a pool and hot tub built in.

"Let me show you to your room, you can have a shower and get some new cloths on."

She led Heather down a short hall to a bedroom that looked out over the landscape below. After showing her the closet full of cloths and the bathroom, Kat turned to leave.

"Wait, don't... don't you want your reward for saving me."

Heather wrapped her arms around Kat, and gave her a tentative kiss. Kat hugged the girl closer and kissed her passionately. The younger girl responded, opening her mouth to welcome the tongue that was offered. Kat explored her mouth, counting her teeth with her tongue, pushing in to touch her tonsils.

Heather was breathless, truth be told she had wet herself when she saw those four huge cocks. Under other circumstances it might have been a fantasy to have four guys fuck her brains out. Unfortunately these guy's would have really FUCKED her brains out, leaving her a mindless nymphomaniac. It would be safer having sex with another woman, though she had never been so inclined. Kat's powerful body, her inner strength, and the sexy way she kissed fueled the fire between Heathers legs.

Kat undid the straps and buckles that held her tactical vest on, she dropped it to the floor. Kicking off her boots, she stripped off the camouflage pants. She stood there in her white tee shirt and a pair of black frilly panties that were soaked with her juices. The smell of her sex permeated the room.

She reached for Heather again, jamming her tongue into her throat with more force then intended. Heathers tits were as delightful as she had imagined, firm without being hard. Just enough give to make them feel soft and girly, but firm enough that there was little droop. They had bounced so nicely when she was running.

Kat ran her thumbs ever so gently across her erect nipples, making Heather gasp and moan in ecstasy. Heather's pants were soaked, and Kat could smell her musty arousal.

"Oh please..." moaned Heather.

"Please what?," ask Kat innocently as she continued gently stroking her nipples. Knowing each stroke was sending a fire into Heathers pussy.

"Oh..oh please, please oh.... Please fuck me!"

"Is that what you want?" Kat whispered as she reached into Heather's pants and stroked her clit as she continued to work on her nipple.

Heather gasped as an orgasm ripped through her without warning. Catching her around the waist, Kat lowered her on the bed. Kat slid Heathers soaked pants and panties off, throwing them to the floor. Attacking her nipple with her tongue she shoved two fingers into Heathers wet opening. She pumped her fingers in out in an increasing rhythm. Faster and faster she pumped her fingers, Heathers back arched, squirming across the bed, she let out a scream and came again, soaking Kat's fingers with her juices.

Kat looked down on Heathers sweating body, she looked so relaxed, so peaceful in the after glow of her orgasm. Continuing to stroke Heathers nipple with her finger elicited more gasps and moans. Kat moved to get off the bed.

"Wait! We're not done yet," Heather grabbed Kat's wrist and pulled her to the bed. She buried her nose in between Kat thighs and inhaled deep, she was surprised at how wonderful her pussy smelled. Sliding her panties off, she looked up, smiling at Kat before burying her nose in the wet pussy, licking up and down the pussy lips like someone possessed. She occasional nipped at Kat's clit, sending delicious shudders through the woman's body. Heather curled two fingers in sliding across Kat's G spot, all the while running her tongue over her clit. Kat was swooning, thrashing around on the bed, it was all Heather could do to hold on. She came hard, showering Heathers face with her juices which she gladly drank up.

They laid there both breathing hard, both satisfied, both soaked in sweat. Kat sat up on one elbow and looked down on Heather. She slowly stroked her nipple sending shudders through Heather's body again.

"You're welcome! Debt repaid." whispered Kat


They slept for a couple of hours, wrapped in each others arms. It felt good to have someone you could hold on to, someone you could share with, in this infested world.

After they had their shower and got dressed, Kat made some dinner; chicken marseille, almond green beans and wild rice. They shared a nice Zinfandel with dinner.

Heather looked in wonder at the the food in front of her,"How did you get such wonderful food? You're a great cook. ... and a terrific lover! You're...."

Heather stop talking when Kat looked at her, Kat slowly smiled a wry smile.

" I had to adapt quickly, as you know this epidemic spread fast. I collected all the supplies I could, put them in the Land Rover along with Wolf and we got out of town."

"So what do you do now? Do you just try and survive? I mean you were in the city when you rescued me!"

" I hunt; I hunt for survivors though there aren't many left, I hunt for supplies, they're getting hard to find, I hunt for the cause of this virus. Something started this, there has to be a reason."

Heather looked down at her plate, would someone actually have the means to do this? "Have you had any success with your hunting?"

" I have found supplies, I have found this fortress, and I found you. I think that's successful."

" What is this virus, that makes people so sex crazed?"

"As far as I can tell something attacked one man, it made him a mindless sex freak. All he wanted to do is fuck. He would fuck anyone, women, even other men. The women who become infected don't seem to be able to spread the virus, they become mindless nymphomaniacs. What they do is hold victims till a dick can come to infect the victim. You may get three or four women hold you down and suck your pussy till a guy comes along and fucks you." She paused for a moment to let the information sink in.

" The guys that are infected, they change. Their dick grows, sometimes twice as large. It makes a small dick big, however if the guy started with a big dick, well then they get huge. All they can think about is fucking. They produce three times the amount of semen of a normal dick and can be ready to go again almost immediately. Their semen carries the virus, once they cum in you that's it you're done. Women can become pregnant, men just become sex zombies."

"Can you tell why this is happening?" Heather was scared to ask, but she needed to know.

"I think there is a nest, a place were the women who become pregnant go. I haven't seen any give birth, but I think they are producing aliens."

"Aliens?" doubt crept into Heathers voice.

"Yes Aliens. I think a Queen started all this. She is trying to start a new civilization here, using us as her seed."

"So what do we do now?" ask Heather.

"Well that's up to you! I can't put your life in danger, so you have to decide. I know of a convent on the other side of the valley, I can take you there. They are taking in women, provided they don't seem infected. You should be safe there."

"I'd rather stay here with you!" heather blurted out.

Kat sighed, "I'm out hunting most of the time." After a moment of consideration Kat continued, "I suppose you could stay here with Wolf. Do you know anything about guns?"

" I used to go with my dad to the range. I can hit the side of a barn, maybe even better."

" Well then, I'll show you where the guns are and you can hold down the fort."


The convent stood for a century on top of the hill.The old walled city was pretty much self contained. The nun's had lived here in solitude, devoted to they're faith. Since the virus had hit the land beyond the walls there was more reason for prayer, more reason for concern.

Men had never been allowed in the walls of the convent, but now they had to be cautious of women at the gates as well. The men with the virus were easy to spot, the women not so easy.

So when the pregnant woman came to the gate, there was much for the sisters to discuss. She seemed nine months pregnant, to far a long to have been infected with the virus. They had checked all around the walls to be sure there were no men hiding in wait. The vote was difficult, but their religion said to have compassion, so they relented and let her in. It was a mistake they would never recover from.

It had been two days, everything seemed fine, the woman was just pregnant, nothing more. The nuns had devoted much time to make her comfortable, she was going to deliver at any moment. The next day she did not come down for breakfast, then missed lunch as well. The nuns had been busy, they did not notice her absence.

Early that evening as the sun set, the goons made their way up the hill. Their large throbbing members ready to do the job. They waited in the dark for the doors to open.

When sister Alice finally went to check on the pregnant woman, she was horrified by what she saw. The woman was on the floor, her insides spread across the room, she looked as if she had been torn to pieces. As Alice stood in the doorway, the devil's spawn was eyeing her from the corner, it was already half it's full size. It sprang from the darkness, as Alice tried to scream he forced his large cock in her mouth. The demon rammed his thick dick into her throat.

She struggled hard at first; he held her head firmly, slowly working his throbbing cock in and out of her mouth. The precum dribbled down her throat lessening her resolve, increasing her lust. Soon she was moaning, salivating around the cock making it slick with her spit, he was able to slide deeper into her throat. She was moaning in ecstasy, swallowing his cock as he feed it to her. She reached up under her habit and started to stroke her soaked pussy, bring her closer to orgasm. His member began to swell even larger as he came down her throat. She gagged at first, but then swallowed hard, drinking down the sticky juice. The explosion of cum in her throat triggered her own orgasm, she quivered, her whole body shaking, convulsing in a lust filled haze like she had never experienced before.

The demon went to the gate and let in the goons, they fanned out hunting down nuns to fuck.

Alice was naked in only her head piece, she wandered the corridors looking for more sex, she found sister Jane.


Jane was moaning around the cock in her mouth, another rammed in and out of her cunt. The goons were pounding her with their big cocks. Alice crawled down under Jane and started to lick her clit. She reached back with her free hand and grabbed Jane's hard nipple, stroking and pulling the turgid nub. Jane spiraled out of control orgasming, wave after wave. The cock in her mouth exploded moments before the one in her pussy and she exploded all over Alice's face. Spraying demon's cum and pussy juice all over her.

The other nuns lay all round in various positions with cocks in their mouths, pussies and asses.

Jane found a new cock in her mouth and sucked hungerly on it. He slid it out till the tip was on her lips, then back in till she choked. He fucked her throat with wild abandon, her salvia dribbled down her chin.

Alice was between her legs lapping up the cum and pussy juice, her ass up in the air, a goon slid his enormous cock into the tight pucker. She screamed as her virgin ass was stretched. As the cock worked in and out of her ass, she began convulsing as an orgasm shook her body. Her ass clenched tightly around the cock causing it to explode, a sea of cum running down her thighs.

Alice's screaming orgasm caused a chain reaction, Jane came on her face, the goon shot his load into Jane's throat. Cum oozed from every orifice.

The convent smelled of sex, cum covered nuns lay all over the floors. The rooms were filled with moans of ecstasy, the squish of hard cocks in sloppy pussies, the grunting of the goons shooting their cum into waiting mouths.

It was a delicious scene from hell.


Kat went to the bunker in the basement with Heather in tow.

"Here is the gun vault."

Kat pulled open the vault door. Inside were weapons of all description assault rifles, shotguns, heavy machine guns, hand grenades even a few anti tank guns.

"Where did you get all this stuff?" marveled Heather.

Kat could only grin, "It belonged to the former owner, he no longer needs it. Anyway what ever you need is here. You can lock the door at the stairs, this becomes a safe room. Should they get through that door you can go down here."

Kat opened another heavy door that lead to stairs going down into the blackness.

"There is a room at the bottom of the stairs, inside there are more guns and a couple of off road vehicles. You can escape to the desert if necessary."

Kat grabbed a custom M4 from a rack, she put six sixty round magazines into pockets on her vest. She picked up a Glock 18C, inserted it into the holster of her tactical vest. She slipped a small holster into her waist band holding a Ruger LCP .380, 'here just in case gun.' Taking an tactical bag off the floor she headed up the stairs.

In the living room she showed Heather how to close the blinds.

"There are no windows to the front only the windows back here. The deck is straight up two hundred feet in the air, but if they get on the roof this emergency button will close the blinds instantly." Kat explained showing Heather the hidden emergency button.

"Keep Wolf in here with you, he'll keep you safe. I should be back by night fall. Don't open the doors to anyone."

"Make sure you come back in one piece!" exclaimed Heather.

"I miss you already." Kat leaned in and kissed Heather hard and deep.


She headed the Land Rover Defender toward town, she would hunt down more supplies, see if she could find some more diesel for the truck. She had a couple of stations that were easy to refuel at, but she would need more in the future.

If there was still day light, she would hunt for the Queen's lair. Blowing up the hive that was forming would be a priority.

Turning the Rover south on the ring road, she headed to the mall district. Pulling into the gas station in front of the mall, she took out her binoculars and scanned the mall for people. There wasn't any visible movement around the mall, scanning the area around the gas station, still no movement.

Kat got out, picking the M4 off the seat, she swung the harness over her shoulder. She walked around looking, in the store for any movement. It was all clear, she went in turned the pumps on, she grabbed some cigarillos and candy bars as she left. She filled the tank, then she filled the empty fuel cans, she had fifty extra gallons in the jerry cans.

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