tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 12

The Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 12


Bill was back at his house checking the videos and photos of Katy being the whore Kathryn with the truckers taking turns fucking every orifice. After he transferred the footage to his computer from his phone, he began playing the scenes. What astounded him was how wanting Kathryn had become. He remembered her blushing at any sex talk. And now she was begging for another hard cock. Something was wrong with her, but he didn't know what. As the video played and he listened to her moans of pleasure, he fell asleep. He didn't even notice the text that David had sent him.

"Dad that is Katy and it looks like your clerk Buster is fucking her. Where did you get that photo and whose cock is she holding? We need to talk. She isn't being herself any more. I'll explain tomorrow. Call me!"


Vlad was happy seeing Kathryn in Sinclair's car with him playing with her tits. But now wasn't the time to gloat. He knew she has become a permanent sex slave with no cure. His new attention was on Harmony and getting her processed. Harmony seemed to be captured by the drugs power for being the first time, even quicker than Kathryn. That usually meant that she was already promiscuous or wanted to be in her fantasies. Once he got her in the van, he started the transformation process as he did with Kathryn and dozens of other girls.

Harmony was a very attractive tall voluptuous 21 year old girl. Her curves were all in the right places. Once she took the bra off at the club, her D+ firm tits had a hard time staying under the yellow printed fabric of her halter top dress. She has a flat stomach and her ass wasn't huge, making her tits the dominate feature. With long athletic legs she was a perfect female specimen to be absorbed into the slavery. Even her voice was sweet, sensual and easy to listen too. Being able to get her converted into an eager agreeable whore, was now Vlad's top priority.

As they sat on the floor of the van, Vlad kissed the unsuspecting girl. The drug had completely overpowered her thoughts and the kiss ignited the flame in her pussy. It wouldn't be long before she would beg Vlad to fuck her. He moved her to the back of the van and onto the mattress lying on the floor. She giggled when he pushed her down on it. They kissed again. His hand moved her legs apart and began rubbing up her thigh. She kissed Vlad more passionately as he reached her pussy. When he did, he was disappointed that she had on panty hose. But he still plunged his fingers over her twat and she began to slowly move her hips. She stopped kissing him and sighed with the heat that was now radiating between her legs. She never had felt such a need for sex.

Looking into his eyes she sensually said, "Oh my god! What's happening to me? I want you so bad, but you're Katy's boyfriend. What would she think of me?"

Vlad smiled and softly answered, "Don't worry about that. I gave her permission to make love to Sinclair and she said it was okay for me to have fun with you, that is, if you want me too."

She immediately kissed him and said, "Oh yes! I want you too. I want to feel you deep inside me."

Untying the straps holding her top around her neck, he pulled the dress off her bountiful breast. They were firm and not saggy like some big breasted women were. As she lifted her butt up, he pulled it down and took it off. Once he removed the heels, he went to her waist and began pulling down the panty hose. Throwing them to the side, he knelt next to her and gently spread her legs apart. He stared at her white sheer panty that was wet with her love juices.

Smiling, he softly said, "You have such an attractive body Harmony. There is nothing better in life than seeing an attractive sexy woman naked ready for loving."

She grinned and in a sultry tone answered, "Then you better hurry up and love me. I'm really hot for you."

He quickly undressed. Once naked his rock hard 9" cock stood straight up. She moved over and without any coaxing began sucking on his helmet. Swirling her tongue around and sucking it down her throat, gave Vlad a huge thrill. She was already good at giving head. Then when he took her panty off and seeing a completely shaved vagina, he knew that she was not an innocent girl. Instead, she was experienced and probably be ready for whoring immediately after Saturday's inspection and brainwashing. He pushed her down on her back and without saying a word she spread her legs wide apart. Motioning him to her, she took his throbbing member and placed it at her pussy entrance.

Then she whispered, "Oh Vlad, just fuck me; I want it so bad!"

He moved over her leaning up on his hands, his face was above hers and was looking into her twinkling eyes. Slowly he began pushing his huge member into her wanting box. Their eyes were locked onto each other's as he began pumping her love tunnel. With her mouth open she began to moan and sigh with pleasure. Then he kissed her. She passionately kissed him back. When he moved up to look at her beautiful facial expression, she now had her eyes closed and softly whispered. "Oh Fuck. You feel incredible. Yes! Yes! Fuck me Vlad. I want you more than anything!"

He moved to kneel off her and push her long legs up her body. Then he continued ramming into her wanting box for another ten minutes. As he did, she continued verbalizing how much she was enjoying his cock and had an orgasm. She told him that most guys never gave her one. Just as he was about to explode, he stopped and pulled out. He had her turn on all fours and pushed his throbbing cock back into her drenched cunt. Holding her hips, he began thrusting hard into her stretched hole. As he did, he spanked her ass. She yelped but not with pain, it was pure pleasure that he was creating with each hard slap. She came with another orgasm. Sometime later, he began shooting his seed into her drenched cunt.

As he did he said, "I hope you are on birth control." She moaned for him not to worry because she had been on the pill for years.

When he pulled out he answered, "Well that's good to know. I'm going to enjoy cumming in you all night. But first let's get to my place where we can be more comfortable."

She turned on her ass, sat up and answered, "Okay! I'll like that."

Taking out a pair of head phones, he told her to just relax and listen to some music while he drove there. She put them on and giggled. He turned on the subliminal music to start brainwashing her mind. Then he drove them to the Manor. Her next stop was a night of passion with not only him, but some of the security guys. He wanted to see if she would fuck anyone. If she did, it would be a night that she would never forget.


Alex got Geri into his small transit cargo van. They sat in the back on a pad, as he began kissing her. With the K99 drug affecting her mind she began to passionately kiss him back. As they kissed, he unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Sitting up and without coaxing, she unhooked her bra and let it fall to her lap. Looking at her huge breast with large areole and erect nipples, he immediately buried his head in them. She moaned in pleasure. Then he reached down and began unzipping her pants.

When he went to pull the pants off; she moaned, "Please don't! I'm engaged. I don't want to cheat on him. Damn! But I want you!"

Alex laughed and said, "You're not married yet, so it's not cheating but only having a fun time. What he doesn't know wouldn't hurt him. And gorgeous I know you want me. Just relax and enjoy it."

He continued pulling the pants off her and she helped by raising her hips up. Once they were off, he knelt between her legs forcing them apart. Then he pushed two fingers under her panty and rubbed her hot vulva and clit. She began moving her hips in pleasure as he pushed one then two fingers inside her cunt.

As he did she sensually said, "Promise me he'll never find out. Damn you feel so good fingering me. I do want you. I'm really horny! Damn, you're going to make love to me aren't you?"

He immediately pulled her panty down. Looking at her full bush covering her cunt, he chuckled. "No Geri, I'm going to fuck you a lot tonight. Making love is for your boyfriend. You're here with me and I only fuck hot slutty women like you. Now don't lie about being a good girl. Only a horny slutty girl would come back to my van without much persuasion. But first I need to see what I'm fucking. I need to trim that bush of yours. So don't move."

He went to the center glove box and took a pair of scissors. He told her to open her legs farther. As he finished trimming the hair off her pussy he said, "Now that so much better. I love looking a hot cunt wet for fucking."

Then he fingered her pussy again and pushed three up her tight hole. Having sex with only three men before, she groaned as he stretched her vagina out. Taking his fingers out, he went to her mouth and told her to suck them. She reluctantly opened her mouth and licked her fluids off. As she did he blurted, "I bet you never tasted your own juices before. I hope you like the taste."

As he quickly took down his pants she answered, "It was okay."

Alex laughed and rubbed his cock hard. When he pushed her legs farther apart and knelt in between them, he said, "Well you'll get used to it and before long you're be sucking on my cock and swallowing cum too."

She sat up, shook her head no and told him no way. But when he pushed his 8" rod into her wanting hot hole, she just sighed in pure lust. He thrust deep into her pussy with one hard push. Then he removed his cock and did it again and again. She yelped the first time because he was the biggest cock she ever had in her. But the second and third time she just signed in relief from the heat that was in her pussy.

For the next 30 minutes he took her in different positions. When she was on top riding him like she was in heat, she had two orgasms. That made three so far for the night. Then he pushed her off and had her turn on all fours. She moaned something about not liking that position because it made her feel cheap. Alex laughed and pushed her over anyway. Then he slapped her ass and told her to get up on her hands and knees. Reluctantly she did move. Slapping her ass again, he had her raise it up. Then he went behind her and plunged back into her gaping wet hole.

As he did she whined, "Please not so rough Alex. You're making me feel like a depraved woman and I'm not. Please be nice!"

Alex laughed and replied, "But Sweetie isn't that what you really want and have been missing in your boring life. Being a slut isn't all bad and I bet you'll make a great little slut. I'll prove it to you. I'm going to stop fucking you. I want you to begin fucking me by moving back and forth on my cock."

She didn't move for a minute. When he slapped her ass, she started to move on and off him. As she did, her moans of pleasure became louder and a few minutes later she had her fourth orgasm. When she finished shaking, he grabbed her hips and began to roughly ravish her cunt. Soon they were both moving together in harmonious union of lust. It wasn't long that he reached under her and grabbed a hold of her jiggling soft tits. Then he blew his huge load deep inside.

As he did he blurted, "That's it my hot slut. Push back on me as I dump my seed deep inside you. Now hold steady. I'm almost done."

When he finished unloading his huge load of semen, he pulled out with some of his cream leaking down her cunt. He gave her one harder slap on her ass. As he did, she fell on her stomach exhausted but happily satisfied. She had never had sex like that before and being spanked during it, gave her a sensation of pleasure that she had never felt before. She now knew what being fucked felt like. As she lay there, he went over to her and kissed her cheek.

Turning on her side and looking up at him with her eyes twinkling, he asked, "Well did you like being fucked or do you still prefer making love. You should know that you are one great hot fucking slut."

She was confused. Her boyfriend was slow and gentle but rarely did she have such wonderful orgasms. And being spanked for the first time, had just added to her satisfaction. Not knowing any better from being drugged, she thought the heat in her pussy was from her desire for naughty sex. With all of that running through her fogged mind she sensually answered, "Maybe you are right. I liked being fucked like some dirty slut. I've never have felt such amazing climaxes in my life. Maybe it is what I've been missing." Then she whined, "But please don't tell my boyfriend. He wouldn't understand."

Snickering Alex responded, "Well than my sexy slut. Why don't we go back to my place and continue giving you more climaxes? I bet by the time we get there, you'll be more than ready to be fucked again. If not, I'll take you home. Is that a deal?" He knew the heat in her cunt will be burning for more sex.

Geri sat up and with his cum now dripping out of her pussy sensually responded, "Okay! That sounds fair. But should I clean up first?"

Alex threw her a towel and she dumped his load into it. Then he went over to her and had her put on some ear phones. He told her it would be soothing listening to music as they drove to his place, and she could just lay back and rest. Giggling she put them on. After she did, Alex turned on the soft classical music that was full of subliminal directives. He knew that 30 minutes of listening to the music she would be open for more sexual conditioning.

As he pulled into the drive way and parked in the back, her mind was a blank slate and open for suggestions. Removing the ear phones, he whispered, "You're a cheap horny slut wanting to be taken. You will do anything I ask you too. You're my submissive and I'm your Master. If you agree, say Yes Master."

He waited hoping that her mind was now vulnerable enough to obey his order. When she didn't immediately say anything, he kissed her and put his fingers on her clit. She passionate kissed him back. As they smooched, she began moving her hips wanting sex.

As he rubbed her cunt, he again whispered the same commands but added, "Geri you don't have a choice. Your body is begging for your compliance. Being a submissive slut is what you need. Just say Yes Master." He pushed his fingers into her wet pussy.

Suddenly she squealed, "Yes Master. Oh Yes Master. Please take me. Oh yes Master. I want you to fuck me again and again. Oh yes please!"

He smiled, pushed two fingers deep inside her cunt and began finger banging her. She responded by moving her hips and moaning in ecstasy. She had never felt the need to be fucked like this before. Her mind only had pure lust in her thoughts.

Grabbing his hand she pushed it harder into her pussy and moaned, "Yes Master. I want you. Oh yes Master. Take me. I'm your horny slut Master."

Alex chuckled and removed his fingers. He knew she had lost all control. Now all he had to do was get her into the house and begin her submissive training. He quickly got out of the van, went to her side, and opened the door. He took her hand and walked her to the back door. Being naked with her pussy on fire for a cock, he took her to the bed. Geri couldn't hold back any longer. She was begging him to fuck her like before. He made her turn on all fours and began ravishing his prey. He kept her on all fours during the whole 10 minutes of fucking. He kept slapping her ass and telling her that she was a cheap slut. That she should be thankful by finding out her true self before she got married. Then he blew his load deep inside her pulsating hole. When he finished, she laid on the bed moving her hips still wanting more sex.

Looking down at her he said, "I see the slut still wants more. I have just the thing for you."

She moaned, "I don't know what's wrong with me. I want you to fuck me. I've never been so turned on. I want you Alex."

Alex laughed and told her that he would be right back. In a few minutes he came in with some rope and a silver collar. He went up to her and whispered, "Okay slut, this is what we are going to do. I'm going to place this metal collar around your neck, tie your hands together and take you into my play room. It will be the start of your training."

Confused she looked up at him and cried, "What training! It was supposed be only for tonight. What are you going to do to me?"

Taking her ankles, he dragged her down the bed. She began to squirm, but her pussy was becoming hot again and unbearable. She stopped squirming and sensually asked, "Are you going to fuck me again. I'm so hot for sex. I'll do what you want, if you fuck me some more."

Afterwards, she thought, "Why did I say that? I'm not that way but I'm so horny. Oh My God! What's wrong with me? I must want to be trained!"

When Alex took his hand and placed it on her wet cunt, he put one finger inside her. As he did, she moaned, "That feels so good. Damn, please fuck me again!"

He removed his fingers and ordered her to sit up. The he went behind her and attached the quarter inch silver collar around her neck. When he electronically locked it in place, he said, "If you are a good little slut, I'll reward you. But if you fight me, then you'll be punished. Here is just one type of punishment. There are much worst types."

Taking out a small remote, he pushed a red button and the collar zapped her neck with an electric shock. She squealed until he released the button. Afterwards he nastily said, "So slut, do you want to behave and be a good obedient slut or misbehave and get punished?"

She had tears running down her cheeks as she whimpered, "A good girl."

Zapping her neck again, he blurted, "You will call me Master after every question. Your new name is Slut. I'll ask again, which do you want to be?"

Sobbing she answered, "I want to be an obedient slut, Master."

Alex laughed and told her to give him her hands. She pushed them toward him. He tied them together with a rope. Taking the rope in hand, he lifted her off the bed. As they walked out of the bedroom, down the hall and to a narrow stair case, he stopped to turn on the lights. Then he pulled her down the stairs into a basement.

Looking around, she noticed it was like a dungeon. There were chains on the wall, benches, a chair with a hole in the middle, a large cage and other torture items that she didn't know what they were. She could smell a weird musky odor and felt terrified. Her heart was speedily pounding not know what was about to happen to her, although her pussy was still on fire wanting sex. Her body quivered in contradiction.

He pulled her over to a bench with stirrups at the end that looked like a medical examination table. He had her sit on the edge and lay back. Then he took each leg and strapped them into the stirrups. Her knees were bent in the holder, as he spread them wide apart. Pulling her ass to the edge of the bench, he began rubbing her sizzling cunt. Once he pushed two fingers inside her pussy, everything else that she was thinking disappeared. Only the relief in her pussy mattered. She began moaning in pleasure and lay back down. He immediately went over to her and pulled her back up. Now in the light he looked at her DD breast with large areole and erect nipples.

"Those tits of yours are really nice Slut," he blurted. "But I think they need something. But for now, I'm going to let you enjoy some relief and fuck you some more. Would you like that Slut?"

Sighing she said, "Oh yes Master. I want you to fuck me Master." Alex laughed.

But instead of doing the deed himself, he brought over a machine with a 7" dildo attached. He placed it at her open hole and pushed it in. She moaned in pleasure as he turned the thing on. As it went slowly in and out of her wanting hole, he moved over her. Taking her hands, he tied them over her head onto a lever. He placed a round 4" pad under her upper back and began stretching her out. Soon she was lying flat pushing her breast out as the fucking machine kept enticing her pussy. He watched for a while, as she came in orgasmic bliss several times. Then he walked back upstairs to get something.

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