tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 10

The Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 10


This chapter deals with Madison catching up to the timeline of the other girls. Kathryn, Trixie, Harmony and Geri becoming a submissive will continue in Chapter 11. Stay tuned.

Chapter 10, Madison

Tomas picked Madison up at her dorm for their date. She wasn't dressed like he hoped. Even though she wore a short black skirt, she had black tights underneath. Her top was long sleeve and loose fitting with a bra. He wanted her dressed slutty for her first time at a strip club, although she thought they were going for a quick drink, dinner and dancing. She had no idea that he planned for her to become a stripper this evening. Even so being a 5'9" tall long haired blond with D cup firm tits, small waist and propositional firm butt, she still looked very attractive.

"Hi gorgeous," he said. "You look really hot tonight. I know you'll win the dance contest."

She laughed and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek. Grabbing his arm, they started to walk to his car as she said, "Don't you mean we will win the dance contest." She still thought it was a couples contest.

Laughing he answered, "Yes I do, because they always pick the hot girl. And Madison you are definitely the hottest girl." She giggled and held his arm tighter thanking him for the nice compliment.

Instead of a fancy dinner, he took her to the local campus pub where students and frat guys hang out. They sat at a table in the middle of the room, when he went for food and drinks. After he ordered and got the beers, he quickly put the Juice K-99 drug in hers. Then he walked back to the table.

Two guys were standing in front of her talking. She was smiling and being flirty with them. As he got closer, he heard one say, "I hope you will come to the party Thursday and bring your cute dorm friends with you."

When they saw him, the guys quickly left. He sat down and gave the drug laced beer to her. She quickly took a big gulp, but then began sipping it. Showing him the flyer for the frat party she said, "They handed this to me for a party. I've planned to drive home on Friday and don't know if I want to do so with a hangover. But it would be nice to start spring break with a party. When I'm home, dad will be interrogating me like I'm some sort of criminal anyway. He can't seem to just leave work at work." Then she giggled.

Like a light bulb coming on in his head, he thought what a perfect distraction. He would drug her with another dose of Juice her fourth, take her to the party and let the frat boys fuck her. Afterwards, he would take her across the border to a whore house in Tijuana and let Hector have her and her room mates for a few days. When he rescued them, they would think he was their savior not knowing he was actually the culprit. It was going to be a great plan.

"Madison," he said. "You guys should go. I'll go too. We'll have one last fling before the break."

Taking another gulp of beer, she told him that would be fun.

Forty five minutes later, they were done eating. He had her finish her beer and she left to go to the restroom. He could tell by her eyes starting to glaze over that the drug was finally working in her system, as it took control of every cell in her body. He saw the frat guys still looking at sports on TV.

Walking over to them, he said, "So you guys having a party on Thursday. Can anyone go?"

The taller well-built guy named Devon said, "Not if you're a guy dude. We're just inviting girls. Now if you want to rush our frat then we could make an exception." He gave him a nasty chuckle.

Tomas laughed with them and answered, "What if I can guarantee you would be able to fuck Madison, how about then?"

They all laughed and another guy sarcastically said, "Yeah right! A few of us had dates with her the past year and she was fun, but it was hands off. She pulls that her dad is FBI and I didn't even get a kiss afterwards. So unless you have some sort of magic wand, I don't think that will happen."

Tomas laughed and replied, "If I get her to Dream Girls strip club tonight for the contest and she strips, would you believe me then?"

They didn't laugh this time with Devon answering, "Yeah dude. If I finally get to see those big tits, then by all means you can come to the party." Then another guy blurted, "You did say we get to fuck her. When will that happen?"

Tomas saw Madison coming out from the restroom, whispered, "Thursday at your party." He quickly walked away.

Taking Madison's hand, they walked back to his car. He opened the door, but stopped her before she got in. Plastering a big kiss on her lips, he wanted to see if the drug was active. She kissed him back. He knew she now would be vulnerable to some instructions. She had to want to go to the club and strip. It had to be her idea.

Once she was sitting in the car, she looked over at him with her eyes still in a haze. He asked, "Does Madison want to play tonight?"

He didn't have to wait long for her answer, "Yes I do."

Then he started voicing the directives. "You are a horny slut. As we drive by a strip club, you beg me to stop. You tell me how much you want to win the amateur strip contest. You tell me that it's always been a desire to strip for guys, but have been afraid to try it. But tonight you want too. You also see an adult store next to the club that you want to buy an outfit for the contest. You again beg me to help pick out an outfit."

He paused for a few minutes to let the directives sink in. He kissed her again and put his hand between her legs. As he rubbed her pussy over the tights, he continued his orders. "You are a horny slut tonight. You'll let any guy grope you and all those who want to fuck you pay for that privilege. You ask for $200 from each guy to fuck you. No less. After each time, you give me all the money and make me to hold it for you. This event will be your idea and you wouldn't remember this conversation." Then he woke her and started the car.

As they drove down the street toward the strip club, Madison was becoming super amorous. She kept bugging Tomas to rub her pussy again. She even pulled down the tights so he could get to her wet cunt. Tomas grinned as he enjoyed making Madison orgasmic. He slowly drove by the strip club. Suddenly Madison blurted, "Stop Tomas. Turn around! I want to go there instead of a dance club."

With an evil smirk he stopped and turned around. Parking in the lot close to the adult store, he said, "Are you sure Madison. You know that's a strip club. You'll have to take off your clothes in front of horny guys. Do you really want to do that?"

He didn't expect a long pause from her. But finally she answered, "Only if you buy me an appropriate outfit and want me too." With an expression of let me do this, she pointed to the adult store.

He walked around and opened the door. Her tights were around her ankles. Kicking off her shoes, she pulled off the tights. Barefoot she stood and grabbed Tomas arm. They sauntered toward the xxx rated shop. Once inside, a long haired creepy looking guy named Barry was sitting behind the counter reading a nude magazine. Looking up, he saw Tomas first and then Madison standing next to him. Her top showed little of her assets, but the skirt was short barely covering her cunt.

Standing up, he dropped the magazine and asked, "Can I help you guys." His eyes quickly scanned Madison's body undressing her in his mind.

Tomas spoke first, "I sure hope so. Madison wants to enter the contest next door tonight and was hoping you may have an outfit."

Already imagining her fucking him he answered, "I only have S&M type clothing. That may do. Let's see what you look like gorgeous and tell me your size."

She released Tomas's arm and stood away from him. He had her slowly turn around and then when she faced away from him, he had her bend forward. Her panty covered her cunt but he could see that it had a wet spot from Tomas rubbing her pussy in the middle of her panty.

He grinned and said, "Okay this way. I bet you'll take a small." He knew that would be too small of a size for the long legged tall blond.

They followed him to an area in the middle of the store where sexual paraphernalia were hanging on many racks. Looking around he found a small rack with different outfits. He rummaged through it and pulled out a shining vinyl skimpy outfit. Holding it up to Madison, he said, "This is all I got gorgeous. It should fit and do what you want. Let's try it on."

Handing it to her, she looked around for a dressing room. Barry chuckled, "There is no room doll. Just take off your clothes here and I'll help you with put it on."

She gave Tomas a dirty stare telling him to help. He snickered and said, "Hey Madison. This is your idea. He's not going to see anything the other guys won't be seeing later."

Giving out a sigh of agitation, she took off all of her clothes including her wet panty. Barry took a few minutes scanning her nakedness and blurted. "Honey, you are very attractive. Your body is fantastic. I'm sure you'll win. Come here and I'll get this thing on you."

Barry took the vinyl outfit out of the bag. It was a black bustier with wide straps up to the collar that snapped in the back of her neck. The straps had three thin silver chains dangling in front of her, attaching across to each strap. The main body had a V all the way down to the end past her belly button that was held together by leather laces. Being a small size, it only fit half way up on her D-cup tits and barely covered her nipples. The bottom had two garter belts to attach the fish net stocking. The vinyl panty was a thong embedded in her ass and was crotch less. If she spread her legs wide apart, the material would slip off her cunt lips and give view of her vagina. It was perfect for stripping. Once the skirt she brought was back on, she wasn't as naked. If she tightened the laces the material would stay over her tits. She was now ready for her performance. But to make sure Barry turned on some music and had her do a practice strip.

She was apprehensive at first, but then Tomas kissed her, pushed his hand under her skirt and rubbed her pussy wet again. Then he said, "You got this Madison."

As the guys watched her moving, some patrons who were looking at videos in the back came out to watch. When the song was over, she heard cheering and clapping behind her. She was surprised but instead of freaking out, she smiled and cupped her now exposed tits.

As Madison was getting her outfit back together again, Barry grabbed Tomas arm and pulled him away from her. "Hey dude, does she fuck too?"

"I hadn't planned on it," Tomas lied. He had hoped to get her to have sex but didn't know how, since the club wasn't total nude and had a policy of no sex.

"Well," Barry continued. "I have a room in back that the girls sometimes use after the club closes to make extra money. I usually get 25% of what they make for its use. But if you bring Madison back and let me fuck her first and last, I'll wave my fee and throw in the outfit. She has one hot body that I would enjoy exploring. So what do you say?"

Tomas didn't have to think too hard on agreeing. He knew by that time her pussy would be on fire begging for a hard cock. It was already hot to his touch. Not to look anxious on accepting, he thought he make him beg. "Well dude, that all sounds interesting. She is my girlfriend and I love her. Stripping is one thing, but having her fuck like a whore is another. I just don't know."

Barry really wanted to fuck her or was that needed to fuck such a hot tall attractive blond. He began begging, "Dude, you got to let me have her. I've never wanted to fuck a girl so bad. And you are telling me that she is wholesome. What will it take?"

Tomas knew he had him. Chuckling he answered, "Okay Barry. I'll bring her back but can't guarantee she'll fuck. Maybe if you give me 5 bills I'll get her drunk and see what happens. Will that do?"

Barry gave out a sigh of loathing, "Yeah I'll give you the money, but when I'm done with her, she'll have to fuck others too and I will get 33%. I need to make my money back. That's the deal."

Tomas laughed gave Barry his hand to shake on the deal. Then he grabbed Madison and off to the strip club next door.

It was a slow walk across the parking lot. Madison wasn't used to 6" platform heels. Once they got to the door, Tomas opened it for her. In the entry was a big black bouncer named Usher standing by the door and a young girl behind the counter.

They went up to her and Tomas said, "We are here for the amateur dance contest."

The scantly clothed girl named Reece looked at Madison and said, "I know you. You're in my accounting class." She took out a form and wrote, Madison's name down. Then she handed to her and said, "Read this over for the rules and sign the bottom. Give it back to me with the $100 fee. Its winner takes all and you are the sixth girl here tonight."

Madison didn't read it but just signed it. Tomas asked the girl for a blank form and she handed one to him with a yellow wrist band. Then Reese told her to put it on her left wrist and go inside and they will announce when they want all the girls.

Once inside of the dingy low lighted club, except the stage, they found a booth on the side of the short runway. A plump girl was already dancing and showing everyone her big tits. Other girls were asking to give lap dances. Once seated at a booth on the side of the stage, a cute but chubby girl wearing shorts and just a vest hiding her tits asked if they wanted a drink. Madison asked for a beer and Tomas got tequila. Tomas looked around and spotted other girls with wrist bands. Fifteen minutes later they announced for all of the contestants to center stage. The crowd cheered as the 6 girls made their way to the stage. Then he gave everyone the rules for the contest.

Each girl will draw a spot to dance, will shake their booty, and strip during a three song set. The girls can do anything except touch a patron or show her pussy. After songs are over she has to do request, which are lap dances and VIP room performance. Once all girls have performed, there will be an hour until they are back on stage for another 2 song session. Once all girls again dance, they will have the judging and announce the winner. Afterwards, the girls can stay and dance for more money or leave. If they leave before the judging, they lose all change to win contest.

While they were up on stage, the guy passed a hat with a number in it. Madison got number 5 as her position to dance. She went back to the booth with Tomas and said, "Oh my god Tomas. Am I really doing this? I'm going to need something stronger to drink." He handed her a shot of tequila.

One by one the girls got up on stage and danced through three songs striping off what little clothes they had on, but not taking off their panties or thongs. The first girl was a short chubby blond with big tits. She knew how to shake them at the guys sitting around the stage. Then a taller Hispanic chick with athletic built and smaller tits did her thing. After her, a taller brunette that wasn't very attractive went up and started stripping. She had the most clothes to take off. She also had the smallest tits, but had long shapely legs. When she crawled on all fours with her ass up was when she got the nastiest comments. Then a very attractive 5'4" red head went on stage. She was going to be Madison's competition. Her body was thin and her tits were a good C cup. Legs were nice and her face was very beautiful. Tomas thought he had found another girl for his San Diego collection. Now all he had to do is buy her a drink and dose her with the Juice drug.

While the red head was dancing the four guys from the pub came in. They say her stripping and went up to her. Devon blurted, "Hey Amber, you look fantastic on stage. Why didn't you tell us you were coming here tonight?"

She smiled at them and shook her boobs. Then she threw them a kiss, turned around, bent over and held her ankles. Her legs were snugly together as she wiggled her ass. The thong was buried tightly in her ass crack, but when she spread her legs apart, the crowd cheered and made more nasty comments looking at her wet cunt from under the sheer thong. As Amber continued her display, the guys looked around for Madison. It's why they came. They saw Tomas but no one was sitting next to him. Unbeknown to them, Madison was under the table giving Tomas a needed blow job. He came just when Amber's last song ended.

The Emcee announced Madison's name. When she heard it, she crawled out from under the booth with Tomas jism on her lips. He gave her a napkin to wipe it off. Then she sashayed to the stage where she began dancing to the next song. Wiggling her ass and strutting around the stage, she removed her short black skirt. She danced to the beat of the music with the crowd cheering to take it all off. When the song ended she was just untying her vinyl top. The second song started to play as she pulled the laces apart. Her boobs were finally uncovered to the delight of the men shouting obscenities. She loved all of the attention and was become very horny. With the Juice drug heating up her pussy, her mind was only on thoughts of pleasing guys. And in front of her were dozens of horny men. Pulling down her top, she exposed her D cup boobs to entertain the group. As she leaned forward to each guy seated around the stage to get a close up look at her tits, one guy went to touch them.

"No touching guys," the Emcee blurted. "She'll be available for lap dances and VIP room later."

As the third song was playing, Madison was on all fours crawling around the stage. She didn't know but every time she spread her legs apart, the material on her crouch-less panty would open up showing her wet pussy lips and cunt hole. The group quickly spotted the error and began chanting to keep her legs spread apart. More guys flooded the stage area to see the spectacle. The Emcee seeing her cunt exposed, quickly ended the song. She then proceeded to crawl around gathering her earnings. As she stood to leave, the group applauded her session. Then the last girl a tall light skinned African American girl went up.

Madison went back to the booth where Tomas was sitting. To her dismay Amber was sitting there drinking a Juice laced Martini. Tomas managed to put some in her drink without her knowledge. The three of them chatted with Amber complimenting her on her talent. Madison returned the favor. They had Tomas in between them rubbing his chest, while making nasty comments about his cock. They giggled, as they groped Tomas. Finally he blurted, "Now girls. There's enough of me to treat both of you like the sluts you are. We'll all get together after the show."

With the Juice controlling her thoughts and her pussy dripping for cock Madison was the first to speak. "You better. You promised that I would have lots of fun tonight."

Amber quickly added, "You said the same to me."

Tomas laughed and replied, "But aren't you two having fun? It sure looks that way to me. I can guarantee that both of you will be completely satisfied by the time the sun comes up."

As he said that, he had both hands in between the girls' legs rubbing their cunts. Madison's was already drenched and over the edge to feel a cock buried deep inside her. Amber's was just beginning to heat up. He knew both would be fucked a lot. Just then the Emcee made an announcement.

"Now's the time you guys get to have up close encounters with these six girls. While our regular girls dance for you, the amateurs will be giving lap dances for $10 a song and VIP room private dances for $30 a song. Remember there is no sex. Please behave in that regard." It was his normal disclaimer to protect his club. It's always been up to the girls, especially in the VIP rooms.

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