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The Erotic Massage


Barbara and I were taking a holiday at a 5 star resort. When we visit a resort or a hotel or even a motel or even sometimes the back seat of the car, we get horny. I was wondering how we could make this into a really fun, sexual experience.

To add excitement to our sex lives we often tell each other our wildest fantasies about swinging, orgies, gang bangs, etc, when making love. I always wondered if she would really go so far as to live out any of those fantasies. I once asked her if she thought I was perverted and she said, "Yes, but you ain't nothin' compared to me." I think we were meant for each other. When I want her really horny, I just breath one of her favorite fantasies in her ear."

A day or two after we got there, I was perusing the services offered by the resort and came across the massage services offered. Pictures of the personnel were posted and the masseur's picture showed a rather good looking guy between 30 and 40. As this profession requires, he looked in good shape and quite muscular.

Barbara loves a good massage and I thought she would appreciate me scheduling a session. One of her fantasies was being taken advantage of by a massage therapist, either male or female. I wondered how she would take this handsome masseur and if she might take the opportunity to really experience one of her fantasies.

His name was Bill and I contacted him and made arrangements for a session. I then asked him, "Do you provide erotic massages?"

"Well, under certain circumstances I have provided that kind of service, it all depends. Having seen your wife I would say there would be no problem on my part. That is, if that's what you had in mind. If not, I apologize for that remark."

"Not at all," I replied "She's quite a sensual woman and I'm sure she might enjoy that. If she gets turned on from her massage I'm sure I will benefit afterward."

An erotic massage could make this vacation into an exciting sexual experience for both of us.

"If she's game for it, how far would you want me to go?"

"How far are you willing to go?"

"Some define "erotic massage" differently then others, from mainly external stimulation of erogenous areas to full penetration. With some women I just can't go all the way, if you know what I mean. I just tell them it's unethical for me to go any further. With her I'd go all the way and then some, if that's agreeable with you, of course."

"Let's leave that up to her. I'll just tell her what's available and she can decide."

"Well, that's fine, but I must tell you, that for my own protection, I have a hidden cam in my massage room. I don't want someone accusing me of improper conduct and suing me or getting me thrown in jail. I only go as far as the client wants. Since you seem so open minded about this, I think it would be a good idea if you watched the proceedings on my office monitor to make sure I don't overstep my bounds."

Could this guy detect my voyeuristic tendencies?

"If I tell her she has a choice of erotic massage how can she discreetly inform you of her choice? She might have a problem if she just has to come out and ask for it."

"After a dip in the Jacuzzi and a shower she'll come into the room by herself and position herself face down on the table placing a sheet over herself. This procedure is explained in the brochure provided. What's not explained is this: If she has no sheet over her, I'll proceed with an erotic massage. Whenever she wants me to stop, she just needs to say she's had enough. I'll stop there and just proceed to the regular finishing touches."

With that settled, I went to the bar were Barbara had told me to meet her. I found her on a tall bar stool in a short, tight skirt, slit up the side almost to her hip, nice nylon clad leg showing flesh above her stocking with a peek at her garter belt strap. She was enjoying the attention she was getting from several male patrons and a couple of female ones sitting in a booth. I told her that I had scheduled a massage for her and explained that this fellow seemed to be a skilled technician with all the different kinds of massages, even erotic if she'd like one.

"I know you have fantasies about massage therapists," I said

"I appreciate the massage, but I am not about to go laying about naked in some massage room with a perfect stranger that I've never seen before. And then having him rub me all over, in intimate places? Sheesh. And fantasies are just fantasies, you know. You just think I'm some kind of a horny slut, don't you? Well, I don't think so."

"Well, you are a slut aren't you, showing all these people your charms?"

"Well, yes, and a horny one, too. Just thinking about making all these cocks in here stiff made me even hornier. And one of those gorgeous women winked at me and bought me a drink. It gave me fantasies of lipstick lips sucking on my nipples, tongues on my clit, and strap-on dildos probing away in my so willing cunt. Quick, touch me down there while no one is looking and you'll see how horny I really am getting. I'm not wearing any panties so I think I'll give the boys and girls a treat when I get off this bar stool. I can't help but spread my legs pretty wide sliding down, now can I?"

I just love it when she talks that slutty talk and goes around without any panties on. I touched and she was wet. She gets turned on acting the slut.

"You are so naughty," I semi scolded her.

"I know and you just love it, don't you?"

"You do remember fantasizing about massage therapists don't you?"

"Well, yes," she replied.

"Do you remember fantasizing about zipless fucks?"

"Uh huh," she said kind of dreamily, then abruptly "but even if I got an erotic massage, which is doubtful, that doesn't necessarily mean he's going to fuck me, does it? Isn't that unethical or illegal or something? Besides, they were just fantasies, you know."

"Well, darlin', we'll see. And if you want to see what he looks like, his picture is in the hall on the way to the massage room. You can see him on the way to get your massage."

"So how am I supposed to ask for an erotic massage from a total stranger, not that I'm going to, mind you?" she asked, sarcastically, but with a hint of interest.

"Just lay face down on the table and don't cover yourself."

"So it's OK with you if I get an erotic massage?" she asked, "Not that I will, mind you."

"Seeing to your pleasure is my main goal in life, darlin'."

I had unobtrusively touched her pussy again. Having given my permission I felt her pussy twitch and ooze a little.

After several moments of silent thought, as if to change the subject, she dreamily said, "Honey, let's go to the room and you can shave my pussy for me. It's starting to get a little shaggy down there right now."

Did this mean something or was it just a coincidence that she wanted it shaved right now?

As she slid down off of the bar stool her already short skirt slid up to her crotch and gave the folks an unimpeded view of her slightly shaggy pussy. As we left the bar she said, "Bye" to the guys and gave the women a little wink. One of the women's hands ran tantalizingly up the other's bare thigh as they watched Barbara leave.

"Were you fantasizing about gang fucking all those guys in the bar?" I asked as we left.

"Uh huh, and the women, too," she replied, "A little longer in there and I'd have gotten off just thinking about it. I saw those women on the golf course yesterday. Maybe I'll sign up for a round with them. They'd probably drag me into the rough and have their way with me. Oooo, yah!"

So I shaved her pussy. I noticed her lips were parted a bit and her juices were flowing. Was this because she gets wet when I shave her or was she contemplating her up coming massage or was she still wet from titillating the bar patrons? Probably all of the above. After I'd finished I gave her smooth pussy many loving kisses as my cock swelled.

"I just love you, honey, but you have to stop now or I won't be able to resist that erotic massage, now will I? Or that swollen prick you're displaying." she said, as she kissed her pussy juices from my lips, "I'm going to fuck you good when I get back for getting me a massage, erotic or not."

When the time came for the massage she dressed in a thin, short, almost diaphanous sun dress, no underwear, and strappy high heeled sandals.

"Why are you going down there almost naked?" I asked.

"Oh, I just don't want a bunch of clothes to bother with when I get ready for my massage. Besides it makes me feel sexy."

We went down to the lobby together. I told her I would wait for her in the bar.

"Tell my friends in the bar I'll be back to give them a real show now that my pussy is so nicely shaved," she joked.

I watched her as she proceeded down the hall, nice ass swaying, unfettered tits jiggling tantalizingly as she strutted in her high heeled sandals. God, I love that woman. I waited to see her reaction to the picture of the masseur.

She glanced at the picture, passed on, paused, and then returned for another look. A long look. A hand seemed to stray down to her pubic area, another across her braless boobs.

This might get interesting in spite of what she had said.

While Barbara was in the Jacuzzi I wondered, in my salacious mind, if she'd put her pussy up to one of the water jets for a little more stimulation. I certainly wouldn't put it past her.

I entered the masseur's office.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked me, "I don't want any scenes or unpleasantness. And it's OK with you for me to go as far as she wants?"

"Everything's cool. Whatever she wants I want her to have. I put no restrictions on her experiencing any pleasure she desires. But nothing may happen anyway as she seemed rather cool to the whole idea."

In a few minutes, Barbara entered the massage room. Bill left to join her down the hall in the massage room. I couldn't help but notice a bulge beginning in his pants.

I turned to the monitor. She entered wrapped in a sheet and laid down on the table. She laid there for a moment with the sheet over her.

She's just going for the straight deal I guessed.

As she heard the masseur approach, she reached for the sheet, lifted it, hesitated, then dropped it back.

"Well, almost, " I thought.

Just before the door opened, as if on second thought, she hastily removed the sheet.

"Things are looking up," I thought "Now the question is, how far will she let him go? And after it's over, I wonder if she'll tell me how far it went and if it was as good as her fantasy."

As he entered the room, soft music began.

"Hi, I'm Bill and I hope to give you a very enjoyable afternoon, Mrs. McQueen."

"I'm sure you will, Bill. I'm Barbara Jean but you can call me BJ" she said coyly.

I wondered if Bill took "BJ" as a double entendre. I have no doubt that she intended it as one.

Barbara's eyes sparkled as she saw Bill in person and noticed the now substantial bulge in his pants. Bill's eyes lit up, too, as he looked at Barbara's beautiful, naked body. It excited him to know he had carte blanch to do with it as he pleased, at least as far as her husband was concerned.

He began by dribbling warm massage oil from her shoulders, down her back, over her buttocks and down the backs of both legs. He then proceeded to smear the oil evenly over her body. She moaned quietly as he proceeded.

"It's so much more convenient to work with that sheet out of the way, BJ," Bill said.

"I heartily agree," BJ unabashedly replied.

Having spread the oil he now began to massage her, starting at her hands and arms, then shoulders, then moving slowly down her body. He did her buttocks, working the side of his hand deep into the crack of her ass. She moaned softly, encouraging him.

From her buttocks, he worked his way down her legs, spending extra time on her upper thighs in the area of her pussy but not touching it. He then went down to her feet. He massaged the bottoms of her feet and her toes.

Working his way back up her legs, he got several inches from her pussy but was stopped as her legs were too close together.

This is where she draws the line I thought, a little disappointed but a little relieved, also.

As he started to move on, her legs parted, allowing his hand to move further up her thigh.

Taking this as a signal, he proceeded. As he massaged the inside of her upper thigh he started rubbing her pussy with the edge of his hand. He worked the creases on both sides of her vulva and occasionally glided across it, teasing her slit and clit. Her breathing was becoming quite heavy. After a few moments, so as not to cause any premature happenings, he moved away from her now wet, even frothy pussy. It had turned pink and pooched out significantly. Bill was really getting into this and he didn't want her to cum now and end the session, so he moved away from her pussy. Thinking this might be the end of her erotic massage, a look of disappointment came over her until she realized he was easing her over on her back.

As before, he started dribbling warm oil over her shoulders, her exposed breasts, her belly and groin, and down both legs to her feet. He avoided her nipples and freshly shaved cunt. He then reached for another bottle of oil.

"Don't be alarmed when I apply this oil, BJ. It's designed to make the skin tingle and has a remarkable affect on certain, sensitive parts of the body."

With that he dribbled a few drops on each nipple and a more generous amount over her shaved pussy.

The effect was immediate. Barbara's body jerked.

"Oh, my god, that feels so good," she gasped.

"Wait until I rub it in," Bill said, grinning slyly.

Her bare pussy became more engorged and red, her clit peeking out of it's folds and tingling from the special oil. He then proceeded to spread the regular oil evenly over her body.

As he reached her breasts he spent considerable time rubbing and squeezing the nipples which were by now large, protruding, hard, and very sensitive from the affects of the special oil. He knew this would turn her on even more.

"Pinch harder," she softly murmured.

"Oh, you like that, do you ," he said and retrieved two adjustable nipple clamps from his tool kit. He placed the clamps on her nipples and tightened them slightly.

"I can stand them tighter," she said.

"Be patient," he replied.

She loves for her nipples to be squeezed hard during sex and seemed disappointed when he moved away and started rubbing her belly and legs. He massaged her legs down to her feet and massaged them and her toes. He then began moving up her legs. As he approached her pussy she spread her legs wide enough to make sure he got the right message this time.

"Oh god, Bill, the tingle in my pussy is like an itch that needs to be scratched. Rub it. Rub it, please, or I'll have to rub it myself," she pleaded.

"Well, BJ, it would be unseemly for my clients to have to rub themselves, now wouldn't it?"

"Very unseemly," she replied.

I wondered if this was the same affect Spanish Fly had on pussies.

He began rubbing all over it as she sighed in relief.

Before probing inside with his fingers he reached for the special oil and covered his fingers with it. He then inserted three or four fingers.

"Oh, my god!" she squealed, "Is this what "deep tissue massage" really is?"

The oil caused her cunt to spasm as if it were sucking on his fingers. Her ass was squirming. Watching this excitedly, I had failed to notice that Bill was now bare chested and that she was rubbing his pects and abs.

As he worked her pussy his other hand went to her tits and began massaging them and tightening the clamps on her very sensitive nipples. Her moans became more audible.

"You were right, Bill, that special oil you use is incredible when you rub it in, I mean really in," she panted.

I wondered how much further she would let him go? If he gets her off now will she call it off?

She was squirming vigorously under his ministrations now.

Bill, sensing the affect he was having, now bent down and began kissing her passionately. She kissed him back, their mouths open, tongues probing each other, her hand holding the back of is head, keeping their mouths together. He then switched to sucking and nibbling on the exposed part of her nipples above the clamps while his hand kept working her cunt.

"Wait, Bill, I'm a married woman. I think we should stop here. What would Hank think?" she said, not very convincingly.

Bill's hand was now working Barbara's sensitive clit and probing deep in her pussy.

I looked back at him and saw that his pants were now gone and that he was standing there nude, a throbbing erection visible. All his pubic hair was shaved off including his balls.

Will she stop him now? Is this as far as she'll go?

Seeing him naked with his cock and shaved balls almost staring her in the face was too much for her.

"Oh, Jesus! Sorry, Hank," she cried, and reached up and grabbed his head and started kissing him again. He kissed her back and continued to work her clit and cunt. The affect of the oil in her pussy was overwhelming. Soon she started to cum. I saw that she now had his prick in her hand. As her orgasm built she began jacking on it. As her orgasm intensified she leaned over and started sucking on it. Her orgasms are always intensified with a cock in her mouth. Her ass was up off the table as if the fingers in her cunt were holding her suspended. With his thumb and fingers working her clit and pussy and his cock in her mouth, she experienced a huge orgasm, moaning and groaning heavily.

She continued to suck his cock. He realized he had to withdraw or he'd cum. He'd sensed that this woman was ready for more before he finished his work. As he withdrew, a look of disappointment came over her face. She would have loved to have sucked him to orgasm.

"It seems your initials have a double meaning, BJ. Is that true?" he asked.

"Uh huh," she replied "can't you tell?"

"In spades," he replied.

"Well, let me finish you off then," she said.

"No, no, later, I owe you now."

"At least let me suck on your balls for a minute. I love the way they're shaved."

"OK, but be careful, they're very sensitive."

"Oh, goody," she cried, and took his shaved balls into her mouth. She jerked on his cock as she sucked.

He finally had to gently pull her head away before he came.

I had worried that, since she'd cum, he may have thought that his work here was done. I knew she could come again. And again. She'd become multi-orgasmic with her fantasies. I was glad for her that he was going to continue pleasuring her.

He then moved down to the end of the table and leaned down with his knees on a footstool. With his head in that position, mouth right above table level, he beckoned to her.

"Now I'll show you what I can do with my mouth, BJ," he said, "I guess my nickname could be MD, you know, for Muff Diver."

Anticipating what he was going to do she eagerly scooted her ass down the table until her wet, frothy, wide open pussy, was within his reach. She loved to have her muff dived.

His mouth went to her cunt, tongue licking from asshole to clit. Her hips started working in unison with his tongue and mouth. Breathing heavily, her head tilted back, and her eyes glazed over. A bit of drool escaped the corner of her mouth. Obviously another orgasm was building in her body.

"Bill, shouldn't we stop now?" she gasped, unconvincingly, "After all I am a married woman."

"All the more exciting, BJ," he replied.

"Oh, god, you're right. Besides you haven't actually fucked me have you? It's just the erotic massage Hank wanted me to have isn't it? So I'm still kind of faithful, huh?" she moaned as she renewed efforts to meet his probing tongue, orgasm building.

"So far it's just an erotic massage, BJ."

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