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The Erection


There it was. Who would have thought? I guess I should have thought, I should have expected it, I mean everything else seems to happen to me. I should probably laugh, for something that has let me down so often lately to suddenly and so blatantly come to virile life at this time seemed so humorously appropriate. I heard on TV about those four hour ones, the ones you need to see your doctor about, like most of us wouldn't be running around and hooting and hollering about a four hour erection.

But not then, not at the West Wilkington Women's Poetry Society reading surrounded by thirty old hens. Pardon me, I really shouldn't call them hens, several of the ladies were quite attractive, in fact attractive enough for me to be in this predicament. Mrs. Johnson, the hostess, originally inspired my situation as she bent over to place a cup of tea on the coffee table, leaving me to wander off in my mind.

She's an older lady, got to be mid-sixties, easily twenty years older than me, but damn, the supple curve of her ass just ignited my imagination. I pictured us alone in her living room, just like today, except we're both naked and I am sitting her, my cock erect, just like today. Ah, but when she bends, instead of simply admiring the hot ass of an aging woman, I reach out and take firm hold of it, pulling it to me as I lavish her soft buttocks with kisses.

Running my lips and tongue over her loose skin my hand moves to her pussy, gently opening her lips, teasing her opening and feeling her slowly open to me. Patiently I move to her clit, continuing my kissing as I try to get her wet. Suddenly and unexpectedly she hands me a tube of lubricant.

I quickly lube up my hard cock and stand up behind her, slowly grabbing her hips and pulling her back to me. I gently slide into her soft cunt as I pull her onto me. Looking around her, I see her breasts, hanging downward and I reach to hold them. I begin my thrusts, feeling the movement juggle through her body and down into her dangling tits.

"Excuse me... Oh, no thanks no more coffee please," I say, putting my hand over the top of the cup. That's all I'd need now, too much coffee with this rocket in my pants and I'll be in deep trouble.

Checking my watch I realized I had only a few minutes until I was to stand up, walk in front of these fine ladies and read some poetry. If there was a podium I could have held my book over my lap and limped up to it, hiding this tent as I read my poems, but there was nothing, I was just going to stand up in the front of the room, shocking this West Wilkington Women's Poetry Society down to their tightly curled pubes.

I could have, perhaps, broken with tradition and read sitting down, simply remaining in this chair, my legs chastely crossed. That might work but it would have only bought me a short amount of time and soon the other guests would chat out and slowly depart, all shaking my hand and wondering why I would be so rude to remain seated as the ladies leave the room.

Then I'd transform from a welcome guest, to a inconvenient interloper and finally an impossible annoyance. Perhaps, with time, they could find a way of putting up with me, standing me against the wall and using my protuberance as a coat hook or hat rack.

Oh no! The hostess, she was coming my way, I knew it was now time to stand up and read. I closed my eyes and tried to think of something unappealing, something that... yes, my car, I left the lights on, the battery will go dead and I will be stranded for hours waiting for a tow truck. Yes a dead battery, good news, yes, my cock was finally shrinking, I could get up and read.

I prepared myself as the hostess leaned over and whispered, "I hope you don't mind, we are waiting on a few more honored guests. Would it be okay if we had you read in another thirty minutes or so?"

"Oh, no problem," I answered watching the way that gentle ass wiggled as she turned and walked back toward her kitchen. I picture it now, she's bent over the coffee table as I slam my cock into her pussy, my balls slapping against her. She moans, her hand between her legs, diddling with her clit, pushing her ass back onto me as she comes.

Feeling the surge roll through her, I let myself go, splashing my wet, sticky cum deep in her aged pussy. I lean forward, resting on her back, cupping her sagging breasts as my cock, slowly subsides and slides out of her wonderful cunt.

"Excuse me, did you say you were ready for me to read now?"

"Yes, our guests have arrived," she replied.

Grabbing the arms of the chair I began to rise but immediately fell back into my chair. Damn, it had returned, that fickle bit of me tented my pants again, mocking me and my little blue pills. I tried to think of my car, the dead battery, but only images of the hostess' soft ass flash through my mind.

"Good evening ladies," I announced, hearing a gasp and then an awed silence. "Thank you, tonight I would like to read..."

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