tagErotic HorrorThe Erogenous Zone

The Erogenous Zone

byBetty Johnson©

The Southgate Video Store is a local landmark in my neighborhood. Originally, it had been a general video store with tapes of all descriptions. But as the demand for x-rated videos continued to increase, the store gradually changed to exclusively handle triple-X tapes, magazines, and adult toys of all kinds. I was off work while I recovered from a nervous breakdown and, being a single, horny guy, it's not unexpected that I found myself there on a lazy Thursday afternoon, browsing through the tapes and DVDs for something interesting. Masturbation calms me down. Grabbing a couple of tapes, I began slowly walking toward the check-out counter, always looking for a better title with a hotter babe in the cover photo.

Big and friendly, Chuck had been working there since the beginning, before they had x-rated material of any kind. I can't think of a more familiar face in my life than Chuck, who hasn't changed a bit over the years. As I approached the counter, he smiled. "Hi, Rick. How's it going today?"

"Good, Chuck. I was just reminiscing about the way this place used to be."

"Yeah. The Disney days are a thing of the past."

I chuckled and handed him the tapes. "I think I'll rent these two for today."

Chuck inspected the titles. "Yep. This one, ‘Blowjob Surprise,' is one of our most popular three day rentals," he said as he brought up my account on the monitor.


"Yeah. I don't know why. I haven't seen it yet."

"Well, I'll let you know what it's like." He scanned them to my account and, when we were done, I went home with a mission; to see why this video was so popular.

I popped in the first movie and got comfortable. It's terrific. The women are all awesome, fucking and sucking every guy they meet. The main character is the best-looking girl of all, though she's noticeably absent from the action scenes. Finally, it's right near the end and she seems to have had a change of heart. She strips, showing her big natural breasts and her muscular thighs. Now she aggressively corners the biggest stud in the movie and pushes him down on the bed. He's in shock as she swoops down and swallows all eight inches of him. She sucks and licks and rubs his cock on her face, and it's clear that he's almost ready to blow. So was I, because I'd been pulling on my cock since the scene started. Then, just as he starts to cum, the camera angle changes to a close-up of her face. She glares at him for just a second and then ..... she bites! I was in shock. He screamed horribly and grabbed her hair, trying to pull her off, but she hung on tight, biting, chewing, and tearing at his cock with her teeth. With a last pull, she ripped off his manhood. Then, she laughed in his face, taunting him by continuing to chew his emasculated cockflesh with her blood-stained teeth while he bled like a stuck pig.

Enough was enough. I stabbed at the stop button and just sat there in shock. It was the most horrible video I've ever seen. To think that a beautiful girl would do that to a guy just for fun. I could understand if he had tried to rape her. But to just bite it right off for pleasure. What kind of a sick bitch would do that? That poor guy.

I had to get my mind off it or I knew I would have nightmares. I decided to watch the other video. I switched the tapes and sat down again, trying to forget the image of that vicious woman chewing on that piece of his cock. The other tape is, thankfully, more standard fare. Fewer actors in it, but it's still good. It's simply a couple having sex in a variety of ways and locations. But the girl was damn sexy, and she had all my attention. I loved the way she gave head. She had a gentle touch, her large lips clinging softly to his cock as she slid her mouth along it. As the tape reached its conclusion, the lovers are in a passionate embrace and she slides down his muscled body and starts giving him a blow job. He's soon moaning and starting to pump into her mouth. I'm jerking my cock as fast as I can.

Fuck! She's BITING IT OFF!!!

I couldn't believe the video store would rent shit like this. It's impossible. Was I having some kind of a relapse or something? It didn't make sense. Why would they be renting videos of women biting off men's cocks? I wondered if I was imagining things like I did before I went into the hospital.

I decided to see if my neighbor, Henry, was home and get him to watch them. If he saw it too, I'd know it's not just me. I needed a witness.

I rewound the videos and carried them down the hall to Henry's place. He answered the door in those ugly grey sweats he's always wearing.

"Hi, Henry. I've got a couple of pornos I thought you might want to watch. You interested?"

His sleepy face lit up. "Fuck, yeah. Thanks, man." He eagerly took them from me.

"There's something weird about them, though."

"Weird? Like how?"

I didn't want to say anything. Nobody wants a crazy for a neighbor. "Just watch them and let me know if you see anything strange."

He looked at me suspiciously. "Sure, Rick. I'll watch them right now."

I went back to my place and turned on the TV. A few hours later while I was watching Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Henry knocked at my door.

"Thanks for the videos. I didn't see anything unusual. Just the usual fuck and suck. They did make me horny though. I may have to find a hooker before the night is out." He laughed like it's the funniest thing in the world.

I looked at him blankly. Was he telling the truth? I nodded and took the tapes from him, closing the door without a word.

I don't understand. He must have skipped the endings. I considered watching them again, but I couldn't do it. Frustrated and angry, I decided to confront them at the video store when I returned the movies. They would have a lot of explaining to do for renting trash like that. My nerves were shot and I was trembling. Though it was very early, I decided to go straight to bed.

At 3:00 A.M., I woke up to my phone ringing. I wondered who the hell would call me at that hour. I dragged myself toward the phone and groggily said, "Hello?"

"Mr. Andrews?"

"Yes. Who is this?"

"Balcones Hospital calling about your friend, Henry Jacobson. He listed you as the contact person to notify in case of an emergency. Mr. Jacobson was brought into the emergency room about an hour ago suffering from a detached penis."

"What?" I was suddenly wide awake. "How did that happen?"

"The information is a little sketchy but, as best as we can ascertain, Mr. Jacobson was visiting a prostitute and she bit off his penis. He lost a lot of blood and is in serious, but stable, condition right now. We are going to keep him here a couple of days until he is strong enough to go home."

"Were they able to reattach it?"

"No, unfortunately we weren't able to find it. It looks like the woman may have actually eaten it, but we're not sure. The police are still looking for her for questioning."

"Questioning? Aren't they going to arrest her?"

"Well, I'm just a nurse, but in cases like this in the past, if the woman claims self-defense, the police can't really do anything about it."

"Jesus," I muttered. "Can I talk to Henry?"

"He is under heavy sedation right now. You might want to wait until tomorrow to talk to him. I'm sorry about your friend, Mr. Andrews. Good night."

Christ, what a way to be woken up. Poor Henry must have been suffering more than I could imagine. I could picture that vicious woman with his dick in her mouth, biting like an animal, blood everywhere. And then, once she'd torn it away, to see her chew it up and actually EAT it, taking it from him forever.

My god, I had to get back to sleep. What was happening to the world? I needed to forget. If I didn't stop thinking about all the cock-biting, I really would go crazy. I twisted and turned for hours in bed, fending off images of smiling women with bloody mouths. Finally, I drifted off at about seven and slept through the morning. I woke up just before noon, determined to go down to that video store and find out what the hell was going on.

As I entered Southgate Video, I immediately noticed that Chuck wasn't there. It seemed suspicious, until I remembered that he doesn't start work until three o'clock. Damn, I'd have to deal with the young jerks they had working there during the day. Two of them were manning the counter. One is short, fat, and blonde. The other is tall and skinny, with black hair and a pierced lip. I explained what had outraged me about the videos. The two clerks stared at each other blankly for a moment. Then the tall one grabbed the tapes and put them in separate machines. They fast-forwarded them to the end and we all watched. I felt a cold chill run through me as each scene began to play out. But to my astonishment, nothing happened! There was no dick-biting of any kind and both movies finished with normal blowjobs.

"There's got to be something wrong with your video players," I said.

Both clerks just stared at me.

"I know what I saw, punk!"

"Sir, are you on any medication?"

"Give ME some of that," joked the short one.

"God damn it! I wasn't on anything last night. I hadn't even drunk very . . . any alcohol."

The tall one sighed. "Sir, why don't you take these back and watch them again with a friend. If you both see something wrong, come back and we'll give you your money back."

I nodded, somehow relieved by his offer. "I guess that sounds fair. Maybe I didn't see what I thought I saw. I have been under a lot of stress lately."

As I walked back to my car with the tapes, I thought about who I should watch them with. Then I remembered Linda.

Simply put, Linda and I are fuck-buddies. We don't interfere in each other's lives, but when either of us needs more than masturbation, we get together and fuck like animals. The sex is fantastic, but we're too incompatible to ever consider anything more serious. Besides, we both liked things the way they were.

I pulled over at a payphone and gave her a call. She was home and seemed happy to hear from me. After catching up a bit, she enthusiastically invited me to "Come right over."

As I was driving to her house, I noticed all the billboards that dot the landscape. There are dozens of them between the video store and her house. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the words "cock biting" on a billboard. But when I looked at it straight-on, it was a clock advertisement. Later, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a woman biting on a dick. When I checked again, she was drinking from a long-necked bottle.

I started to drive faster. I had to get to Linda's place before I went completely crazy. If I could just get a little peace and quiet, I'd feel better. The sex would help, too. A good orgasm always calms me down.

Linda answered the door with a smile. She is dark-haired, olive-skinned, beautiful, and passionate. Her low-cut peasant-style blouse displayed her ripe breasts nicely and her tight skirt seductively clung to her sexy Cuban ass. So familiar, yet still enticing. It's always hard dragging myself away from her.

Her deep voice was a caress. "Hi Rick. Come on in." She greeted me with a big hug and a kiss. I pressed my face against the soft skin of her neck, inhaling her provocative perfume. I felt like I was sinking into her. She takes me away to that far-off place where there are no bothersome clerks, no trick videos, and no horrible phone calls in the middle of the night.

She brought me back to earth when she asked, "What did you bring me?"

I pulled away from her and raised my hand with the bag in it. I'd forgotten all about the tapes. "Oh, just a couple of videos to put us in the mood."

She took the bag from me and said, "I hope you found some good-looking guys this time. That last bunch of losers made me wish that they kept their clothes on." I took my shoes off and followed her over to the tape player.

"Well, guys don't care as long as the babes are hot."

She slid a tape into the slot and turned to me. "Would you like a drink before we start watching?"

"Sure. Give me one of whatever you're having."

I sat down on the couch and waited while she mixed two Cuba Libres. She brought out the drinks and sat next to me. "How have you been doing?"

I exhaled deeply. "Don't ask. The last two days have been horrible. I just want to relax and take my mind off of everything." I leaned back and put my feet up on the coffee table.

"Poor baby," she said, stroking my hair for a moment. She picked up the remote and asked, "You ready to watch?"

"Yeah. I saw them last night, but for some reason my mind was playing tricks on me. But I feel better now. Let's have a look." As the first video started, Linda laid her hand in my lap. She likes to keep up with what parts of the video cause me to get a hard-on.

We both enjoyed the tape, with Linda occasionally squeezing my cock. When we got to the final blowjob scene, I was watching intently, waiting to see how it really turns out. The lucky guy arched his back and, after a few more sucks, he began to cum.

Then he started screaming. And thrashing around. And, just like last night, that nasty bitch was viciously biting his dick as hard as she could. In under a minute, she had bit and chewed right through his penis and torn it off with her teeth.

Linda's eyes were as big as shot glasses and her mouth hung open until she blurted out, "Damm, did she really do that!? God almighty, I've never seen anything like this before!" Her hand leapt from my lap to hers, and she started rubbing between her legs. On the screen was the part that had given me nightmares, where she taunts him by continuing to grind his torn-off cock between her bloody teeth.

Linda was breathing heavily. She whispered, "Good thinking. Chew it to pieces so they can't sew it back on. Smart girl."

I jumped up and shut it off. "Shit, those guys at the video store must have played a trick on me. Those slimy bastards! But this time, you saw it too. Right?"

"Wow, did I ever see it!" Linda said excitedly as she got her hand under her red silk panties so she could massage her clitoris directly. "Is the other one like that?"

I slumped down into the couch, rubbing my forehead with both hands. "No . . . yeah . . . I don't know."

"Let's take a look." Linda leapt to her feet and switched the tapes.

Linda's face is flushed as she watches the other tape. She stared intently, occasionally casting furtive glances to my crotch. Every time there was a blowjob scene, she leaned toward the screen in anticipation. I kept hoping, praying that this one would come out with a happier ending. The lovers are in the final scene and I can't bear to watch, but can't turn away. As if in slow motion, I see the look of physical strain on the girl's face as her teeth sink deep into his cock. Once his dickflesh begins to tear and the blood is actually pouring out her mouth, I can't watch anymore. I turn my head and close my eyes, clapping my hands over my ears to keep his screams from echoing in my head.

I'd always taken a quiet pleasure in being bigger and stronger than women. It was comforting knowing there was no way a woman could physically hurt me. I had never considered how much damage they could do with their teeth. I remembered reading that women were much more savage in their violence, and I now knew that any one of them could crush me with a single bite to my balls. I had just never realized that women could actually be that fierce.

I nearly screamed when Linda plunged her hand down the front of my pants and grabbed my dick. "Rick honey, it's only a tape." I turned to look at Linda's beautiful face. But when her red, sexy lips drew back into a mischievous smile, I felt uneasy. "What's the matter, Linda?"

"Nothing. It's just that those tapes made me hornier than I've ever been in my life."

"How can you say that? It was horrible. Those women bit those men's cocks like animals."

"It may have been horrible to you, but I got really turned-on by what happened."

"Sometimes Linda, I think… I don't know who you are."

"Come on, let me suck you off," she said as she opened up my pants.

"Really, I'm not in the mood right now. After seeing that, the last thing I want is a blowjob."

She licked her lips. "Don't worry. This won't take long." Suddenly, she pushed me hard and I fell onto my back. Before I could react, she kneeled on the couch and swept my legs up across her calf. Then she brought up her other leg, trapping mine between her thighs. Once I was immobilized, she bared her teeth and dove for my cock. I barely got my hands up in time. My dick was aching as she pulled on it, trying to get it close enough to where she could bite it. But I grabbed her wrist with one hand and put the other on her face to hold her away. Frustrated that she couldn't bite me there, she twisted her head and angrily bit into my hand as hard as she could. I yelled and ripped my hand away. I saw blood, but had no time to check it because she lunged for my cock again. I managed to push her head to the side where she sank her teeth as deep as she could into my thigh. That brought another scream from me and I started thrashing around until we both rolled onto the floor. Linda lost her grip on my cock and I landed hard on top of her. Before I could scramble away, she threw both arms around me and I felt her bite into me below my navel. Just a little lower and she'd have bitten into my dick, or worse, into my balls.

We were rolling over and over. I grabbed her hair and finally managed to break free from her teeth. Once I did, I fairly flung her to the side and rushed to my feet. I pulled my pants up and dashed for the door, running clumsily because of the pain from her bites. As I slipped into my shoes, Linda sat up and said, "Come back, Rick. I need your cock."

I grabbed the doorknob and said, "You're fucking crazy!" Then I ran out, slammed the door behind me, and got into my car.

As I drove, I was trembling. A woman had attacked me and I had been forced to run away in terror. She'd hurt me several times quite badly with those damn flesh-tearing bites, and the truth was I'd been lucky to get away. If it had gone on much longer, she'd eventually have bitten off my cock and balls, and I'd be nothing but a eunuch, crying and bleeding on her floor.

This whole business was like a nightmare, and it had all started with that damn video store. I drove there as fast as I could and marched right in, determined to give them a piece of my mind. Though I was furious, I noticed the inside of the store had changed. There were more bright colors and it was mostly young women browsing through the videos. It was rare to see even a single woman in an adult video store, never mind so many of them. At the counter, Chuck's familiar face smiled at me as I approached. "Hi, Rick. How'd you like those videos?"

"I HATED them. Those fucking bitches really did bite their cocks off!" I yelled. "This time I have a witness."

"Hey. Calm down, Rick. Of course they did. I believe you."


"Sure. That's all we rent here anymore. Look around you."

I slowly turned, not really understanding what he was saying. The New Release rack was there, but nothing looked familiar. I studied some of the titles; "Eva Eats Cock Raw," "Judy Chomps it Off," and "Big Tom Cums for the Last Time." Some of the covers had severed cocks all over the front. This couldn't be happening. Only a few hours earlier, everything was completely different. What was going on?

I limped over to the next aisle where the magazine section was. But it was all different, too. The magazine names were shocking. Playbite Magazine, Men's Emasculation, and Bite It Off were just a few of their titles. The covers showed beautiful young women with big white teeth, biting guy's genitals in every way possible. What was happening? Was I having another nervous breakdown? There had to be something there that was the way I remembered it.

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