tagMind ControlThe Escape Room - Room 04: Hannah

The Escape Room - Room 04: Hannah


That's a good little slut, my inner dom groaned silently. Just like that.

In my lap, Sammy's blonde head bobbed slowly up and down, taking my entire length deep in her throat. Her mouth was hot and silky around me, and the insistent pressure of her sucking was heavenly.

Such a perfect, obedient cocksucker...

I smiled luxuriantly, enjoying the banter of my newly discovered alter ego. Sammy had been steadily going down on me for at least five minutes, her blue eyes locked on my face except for the moments when she shivered with lust and closed them as she focused entirely on the sensation of my thick cock hitting the back of her throat.

My friend moaned, one hand massaging a round, buoyant tit while the other dove between her legs to slide wetly in and out of her dripping snatch. I loved the fact that she was just as turned on as I was; this busty, sculpted goddess getting soaking wet just from taking my cock between her full lips.

I felt the vibrations of her lustful groans travel up my shaft, the sensation indescribably erotic. "That's a good girl," I murmured, running a hand through her hair lovingly. Fucking incredible girl, my inner dom added.

I felt completely in control. It was as if my destiny, for the first time, was entirely in my own hands. 24 hours ago this sexy, blonde goddess would never have imagined that she would be kneeling before me submissively, wanting nothing more than my thick shaft thrusting between her perfect lips. I had been so deeply entrenched in the friend zone that she had changed clothes in front of me before, completely naked, unaware of the massive hard-on that I had instantly acquired admiring her long, athletic legs and perky bubble butt. Luckily, I had gone through Belgium, escaping the zone and taking her completely by surprise. Now, her only thoughts were devoted solely to my pleasure.

You do have control, my inner doom told me with a swaggering conference I couldn't help but admire. You control Sammy, Eliza and Marcella. Soon, you'll control Hannah as well. Your little harem of obedient submissives will be complete. I could still hardly believe it, but looking around I saw the evidence firsthand. Beside me on the leather couch Marcella and Eliza at were making out frantically, their big, bouncy tits squashed together so that their nipples disappeared. They looked good, I realized without surprise as I admired dusky cocoa skin and deeply tawny tan slide sensuously across one another. The two women were whimpering with pleasure, eyes closed as they gave themselves entirely over to the sensations. I couldn't wait to wake up one morning with one of them on either side of me. I just hoped that when I left the escape room this perfect little world of fantasy would still be real.

Between my spread knees, Sammy mindlessly sucked up and down, her only thought a desire to give and receive pleasure. I watched her full, pillowy lips as they wrapped around my shaft, her mouth making a hot little 'O' in her stunning face that I wanted to thrust myself into until I came down her throat.

Lifting my hips, I decided to do just that.

Sammy didn't even gag as I thrust my cock deeper, claiming her mouth like I'd claimed her pussy not even hours before. In fact, my movements as I gripped her by the hair and fucked her face made her moan again. She was louder this time as she enjoyed the sensation of my ownership.

"Who do you belong to?" I asked the sexy blonde, feeling my balls tighten as climax grew closer and closer

"-ou, -aster," she responded, her voice muffled by my girthy prick. She relaxed back on her knees, letting me have my way with her. Her eyes stared up at me with a look of total submission.

"What are you?" I grunted. Sammy's lips sealed around me and her cheeks hollowed as she sucked desperately. No. Fucking. Way. The rational part of my mind still couldn't comprehend what it was seeing — my perfect wet dream, a busty pinup girl kneeling between my legs getting off with my cock pounding into her mouth.

"-our -bedient -laything," came the answer.

Fuck that's hot. The sensation of Sammy's voice as it vibrated around my cock was too much, pushing me over the edge. Her big breasts bounced as she took me thrust for thrust. As my hot spunk spurted down her throat Sammy came with a muffled moan and a shuddering spasm that rippled through her entire body. She pulled back, catching at least half of my seed in her mouth, her coaxing mouth sucking hard to milk the last few drops from my aching balls.

What're you up to, you little minx? my inner dom pondered, but Sammy's intentions quickly became clear. The couch moved beneath me as Marcella and Eliza broke free of each other's embrace and scooted off rapidly, kneeling down by Sammy with one on each side. Eliza was the first to receive her treat, Sammy turning and letting her slim hand reach up to massage one breast and leaning in to kiss the other woman sensuously.

My eyes nearly bugged out of my head as I saw Sammy's jaw move and Eliza's eyes sparkle with pleasure as she eagerly swallowed the taste of cum that the blonde had fed her. They broke off their kiss and Sammy turned to Marcella. The Latina didn't wait, moaning lustfully and grabby Sammy's face in her two hands. She pulled Sammy's mouth to hers, enthusiastically parting her lips to swap spit and spunk with the busty blonde. I couldn't believe how hot it was. Their tongues intertwined as I watched, and I was only able to tear my eyes away from the sexy trio when I heard a distinctive cough behind me.

Ah. Crazy Merlin... my inner dom mused as I twisted around in the leather cushions to see the source of the noise. Still not quite sure about that nickname.

The tall, bald man was leaning casually against the island in the mini kitchen behind me. He wore a broad smile under his hooked nose and behind his long beard. "You seem to be doing alright, lad," he said, his slight foreign accent coloring his words. "But you have another gal ready for you, if you're ready for her." he winked, one bushy eyebrow wiggling up and down like a large, shaggy earthworm on his forehead. Then, he nodded at the huge television screen that dominated the wall across from the couch.

I turned back around to enjoy the show. On screen, a slim brunette wearing nothing but a bronze, sequined thong had stumbled into a white room with six walls and six doors. Hannah. The type-A, corporate woman was in control of herself no longer. With no specific instructions to follow, she leaned against one wall with her eyes closed, her red lips gasping and parted as she tweaked a nipple with one hand and desperately massaged her clit with the other.

CM raised his master remote to his mouth, the slim black box the piece of technology that seemingly allowed him to control all aspects of the escape room. "Hannah," he spoke, his voice sonorous. "You have beaten three challenges and have moved on to the final contest. Pass the test in the next room, and you will have completed the escape room."

As Merlin spoke, Hannah's eyelids had fluttered open. Her eyes were glazed and hungry at the same time, her lips still parted slightly as she took quick, shallow breaths. I admired the indecent swell of her breasts, the smooth tautness of her midriff and the tight nubs of her nipples, obviously hard with arousal.

"Are you ready?" the wizardly figure asked into his remote, and on screen Hannah nodded, her lustrous hair tumbling over her shoulders.

The past three rooms had been opened with keycards, but I doubted she would have the presence of mind to even swipe a rectangle of plastic through a reader. Evidently Crazy Merlin felt the same. On his remote, he pressed a button, and in the white room a door slid open with the soft hiss of metal on metal.

"Then please proceed, and best of luck to you." The older man grinned at me as I watched and then, to my surprise, walked over to the couch, skirting the three woman who lounged at my feet, and plopped down beside me.

On the megascreen, Hannah stood from her position against the wall and wobbled on unsteady legs towards the final room. I would almost have been concerned except I knew the reason she could barely walk. She had been teased and titillated within an inch of orgasm over and over for the past several hours, but never allowed release.

But that's all changing soon, my inner dom promised as she stepped through the doorway into the next room, the camera following her closely. If all went according to plan, Hannah would soon be joining the rest of my brainwashed friends, my legion of lovers.

Not for the first time, I was in complete agreement with my new inner monologue.

* * *

The room Hannah entered was small and completely round. Like the last chamber, this one was also dimly lit. However, the hypnotically thrumming music and strobing red light were gone, replaced by the warm, yellow light of a large, round bulb hanging from the ceiling. Hannah looked around, trying to catalogue her surroundings, but was unable to focus on the task for more than a few seconds before her overwhelming arousal returned with full force. It was so powerful it almost knocked her to her knees.

The brunette's toned body was alight with warmth, her pussy tingling in just such a way that she knew she was about to climax. She wondered what she was looking for, then realized that in each of the other rooms there had been a required outfit for the escapees to wear. No instructions, she thought, and subconsciously pondered why she was itching for orders to obey. Her eyes locked on the one piece of furniture in the room — a single pedestal in the room's center — where several small objects lay in an orderly row. Without any commands having been given, she approached the pedestal and examined the items it held.

* * *

No way... On the pedestal were a pair of wireless headphones and a pendulum. The classic mind control device. Like magic, I felt my cock starting to rise, whatever drugs I suspected CM had been slipping me in my drinks working hard to bring my exhausted cock back to full mast. I had first found Crazy Merlin's advertisement on a message board and discussion forum for mind control enthusiasts, and I suspected the experienced man knew that hypnosis was a particular favorite of mine.

"Hannah," the man spoke into the remote again and the woman glanced dazedly around as she listened. "Put on the headphones."

Hannah obeyed. Her movements were slow, as though she were moving through honey or amber. She slid the headphones over her hair so they fit snugly on top of her ears, then opened her eyes.

I loved how blank they already were, and I could imagine them growing more and more dull, more empty and mindless and obedient as she drifted deeper down into the trance. Damn. I was making myself harder already.

"In this room," Crazy Merlin continued, "your only goal is to not fall into a relaxed, compliant trance, where your sole desire is to submit and obey. Do you understand?"

I grinned, noticing CM's slight emphasis on the words relaxed, compliant trance and your sole desire is to submit and obey. The man was obviously experienced, and I couldn't think of anyone better suited to the task of hypnotizing the control-freak of a brunette while I watched with leisurely pleasure.

"I understand." Hannah's voice was low, already approaching monotone.

I shivered, another rush of blood further inflating my cock. Then, suddenly, I realized that Merlin was giving me a meaningful look. As I glanced over, he tossed the remote in my general direction.

I caught it instinctively and shot him a confused expression. Then, his plot dawned on me. "Wait..."

The older man nodded, stroking his beard with a self-satisfied smile. "You will guide the lovely young Hannah into a trance yourself, and mould her mind to your liking. It's all up to you now." He sat back and clasped his hands behind his head so I couldn't throw the remote back his way.

Fuck... I stared at the remote in my hand, then at the screen. You can do this, my inner dominant told me, his eyes sparkling with glee. This is the opportunity you've always wanted, deep down.

I couldn't argue his point, but I wish I shared his confidence.

"Press the orange button to speak through her headphones," Merlin said helpfully, obviously enjoying my internal struggle.

Fuck off, I thought in his general direction, though without any real venom, eyeing the remote warily. I shot a glance at the screen, and clenched my jaw at the sight.

Hannah was kneeling before the pedestal. Her willpower had obviously crumpled, and one hand was between her spread knees, wantonly pistoning in and out of her slick pussy, while the other twisted and pulled a nipple in her fingers.

I couldn't say no. My inner dom was right — I had always wanted this.

"Pick up the pendulum in one hand and hold it before your eyes." I was impressed that my voice was steady and calm as I pressed the orange button like I'd been instructed.

There was no way for me to tell if Hannah heard me, but then she reluctantly stopped playing with herself and moved to obey my instructions.

"Now let it begin to swing back and forth slowly, easily, not forcing anything." I relaxed into the role I'd played and observed a thousand times online — the role of hypnotist, of dominant, of controller. The role of Master. "Just let your eyes relax and your gaze focus on the pendulum. Back and forth it goes, and your mind begins to follow..."

* * *

Back and forth. Deeper and deeper...

The voice was soothing and familiar to Hannah's dazed mind, and in her state of fractured attention it took her a moment to realize why she recognized it.

Drake...? she wondered silently. For some reason, it seemed very wrong for her to be listening as her friend guided her deeper and deeper into an incredibly relaxed state, where her only desire was to hear and obey. "Deeper and deeper..." she murmured softly, still pondering whether she should ask Drake what he was doing as her eyes glazed over. She turned the problem over and over in her mind. Turned the problem back and forth... back and forth like the pendulum... Her sparkling eyes dulled as they flicked left and right methodically.

"Mindless and obedient..." she moaned, and realized that her hand was tweaking one of her nipples, a shock of pleasure running through her body and only spiraling her deeper down into the trance.

Deeper into the trance...

I am entranced, she realized. Entranced... Trance... trance.

"No. Wait..." Hannah forced the words between her lips, trying to remember the instructions she'd been given. Her mind was so fuzzy, so sleepy, so empty... "Don't submit. Don't obey..."

That's right, the voice in her headphones spoke calmly, confidently. Submit. Obey. The cool, self-assured tone didn't sound like Drake at all. The Drake that Hannah knew was awkward and shy, constantly apologetic.

Hannah found herself nodding slightly in agreement with this smooth, confident voice. "Submit..." she murmured. "Obey..."

* * *

As Hannah fell deeper and deeper under my control, I grew harder and harder. My cock was fully erect, the angry red tip begging for attention. I sighed with relief as a hot mouth suddenly sank down over it and began to methodically suck up and down, but I couldn't tear my eyes from the screen to identify my savior.

I couldn't believe this was working. True, CM had done all of the legwork in advance: his chemical pheromones in the air and the challenges in all three previous rooms had been prepping Hannah for this moment for hours. Still, I felt confident, powerful and prepared — hundreds of hours of online mind control kinkage turning into... I wasn't sure what; something akin to experience. I wasn't quite sure how I knew what to do. All I knew for certain was that I was incredibly turned on.

"Sinking down and down..." I spoke slowly and placidly into the remote. "Deeper and deeper... Hornier and hornier..."

And on the screen, Hannah obeyed.

* * *

The door to the viewing room opened and Hannah walked through it. Walked, I suppose, is the wrong word. Hannah slunk through the door like a jaguar lithely moved through the jungle branches, like a supermodel on a catwalk, her body smooth and sinuous, her every movement seductive.

I mentally contrasted this vision with the dominating, put-together woman who Hannah used to be. Not anymore, I thought, gently removing Marcella's mouth from around my cock and rising to my feet. The Latina whimpered softly with disappointment, her eyes fixated on my gently swaying length as it stood out rock hard in front of her face, glistening with her saliva, but she obeyed.

This new Hannah was entirely naked, her body slim, tall and sculpted like a statue of the feminine form. Her perky breasts were smaller than Sammy or Marcella's, but perfectly shaped and definitely more than a handful apiece. Her long, toned legs seemed to go on for miles and her militant hours at the gym had built a perfect ass to top it off.

God I want you, I thought, definitely not for the first time. This, however, was the first time I could actually have her.

As I'd instructed, Hannah knelt elegantly on the thick carpet, her long legs folding gracefully beneath her as she spread her knees and placed her hands in her lap. Even across the room, I could tell that her eyes were burning into mine with an intense desire.

"I want you," I growled aloud, voicing my thoughts as ardor heated up in my chest.

Hannah bit her lip and arched back, offering her body up for me. One hand trailed down her throat and between her breasts seductively. "Come and take me," she murmured, her voice breathy and filled with need. "Master..."

A thrumming groan of lust vibrated low in my throat as I strode across the room. My cock was a torpedo, pointing unerringly for its target.

Hannah waited patiently, her chest heaving up and down as her breath grew faster at my approach.

She wants this as much as you do, my inner dom told me, rubbing his hands together in anticipation. And more. My thoughts spurred me on, my cock harder than a steel bar. My balls swung heavily beneath, somehow still full and ready despite being emptied a dozen times today.

Hannah's tongue darted out to lick her pink lips in anticipation. She parted her lips and gazed up at me wantonly through her lashes. "What can I do to please you, M—mmph!"

I interrupted by gripping her by her hair and sliding my cock into her waiting mouth.

Her look of surprise turned instantly to one of greedy desire as her tongue circled the head and she tasted my precum. Hannah reached up and her fingers encircled the base of my shaft, her jaw opening wide around my girth. She moaned, leaning forward and easing her nose down toward my stomach before beginning to stroke me up and down with her hand.

I gathered her dark hair behind her head as she bobbed up and down, speeding up as her lust grew. Her lips wrapped around my cock and stretched wide as she opened her throat and pulled me into it until I felt myself enveloped by the heat of her tight passage. The muscles of her throat massaged my length, milking me as if begging for me to spill my hot seed down into her waiting stomach. It felt like a dozen eager young women were jerking me off, all using their hands on me at the same time. She continued for several hot, seemingly endless moments, time frozen as a barrage of pleasure assaulted my brain.

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