The Escapist Ch. 02


I think about this for a long time before I speak again.

"Okay," I relent. "But, I still have an adventure to go on, a world to see."

"You can do and see whatever you want," Akaria tells me. "But I'll be keeping my eye on you and all your encounters, and when it's all over, you'll come back to me."

"Yes," I agree, my heart thrumming with excitement, "yes, I like the sound of that a lot."

Akaria greets my agreement with a bone-crushing embrace and a relentless barrage of fierce kisses that leave me moaning, laughing, and gasping for air all at once. We eventually curl up together by the gently crackling fire, our bodies snuggled close to each other. Akaria rests her head on my chest, and her right hand drifts casually down between my legs and idly plays with my balls: stroking, squeezing, and manipulating them. When my shaft comes to full mast due to her careful administering, Akaria plays with that too, lightly running her claws up and down my full length.

"This belongs to me now," she contentedly sighs. "All of you is mine. Other monster girls may rape you, but you are mine."

"All yours," I agree, and I somehow feel quite alright with that. "Do with me as you will."


"I am powerless to escape you after all."

"Alright, you asked for it."

Akaria puts two fingers to her lips and blows a long, loud whistle that echoes far up the cave. I look confusedly at her until a rather odd sound emanates from up the passage. I cannot make out what it is, but it sounds like something heavy being dragged across the ground. Akaria giggles with glee, throwing her arms around me.

"You'll be exhausted tonight," she warns with a devious grin.

My eyes go wide when the source of the sound makes itself known. There in the doorway, swaying sensually, is the white-haired Serpent Girl, dragging a very familiar wooden treasure chest behind her.

"Hello there, male," hisses the Serpent Girl. "Your knew owner says we get to slay with you today. A dragoness, a Serpent Girl, a Concealer, and one helpless little male."

"I wonder how long he'll last," the Concealer adds, poking her head out of her treasure chest.

"Now, who goes first?" Akaria asks, still holding me tightly in her arms.

I start to squirm in the arms of my dragoness lover, but I can't seem to get free of her grip. I know she won't let anyone hurt me, but still!

"Now, hang on a minute," I protest.

"That's cute," laughs the serpent, "he thinks he has a say in the matter."

"No one will hurt you," Akaria whispers in my ear, nuzzling against me, "this will be so fun for you, I promise."

"Can't we talk this over?" I inquire, trying to wriggle free.

"Just trust me," she urges. "If you wanted to be free, your Escapist skills would have taken over, so you want this. He's all ours, girls."

The Serpent Girl slithers over to me, her tail flicking up my leg playfully. The sensation of her light, furtive caress makes me laugh and try to pull away.

"What a treat," she sneers, "our male is ticklish."

"Oh are you, now?" Akaria inquires, moving one clawed hand down to my stomach and running her nails across my skin lightly.

I let out an embarrassing shriek of laughter and slip out of Akaria's grip, though I feel as if she just let me go for her own amusement. I leap away from the two women, who advance on me as I back toward the rear of the room. They move to flank me, both giggling excitedly. The Serpent Girl strikes toward me, lunging forward. I weave around her, duck under Akaria's grasping claws and dart forward. The two monster girls growl in frustration and dive after me.

"Quick, in here!" the Concealer beckons.

I weigh my options: If I stay here Akaria and the snake-woman will catch me, torture me with endless tickling, and have their way with me. If I hide with the Concealer, I'll just have wild sex before she lets me go again. She can't eat me, Akaria said that no harm will come to me. So I leap toward the wooden chest and into the Concealers's arms. She pulls me down into the box and pins me on my back.

"We're going to have lots of fun before I let you out," she growls in my ear. "And if you don't cooperate, I'll let the dragoness have you."

"Okay okay," I hastily reply, "just do what you want with me and then let them have me, I guess."

"Oh it's what you're going to do for me," she smirks lustfully. "You got away from me last time, you're going to pay for that now, and make me feel very good."

"W-what do you want me to do?" Now I'm nervous, and rightfully so.

"I'm going to sit on your face," she casually states, "and you're going to tongue me, from behind, just as deep as you can."

"What?! No, that's disgusting." I begin to struggle under her.

"We monster girls are naturally clean," she counters, moving to sit down on my chest, facing away from me. "Now you tongue extra deep, or I'll make you scream, boy."



She lifts herself up and eases backward so that her pretty, round ass is hovering in the air above my face. Much to my relief, she was quite truthful: her ass is immaculately clean. She lowers herself down, settling her full weight onto my face. She's not particularly heavy, but I still can't move out from under her. Grudgingly, I extend my tongue and begin to lick, first up and down, sliding the tip of my tongue over her soft skin. This makes her laugh and wiggle with excitement at the light touch of my tongue.

"Get in there!" she growls eagerly.

I decide to follow my captress' direction and extend my tongue further, letting it slip inside her tight ass. The Concealer lets out a long, low moan of ecstasy and begins to rock her hips back and forth, letting my tongue go deep within her and stimulate her sensitive flesh. She cries out and rocks faster, harder, back and forth on my face, while I continue to tongue her, now in rhythm with her quivering body, working in as deep as I can until she comes to a powerful orgasm, screaming with pleasure as her sweet nectar erupts from between her lower lips and spills onto my skin.

"Alright," she pants, climbing off of me and pulling me roughly up by my hair, "I've had my fun, boy-toy. Now, you're all theirs."

Without another word, the Concealer throws me out of the chest, into the Serpent Girl's waiting arms. She smiles down at me, appraising the state of my being, before leaning in to kiss me.

"You might not want to do that," I cut in, "after where my mouth just was."

"Monster girls are always clean," she says, brushing my concern aside and smothering my mouth in a passionate kiss.

Akaria joins the Serpent Girl and the two women proceed to lick the Concealer's sweet, climactic juices off of my face. I lay in the serpent's arms and let them have their fun, licking my face and tickling my body with their hands and tails whilst I giggle and struggle like a madman.

The night goes on in a wild blur of passionate, depraved sex. Akaria holds my head between her thighs and forces me to lick her to several long, slow orgasms, which I gladly swallow. The Serpent Girl seems to love restraining me, just to watch me struggle, and then raping me with the opening at the tip of her tail. After several long hours, I start to fade in and out of consciousness. I'm dimly aware of time passing, of being passed around between the three monster girls, and the relentless raping. But eventually, my body can take no more, and I fade into darkness.

* * *

My dreams are full of treasure chests containing wicked seductresses, ravenous snake-women, and strangely-charming dragonesses. My eyes come open slowly and I try to sit up. I can't move at all, something is weighing me down. The ground beneath my back is cold and uneven, hard too, like it's made of metal. My eyes readjust to the semi-darkness, and I realize that I am laying atop Akaria's pile of treasure, and she is laying atop me, sleeping soundly. Little wisps of smoke curl up from the dragoness' nose when she exhales. She is so adorable, I can't help but lean down and kiss her. Her eyes come open immediately.

"Good morning, Treasure," she chirps. "That was fun yesterday, wasn't it?"

"It was exhausting."

Akaria nods and guides my head to her chest. Once again, I drink of her glorious milk, and soon am feeling refreshed and comfortable. Akaria climbs off of me and let's me rise from her pile of treasures. I pad across the room and start collecting my clothes, pack, and sword. Akaria follows after me, putting on her skimpy, metal bikini-armor. I have to say, impractical as it is, that armor looks unbelievably sexy on her. She notices my staring and flashes a seductive smile.

"You looking for another day of love-making," she inquires, stepping up close to me and stroking my chest. "I can make you scream my name like never before."

"Oh, that sounds great," I have to admit, "but I do need to get going, after all."

"Of course," she replies, wrapping her arms around me. "Let me take you back to the surface and say goodbye, okay?"


Keeping me locked in her arms, Akaria beats her leathery wings and we rise up into the air. I cling to her as we rise, afraid to let go, though I know she'll never drop me. We rise higher and higher still, until the tiny hole in the ceiling is revealed to be quite large enough for us both to pass through. Akaria alights on the grass outside the hole and sets me on my feet again.

"Be careful," she commands, "and don't forget I'll be watching you, so don't go falling in love with anyone else."

"I'll be very careful, Akaria," I assure her, then with a momentary pause I add, "I love you."

"I love you too, my little Devlin," she responds, kissing me hard before descending back into her lair.

I look around at the surrounding countryside, my eyes dazzled by the midday sun. I can't believe all I've endured, all I've discovered about myself and monster girls. I've found a mate, and I do really like her. In her own way, Akaria is an incredibly sweet girl.

I start to walk away when I find myself stumbling over an object in my path. I look down, and there is a small pack, which I open to find a folded piece of paper, weighted with a rock so that the wind won't carry it away. I unroll the note and read: "Did I say the practice cave was to the east? I meant west. My apologies, lad. Seems you've found yourself a dragoness though, and she's a pretty, buxom lass. Have fun, and may your adventure go so well as your night seems to be going."

I can't believe it: that odd old man gave me the wrong direction to the cave. If he had not, I'd have never met Akaria, or learned that my Escapism only triggers when my heart genuinely wants it to do so. By his mistake, I benefited greatly. I smile and tuck the note into a pocket, striding off on my way, leaving Akaria's cave behind me. I'll be back of course, how could I ever want to leave her forever?

I make my way north from the cave's exit, through a stand of trees. There's no road to speak of, so I orient with the sun and set a northeastward course, hoping to strike the main road eventually. Trees grow tall and undergrowth is thick in this undeveloped area. I beat past tangled branches, kick gnarled shrubs out of the way, and push on through tall, waving grasses. The going is slow, but I trudge ever onwards, keeping my path and my pace as steady as I can, until a woman's frantic scream breaks the stillness of the woodland air.

The scream comes from up ahead, directly northward. I charge through the brush, slapping branches aside and avoiding trees until I break through the edge of a clearing and stop still. Zombies. Zombies in Thuralia are not in fact the living dead, they're not even dead, rotted, or anything of the sort. They are women who have either fallen under the spell of a succubus, or been turned by another zombie. They've lost all higher thought, all awareness. All they want is to mate, endlessly with any man or woman they can get a hold of. They have some unknown way of keeping their victims conscious throughout it all, and will rape a person to death if given the chance.

"Please, someone help me," screams the panic-stricken girl being hauled roughly into the clearing by four zombies.

The zombies are all attractive women, tall and well-endowed, and completely naked. They drag their helpless victim to the clearing's center and hold her down on the grass, ripping her clothes away from her with ecstatic moans of pleasure.

"No," she begs, "please, you can't do this. I'm a virgin, have mercy!"

The zombie girls just moan lustfully, licking and kissing her bare flesh. I can't let them do this, so I stalk out into the clearing, not making any attempt to conceal my presence from the zombies. They look up from their current prey and all lock their eyes on me, licking their lips and practically drooling in anticipation of a male meal. While they're distracted, their female captive leaps up and runs off into the woods, sobbing hysterically. The zombie girls rise and walk slowly toward me, making excited humming noises, or moaning in blatant sexual need.

The first one reaches me and I dart around her easily, ducking her slow-moving limbs without much effort. The second two try to grab my arms, but I pull away, only to have the first zombie girl throw herself onto my back, knocking me forward in a sprawl. The zombies cackle with glee, a wild chorus of lust that echoes throughout the woods. They begin to strip off my clothes, save for one who cannot wait and straddles my head, pressing her lower-lips against my face. She holds my head still with her thighs and twists her fingers into my hair, pulling hard while moving her hips back and forth. She rubs her warmth against me, using all of my face to pleasure her intimate region. I gasp for air, but get none, only the sweet taste of her juices when she climaxes, drenching my face in her hot nectar.

The zombie girls have by now pulled off my clothes, and are fighting roughly over my manhood. I writhe under them, trying to pull away, but the four of them lay upon me, lapping at my body with their tongues, covering me with kisses and bites, and trying to claim my shaft as their own. Finally, I get my legs free and manage to stand, twisting out of their grasp. But just as I pull free, a new sound reaches my ears: the rustling of the trees, accompanied by more moaning. Confused, I look around, just in time to see a wave of zombie girls burst from the tree-line at every side of the clearing, all naked, all surrounding me, and all coming closer.

"Oh shit," is all I have time to say before they drag me to the ground...


[Author's Note: A cliff-hanger for what I do hope is an interesting story for all of you. Please leave your comments and feedback and I'll do my best to update soon.]

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