tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 11

The Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 11


Chapter 11, Kathryn is Openly Exploited

In previous chapters, Katy was transformed from a good girl with little sexual experience into the sex slave named Kathryn. With the use of a special mind and behavioral altering K99 drug that they called Juice, she willingly became a sexually addictive woman. Because of her new whorish behavior, her boyfriend David left her. This allowed the Russians to subjugate her into every type of sexual exploitation possible. Because of her sudden enthusiastic obsession for sex, David asked his FBI friend Tom to start an unauthorized investigation into Katy's sudden change. They found traces of a substance in her apartment that a lab tech Samantha explained the effects of the K99 drug and what it does to the victim. Unfortunately for Sam, she also became under the drugs influence. Afterwards, the Russians changed her name to Trixie and had her display her body in the FBI parking lot to get her suspended.

Mikhail, the boss of the whole operation, already had Tom's wife as a one of his owned slaves for a few years. He was working on getting Tom's daughters, Madison a 21 year old tall slim hot blonde and Zoey a gorgeous 18 year old high school senior, as sex slaves; but made a deal with Tom to leave them alone, if he cooperated with supplying FBI information. Madison was away in college where Mikhail's had his nephew Tomas start her transformation at her location. Later he was ordered not to continue on Madison because of the deal he made with Tom. Tomas having already put in weeks of prep, decided to ignore his uncle and continue developing Madison by drugging her. With the influence of K99 she stripped and had sex with many guys at a strip club. Then he took her and two other girls to Mexico to work in a whore house as a means of degradation to insure their transformation. In the meantime, Kathryn, Geri, a new girl Harmony went drinking at the Russian owned night club Shames to celebrate Kathryn's last day at her old job. That is where we left off. More detailed information is in the previous 10 chapters.


Vlad was waiting for Kathryn to come out of the restroom at Shames. The other girls were still in the booth sipping their K99 drug laced drinks. Kathryn already finished her 6th dose and Sinclair was waiting to take her back to her place. When she came out Vlad said, "Does Kathryn wants to play?" A phrase he uses to put her into a trance with the proper answer.

Grinning she came up to him and excitedly answered, "Yes she does!" Immediately she was in a daze waiting for instructions.

He proceeded to give her directives. "Kathryn you are a horny slut. You're hornier than ever before and need to have lots of sex. Your appetite is insatiable. You take Sinclair back to your place and once he's finished with you, you plead for him to send other guys over. You want each guy to pay $100 for fucking you. You tell Sinclair that this is your new profession and hope he will keep you busy in the future. You will enjoy every guy until he is spent, beg for more, and have many orgasms. When I wake you up, you won't remember this conversation and all directives will become your ideas."

She woke still grinning not realizing she was under a hypnotic stupor. She put her arms around Vlad's neck and kissed him. When they broke she sensually said, "Thanks for letting me seduce Sinclair. I'm really horny too." She kissed him again.

Vlad pushed her back smiled and answered, "You're welcome beautiful. Have fun and I'll see you tomorrow for the filming.

Giggling, "Gee, I forgot all about it. I can't wait to become a star and I hope I perform to your expectations."

He chuckled, "I know you will gorgeous. It will be like a month ago when you started with us. That Saturday night coming out party was streamed live for all to see. You performed fantastically and we are still getting hits from guys viewing you having sex with those guys."

Kathryn snickered and said, "Really guys are still watching that video?"

"You bet they are", Vlad answered back. "And they are jerking off seeing such a hot red head in such a state of bliss. You should be proud of yourself for making so many men horny. And tomorrow Mikhail has you starting off on your career. He had an adult cable station as sponsors in making of a new series called Hookers. You are the star in it."

His compliments gave her such a rush of exhilaration, knowing that men were still getting excited thinking of her. She kissed him again and without a word, they walked back to the booth. Sinclair, a late forty year old balding average guy, was waiting chatting with Geri and Harmony. When Kathryn showed up, he looked at her naughty outfit. She had on a short red skirt, black stockings and sheer black blouse with the top two buttons undone. Without a bra her nipples and firm breasts were visible from under the material. Smiling at him she grabbed his hand and said, "Can you take me back to the office boss. I forgot some of my stuff."

That was the line she agreed to use, when she was ready to leave. He smiled and scolded her for leaving it there and then said, "Gee Katy, I wasn't planning on going back, but if I must let's go now. I have to get home."

She snickered knowing that he meant her home as he got up. They walk hand and hand to his car. Once in his car, he turned to her and said, "I thought you would never want to leave. It's almost 7:30." Then with lust in his eyes he muttered, "You are so beautiful Katy, I can't wait to see those luscious tits without anything hiding them."

Smiling, she slowly began unbuttoning the rest of her blouse. When finished she pulled the material off her D cup firm bosom and began playing with them. As she did she sensually said, "You mean like this handsome. I hope you like what you see."

Reaching for them, she moved her hands so he could finally get to feel her breast. In a minute, he had his mouth over one of them. As he was playing with her nipples, Vlad was walking Harmony out to the black van parked in the back. He walked right by Sinclair's car looked in and saw what was happening. Kathryn saw Vlad tightly holding Harmony's waist. She became a little jealous remembering he held her the same way a month ago when walking in the rain. Suddenly the heat in her lions became dominate. She knew that sex always helped. No longer did she care what Vlad was doing, she needed to feel Sinclair in her pussy.

Moving Sinclair's head up she sensually said, "Don't you think we should get back to my place. I can't wait to finally feel your big cock in me." He quickly started the car and left.

They had to park a few houses from Kathryn's cottage. As they walked hand and hand, the wind blew her unbuttoned blouse open exposing her tits. When they arrived at her place, the cottage across from hers had a 70 year old neighbor sitting on his porch reading. He saw her approaching and the lighting allowed him to partially see her uncovered tits. He pretended not to look.

As she stopped at the door and fumbled for her keys, he blurted, "Hi Katy! It looks like a nice night."

She turned and forgot that her blouse exposed her bosom answered, "Hi Tim. It is a very nice night."

He smiled and now clearly seeing her tits under her porch light asked, "Will you have fun neighbor, but I'm curious. Have you changed professions?"

Looking confused she asked, "What do you mean?"

Chuckling he answered, "Well sweetie, I've seen lots of guys coming in and out of your place for a few weeks now. I was just wondering if you are now making your money on your back." Before she could answer, he continued. "It's okay if you are. I would love to be a neighbor you could count on, if you get in over your head. The lady that was renting before you did the same thing. I helped her deal with a few bad experiences and I know the right people so I can do the same for you. Oh and your tits are fantastic looking."

She smiled and looked down at her open blouse. She quickly closed it and answered, "That's nice of you. Can we talk later about this?"

"Oh I'm sorry," he said. Laughing, "I see that you're busy right now. Sure come over when you get a chance."

Once the door opened, she grabbed Sinclair's hand and walked in. She plastered a kiss on him and said, "I sorry about my nosy neighbor."

Sinclair laughed and answered, "That's okay Katy. He seems to be concerned about you." Then he kissed her again.

When they broke for air and in a sultry tone she said, "Please call me Kathryn. Katy no longer is around."

She grabbed his hand and took him to the bedroom. Standing in front of each other, he took her blouse off. Then he told her to take off her skirt. She quickly did as he began taking off his cloths. Putting her arms around his neck, she kissed him again. When they broke, he pushed her down on the bed. There he stood with his jockey shorts and socks on, looking at a naked Kathryn except for a black thong and heels. He took his phone out from his jacket and pointed at her.

"Smile", he yelled.

He proceeded to take a few more photos of her and then had her take off the thong. Positioning her to sit on the edge of the bed with her legs spread wide apart, her hands were between her legs hiding her pussy. After taking a few more photos, he had her keep the legs apart and put her hands in her hair. As he snapped more photos of her posing, his cock became rock hard.

Noticing his big bulge in his shorts, Kathryn sensually said, "Why don't you take off your underwear, stop shooting photos and come over here and fuck me?" The effects of the drug was making the heat in her pussy unbearable.

Quickly he jumped on the bed next to her and gave her a kiss. In a moment he was on top of her, guiding his cock into her drenched hot cunt. She moaned as he pushed all 8" into her wanting hole.

"Oh god you feel so good. Oh yes! Finally you are going to fuck me. Yes! Oh yes!" Kathryn moaned.

He didn't say a word, but began speedily pumping in and out of her. It was only a few minutes until he blew his load inside her pulsating opening. Feeling him cum so quickly she said, "Please don't stop fucking me. I bet you'll stay hard if you continue."

Being embarrassed, he took her legs pushed them up her body, and slowly kept thrusting in and out of her hole. In a few minutes he began getting rock hard again. Then he sped up his ravishing making Kathryn moan in pure delights. There were no coherent thoughts only that of pure lust, as he pounded her flesh into two orgasms back to back. When he finally blasted her cervix with cum ten minutes later, he shouted. "Damn Kathryn you are a fantastic fuck. Since you're no longer working for me, I would love to make this a weekly encounter?"

As he shrunk and fell out of her pussy, she answered, "Sure darling. Love to feel you in me. But you'll have to pay like everyone else."

He stood, looked down on her open hole leaking his seed and answered, "So your neighbor was right. This is going to be your new profession and why you quit!"

She sat up, hanging her closed legs over the edge of the bed, she giggled. "Yes it is. And I'm really excited about meeting lots of horny guys. I'm even going to become a star in the movies. I start that tomorrow night. It's going to be so much fun. You aren't angry with me are you Sinclair?"

He looked at her and thought how beautiful she was. But was disappointed that being only 24 and had everything to look forward too, that she has choose instead to dump his nephew David and become a prostitute. Walking up to her, he pushed her legs apart and saw his seed dripping out of her open cunt.

Nastily he said, "Well then Kathryn. As a whore you wouldn't mind this."

Taking two fingers, he pushed them inside her cunt and scooped up his sperm. Telling her to open her mouth, he proceeded to stick his fingers in and had her suck his cum off. Then he did it again and again until all of his sperm was swallowed by Kathryn.

Afterwards, Kathryn licked her lips and said, "Oh my! That was very tasty. I love it when a guy does that."

As he started to get dress, Kathryn blurted, "Where do you think you're going? I was hoping you be able to stay longer even all night. But If must go, maybe you could call a friend. I'm still really horny and need more loving. I'll only charge a $100; if you have others come over too."

Vlad's directives were coming to fruition. Not only has the past command to love the taste of sperm, but the new ones. As she continued to beg Sinclair not to go or get some friends over, he suddenly had a great idea. Taking his phone he called Bill.

Bill is his older brother and Kathryn's ex-boyfriend dad. He was going to be Katy's father in law until the break up. But knowing that they discussed naughty sex about her during family functions, Sinclair knew Bill would be a perfect choice. Just turning 50 this year and having his wife leave him, Sinclair thought he would be happy to finally fulfill his fantasy and was probably really in need. If she was now a whore, he figured that Bill could get some of his employees over too. He owned a trucking company and had plenty of staff to choose from.

"Hi Bro," Sinclair started after Bill answered the phone. "I have a situation here and wondered if you can help me out. It will deal with fucking a very attractive red head whore and only for a hundred. I thought that after Helga left, you could use some action." He waited for a reply. "Yeah; you bet and right now!" He paused for an answer. "Okay you won't be disappointed and you can even bring a few of your truckers. She loves to fuck them too!" After a few more minutes discussing her looks and the fee, he gave Kathryn's address then hung up.

Turning to Kathryn he snickered and said, "You're in luck. I got a guy coming over, but won't be here for about 30 minutes. Maybe you should go clean up before he gets here. You should be fresh for him. Also put on sexy lingerie showing a lot of flesh. He likes to see a woman with cloths on before he fucks her."

Pouting Kathryn replied, "Okay! But I thought I was going to have more fun with you. You seem angry with me and all I wanted to do was to make you happy. But thank you for getting another guy over."

Sinclair walked up to her, pulled her off the bed and kissed her. Looking down at her luscious body he softly said, "No I'm not angry at all Kathryn. What's going to happen is the guy will be over and fuck you as I film it. Then I'm going to fuck you again, as he films it. It will be like an audition for your new career. Then I'll leave you for him the rest of the night. I just had to accept that you're now a whore. I've never thought of you like that. Now that I have, I know what you want and will be happy to help you out in the future. I hope I can come over from time to time and enjoy you too."

Smiling, she held him and laid her head on his shoulder. Looking up at him with her eyes twinkling and her pussy becoming hot again, she said. "Thanks for understanding. I do my best to make your friend happy." Then she giggled and said, "You better come over often and let me enjoy that very nice big cock of yours."

After cleaning up, Kathryn was sitting on her bed dressed in a short fish net, spaghetti strap, black top with fish net stocking and garter. The fish net barely covered her breast with her nipples bursting through the net. Since the top only came down to her belly button, she decided to put on a thin thong to partially cover her pussy. She sat fidgeting waiting for this new guy to come. It's been over 30 minutes and her pussy was on fire begging for a cock. She knew from past experiences that when her pussy got this hot, only a big cock buried inside her could quench the heat.

Sinclair came in and saw her crossed leg wiggling. He had her stand up. He immediately became hard, looking at her dressed like a cheap harlot. He even had her bend over so he could see the thong buried deep in her ass crack.

Chuckling he said, "Now that's the perfect look for Bill. I'm sure he'll want you as soon as he sees you."

Just as she was going to answer, there was a knock at the door.

Sinclair blurted, "Ah, there he is. Why don't you go answer it? You may even know him." He snickered after he said it.

Eagerly she went to the door. When she opened it, she was shocked to see who it was. Suddenly she remembered, Sinclair saying his name a few times, but didn't make the connection until this moment. What was she supposed to do, seeing her ex-boyfriend dad standing in front of her? Immediately, she back away from the door and tried to cover her breast. Bill walked in and looked at the barely clothed Kathryn. He turned her around, slapped her ass and chuckled.

Pulling her hands away from her bosom he said, "Well Katy, I like the new look. When my bro gave me the address, I knew it was you. You are very stunning dressed like a slut. David said he broke up with you because you fucked another guy. I guess he was right calling you a whore. You have such a perfect body for whoring, but I never thought you would. So who do I give the hundred too?" Sinclair was watching and told him to put the money under the night stand, but her name is now Kathryn for whoring purposes.

Walking into the bedroom, he saw a hundred already under the lamp. He took his out and placed it on top. Kathryn wasn't following them, until Sinclair yelled for her to come in. She still was dumbfounded that Bill was here for sex. But with her craving for any cock, she walked in the bedroom. Looking at Bill with his pants already down, she stood in front of him. His lusty grin told her everything she needed to know. He wanted her. She sat on the bed and took off her thong.

With her legs closed she sensually said, "Please don't tell David about me. I can't control my sexual urges any more. I want it all the time. It's like an overpowering compulsion and I can't stop this craving. I beg you not to tell him."

Sinclair laughed and answered, "Don't worry we won't have to say a word. The pictures and video we are making of you fucking us will say it all. Won't it Bill?"

Sinclair had his phone camera out and began videoing. Bill told Kathryn to open her legs. She did. He chuckled at how wet her cunt looked. Then he stood closer to her and pushed his cock to her mouth. Sinclair told her to open it and start sucking Bill. As she did, he told Bill that she gives great head and that she had been sucking him off all week. He also told him to blow his load in her mouth, so he could video his white cream being dumped in.

As Bill was getting the best blow job he's ever had, he groaned, "Well Katy, oh I mean Kathryn! If I knew you like giving head, you could have giving this to me on my 50th birthday a few months ago. That would have been such a great present."

She looked up at him with his small 5" cock in her mouth. Pulling it out she answered, "I wasn't this way then."

Laughing he looked at Sinclair and he shrugged his shoulders. In between his groans he whispered, "Well thank god you are now. I'm sure you'll get a lot of action dressed like a slut."

She kept bobbing her head off and on his cock hoping to get him to cum. Her pussy was at the point needing to be impaled with his meat, when suddenly he reached down and began playing with her clit. She moved her pussy closer so he could finger inside her and he did by pushing two fingers into her hot wet snatch. When he did, she gave out a sigh of relief. A few minutes later he pushed her head off him and began shooting his spunk toward her mouth. Most went in, but what didn't gobbed on her cheek and chin. Then she continued sucking on him to keep him hard. It wasn't long before he was ready to go again.

Sinclair had Bill lie on his back. Kathryn straddled over him, needing him in her pussy in the worst way. But Sinclair wanted the entry shot. He had her bend forward hold his cock as she sat down on it. He was behind her shooting a close up of him going into her soaked cunt. Then she began riding and grinding on him. A minute later Sinclair went to her front and had her get off him. Then he videoed her sitting down on him again, until he was deep inside her. Being small, he did relieve some of her heat, like being finger banged earlier. But she really needed a big cock like Sinclair's to completely quench her thirst. As she kept riding him, he pulled up her top off her dangling breast. Then he played with them, exciting her nipples. After a while, Sinclair had her turn reverse cow girl. He got great video of her riding him. Suddenly, Bill pushed her on all fours and began his nonstop speedy fucking of her hot snatch. It wasn't long until he began his second explosion of seed. When she felt him squirting, she pushed back on his cock.

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