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The Erotic Helper


A hot-bodied chick was kissing me. She lay on top of me. I felt her firm over-sized tits press against my chest. My hands were all over her body – caressing and exploring. I was horny as hell.

Then I woke up, and pushed Sam off my chest. Sam’s an affectionate golden retriever. Ever since Ashley, my wife, and I started living separately Sam had taken it on himself to wake me up in the mornings. I suppose he’d figured I was slow with mornings.

Reality hit me. It was Halloween morning. And I had to go work. Nothing unusual about that. But this would be the first Halloween away from Ashley in five years. Then there would be Thanksgiving and Christmas. Oh man. I stretched and walked towards the sunlight. No point in getting sad and blue.

It had been a good run for five years. But towards the end we were jaded. And we were fading. Living separately seemed to be the only solution. Funny how life worked. The thought struck me – wouldn’t I be seeing her tonight?

Both of us had common friends. And Janet and Dave threw such a great Halloween party year after year. That reminded me – I had to put together a costume. I searched the closet to salvage something from the years gone by.

As I rummaged the closet, I wished and prayed for a miracle that night. Something, anything that would get me laid and back with Ashley. I was still so horny from my dream - I hadn’t had sex since Ashley walked out on me. Perhaps get laid with Ashley? But that seemed so surreal, so impossible given where we were in our relationship.

The day passed without anything unusual occurring. After work, I got back home, showered and shaved for the party. It was a cool fall evening as I parked outside the home of the hosts for the party.

The house was built in a wooded area. On one side, evergreen pines whispered in the chilly breeze. Leafless silhouettes of tall deciduous trees reached spookily up into the sky on the other side. A shiver ran down my spine as I walked up the short driveway to the house. I was glad to get in.

The living room was full of people already. I walked through the room into the adjoining family room. Halloween decorations hung from the vaulted wood ceilings in both rooms. I greeted the hosts, Janet and Dave, and handed over the bottle of wine that I had picked up on the way to Janet.

That accomplished, I mingled with the other guests, after arming myself with a scotch on the rocks. Dressed as a space alien, I didn’t raise too many eyebrows or comments. Pretty low profile. My eyes searched for Ashley. I spotted her talking to a guy at the other end of the room.

Jealousy clouded my mind. To see her chatting up another guy was burning my insides. And she looked sexy in a black coat and dark shades. You could sense the shapely body under that loose fitting coat.

Ashley tossed her head back and laughed at the stranger’s joke. I decided to confront her. It took me a few minutes to get close to her. She was standing alone by then.

“Hello, having fun?” I asked her.

She turned to look at me. The shades hid her eyes so I had no means of knowing how she felt towards me.

“Oh, hi.”

“That costume supposed to mean something?”

“Yeah. Didn’t you guess…Trinity…from the Matrix?”

“Oh. Hi, Trinity…thought Trinity was a brunette.”

“Well this one’s a blonde,” she smiled.

“Yeah, like that’s important.”

“What’s wrong, Jack?”

She knew me well. Guess she had read the jealous anger in my tone.

“Nothing,” I said.

“You sure?”


I turned to walk away. She called after me.



“Am glad you found me…listen, I am not feeling so good.”

It was my turn to ask her what was wrong.

“Don’t know…something I had for lunch…or…or…just all the people and costumes…and I’ve been drinking…” She sounded fragile. Suddenly I wanted to protect her.

“Why don’t you go upstairs and lie down in one of the bedrooms…I’ll tell Janet and Dave,” I told her.

“Don’t mind if I do…thanks, Jack.”

“Maybe I can drive you home?”

“I am sure that won’t be necessary…be all right soon enough.” She managed a weak smile.

I found the gracious hosts in the next room and told them about Ashley.

“Should I check in on her?” Janet asked concerned.

“Nah. Don't bother...I’ll do that in a few minutes.”

“Ok. Let me know if you need anything.”

“I will.”

With that I decided to step out the French doors of the now crowded family room. Outside was a bluestone patio. Sucking in the fresh night air, I collected my thoughts and feelings.

Ashley. She aroused all kinds of feelings inside me. You would think the separation would cool things between me and her. Nothing of the sort seemed to have happened. And her asking for help in a small way? That had opened yet another floodgate. I wanted to hold and comfort her in my arms.

The sky was star spangled. Dark night and no moon. The quiet solitude played games with my mind. The pines had stopped whispering. Now they seemed paralyzed with fear - watching and waiting for something to happen. Was it me or was it extra chilly outside? And what about Ashley? Did she feel anything of what I did? I would have my answer that night.

I was interrupted at this point by a sound behind me. I presumed someone had stepped out the French doors. Another party guest, no doubt. Resolving to check on Ashley, I turned to get back in and allow whoever was coming out his or her privacy.

That was when I first saw her. She had on a school girl costume. A green plaid mini skirt with tie-front short sleeve top. White tights and black leather Mary Jane shoes. Neatly done shoulder length dark hair.

“Hi, Jack!” she smiled.

“Do I…do I know you?”

“Of course you do…it’s Janine…Jan…from high school…don’t you remember?”

“I…I’m sorry…but…hmm.”


She stopped moving towards me. Her full lips pouted a little – she seemed disappointed. I laughed to cover my embarrassment.

“I’m bad…that’s all…have been drinking too and that can’t help my memory…”

She smiled, “Ok, I’ll take your word for it…I recognized you right away though…you haven’t changed much.”


She nodded and came closer. In the faint light, filtering out the French doors, her green eyes shimmered. I noticed her lips were painted a provocative red. Her smell was intoxicating. Stepping up to me she whispered,

“I’ve always had a crush on you, Jack…and now that you are single again maybe we can…”

She didn’t finish that sentence. Instead, she kissed me on the lips. I was too surprised to react. All I felt were her lips, cold from the outside air, press onto mine. And a brush of her firm full blown tits.

I stood on the patio mesmerized. Pressing her body closer, she slung a arm around my neck and kissed me again. This time her warm tongue found mine. Even as I was reacting to her tongue, I felt her open palm brush the front of my pants.

My cock reacted powerfully. Blood rushed to my loins. I grabbed her ass and squeezed tight. Pulling her close, I pushed my pelvis into her. Erect cock pressed into her softness. She pulled back.

“Wow…isn’t someone horny tonight?” she was laughing.

I was devastated.

“I…I am sorry…didn’t realize…has been so long…told you I’ve been drinkin’…and…well…you started it…”

“Shush,” she said, putting a finger on my lips.

“Yes, you haven’t changed much…still the same…cute as ever,” she said fondly, ”It’s kinda cold out here…let’s go in…I know the perfect place…just follow me, okay?”

I nodded agreement. She went in, and I followed her like a faithful puppy. That kiss had stirred some deep animal instincts in me.

The rooms were brimming with people. But everyone seemed to fade away into the distance. My eyes were glued on her sexily swaying ass. Her ass cheeks were outlined. The skirt was short. More a micro that a mini. Tanned thighs peeked. The tights covered shapely long legs.

In a daze, I followed her through the family and living rooms to the winding staircase that lead up to the bedrooms. She smiled back at me reassuringly.

As we climbed the stairs, looking up, I caught a glimpse of her panties. Red and superbly fitting, the panties highlighted her rounded ass cheeks. My cock throbbed at the sight.

Jan was standing outside a closed bedroom door. My hand on her sexy ass, cock pressed into her thigh. We half-kissed as she swung open the door. And then we stumbled into the room.

The room was dark except for a flickering candle. I guessed the hosts were trying to create a Halloween ambience in all their rooms. She pushed me into the bed. With my head spinning, I lay back for a moment.

Hands undid my pants. Soft fingers touched my bobbing cock. Long nails caressed my balls.

“Wait!” I resisted.

“What for?” she asked laughing.

“I can’t.”


“I am married.”

“You don’t live with her anymore.”

“How do you know that?”

“Shut up,” she said and wrapped her lips around my throbbing member.

The pleasure from those lips was intense. Whatever resistance I might have had was fading fast. And what the heck, Janine was right. I didn’t even live with Ashley. Even if I did – who could turn down an offer like this? I was hardly a saint.

Jan was driving me over the edge with her lips and tongue. Never had I felt the sensations I was feeling at that point. My cock was slick with her spit.

Untying the knot on her top, she released her tits. Baby white skin. She took my hand and put it on her boob. Her nipples hardened in the palm of my hand as I cupped her breast.

“You mind if I…” she said breathlessly.

I watched wordlessly as she lifted her skirt and pushed her panty to the side. She tore my shirt off and mounted my chest. I could feel the wet stickiness of her pussy on my skin.

Positioning herself over my face, she pulled me into her pussy. My nose buried deep in her sticky mush. Strong pussy smell. Her pussy was shaven clean.

“I’ve been creamin’ ever since I saw you,” she said.

“Why? Am I special or something?” I asked.

“Lick me,” she ordered without answering my question.

The room was spinning. My tongue was out. She was smothering me. No exaggeration about the creaming though. Smooth pussy lathered with sticky juice. And that juice all over my face. She slid off me. I heaved in fresh air.

Tight walls of her pussy enveloped my cock. Riding me, she moaned out aloud. The flickering candle played on her bouncing tits as she fucked my cock. Holding her ass cheeks, I aided the bouncing.


Pleasuring herself. Cumming all over. Her pussy watering and juicing over and over again. Feeling her throbs as she came, I just lay there dazed.

Jan got off me satisfied.

“Whoa…that was good!” she exclaimed.


“Yeah! Always wanted to do that. How about you, Jack?”

“Don’t know.”

“What do you mean?”

“I love Ashley.”

Janine paused to look at me. Her green eyes looked into mine. For some reason I shivered at that look. Felt like she was looking into my soul. Then her eyes smiled. Genuine smile that warmed me to the core.

“You do, don’t you?”


“Good for you, Jack.” She smiled with a tinge of sadness, “I want you happy…always did…even in high school…I always watched you go from one girl to the next from afar.”

“You did?”

“Yes. And you will be happy with Ashley.”

She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips.

“Good bye, Jack. Thank you – that was special.”

“Yeah. See you back at the party, I guess,” I replied.

After Jan left, I lay on the bed with the candle flickering away for a while. What a strange night. And I hadn’t even spurted cum. That was a first. Sex and no orgasm. I had to laugh. No one had better hear this story.

Still naked, I wondered if I should jerk off. What an idiot I was. Why hadn’t I done it with her? And who was she? Then I heard a noise coming from a dark corner of the room.

“Hello?” I called into the darkness, straining my eyes.

A figure slowly emerged in front of me. My head was reeling. Whoever it was had just witnessed my most embarrassing sexual misadventure. Damn it. Like I needed a witness.

Ashley stood before me. She had lost the black coat and dark shades of her costume. Now in a simple black dress, she stood looking at me. Quiet demeanor. Thoughtful even.

“Hi,” she said softly. “I…I can explain,” I stuttered.

“Why do men always say that when they are caught in the act?”

“I don’t even know who she was…said she knew me in high school…don’t remember her...”

“You want me to believe that?”

“You better…’cuz that’s the honest to God truth.”

“You don’t know her?”

“No. She says we did high school together – I just don’t remember her.”

“So you fucked a stranger?”

“Well…I…I don’t know what came over me…was like a spell…”

“Save me the explanations, Jack.”

“I…well…we are not even together…I’m sure you have been with other men…”

“That doesn’t matter…I saw and heard everything, Jack.”

“You did?”


“How is it that we never saw you?”

“I was lying on the recliner in the corner.”

“You feel better now?”



“You told her you loved me…is that true?”

“It is, Ashley.”

“You didn’t give her your cum – why?”

“’Cuz I love you, Ash…what do you think?”

“I think you are very sexy…never realized how much till I saw you with that girl.”

“You mean?”

“I still love you…and seeing her slurp you up…”

“What happened?”

“Sparked something deep inside me…I was jealous…didn’t want to give you up.”

“But I did fuck her -- you saw.”

“Yes, you did. But you saved your cum for me – that was sweet,” she smiled.

“What do we do now?”

“I clean your cock – get rid of her pussy juices.”

“Clean my cock?”

“Yeah,” her voice was hoarse with desire, “Get rid of the juices of that cunt from my property!”

“Yeah, baby,” I said enthusiastically.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed. Kneeling in front of me, my wife started licking my cock. Slowly and methodically, she licked my cock clean of Janine’s pussy juices. I caressed her hair as she did. Her golden hair glowed in the candle light.

“How does she taste?” I asked.

“Yucky,” she made a face.

Then she laughed, “Nah, I am joking. Never tasted another girl’s pussy before…so this is fun…interesting…different...you sure you don’t know her, Jack?”

“I swear, honey. Don’t remember her at all.”

“Now I’ll have to sit on your face,” she said.

“And why is that?”

“So you smell of me when we fuck.”

“All right!” Man. All my prayers and wishes were coming true.

The black dress clung close to her shapely body. My wife slid the dress off. Then she undid her bra and rolled down panties. I watched her. Every move. So sexy. When she sat on my face, I realized she wasn’t all shaven. There was a covering sheen of fine pussy hair.

Eating her pussy, pausing to slurp in her juices, teasing her clit in the way I knew she liked the best – was a slice of heaven. I could keep doing that all night long.

Ashley painted my face with her rapidly watering pussy. Juice all over. Eyes closed, head thrown back, moaning softly, as she did.

“Now I’ve gotta sit on your cock,” she whispered.

“Why?” I asked.

“To make you mine, once again.”

“That sounds sexy,” I replied.

I will never forget that sight. Ashley, with hair plastered over her perky tits and naked shoulders, the leaping candlelight playing light and shadow on her soft skin, guided my cock into her pussy. A long moan escaped her lips. I groaned with fulfilled desire.

Ashley’s slick pussy covered my cock. She started moving on top of me. My fingers played with her erect nipples. I watched as she rocked herself to orgasm. More juices flowed out of her hole dripping down to the base of my cock and onto my balls. Then she got off me.

I pulled her down on the bed. She spread her legs for me invitingly. I was between her legs in a flash. Sinking my cock into my wife’s wet pussy that night was the single most pleasurable thing in the world.

Fucking Ashley with abandon, with her black boots waving in the air, I came inside her. The cum was long and I filled her pussy like never before. Fucking two beautiful women, one after the other – that was the treat of a lifetime. Was glad I’d saved my cum for the end.

Just as I finished, there was a knock at the door. It was Janet, our host. Ashley and I scurried for our clothes.

“Come in,” I said, once we were dressed.

“You all right, Ash?” Janet asked, walking in.

“Yes, much better, thanks…and Jack’s driving me home.”

“Oh, good!” she said, “Thanks for coming.”

Ashley and I mumbled, “Thanks for having us,” or words to that effect.

Soon we were in my car headed to what had become my place. Not any more. Sam, the dog, was out of a job in the mornings, I thought with satisfaction. From now on, I would be kissing Ashley good morning again.

The following morning I got up early. I had slept through the night but something was bothering me. Couldn’t stop wondering about Janine. Who was my mysterious helper?

Janine had made all my wishes and prayers come true. I got laid and was back with Ashley. On that one Halloween night, my life had turned around completely. My enigmatic angel. The erotic helper. And why didn’t I remember her if we had indeed done high school together? Wouldn’t we have met at reunions and such?

My high school yearbook would have an answer. With coffee mug in hand, I opened the yearbook. And there she was. I recognized the picture and the name. Memories flooded back.

Of course I knew her. She had been demure and shy. No one knew much about her – she kept to herself. I had liked her but never got close to her. Janine had died in a freak car accident a week after graduation.

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