tagErotic CouplingsThe Erotic Bible: Adam and Eve

The Erotic Bible: Adam and Eve


Genesis 3:6-7, KJV: So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree desirable to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate. She also gave to her husband with her, and he ate. Then the eyes of both of them were opened.

Warm, golden rays pierced the layered emerald leaves of the fragrant ylang-ylang tree as Eve sat beneath, watching Adam as he slept peacefully. He was tired from his daily walk, and she couldn't blame him.

But she was bored. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy watching her husband sleep; he was extremely attractive, with his dark brown hair falling to his shoulders, the tanned planes of his face, the long, curling eyelashes which Eve often told him looked exactly like a giraffe's. His body was well-muscled, tanned, and sprinkled with dark hair that thickened around his penis, which, in repose, was soft and relaxed. He looked content, happy.

Eve wished he would wake up.

Restless, she shifted his head from her thigh and gently rested it on the soft, mossy earth.

"I'll just take a short walk," she mused to herself as she pushed her body up. She plucked a yellow blossom from a branch and tucked it into her hair. "He'll never know I'm gone." She began to wander away from her husband, taking in the breathtaking beauty of her surroundings as she walked. The perfume of the ylang-ylang tree seemed to follow her. Her breasts swayed as she walked, matching the rhythm of her hips and the movement of her hair, which hung in dark, luxuriant waves all the way to the curve of her buttocks. Her feet touched lightly upon a path littered with soft moss and leaves, shaded by trees and vines and lit with dappled sunlight.

She heard the distant chatter of monkeys in the trees, and even further, the trumpeting call of the elephants. She laughed, a bright, ringing sound that was swiftly dampened by the surrounding jungle, when a lemur crossed her path, its tiny body rustling the underbrush. Another followed and louder rustling sounded as the two animals wrestled and played.

She passed a stand of Magnolia trees and breathed in their scent with a deep, satisfied sigh.

An orange tree appeared around a bend and she plucked an orange from it and tore it open with her nails, enjoying the lush sweetness of the pulp within. She passed lemons and limes, apples, pears and vines heavy with grapes.

She was in the process of skirting around the tree-that-had-no-name when she stopped abruptly in her tracks.

Standing before her was a man.

She had never seen any man but Adam here, and the shock nearly caused her to drop the fruit in her hand. The air around him seemed to shimmer and glow with a strange light that faded even as Eve noticed it.

This man was like Adam, but not. He was taller, perhaps more muscled, and his hair was deep black, as dark as nights with no stars or moon, as dark as the wood from the ebony tree. It flowed just past his shoulders in gleaming waves and curls. His eyes were piercing, an intense shade of green that Eve had seen only in the eyes of the jungle cats.

He moved with the ease of one too, and while she was hesitant to meet his gaze, his own eyes did not falter.

"Don't be afraid," he said calmly, while Eve stood attempting to gather her thoughts.

His voice comforted her immediately. It was smooth and deep, and reminded Eve of the sound of the streams as they traveled in their beds and moved smoothly around the rocks and plants in their way.

"Tell me, have you tasted the fruit of this tree?" he asked, moving towards the tree-that-had-no-name.

"No. Absolutely not," she replied firmly, taking one quick step back followed by another. "It is forbidden."

"Is it?" the man's mouth quirked up on one side and he casually reached out, snagged a bit of fruit with one hand and took a bite out of it before Eve could protest.

"You -! You aren't to eat that!"

"Oh? And why is that?" His teeth flashed white in his swarthy face as he took another bite. Juice glided from his lips to the neat triangle of hair beneath.

Eve wasn't quite sure how to answer. Adam had stressed to her that the tree was forbidden; to him, the fruit from the tree was poison, and while he had named all other plants and creatures in their garden, he had refused to name this one.

"Am I stricken dead?" the man asked, taking a third bite.

"No," Eve admitted, puzzled.

"Do I look ill?"

Eve examined him carefully. He didn't appear to be in anything but perfect health. "No."

"Do I look as if the fruit is bitter or unpleasant to the taste?"

"On the contrary, you appear to be enjoying it."

He snatched another from the tree and held it out to her with a smile. "Then why don't you try some?"

Eve studied the fruit in his hand. It was of a greenish-red skin with yellow pulp, and suddenly she felt she must have it. After all, there was nothing else around them that was forbidden to eat. She ate from the banana tree, the citrus trees, the apple and pear trees.

She took the fruit. It looked so innocent, so sweet and juicy and refreshing, and she was suddenly ravenous.

She bit into the fruit, piercing the thin skin with her sharp, white teeth. Her mouth was suddenly filled with the sweet pulp and she closed her eyes in rapture.

Deep laughter rang around her and she opened her eyes to see the man smiling at her.

"Delicious, isn't it?"

"Yes," she said in marvel. "It is wonderful. I only wonder why I never ate it before." She bit into the golden flesh again.

He shrugged and they stood watching one another enjoy the forbidden fruit through bold eyes.

She watched juice drip from his lips down his dimpled chin, and then follow the line of his neck. It dripped down his powerful chest and flat abdomen, ran down his forearms and dripped from his elbows, and still he ate. He took another fruit from the tree, then another, and handed Eve a second one.

Eve took one step towards him, then another. The liquid blazed a trail down his chest, his abdomen, to his penis. She felt different, as if she were removed from her body. Her hearing was sharper, her sight keener, and her skin seemed to prickle with every sensation that touched it. The breeze, the brush of the leaves from the tree against her shoulders, the juice that slid down her own body. Her nipples had hardened and felt strangely tense and sensitive; an intense heat had pooled low in her belly and her nether regions felt achy and desperate.

Her eyes were fixed on him and she couldn't force them away. His eyes were hooded and dark, and her own eyelids felt heavy. She explored his body with her eyes, wandering along the curvature of his sculpted muscle, admiring the curls of his hair, the narrowness of his hips, and his penis.

He was much larger than Adam, and while she watched, he grew hard beneath her gaze. She was close enough to touch him, and she did, cupping his heavy testicles in her hands and running her fingers along his firm shaft.

She met his gaze, strangely unafraid when she saw his green eyes gazing intently back at her, darkened now with desire and mysterious intentions.

His mouth came down on hers, but instead of the gentle, closed mouth kiss as Eve was accustomed to from Adam, she received a hard, open-mouthed kiss and a not-so-gentle nip of the lips that drew blood. She tasted her own blood on his lips and an almost painful heat swept through her body.

She heard a groan, almost a shriek, and realized it was her own lips emitting the sound. Her hands slid to his hips, where she held on as his hands tangled in her hair with a sharp yank. His mouth moved down her chin, down her throat, his teeth biting, his tongue tasting. His mouth closed around one nipple, and the heat of it had her aching for more. His teeth closed around the hard bud and tugged, sending sharp tingles of pleasure and pain through her, but all she could manage to do was press closer to him and hold on, silently begging for more.

When he lifted her into the air, she felt as if she were floating. Above her, the cloudless sky turned in its endless circle; the bright spot of the afternoon sun blazed down upon her skin and she felt as if she were feeling its warmth for the first time.

She was hoisted above his head, with his hands supporting her ribcage, but rather than fear, she felt exhilarated.

"Lie back," he ordered, and she didn't even consider disobeying him. She stretched backwards and flung her head behind her shoulders. Her legs rested on the man's shoulders, her knees crossed behind his head and his powerful body supported her slender torso and lush hips.

She felt his breath, warm and soft, on the hair between her legs and shuddered. She flung her arms over her head and opened her eyes to see the beautiful tree, the tree-that-had-no-name, glorious with deep green leaves and plump orbs of fruit, filling her sight.

Then he plunged his tongue into her and her eyes flew wider as her back arched reflexively, pushing her hips even closer to his mouth. Sensations she had never before felt, never before imagined, filled her body. Tension built within her as his tongue licked, hard and fast, then soft, long, and slow.

When she exploded, Eve screamed. Her cry rang into the air and her world became a vision of sapphire and jade while her hips shook and pulsed.

Before she could recover, the man lifted her hips once more and easily turned her, midair. He held her by the hips while her legs returned to their position around his neck and Eve found herself upside down.

And faced with an enormous penis prodding at her lips.

She opened her mouth and took it inside while the man's tongue began to once more work its magic on her body. This time, he wrapped one arm around her waist to support her while his tongue licked around both of her openings. She nearly cried out when his fingers thrust into her, filling her completely, but the penis thrusting in and out of her mouth muffled any sound she might make.

Her body exploded once more, tightening and pulsing around the fingers filling her, her juices immediately lapped up by the stranger's tongue.

Suddenly, she was upright, her legs so weak she could barely stand, but the man supported her by bringing her close. He slid his tongue into her mouth.

"Taste yourself," he murmured, and she did, the flavor of her own body mingling with the strange fluid she had tasted on the head of his penis. His tongue thrust deep into her mouth and she sucked at it, reveling in the sweet and salty mixture.

"What was that?" she whispered. "I can barely stand."

"That," he said firmly, meeting her eyes intently. She nearly flinched at the potent gleam she saw in his. "is what you've been missing by rejecting this." He held up a piece of fruit and very delicately took one bite. Then he offered it to her.

She took it willingly, and did not protest when he placed a hand on the top of her head and pushed her to her knees.

Eve knew what he wanted without another word being said. She opened her mouth wide and took his shaft into her mouth, licking the entire length of it before delicately tapping at the tip with her tongue. She sucked him in hard, but all power was taken away from her when he wrapped her hair around his hand and thrust her head further down his length. He pumped in and out of her mouth and she greedily did her best to accommodate him despite his size. She choked and sputtered as his penis invaded her throat, but she was given no reprieve. She grasped his hips in her hands in an attempt to push him away, just enough to catch a breath, and he finally allowed it. Relieved, she licked the fluid from his tip and slid one beneath to cup his testicles in her hand, rubbing absently at the smooth, hairless spot she found there.

"Mmm..." Eve could feel her own juices flowing down her thighs, her body tingling with anticipation of something.

Then he began moving faster and deeper once more and she knew this was the moment she'd been waiting for. His penis pulsed inside her mouth and warm, salty liquid spurted from it and flowed over her tongue, down her throat, and dripped from her mouth. It seemed to last forever, and Eve swallowed as much of the fluid as she could, delicately licking her lips and relishing the feel of it dripping from her chin onto her breasts. Her body hummed and tingled with the sensuality of the act she had just performed and yearned for more.

"Eve! Eve! Where did you go?" Adam's voice rang through the jungle. Startled, Eve jumped, releasing the penis from her lips. She glanced up and saw the man before her smiling.

"Remember," he said with a brilliant smile, and she shook her head in confusion. The light around him reappeared, shimmered and grew more intense until, with a sharp crack of thunder, he disappeared entirely.

Before Eve could wonder or marvel at his strange departure, she heard Adam behind her. She turned her head towards the sound, and from the corner of her eye caught a brilliant flash as the tail of a serpent disappeared into the jungle.

"Eve! There you are!"

She glanced up, her body spent and used, her lips and chin gleaming with semen, to eye her husband in a new light, with new thoughts.

"I awoke and you were missing. I didn't know where you had gone. I'm sorry I slept so long. Have you been...?"

Adam stopped speaking abruptly, and both fists went to both hips. His gaze turned wary and his easy smile was replaced with a deep frown, as if he had just realized where they were. "Eve. Tell me you didn't eat the fruit from this tree." He could barely bring himself to gesture to it.

Eve reclined her body on the ground where the man had left her kneeling. Her breasts and abdomen were sticky with the juice of the fruit and her mind felt unclouded. And very, very naughty.

"Oh, Adam! I don't know why we aren't supposed to eat of the tree! It's such delicious fruit, sweet, and juicy, and oh! It makes you feel the most wonderful things! Surely something that tastes so wonderful and feels so wonderful isn't harmful. Come, try some!" She lazily stood and plucked one of the ripe, luscious fruits from the tree and sashayed to Adam to offer it to him.

"No, Eve. It's cursed."

"Says who?"

"You know who."

"Hmm..." Eve bit into the fruit, purposely licking her lips afterwards, enjoying the mix of the sweet, ripe fruit and the remnants of the stranger's salty fluid on her tongue. For the first time, she noticed how gorgeous Adam was, how his hair fell sleek and straight to his shoulders, the curvature of his ears, the loving concern in his soft brown eyes and the firm line of his lips. "I'm not dead, or sick, am I?" She cocked one perfect eyebrow at him and smiled invitingly.

"No, but you are acting strange."

"Only because I feel so wonderful," Eve replied coyly.

Adam had such beautiful lips. Eve took another bite of the fruit, but this time held it delicately on her tongue and leaned forward, offering it blatantly to Adam, telling him with her eyes to take it into his own mouth.

Hesitantly, Adam met her gaze and leaned forward himself, plucking the tiny chunk from her tongue. Eve followed the fruit, sliding her tongue into his mouth to taste him, for the first time.

Adam's eyes narrowed. "It is delicious. I don't understand what's wrong with it."

"Absolutely nothing. Have more," she suggested, offering him the rest of the piece, juice dripping from her graceful hands.

Adam took it.


He could hear the footfalls of a tiger roaming the jungle. A toucan, winging its way through the trees. A grape, falling from the branches to roll on the jungle floor before it was snatched by a passing lemur. The streams as they swam in their beds, the fish within them swishing tail and fin, some fighting the current, others being carried in it. The soft sounds of the vines swinging in the breeze and the occasional mild twang as a monkey gripped and released, gripped and released on his journey through the treetops. The mixed scents of blossoms, fruit, earth, water and sky teased his nostrils and he breathed deep, taking in the full beauty of his surroundings for the first time.

He could detect every shade in the sky as the sun began to paint fire across it. Every nuance of emerald and jade in the leaves and the grass.

But perhaps the loveliest thing he had ever seen was standing before him. Eve.

Her eyes were bright and clear, sparkling blue and warm, intense as he had never seen them. Her skin was pale ivory and soft as a blossom from the ylang-ylang tree. Dark, wavy hair framed her delicate face and flowed down her lovely back, just brushing the top of her buttocks with a soft, feathery touch. Her limbs were long and supple, and her breasts. Why had he never taken more notice of her breasts? They proudly jutted from her body, the round, rosy nipples pointing towards the setting sun and shading her smooth, soft abdomen. Her hips flared from a narrow waist, and between her legs a soft bed of dark curls invited him to slide his fingers through it.

Just looking at her aroused him.

As he admired her, he molded one hand around one breast, shaping it with his hand, running his thumb over the distended nipple. She closed her eyes and tilted her head in pleasure.

Then, taking his hand, she led him beneath the tree.

Adam kissed her, long and deep, mating with her tongue and exchanging flavors. He pressed tiny kisses all over her face, the hollows of her cheeks, the slender contours of her nose, her perfectly arched eyebrows and the line of her hair. He nibbled and sucked her earlobes, kissed gently down her neck where she had begun to bruise from her earlier encounter.

All the while his hands roamed her body, cupping her buttocks in his hands, spanning her waist, caressing her breasts. His mouth found her nipples and he sucked, licked and bit lightly until Eve began to cry out in little moans and pants. He knelt and dipped his tongue into her navel and kissed down, down her quivering abdomen until he reached the little bed of her hair.

The scent of her nearly undid him, particularly when she willingly parted her legs and he dipped his tongue into her. He reached upwards and took her hand, drawing her down to the ground, softened by leaves from the tree-that-had-no-name. She obeyed his silent command and reclined, arching her back as her hands tangled in his hair. Her own hair flowed around her, providing a luxuriant pillow for her head.

Her hips arched when his tongue touched her. The taste of her went straight to his head and mingled with the sweetness of the fruit he had just eaten. He sighed with pleasure and delved deeper, deeper into the warm center of her. He found her sensitive bud and licked it, sucked it into his mouth and flicked it rapidly with his tongue.

Eve tightened her hold on his hair and screamed as she came. Adam plunged his fingers into her and felt her muscles tightening around him as she came a second time.

When he slid his penis into her, she welcomed him greedily and, with her hands, brought his face down to hers for a long, sensual kiss. She wrapped her legs around his waist and gripped him tight while he pumped inside her, relishing in the damp warmth of her body.

Adam came with a shout as pleasure ripped through him and his semen poured out of his body and into Eve's. Eve clutched his shoulders and bit his neck as she came, drawing life from his body into hers.

"I want more," she whispered when he had stilled.

Adam was amazed when her words caused his penis to stir once more to life and he whispered back, "So do I."

Eve startled him by pressing against his shoulders until they rolled and she was on top. He watched her, her eyes sparkling with mischief, her body framed by the branches and sky above them, and found desire surging through his body again.

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