tagMind ControlThe Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 08

The Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 08


Chapter 8 "A Twist of Fate"

It was early Monday morning 8 days after Kathryn's untimely miscarriage.

"Wake up beautiful," Vlad softly said as he began rubbing her shoulders. "It's time for you to give notice at your job, telling them Friday will be your last day."

She moaned in pleasure from his hands rubbing the tension out of her body. She didn't want to go back to work, but she now needed the money. Even though she was making thousands for Mikhail's business, very little got into Kathryn's pocket.

Turning over, she opened her eyes and sensually replied. "Do I have too? Can't I stay here with you and have some more fun? I really missed feeling you in me. And after last night, I really need more loving. Please! I'll do anything you want, if I don't have to go to work."

"No Kathryn," he answered. "In order for you to enjoy your new life, you'll need to quit that boring job. Then you'll be free to become a star. You already have guys asking to see more of you. And that was from only 2 videos. So get that sexy body up and dressed."

As she got out of bed, she mumbled, "Okay Anton, if I have too. But you'll better make love to me when I get home."

He yelled back, "Of course I will. But today wear pants and a bra. We'll slowly change the type of clothes you wear during the week. By the time Friday rolls around, you'll be back to wearing your slut outfits. I don't think we want to shock them on your first day back."

Sunday night he had her humiliated in public again. It was time to get her back into being an exhibitionist. He had to see if she was still a willing obedient trollop or he would have to start dosing her with drugs again. Taking her to dinner, wearing a short black skirt, black stockings, and sheer white blouse with nothing under it, was a perfect way to find out. If she advertised her 5'5" slim figure with D cup breast, long legs, and pretty face like a cheap floozy; would insure him that she was still under their control.

Kathryn held tightly onto Vlad's arm, as he escorted her to a booth in the middle of the restaurant. Being one of the high step-up tables just for two, was the perfect location for her to flaunt her assets. She sat in the booth with her legs spread apart, as she was previous trained. Her short skirt was raised almost to her waist, showing off her pussy; that is, if anyone was looking. Vlad even had her play with her cunt during dinner to warm up her passion. As she played with herself, Vlad would look back at the other tables and noticed a lot of men staring at her nasty display. But Kathryn wouldn't look at any of the other guest. In her mind she was too ashamed of being an exhibitionist, although her body was enjoying the pleasure. Eventually Vlad made her look at the other tables and smile at the guys. He knew she had to overcome her inhibitions, if she was going to be completely under his control and continue becoming a harlot.

It only took a glass of wine without the K99 drug that they call Juice to get her into the role of a lascivious woman. As she displayed her body, there was no coherent thoughts only pure lust pouring out of every cell in her body. The drug that she ingested the weeks before was still very active inside her. She triggered the responses exactly where her training had untimely stopped. Her body was again in such a state of need. The sexual withdrawals she felt during her down time, had her at the edge of orgasmic cravings. She hurriedly ate her dinner, drank her wine and rushed Vlad. Although, Vlad took his time relishing the fact that she was in dire need of his cock or was it any cock. Knowing that she had finally again accepted her fate, he leaned over to her.

Whispering he said, "Kathryn, my love. If you want to leave, all you have to do is get up and slowly walk through the restaurant to the bathroom, while keeping that skirt barely covering your cunt! Pour water on your blouse before you come back and make sure your tits are nice and wet. Once you get back here, bend forward to pick up your purse, which I'll have on the floor next to the booth. Slowly pick it up with your legs spread apart. Once you stand up, pull down your skirt and we'll leave."

Pouting, she got up and sauntered toward the bathroom. Vlad watched as men gawked at her walking by. He had an evil grin on his face when he called Mikhail.

"Dad, I didn't have to Juice her again, becasue she has responded eagerly for sex." He waited for a reply and then answered, "I have her doing the walk right now. If she does it like I requested, I know she has completely succumbed to being an exhibitionist." Another pause listening to Mikhail, then he said, "No I'll be the only one fucking her tonight. I want to make sure she's able to have sex before I send her out to our clients." Then without waiting for a reply said, "I'll put some Juice in her wine and give it to her if she doesn't obey. Don't worry; she'll be ready for Saturday night's live show and Sunday's introduction to your old rich cronies. Talk later; here she comes."

As she was slowly sauntering back to the table, he quickly dumped a partial vial of the drug K99 into her wine glass. He could see her breast wet and exposed like in a wet t-shirt contest. She was smiling and looking at the guys who were watching the display of her body. When she reached the booth, she bent over and pick up her purse. Not getting up right away, she acted like she dropped something, spread her legs apart, and slowly stood up. Then she pulled down her dress and loudly said, "Okay let's go Anton. I'm so horny. I need you to fuck me right now."

As they left, guys gawked at her display of nudity. As they waited for valet to get his black convertible Mustang, he kissed Kathryn and said, "That little touch about wanting me to fuck you was perfect."

She giggled and gave him a huge long passionate kiss as his car drove up. The valet had a big grin on his face, when he opened her door and she got slowly in the car. Spreading her legs apart, he could see her bare pussy. He thanked her and closed the door.

Back inside the restaurant, a pretty slim waitress with big breast was getting hit on by a group of intoxicated guys. When she picked up Vlad's $10 tip and saw Kathryn's wine glass still full, she looked around, took the glass (not knowing it was laced with the Juice drug), and guzzled it down her throat. It only took 30 minutes for the drug to put the unsuspecting girl under its influence.

Instead of ignoring their earlier comments, she now began flirting with the four repulsive men. Pretending to be sick, the restaurant allowed her to go home. But instead she met the guys in the parking lot and went with them to the cheap motel down the street. It was the same motel that Mikhail owns for his whores to use. The rest of the night they took turns fucking her. They left her at the motel drenched with their loads of cum. After she cleaned up, her pussy was again on fire desiring a hard cock. She put her top on that barely covered her pussy. She went outside her room and a car with 3 guys stopped. They paid her $100 for all three of them to use her cunt as a sperm receptacle. After they left, she passed out with their seed splattered all over and inside her. When she woke up the next morning, she didn't know where she was and her body had the dry cum scum all over it. While remembering being a willing slut to all of those men, she put her hands over her face and cried.


Once they arrived back at Kathryn's place, Vlad turned her on all fours, pulled out the anal plug and fucked her pussy for a minute. He took his throbbing cock out just before she climaxed and pushed it in her ass. As he did he said, "Just because you can now have vaginal sex, you still need to have orgasms when a man fucks your ass. So I won't have sex in your cunt, until you have an orgasm, while I fuck your ass."

Kathryn whimpered, "But we were trying that all week and I didn't cum. Please let me feel you in my pussy. Please!"

Vlad laughed and answered, "Just relax. I know you can climax this way too. Clear your mind and enjoy it."

Propping her ass up, she pushed back meeting Vlad's 9" thick cock, while moving back and forth. It didn't take long for her to begin screaming, "Oh God! I'm cumming. Don't stop Anton. Oh God! It feels wonderful! Yes! Yes!"

He held her hips but didn't stop plowing into her lubed anal hole. He kept up the pace for another 5 minutes, until she began shaking again with another climax. As she was trembling in bliss, he slapped her ass and said, "See that wasn't hard Kathryn. Now you're a complete full service girl. You can cum with any type of sex. Here's your reward."

He pulled out of her stretched ass and turned her on her back. Then he pushed his throbbing cock into her drenched cunt and began ravishing her body. She responded with uninhibited enjoyment of finally having her cunt filled with a big cock. She could feel all of it in her and began climaxing again. The rest of the night he took turns plowing in both holes, until he unload three times into her hot box. Without cleaning up, they feel asleep cuddling in contentment. Once she was out, Vlad got up and called Mikhail.

"Hey dad," He started. "Kathryn is completely ours. She was perfect at dinner and now can have orgasms during anal sex. What should we do with her the rest of the week?"

Mikhail answered, "Nothing until Friday. Keep fucking her every night and on Friday we want her to have sex with her boss. Have her get the girls in the office to take her out for a drink at Shames. I have a plan that will give us tons of money. I'm busy right now; I'll talk later."

"Okay dad," Vlad replied.

After he hung up from Vlad, Mikhail turned to his date and said, "Sorry for the interruption Mandy. Now where were we?"

Mandy was a 38 year old MILF that Mikhail has been dating for over a year. She was still a tall hot piece of meat with 36 DD tits, short blonde hair, nice legs and cute ass. She was his realtor, when he bought the Manor and other properties. Mandy was married to a guy who constantly worked odd long hours, which left her lonely and in need of a man. They hit it off and she was ready for another affair, but Mikhail wanted to whore her to his older clients too. He began dosing her with the Juice drug at dinner parties. Mandy succumb to the K99 properties immediately, although Mikhail still Juiced her another 10 times during the year. Afterwards she became his obedient willing slut, although her brain cells suffered the consequence of too much K99. She became confused during normal conversations, although her realtor skills seemed unaffected. Not caring what happened to her because he was really interested in her two beautiful blonde daughters.

Madison was a gorgeous tall long haired blonde with a nice firm body. She was a 21 college coed. He would go after her first. Being an unwanted bundle of joy, when Mandy was in high school, was why she married Tom in the first place. Zoey was turning 18 and a senior in high school. She wasn't as tall as Madison but had bigger tits, like her mother. Still she was becoming a radiant hot woman, even though she could lose a few pounds. He would wait until she graduated in a few months and only after Madison had completely submitted.

Zoey's birth wasn't planned either. After she was born, the sex between Tom and Mandy started to quickly fade. They both have had many affairs and why it was easy to get Mandy to cheat. Mandy had been very sexually active and the Juice attached to her cells very quickly. In the past year he had her fucking many of his older wealthy cronies. As a reward, she sold more real estate than anyone else in the office. Even though Mikhail didn't pay her anything for the sex, she made thousands off her sales. It was a perfect match.


Kathryn showed up for work an hour late. She had to have Vlad, she knows him as Anton, to have sex with her again. Then she had to wait until the enema worked, so he could put an anal plug up her ass. She had to keep it in all day. Geri her BFF at work, when she saw Kathryn blurted "Looks who decide to show up today."

The other girls and the old female supervisor turned to watch Katy, her name before Vlad changed it to the slut Kathryn, walking to her desk. As she did, Geri asked if she was alright. Kathryn just nodded yes and sat down. Then Ms. Markowitz, the older supervisor, walked over to her.

"I see you finally made it in Katy," she said in a sarcastic tone. "You should thank the other girls, who picked up your load all week. We also have hired a part time student Harmony, to work the afternoons. She started last Thursday and is working out very well. I expect you to catch up with your work by Wednesday." She then started to walk back to her office, but suddenly turned around and said, "I'm very happy to have you back."

Kathryn looked up at her, smiled and said, "I'm happy to be back too Ms. Markowitz."

Then she grinned and thought, "Thank God I'm quitting. I'm so over this place and can't wait to become a star."

She ate lunch with Geri at their favorite restaurant. While she was eating, she told Geri about the new guy she's been seeing. She described Anton as being tall dark and handsome. He was the perfect man and a fantastic lover. Then she told Geri that he was way better then Dave and was looking out for her well-being. Geri just listened in awe. She has been engaged to her boyfriend now for over 2 years and he still hasn't set a date for their wedding. As she listened to Katy describing Anton and how happy she's been having lots of sex, Geri became jealous. Although, Katy described her sex life during the last 10 days as being fantastic, she left out the part of fucking a lot of strange men for him. When lunch was over, they went back to the grind of being book keepers; a boring and thankless job.

Kathryn looked at her computer clock and noticed it was just before 4 pm. She took her resignation letter and began reading the Vlad created document. It briefly stated, "To Mr. Jeff Sinclair, I am giving notice that Friday is my last day. I appreciate you hiring me without experience 2 years ago, but now it's time for me to move to other opportunities. Thanks for understanding during my health ordeal and I hope we can still be friends. Sincerely....."

Taking a deep breath, she signed her name Katy Hart, put it in an envelope, and got up to deliver it to her boss. When she got to Sinclair's office, she heard others talking. Knocking on his door, she was surprised that Dave opened it. She was shocked to see him.

Fear immediately engulfed her being. Her mouth became dry and her body started to tremble with panic. She thought, "What is he doing here?"

Dave said, "What a pleasant surprise. We were just coming to get you. I'm here with Tom and his technician Samantha. We want to talk with about Vlad Koskova. I hope that is okay?" That was a name she didn't know.

Taking her hand, he dragged her into Sinclair's office. She knew Tom as a married horny guy who has hit on her at parties before, but she never met the cute girl Sam.

Stopping half way in the room she said, "Wow! Is this and interrogation or what? But first I need to give Mr. Sinclair this."

Tom laughed and said, "Not an interrogation but an intervention. You need to know who this guy is and what he has done to you.

She walked over to him and gave Sinclair her resignation letter. He took it and sat down to read it. While he was digesting its contents, Kathryn looked at Dave and said, "I don't know why you think I need help and I don't know any Vlad. I hope this won't take long. I have a date with my new boyfriend. He's picking me up at five. So hurry up and let's get whatever this is over with."

Tom immediately spoke. "Well Katy we're going into the small conference room and discuss your behavior during the last 10 days. I want you to understand what has happened to you and why. Then maybe we can fix it. Sam is here will tell you about the drug they gave you. Hopefully you'll come to your senses."

Now Kathryn was becoming agitated. She knew that she wasn't drugged. Once they sat about a round table, Kathryn's phone rang. "Don't answer that," Tom yelled.

It was too late. She picked it p and said hello. A voice on the other end said, "Does Kathryn want to come out and play?"

She quickly answered, "Yes she does!"

Then he began giving her instructions. She was to ignore and not believe anything they said about him and any inducement to control her. She had made all of the decisions concerning sex on her own. No one had coerced her into doing anything she didn't want to do. He continued his directives as Tom and Dave kept yelling at her to hang up. She never heard anything they shouted but was completely absorbed in listening. Vlad completely controlled her mind. When he finished his commands, he told her to hand the phone to Sam. She looked over at her and said to her, "He wants to talk to you."

As she handed her the phone, Tom grabbed it from Kathryn and yelled, "I know you drugged Katy. I'm going to make sure this doesn't continue." As Tom was continuing yelling his threats, his personal phone began vibrating in his pocket.

He was puzzled by who was calling him. Putting the phone down, Kathryn took it and handed it to Sam. Sam said hello. A different voice on the other end asked, "Does Trixie want to come out and play"?

Sam didn't say anything back for a long time, as Tom finally got his phone out and answered it.

As the same voice Tom had been threatening said, "I know who you are Tom. You're the FBI agent who is investigating my business without any authorization from your superiors as a favor to Dave. What would happen if they would find out?"

Tom paused and stammered, "Nothing you slime bag. I finally have a witness to your illegal endeavors. It's enough to get the State Department to jail your ass."

It was Mikhail on the other end of the conversation. He gave out a hearty laugh and answered, "I just sent you a video clip to your phone. Have fun looking at it. I think you'll recognize the person enjoying herself."

As he waited for the text to appear and load up, Sam finally answered the question that Vlad gave her and said, "No I don't"

Her answer somewhat shocked him. He hoped that the subconscious trigger would still work even after 4 years. But instead of panicking he said, "Is Trixie a horny slut?"

She answered after a short pause, "Yes I am!"

When Tom yelled, "What the fuck," Vlad began giving directives to Sam or her slut name of Trixie.

Then Tom began screaming, "No! No! No! What are you doing Mandy? Oh No; not you too!"

While Tom looked at a close up of his wife face with cum dripping down her chin from some guy dumping a load, he could tell that she was being fucked by the way her body moved back in forth. When another guy dumped his load in her mouth that she quickly swallowed, her body began moving again. Tom knew someone else had started to fuck her. But what shocked him the most was when she turned and looked into the camera and said, "You like what you see Tom. This is because of you cheating on me. I'm having loads of fun."

Then she giggled and opened her mouth, as she stopped moving. The guy that was enjoying her cunt began dumping his load in her mouth. Then the camera zoomed out and another guy began fucking Mandy. He wanted to turn it off, but it stopped on a photo of her lying on a table with many guys standing around rubbing their cocks, waiting for a turn. Tom began to cry and become angry; all at the same time.

Taking his phone he yelled, "You bastard!"

Mikhail yelled back to get his attention, "Look Tom. I'm sorry to show you that. Mandy has been a very active and happy slut for over a year now. Why do you think she's been making so many sells? It's her reward. You shouldn't even be angry. You have been fucking my girl Trixie that you call Sam for some time now. She was one of my girls 4 years ago and will be again now that I found her. But that's not what we need to discuss. How about your gorgeous daughters? Now don't get angry, but at this time I have no intentions of inviting them to become part of my business. But that depends on you. All you have to do is get everything concerning me, my sons and my business. Give it and all copies to me. Then your daughters will be safe. When you accomplish this task, I will reward you handsomely; just like Mandy. You probably won't accept cash, so instead I'll allow you to fuck Kathryn who you call Katy, Sam, your wife and any of our lovely horny girls. You'll just have to make an appointment with our coordinator. And that goes for Dave too. It's a win, win!"

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