tagMatureThe Erotic Summer Party

The Erotic Summer Party


I was invited to a Summer party that would be a blast in so many ways and it was going to be an adventure, one to remember for years to come. Some of the invites were friends and acquaintances, colleagues, etc., The booze would flow freely, pot would permeate the air with it's acrid stench and there would be plenty of comedians present to entertain those who adored a great joke or just needed a good laugh and shed themselves of all their every day stresses and angst. There would be many naked asses and tits and I know that some people would be making out in the hot tub and not caring who watched.

The day of the party loomed hot and sunny, a perfect day to swim and have fun under the azure blue skies of August. I always liked to sit back and observe, I wasn't one to be the life of the party, unless I consumed far too much alcohol and I felt like stripping off and going skinny dipping. Walking into the air conditioned house, I noticed that some people had already consumed their share of alcohol and were laughing uproariously at some inane joke. There was a couple that had that hippy retro look to them. Her hair was down to her hips and her boyfriend was way past first base with his hand down her pants and her top laying on the floor baring her small breasts to all.

My brother-in-law walks up to me, saying "hi ya, beautiful" and hugs me tightly, dips me over his arm and plants a huge kiss on my lips. He helps me up and pinches my ass, telling me that he is still waiting for me to show him my gorgeous tits and I turn red and give him a push in a non aggressive manner, telling him to behave himself. I see his friend staring at me and I can feel that tell tale blush rising up from my breasts to the top of my fair hair. There is something about those eyes that positively unnerve me. He just gives me the creeps with the way in which he stares you up and down. I always stay my distance out of arms reach more or less, I've had a few things happen with him in the past and tonight I am extra wary.

My medium length golden hair is tied up in a pony tail and I'm wearing a semi sheer dress that doubles as a cover up for my zebra print bikini. I can tell by the looks on the male faces that they like what they see and I smile rather provocatively and wiggle my lush ass naughtily. The dress is short and shows off my sun bronzed body. I'm comfortable in my own skin and with my sexy glittery sandals I feel like a fashionable beach babe. I look around and I know my eyebrows are elevated considerably at some of the attire being worn.

One heavy set guy in the kitchen is already well into the sauce and is cracking jokes like they are going out of style. I notice the bleached blonde wandering out through the patio doors, rather tipsy, holding a bottle of wine in one hand and her bathing suit top in the other, her balance not so good. Her boyfriend or husband is steadying her with his hands directly on her ass, both cheeks being held firmly, helping her out onto the patio. They are either headed for the hot tub or the pool and I'm sure they will put on a show for all.

I observe the attractive brunette in the middle of the room and she is wearing a very low cut top showing of her new much larger silicone breasts. I remembered her from last year's party and she was almost as flat chested as a boy. I smile to myself thinking it was amazing what a boob enhancement could do for some women. She is vivacious and giggling at something one of her admirers is whispering in her ear, with his eyes glued to her breasts. He is practically salivating and I can tell he is very turned on.

She tells him to reach down and give them a feel and he complies readily, by putting his large hands on them, squeezing with more exuberance than necessary and pulling her top down to expose her naked tits. Shrieking she says, "OMG stop doing that, you are going to make the silicone pop right out." All the men that are standing close by guffaw at her statement and ogle her bared tits, their hands just itching to cop a feel.

I smile as I walk towards the kitchen and kind of give my head a shake. I truly believe that women are such mercurial creatures though, some of us aren't happy with what we are born with. There are those who choose to enhance or go under the knife to satisfy what they feel are inadequacies or imperfections. Men will be men; I'm not sure what the percentage is but it has to be divided between, tits, asses and legs. Whatever the case may be, there is plenty at this party to choose from.

The music is blasting and a Kenny Chesney tune is playing, the one that always makes me want to shake my booty and strut my stuff. "No shoes, no shirt, no problem" a super song for a Summer party. Knowing my sister and brother-in-law the music will be awesome with a variety and mixture for all eclectic tastes. I see my sister standing at the table with a huge smile on her face when she sees me. We hug and she looks me over saying "if you weren't my sister I might hate you for being so damn beautiful." I look at her and say, "come on sis, you are pretty darn cute, yourself." She hugs me again, telling me to shut up while I'm ahead; smiling and tells me to go grab a cooler, beer or whatever my little heart desires.

We walk out onto the huge deck and the bleached blonde is naked in the hot tub sitting on top of her partner riding him fast and furious Her tits bouncing all over the place. My sister and I look at one another and laugh softly, turning to walk over to the nearby bench under the canopy. It's positively sweltering now and I can feel the perspiration running down my back and between my breasts. Before sitting, I take my cover up off, revealing a skimpy faux zebra bikini that doesn't leave much to the imagination.

My sister looks at me and sighs saying.."GOD, I wish I had your body and those boobs, I am so flat chested." I look at her and giggle telling her she can have some of mine if she would like, she is more than welcome to. I sit down with her to sip my cooler and she says "don't I wish." We chat and reminisce about our family and siblings, the other girls aren't present at the party as they had previous commitments today. Time passes and we have consumed a few drinks by now and it's getting late. The music is louder and the laughter becoming much more boisterous

I don't think I've ever seen so much booze in my whole life and the food is in ample abundance, so many casseroles, all sorts of homemade condiments including mine and my very favored pot of homemade beans. They always seem to be consumed within an hour after being placed on the table. My brother in law's gumbo is a huge hit year after year, along with his suicide wings that could burn a whole in your stomach in minutes flat. not to mention your speech is incapacitated as you feel like you are breathing fire. I tend to stay clear of them, even if they are delicious, yet lethal from a culinary perspective.

The darkness settles in and couples are secluded in alcoves and hidden in corners here and there. The single males are on the prowl and I do my best to stay clear of the predators milling about looking for a woman to latch onto for the night. I'm not looking for a one night stand nor some guy that has had too much to drink and is obnoxious and pawing at my voluptuous body. The patio lanterns are brilliant and so pretty in a kaleidoscope of colors, the solar lights are placed strategically about for an outstanding affect. I see more and more naked bodies as my eyes adjust to the secluded couples, some not shy at all and strutting their stuff around the water's edge and in the pool. I can hear their moans and soft laughter, lingering in the humid night air.

I'm restless and I can feel the alcohol taking affect on me. I am feeling slightly light headed and that feeling comes over me as I hear the guitars and the lovely harmonizing voices of the Beatles as they sing Roll Over Beethoven. I start to shake my lush rounded ass to the music and shimmy around, lost in the feeling. I hear some of the guys whistling in the background, but I pay them no heed as I continue to dance around. The song ends and I'm feeling the need to go and jump into the refreshing pool to cool off. I walk over and climb onto diving board and very gracefully walk out to the end of it. Raising my arms high in the air, I position myself getting ready to arc my body and dive into the pool. Then it happens, so quickly that I have no warning.

My bikini top comes undone and it goes flying into the water below me. I can hear the cat calls and whistles as my large bountiful breasts are bared to whomever is watching. I keep my cool and don't bother to cover them at the moment. Standing tall, with dignity and with the grace of a dancer, I lift my arms high above my head once more, arc my body, shoulders back and tits thrust forward and dive into the pool, When I surface, I wipe the water from my eyes and hear the applause and praise coming from the crowd. I see a man surface a couple of feet away, his teeth white in his tanned handsome face and he holds out my bikini top to me.

I feel a little awkward and almost reticent about taking it from him and I hesitate for a few moments just treading water. I don't recognize this handsome man with the dark hair and the soft eyes that look very friendly. He wasn't around earlier today, I would have noticed him, he is one hunk of a male. I can see his body in the water and his pipes are well muscled his triceps and biceps very predominant under the solar lights. He says in a very low voice, almost like a growl, "come on beautiful, I won't bite you." I smile then and move closer to take the bikini top from him. I take it tentatively and go to turn away and he grasps my other arm and pulls me closer.

I tense and go to pull away, feeling that fiery spark ignite and he whispers, "baby, just relax, please, I am not going to hurt you." I look into those velvety deep brown eyes, they are hungry and passionate with a gentleness that is both trusting and comforting. I allow myself to be pulled closer and it's then that I notice he is buck ass naked. I can see his cock under the water and it looks larger than life, so very hard. I look into his eyes again and I can see them smiling with a sexual glint. His mouth is incredibly sexy along with those gleaming white teeth. He looks down at my voluptuous tits floating on the water and he moves his hand over them caressingly.

My nipples harden and I tell myself to just tell him "NO" sorry, I'm not interested. My body is a betrayer it has other ideas than what my brain is telling me to do. I can feel my bikini top slipping from my grasp as he moves his hands down over my curves with infinite slowness. The sensation so beautiful as they move over me with such purity, the callouses making me quiver with emotion. The water feels so sensual swirling around us as we tread water and he pulls me closer to his naked skin. His cock brushes against my pelvis and I feel that awakening within me; my body wanting to push back.

I close my eyes as he pulls me even closer and his hardness is leaving an indent where my belly button is. His hands grasp my ass and he massages with delicious slowness as I push myself tighter against him and he kisses me with so much passion, I feel positively faint. Talk about fireworks, I think someone must have set about 100 of them off because it sure as hell feels like it That kiss is marvelous, OMG, it is incredible as his tongue plunders deeper into my mouth and he tastes of wine tipped cigars, blended with mints. I am on fire, the pit of my stomach feels like I've got butterflies fluttering around creating that sensation of breathless wonder.

I kiss him back with all of my pent up emotion and sensuality and he moans into my mouth. His words are Spanish and they make me tingle from my head right down to my toes as he whispers into my ear "Usted es un angel hermoso cabello dorado mi hermoso sexy."with amazing tenderness and passion. It draws me to him like a moth to a flame and I feel like wrapping myself around him like a beautiful soft supple sexy blanket. I feel his fingers undoing the strings of my bikini bottom and the red light goes on immediately. I want to tell him to stop but I cannot, the words lock in my throat.

The bikini bottom sinks to within inches of where the top lays resting on the floor of the pool. I feel so free now, the sensation of the water making me feel so alive and beautiful. My arms move around him and he grasps my round firm ass with his hard male hands as we move in unison towards the deep end of the pool. The lighting is very dim here and we are obscured from prying and watchful eyes. He kisses me again and he pushes me up against the corner of the pool, I feel the strength in those powerful arms of his as he holds me tightly. His fingers touch and caress my breasts and he lowers his mouth to suck each nipple with infinite slowness.

Those long masculine fingers move down over my smooth abdomen to the juncture of my "V" to caress my soft pussy. My legs open of their own volition and I can feel him touching my pearl as I moan into his mouth. "Mi dulce querida angel" he whispers as I pull my mouth away almost gasping with my emotions. I want to touch his hard cock and I move my hand towards his hardness and touch. OMG, it feels so beautiful under the water with the water giving it an added super soft texture. He is so very hard and large and my hand moves over him, up and down with excitement.

He bites my earlobe with his passion and growls, continuing to touch my pearl, sliding his fingers over me with such beauty that I feel myself edging closer to that delicious "O" I am on fire, my nipples needing his mouth to suckle them hard enough to stimulate me beyond control. Sensing my thoughts he moves his mouth back to my nipples, sucking deeply and fast moving from one to the other. I grasp him harder and move up and down with my hand, glorying in his magnificent hardness. I can feel his tenseness and I know he is drawing nearer to ejaculating.

I am about to climax and it is going to be incredible; my body is shaking I am losing control. I can feel myself slipping into that place where I am floating on a beautiful cloud of sensual eroticism. His fingers are driving me insane, I want him to cum at the exact same time as I do. I stroke him harder and he suddenly stops touching me and pulls my hand away from his cock. Lifting me up and out of the pool, my naked body almost shivering from the night air and my intense emotions. He catapults out of the pool his body breathtaking beautiful, like an incredible muscular god.

There is hardly anyone around now and we are in almost absolute darkness. He takes my hand in his and walks me towards the secluded area of the gazebo. The air is intoxicating with the heady fragrance of roses and jasmine permeating the senses. My sexy Spaniard takes me inside the gazebo where it is screened and private. He kisses me once more and this time there is nothing held back, his tongue probes and his hands are everywhere, caressing, squeezing and not leaving one part of my exposed flesh untouched. "Mi querida, mi querida" he whispers with so much passion I shiver again. I touch his hardness and have the uncontrollable desire to taste him and put my mouth around his beautiful hardness.

He gasps and I whisper, "baby, let me lick you and nip on your delicious cock." I could hear him moan as I continued to touch him and he shut the door of the gazebo with his hand and leaned against it standing perfectly still as I slid to the ground. I could feel the outdoor carpet under my legs as I sat down and held his tight firm ass in my hands and proceeded to envelop him with my hot sensual mouth. I was squeezing his ass hard and massaging his balls as well, as I licked his long thick cock. I sucked the tip and could taste the saltiness of his pre-cum as I nibbled and nipped the sensitive area.

I couldn't hold back any longer, I opened my mouth with infinite slowness and guided his pulsating shaft into my soft moist mouth. He held my head in place as I got into a steady rhythm and moved over him lovingly with delicious hard sucking. His shaft was pulsating and twitching in my mouth and I was almost frantic in my haste to bring him the ultimate in pleasure.

I moved over his velvety smoothness, faster and faster, I couldn't get enough of him. He was all male and I was eager to please and tease at the same time. I wanted him to enjoy this night and remember my beauty and the glory of my mouth upon him. He growled as he held my head and moved it up and down as I continued to torment him with my succulent mouth on his cock.

He tensed, almost yelling out in Spanish and then he said over and over in an intense excited voice, "OMG", baby, baby, baby" over and over again, holding my head tightly as he came in a raging torrent, shooting his hot salty load into the back of my throat. I sat holding and massaging his ass cheeks and balls as his body continued to almost shudder as he pumped his last drop into my mouth. I sat quietly for a moment and then removed my mouth from him and slowly kissed my way back up his body, kissing and licking his hard male nipples. I reached his mouth and he kissed me with such passion that I almost collapsed onto the floor.

He tastes the saltiness of his sperm in my mouth and his hands run over me as he feels my curves with an urgent desperation. His fingers find my lush ass and he moves them over me caressingly. There is a large bench in the corner and he takes my hand to guide us over to it. Kissing my lips with such tenderness he lays me down upon it with an almost reverence. I lay there looking up into that handsome face and the gleam of his teeth are showing as he smiles down upon me. His fingers move over my heated body, tweaking my hardened nipples and he bends down to suck each one and my body is on fire. His large hands grasp my large breasts and squeeze as his mouth continues to play havoc with my senses.

He comes back to my mouth to kiss me again, his tongue moving in and then he takes my tongue and sucks it as his fingers trail with infinite slowness down my over my soft supple skin. He finds my smooth bare pussy and slides them over my wet gleaming pearl. I moan into his mouth as he touches it moving his fingers over and around it. I arch my back and I can feel his smile as he continues to kiss my eager mouth. Those fingers manage to find my rich honey deep inside of me, moving in and out as I make those kittenish meows..I am frantic as he works his magic on me. He comes back to my plump pearl and rotates his fingers over and around and I feel that I am reaching that point.

Suddenly he stops what he is doing and kissing me one more time, he moves his mouth downwards with soft gentle kisses, sucking each nipple again and then over my rib cage down the hollow of my stomach almost halting as I moan with disappointment..His laugh is a growl and my legs part as his tongue slides down to my clit, twirling around and as I lift my hips higher with the enjoyment.

He starts to suck on the plump juiciness and it drives me insane as his fingers find there way inside my honey pot again moving in and out as he sucks and licks my every excited pearl. I am so close and I cry out and grasp his thick beautiful black hair in my hands to make him stay in that one spot. I love him doing what he is doing, OMG, I don't want it to end.

I feel the heat rising within me, I am spiraling out of control, I close my eyes and it is so beautiful the sensation of climaxing to his mouth and fingers inside of me. I almost scream as I have that huge fulfilling "O" my hips moving my body shaking almost uncontrollably. I am floating upwards and I scream out "YES, YES, YES," over and over again. He kisses my pearl with his lips and then licks my juices as his tongue buries itself inside of my hot tight wetness.

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