tagMind ControlThe Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 09

The Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 09


Chapter 9, The Girls New Reality

After fucking both Kathryn and Trixie for over an hour, Vlad had the girls shower. He helped wash the loads of cum off their well-used bodies. He even smirked, when the girls began kissing each other under the water. The idea of these two hot women lusting after each other would be advantageous to Booty Films arsenal of porn films. Kathryn being a slim attractive red haired beauty with D cup tits and Trixie a thin gorgeous brunette with C cup tits, would entice many horny viewers to jack off. But first he had to get Trixie back into becoming the exhibitionist whore she once was 4 years ago. He had a plan to humiliate her.

After tucking Kathryn safely in bed and kissing her good night, Vlad went into the living room to get Trixie. She had her pale pink semitransparent blouse on and nothing else. Looking around for the rest of her clothes and seeing Vlad walk in she asked, "Have you seen my bra and pants Vlad?"

He smiled and answered, "You won't need them Trixie. You look just fine dressed as you are. Just get your shoes on and I'll drive you to your car."

The blouse was long enough to just cover her ass and pussy, like wearing a very short see thru dress. But if she walked or raised her hands up, it would rise displaying her assets. The sheerness also displayed her breast. Her nipples were quite noticeable from under the material. She had all six buttons lashed, but when Vlad walked over to her, he unbuttoned three on top and one on the bottom.

Standing back after he undid them, he smiled and said, "Now that's a better look for you Trixie. You shouldn't hide such a luscious body."

Panicking she whined, "But Vlad, my car is parked at the office in a gated garage. What if someone sees me getting into my car dressed like this? And then I have to walk to my apartment too." She was almost in tears as she continued her plea.

Vlad laughed and nastily ordered, "You will go as you are. I could have you naked, but I allowed you to wear your nice top. It's getting late. Get that cute little ass out the door Trixie!"

Once in the black van, Vlad drove her to the FBI parking structure. They stopped at the gate and the guard came over. Vlad rolled down his window and the guard shinned his flash light in. Trixie was sitting with her legs crossed, but still showing a lot of bare thigh. His light went up her body and stopped at her chest, which lit up her breast.

When he shinned the light on her face, he chuckled and said, "You look nice to night Ms. James." Then he wrote, "Samantha James at 1:20 am picked up her car with unknown male in a black van license BTYFLMS." He had her sign her name under it.

He shinned the light slowing back to her bosom, as Vlad put his hand on her leg. Looking back at the guard, Vlad chuckled and asked, "Is it okay to go now?"

Bernie gave him a mischievous sneer, but then pushed his head in the window and whispered. "Stop in front of the camera. I want to get a good look at her walking and to tape it."

Vlad said he would. It was exactly what he wanted to happen. He knew that the agency frowns on employees' behavior that they deem to be unprofessional. Trixie, or Samantha her work name, is going to display such behavior and probably be reprimanded for it. He hoped she would be put on leave for a few weeks. That would give him enough time to finish her conditioning.

Once he spotted Trixie's Honda, he turned the van around so the camera would be pointing right at the door. She would have to show some assets to get out and then walk behind the van to get her car. Hopefully it would be enough to target her as unacceptable behavior. But to make sure and after he stopped, he pulled the last buttons apart. Nothing was left to hold her blouse together. As she left, her body was exposed enough to show Bernie her nakedness on the monitor. Once in her car, she quickly went to exit. But at the gate, Bernie stopped her before he opened it. He told her to roll down the window and he again shinned a light inside. But this time her tits wear exposed and his light went to her pussy. He smiled and said, "Have fun Ms. James." She quickly drove off.

Vlad followed for the 30 minutes' drive to her apartment. But instead of allowing her to go in, he grabbed her arm and forced her back into the van. Then he said, "Where do you think you're going Trixie. Mikhail wants to talk with you tomorrow. Tonight you're sleeping at the Manor."

Fear immediately engulfed her. This is what happened four years ago to her and Lucy. She immediately tried to get away, but Vlad was a very strong man. He strapped her in the back and said, "What's your problem Trixie. We'll have you back to work on Wednesday. Just relax."

She whimpered, "But I don't want to do this again. Please just let me go. I won't say anything about the K99 drug. I promise."

Vlad parked the van and went to the back. Looking at her he nastily blurted, "I see Trixie. You know about the drugging. How much does the FBI know?"

Being very fearful she meekly answered, "Nothing. I never told anyone. You told me you would kill me and my family if I said anything. So please let me go."

Vlad smiled, then slapped her face and barked, "If you're a lying bitch, I guarantee you'll regret it."

Her eyes poured a flood of tears as she kept trying to tell him that no one knows. He slapped her a few more times, until he finally believed her. Than he sat down next to her, hugged her and said, "Okay Trixie. I believe you. But that doesn't mean we are going to forget about how you escaped. You'll see tomorrow."

Getting back in the van, he drove to the Manor. Once there, Trixie had finally passed out from the drugs effect. He carried her to a bungalow and locked her inside. Tomorrow she'll be back into their world of debauchery.


It was Tuesday the next day, when Kathryn arrived at work on time. She was dressed a little more provocatively wearing a black long skirt with nothing under it and a red semi-transparent blouse without a bra. She did have on a waist length black jacket with no buttons over her blouse to hide her breast. It was a way to show off her bosom, when she desired without letting others see.

As she drank her coffee, Ms. Markowitz came over to her and said, "Mr. Sinclair wanted to see you as soon as you got in. He didn't seem happy either."

Sinclair was the office director in charge of everything. He was also her ex boyfriend's uncle and the reason she was hired without any accounting experience, although she had a degree in business. Looking up, Kathryn just smiled, but didn't move. She was thinking about what he could want. Not knowing why, she was becoming horny thinking about her meeting with him. When Markowitz again ordered her to go, she turned to her and said, "Okay, I'm going. Just give me a chance to finish my coffee first."

Markowitz immediately became annoyed by Kathryn's attitude. Just when she was about to scold her, Kathryn got up to go. Smiling at the old supervisor, she made her way upstairs to the managers' floor. When she got to Carol, Sinclair's nice fat secretary, the older lady told her to go right in. She slowly sauntered into his office. Hearing her enter, he told Kathryn to close the door and take a seat. He was looking down at her employee file as she sat down. Taking off her jacket, she got comfortable. When Sinclair looked up at her, he was completely surprised by seeing her breast and nipples semi exposed. His eyes were staring at her chest and not moving up to her face for many minutes.

He cleared his throat and finally looked up at her. "Ms. Hart! You do realize that I can see your bosom?"

Kathryn was already programed to seduce Sinclair. With a grin across her face she answered, "Of course I do. Don't you like what you see Mr. Sinclair?"

He just stammered, "Well young lady it's not appropriate office attire."

Kathryn laughed and replied, "That's why I have a jacket covering them. But I know you have always wondered what they look like. I bet you have undressed me many times during the past 2 years. Since I'm quitting and no longer Dave's girlfriend, I thought it would be nice to explore the possibility for us. You do want to explore me, don't you Mr. Sinclair?"

He didn't know what to say. His eyes went right back to her nipples protruding from under the sheer material. Not waiting for a reply; she got up and walked around his desk, leaned against it, and bent forward so he could get a better view. Sensually she whispered, "Now if you don't want me, just say so handsome."

Sinclair had always wanted to fuck her, but being his nephew's girlfriend, he tried to resist the desire. But now she is offering herself to him. It was a temptation that he couldn't refuse. Acting on his lust he answered, "You are asking if I want to fuck you." She nodded yes. "Well okay than. It will be my privilege to accept your invitation; but why, if I may ask."

Kathryn now knelt down to the side of him and swiveled his chair around so she was in between his legs. Moving forward she put her one hand on his knee and the other hand went for what was now a bulge in his pants. As she began rubbing his cock over his pants, she seductively answered, "Because Dave has a little cock. And since I've known him, he told me that if I didn't like his cock, I could have his uncle's. He bragged that you have a huge dick. And I'm in the need of a big hard cock right now."

Before he could answer, she unzipped his pants and pulled out his harden manhood. She looked at it growing in her hands, smiled and lowered her mouth over it. Slowly she slurped his rod, making it stand at its full 8" attention. Once he was at full mask, she kept stroking up and down with her hand, and looked up at Sinclair.

Sensually she said, "I just love a big cock. Mmmm! And yours is so tasty. I see you are enjoying this Mr. Sinclair. This is just an example of what is yet to come before I leave."

She put her mouth back over his cock and swirled her tongue around his head. In a minute she began bobbing up and down over it. His groans were getting louder as she slurped his cock into ultimate pleasure. It wasn't long until he blasted his semen into her mouth. When it hit the back of her throat, she began swallowing his load without even a hint of gagging. Vlad had trained her well. When he finished squirting, she kept sucking it dry. Keeping one hand on his shrinking shaft, she looked up at him with some jism still on her lips and chin.

Smiling she said, "Now that was a perfect breakfast. You are very tasty and a lot better then those jelly donuts you bring in. I hope you liked it too."

Sinclair finally looked down at Kathryn still kneeling in front of him. He reached for her hands and pulled her up. Then he announced, "My God Katy. I can't believe Dave broke up with you. You give such great head."

He pulled her close to him and kissed her. As he did, he finally got to feel her tits from over the blouse. They were nice and firm. When they broke for air, Kathryn backed away and said, "Now Mr. Sinclair, we can't give you everything all at once. I will enjoy teasing you first."

She went back to sit in her seat. Taking her jacket she put it back on. Just as she pulled it over her chest, there was a knock at his door. Carol walked in and told Sinclair that his wife was on line 3 and she seemed pissed. Just before he picked it up, he looked at Kathryn still licking her lips and said, "How about lunch today Ms. Hart. There are still things I need to discuss with you."

Kathryn answered, "Okay. That would be nice."

Turning to Carol, he instructed her to make reservations at Le Chateau a fancy French restaurant. As he picked up the phone to talk to his bitchy wife, Carol and Kathryn walked out. Once outside Carol nastily said, "I don't know what went on in there, but he never takes an employee out. If you weren't quitting, I would suspect something is going on."

"Oh Carol you're jesting," Kathryn replied. "He's too old for me and there is nothing between us. You know I'm dating his nephew. That's all."

Kathryn walked back to her cubical and began working, although she wasn't doing anything too quickly. Her thoughts were on her luncheon date with Sinclair and not letting him have too much of her. She wasn't supposed to finally fuck him until Friday.


Back at the Manor, Trixie was just waking up. Vlad put her in a VIP two room bungalow, which has a coffee maker and micro wave. She was sleeping naked in the bedroom, when she smelled the aroma of coffee brewing. Looking around, she didn't know where she was. When she found her blouse, she began remembering the night before. She fell back down on the bed, put her hands over her face and began weeping.

Mumbling, "Oh no not again. I had sex with Tom, Dave and Vlad. Oh no! Kathryn was there too and we played with each other."

She continued lamenting on her disgrace of the night before, when she suddenly remembered walking through the office parking lot half naked. She cried, "This can't be happening again."

Just as she yelled that comment, Vlad walked in. Seeing her distress, he immediately said, "Does Trixie wants to play?" This time she immediately answered, "Yes she does."

Instantly Vlad gave her instructions. "You are a horny submissive slut. You will always have sex with whomever you are directed too no matter the circumstance or what they look like. You have an insatiable craving for sex that can never be fully satisfied. Your desire to be used as a sex slave overpowers any other desire or thoughts. You love being an exhibitionist and have guys desire you. You love showing off your body in public. Your being is now and forever to be controlled by me and my associates for our pleasure and you want to be control. Now wake up and stop whimpering about what is now happening to you. This is what you are living for. Nothing else matters except sex."

He counted to ten and she became alert. Looking at Vlad she stopped weeping and said, "What's happening to me Vlad? I hope you are going to fuck me again. I really need to feel you in me. I can't stop thinking about last night and how much fun it was worshiping your big Master cock. I want to taste your cum again. Please!"

After he dropped his pants, he went over to her kneeling on the bed. As he stood in front of her, she took his hardening cock in her hands and began rubbing his shaft to make him rock hard. When she put her mouth over it and began sucking on his head, he softly said, "I think you need to take all of him down your throat. Last night you couldn't do that. I'll be very disappointed if you don't."

With her hand on his shaft she moved her mouth off his cock. As she held it, she looked up at him and said, "I'll do better Master. I know I can do this. Please let me try again."

She placed her wide open mouth back over his hard rod and began bobbing up and down. Every time she went down on him, she took more of him in her mouth until she got about ¾ of his 9". Salvia was dripping down her chin onto his shaft as she tried to deep throat him without success. When she moved off of him, her spit was splattered all over his throbbing rod. She took a deep breath and asked how she was doing. He answered, "You almost have it Trixie. Let's try one more time and I'll help."

Looking up at him she answered, "Okay Master. You are so big but I know I can do this."

He smiled as she went back and started to suck on his member. As she was taking more into her mouth, Vlad took her head and pushed it all the way down, making her take all 9" down her throat. She gagged a little, but then swallowed his huge thing. Once she got the hang of swallowing every time it hit the back of her throat, he began pumping in and out of her mouth. She kept it wide open with salvia running down her chin, as he fucked her mouth like being in her vagina. It took some time, but he finally blasted his load down it and she swallowed all of it without spiting or gagging. When he pulled out, she closed her mouth and looked up at him with questioning eyes.

"You did very well this time Trixie," he uttered patting her head like she was a dog. "Good girl!"

Her eyes began twinkling in excitement. He gave her positive reinforcement to her oral skills that made her content. Leaning up on her knees she said, "I'm very happy to please you Master. But I hope you are still going to shove that big cock in me. I sure want to feel it."

She took in her hands and began rubbing to make him hard again. But instead of letting her, he pushed her hands off and said, "We'll have time for that later Trixie. But right now you need to eat and get ready for the rest of your training."

She was disappointed, but went into the other room and began devouring her meal. She didn't know she was that famished until she started to eat. When she finished, Vlad had her put on a short robe and walked her to the examination room. Boris was waiting for her, when she arrived. When he strapped her into the examination bench, it was like de- ja-vu all over again. She remembered this is where she planned her escape.

I see we have some unfinished business to attend with Trixie," Boris said. "Just relax and we'll have you out performing in no time."

With her hands tied over her head, a red ball in her mouth and her legs strapped down spread wide apart; she tried to say something but it came out all garbled. Boris then pricked her finger to draw blood. He gave it to the young lab tech who was watching Trixie. Boris saw that he had a bulge in his pants from seeing the spread eagle attractive women and said, "I'll make sure you get to fuck her too Henry. We are allowed to sample the specimens. But first you need to get me those results. We have to know if she is clean."

Henry smiled and answered, "Yes boss. I get it done right now." He quickly left the room.

Turning to Trixie he said, "It's just you and me now. This may be a little uncomfortable for you. But I have to make sure you are healthy enough to continue your training. So bear with me. You can scream if you want." Then he laughed, "But with the gag in your mouth, I don't think anyone can hear you."

Adjusting the table to where her ass was hanging over the edge, he positioned her legs wide apart and up her body. Then he inserted a tube up her anal cavity and turned on a clean soapy fluid. As it expanded her stomach, he put almost a gallon inside her rectum. When he pulled the tube out, he quickly stuck a long anal plug in. It plugged any leaks. Then he moved to her pussy.

"This may hurt a little Trixie, but I need to see your capabilities in cock size," Boris blurted.

He started with a 7" plastic thick dildo and pushed into her vagina. Pumping her for a few minutes, she began to respond favorably. Then he pulled it out and pushed in a thicker plastic 8" cock. She winced as it spread her opening apart. Again he pumped in and out until she responded positively. When he removed it, a slight popping sound was made. He told her that he had only a few more to go and pushed in a thick 9" cock as far as he could push it. She cringed in agony as he hit her cervix. Smiling he began to slowly pump her pussy in and out. It didn't take long until she began moving her hips in pleasure. This time he kept pumping her as he played with her clit, until she had a huge orgasm. When she did, Boris said, "That's it Trixie, enjoy your orgasm. You have reacted perfectly to the stimulus. Now I'm going to check inside you for any irritation."

He removed the plastic cock and took a speculum to spread open her vaginal hole. Once in place, he looked inside with a small lens and watched on his computer screen for any deformities or lesions. Once his inspection was over, he took a jar of vaginal tightening cream and rubbed a huge goop of it inside her. Afterwards he said, "You passed Trixie. Your pussy is in great shape and I added some cream to help with infections and to shrink you vagina walls. Guys like a tight fit and you are a little loose." He laughed afterwards.

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