tagRomanceThe Eve 전야

The Eve 전야


I was getting ready to pull my partially frozen hair out. Being dragged by the hand throughout the town by my fiancee was leaving me completely depleted in energy and sanity, but I kept it together for her sake.

She seemed to be going stir crazy. Our everyday seemed insufficient for her. Unfortunately, our cold little Korean home town wasn't the most exciting place. Pretty average, but not awful by my standards.

"Honey, we visit this part of town at least twice a month. Nothing has changed," I reminded her.

Her gorgeous French face developed a look of discouragement.

"I know, Jintae. You don't have to rub it in," she commented.

"Zara, don't take it so harshly. I just don't know what you are looking for here when you know what to expect."

Her demeanor changed and I could tell she was thoroughly irritated by what I'd said and had given up.

"Valentine's day and nothing to do. Where did all the fun go?" she grumbled under her breath.

I nudged her with my hand that held hers, and without letting go, I wrapped my arm around her and squeezed her through our thick jackets. Trying to ease the tension, I softly laughed in her ear and murmured, "Let's go home before that cute button nose gets any redder, Rudolph."

We walked back to our apartment, about a mile away. At the door, we removed our boots and heavy coats, shaking off the bit of snow we accumulated on the way. We moseyed into our room and Zara immediately plopped onto the bed and played with her phone.

"Zara, talk to me. You seem increasingly push and pull, lately. We had such fun together, but the past months have been so average. It feels like now that we are in our second year together, I'm trying to go upstream without a paddle."

"I'm an adventurous woman, Jintae. You're just going to have to deal with that," she snapped.

"Woah, you don't need to be so salty! Am I allowed to ask questions?" I said in shock.

After a long pause for thought, she spoke quietly.

"Jintae-ah, I'm sorry. I just thought you were picking on me," Zara confessed.

"Now, why the hell would I pick on my own fiancee?" I kindly questioned as I laid next to her. "You are fucking amazing, babe. You're a dancer, like me, you obviously love Korean food, despite being a foreigner, you're a sincere, hard working woman. Not to mention you're damn gorgeous. You have perfect golden brown hair, stunning indigo eyes, plump cheeks," I eased towards her, "I can't stop thinking about kissing your perfect rosy lips."

I tenderly pressed my lips against hers, the passion between us beginning to blossom. Zara's body language signaled her desire for more, so I let her pry apart my lips. We made out for just a few seconds. I tugged delicately on her lower lip with my teeth and sealed her mouth with another kiss before breaking away from her. She looked up at me with puppy dog eyes.

"A guy like me never would have had a chance with you if we were in your mother country! I'd be a total idiot to intentionally push you away!"

"What?" she asked in a drawn out, raised pitch. "You say that like you're not attractive, or something!"

I admit, I may be above average in the looks department, still, I'm no Taeyang. But I wasn't about to gloat to Zara.

"You never would have chosen my ugly ass over some French man!" I joked with a smile as I reclined onto my pillow with my arms folded under my head.

She was stunned that I had even said that! She sat up and leaned above me with such concern in her voice, saying, "Don't call yourself ugly! You're implying that I have bad taste!"

"No, you have good taste choosing Korean men, but the fish in this sea are substandard overall."

Zara sighed a loud, frustrated, "Ugh!" and smacked my chest. "Don't even start!" she added.

I couldn't help but laugh. She was so beyond sexy. Even when she would get mad.

"Maybe you think you're average because you lived with yourself your whole life," she scoffed. "I've lived here for seven years and had friends set me up with guy after guy, and none were close to you.

"You're the only guy that was athletic enough to keep up with me. I can have legitimate conversations with you, it's not just small talk.

"Plus, I think you look just like Kwon Young Don." She paused, "Or Deuk."

Reacting without thinking, I laughed at her.

"They're twins, Zara. That's why they're referred to as the Kwon twins," I teased. "If I look like one, I look like the other!"

"That's what I'm talking about, you ass!" she hissed and rolled her eyes. "What I'm saying is, you could be their triplet."

She lowered her voice and brushed her nose against mine. "Even so, I think your full lips are much more enticing than mine."

In a sarcastically offended tone, I questioned, "Are you trying to seduce me?"

"Hmm, maybe," she shrugged.

Zara swung one leg over me, sitting directly on my crotch. She rested her hands above my head, on either side of the pillow. I moved my hands to cradle the smallest part of her waist. We both exchanged tactful, longing looks and sweet smiles.

My Zara held her body against mine, compressing her full, firm breasts on my chest.

Blood began to rush to my crotch as we stared at each other. My growing erection touched her between her legs, she twitched, letting a small gasp slip past her mouth.

Her eyes became reluctantly serious.

"Jintae," she paused.

I rolled my eyes, I knew what she meant.

"Okay, I know, I know," and, lifting my hands like I had a gun pointed at me, I then stated, "We are waiting."

With my hands off her, Zara rolled onto her side of the bed.

"Don't get upset with me, it's not like I can control my attraction towards you," I mentioned, slightly defensive.

"I'm not mad," she cooed. She relaxed, resting her head on my shoulder. I watched her nibble on her fingertips.

A moment went by, I kissed the top of her head.

"So, you still haven't answered my question," I pried with a devilish grin.

Zara laughed at my expression and relaxed again.

"I don't know, Jintae. Don't take this wrong, I'm just bored. At the beginning, we had such exciting times, but being together for two years in this little town, I feel like we have exhausted all the fun here. I just want something new."

"You want something really different, don't you? Well, the day has just begun! I'll tell you what, I'll plan a date for us. We'll get the hell out of here," I proclaimed with pride.

"Oh, gosh, now I'm worried," Zara griped with a nervous grin.

"Quit tripping! I may not act like it, but I do know you pretty well."

I got up off the bed and stood, pulling Zara up off the bed. I reached around her lower back, caressing her dimples through her clothing as I pulled her into my embrace. Quite instinctually, I ended up pressing my pelvis into her when we touched. I looked down at her and flirtatiously demanded, "You go get in the shower and get ready while I make some arrangements."

With a surprised, yet intrigued look about her face, Zara smirked at me and elegantly sauntered into the bathroom. The way her ass swayed in her tight jeans almost made me forget what I was about to do. I shook myself and went on to handle business.

Once the plans were prepared, I decided to pick an outfit for her. I chose some cozy black leggings, a white, cowl neck sweater dress that I knew clung to her figure, her fanciest black boots, and a dense walking coat. I was really anticipating seeing her fully decked out.

Planning for the big surprise, I packed us some clothing and some essentials. Once our bag was filled, I snuck out to our Sonata and placed our belongings in the trunk.

Back in the apartment, I could hear Zara fiddling with some makeup brushes; I knew that meant she was almost ready. I slipped into the bathroom, headed for the shower to quickly refresh, somehow managing the impossible task of not taking a gander at the flawless woman in a bathrobe leaning over the sink, while simultaneously dropping off her clothes on the counter. All my years of dancing made me smooth as fuck.

I made sure my face was clean shaven and moisturized before scrambling past Zara into the bedroom. I parted my hair to the right and combed it out of my face. I chose some boot cut jeans I knew Zara admired on me, a warm, skin tight, white thermal, some kick-ass dark brown boots, and a coat similar to Zara's. It was customary for couples to be matching; I knew my fiancee would appreciate the whole of South Korea knowing we were a couple and how madly in love we were.

Finally, she emerged, carrying her coat on her forearm. Her hair's effortless, beachy waves reaching her collarbone, her white dress emphasizing her fit silhouette, the makeup she flawlessly applied making her baby blues look electric. Instantly, my jaw went limp. I was motionless on my feet, but my mind was racing.

Zara waved a hand, "Jintae-ah, you're drooling."

Having suddenly been made dumb and gullible, I swiftly wiped my chin.

"I am drooling," I said incredulously.

My fiancee just laughed at me and strutted my direction to give me a quick smooch.

"I'm legitimately speechless. I'm so fucking lucky."

The corners of her lips curled in a shy grin. Just like when we first started dating.

"Well, we are spending our day in Seoul, today," I informed my lovely woman.

"Hmm, sounds interesting!" she chimed.

At last, a glimmer of hope!

We got into our vehicle and commenced our trek to the capital.

I tried to fill up our day with things we both would enjoy. We saw a movie together, played games at an arcade, snacked on all the unhealthy street food we usually avoided, and, of course, we went shopping, mostly for her enjoyment. She looked at the sports wear the majority of the time while I was entertained watching her try on all the clothes. After all the quality time together, we needed a hardy meal.

During our mission, we spotted a nice restaurant filled with other couples. We agreed that meant it must be good, so we decided to have dinner there. Zara, with her delicate palette, ordered kalguksu. Me, on the other hand, being native Korean and growing up with a love for spicy food, I ordered yukgaejang. Both were great warming foods to fight off the chill we picked up outdoors.

"Jintae-ah," Zara softly voiced. "Thank you for today. It was exactly what I needed." She leaned towards me and I tried to recline away from her, but she landed a kiss on my lips and immediately regretted it. The spices from my soup burned her lips and she started panicking as politely as she could, in an attempt to not make a scene. She grabbed her glass of wine and I reached forward to stop her, but she slapped my hand away with her free one. At that point I just sat back stifling my chuckles with a fist over my mouth. Zara whined at the increased heat.

"I was trying to warn you. Alcohol always makes it worse," I gave a half smile, entertained by her suffering. "You should listen to me sometimes. Eat some bread," I told her while placing the bread basket in front of her.

It took a few minutes until the burning finally subsided. We both laughed at that crazy moment when I teased her for it. I was appreciative of her sense of humor being so similar to mine.

"When are we going home? I'm getting tired," she sighed.

"I have one more surprise. I knew we'd be out late, so I booked us a room."

"Where at?" Zara inquired.

"The Hotel PJ."

Her eyes doubled in size. I watched her jaw fall while she tucked her hair behind an ear.

"You seriously? No. What!"

"Yup. I made sure it was something nice for you," I beamed. I grabbed her hand and kissed her knuckles.

"Jintae, that is too much," she said, expressing her humility.

"No, it's just right. You wanted new, so I thought, 'go big or go home.' I just want you to be happy."

She and I sat in the car in silence the whole way to the hotel. I wasn't sure if it was because she was speechless or if she was trying to keep from crying. Either way, I was glad to see what an impact this had on her.

We checked in and reached our room. I opened the door for her and set our bags on the floor. We shed our excess layers, getting more comfortable in the indoor heat.

I opened the curtains and it let in the city lights, casting a faint glow on the walls and ceiling. The lighting couldn't have been better.

In the area between the bed and the window was some small furniture. I moved everything to one side.

"What are you doing?" Zara pried.

"Making room," I stated matter-of-factly. "I just want us to relive some of the past and remember how we met in the dance studio, but with a twist."

She watched intently as I dug in our bag, took out my bluetooth speaker, connected my phone to it and removed my shirt.

I had put a whole playlist together just for tonight.

She sat on the side of the bed closest to the window.

One of her favorite songs was the first on this list; "Monster," by EXO. I knew it was an exciting song to get us both in the mood to dance.

I was by no means a stripper, but I wanted to heat things up by dancing shirtless. When I hit play, I started with some footwork matching the beat, with simple arm movements.

"~~She got me going crazy~~

~~Why is my heart racing?~~

~~You are beautiful, my goddess, but you're closed off, yeah, yeah~~," the speaker played.

I picked up the pace with the music as it progressed. Closer to the chorus the music crept, and so I gradually moved her direction. She was leaning back on her elbows with an unrelenting gaze. I couldn't hide my pleased expression spreading.

I executed a side glide towards her as the music sang, "~~I'm creeping in your heart, babe~~."

"~~I'll flip you over, break you down~~," I placed my hands on the bed on either side of her. "~~And swallow you up~~," and hovering over her, I did a body roll, emphasizing my chest and abs.

I pushed myself to a stand, one arm up, intending to continue, when Zara shot upright, sitting close, and placing her knees on either side of my hips. One arm reached over my relaxed shoulder, the other, under my raised arm. Her finger tips touching against my deltoids, she pulled her hands apart in opposite directions, keeping her face close to mine.

Stunned, I held still, wondering what she would do. With effortless skill, she slipped past me, to the area I cleared. Zara beckoned me with one finger and a challenging countenance. I gave her a smug smirk. It was challenge accepted.

She really brought her best moves to dance with me. She kicked off her boots and picked up some of the original choreography in the group's dance, but still kept it original.

"~Come here, girl~," played from the speaker and I extended my hand to her. Zara's grip was easy, but she squeezed tight and twirled into me. When she had the length of my arm wrapped around her, she angled her torso away from me, smoothly grinding her ass on the leg of my jeans in one movement.

I watched as she spun away and I shifted sights to adjust my belt buckle with my free hand. In my peripheral vision I saw her peering intently at what my left hand was doing.

Zara strolled back to me and removed her leggings from underneath her dress. Jarred, I raised an eyebrow at her with a questioning, yet hopeful smile.

Her hand grabbed my jeans at my belt buckle, and gave a firm jerk. Through barely parted lips and gritted teeth, she growled, "I want this off."

I obliged, sliding the belt out of its loops. Much to the pleasure of my feasting eyes, she lifted her dress higher and higher until it was off. Her matching bra and panty set were white lace overlaying what looked like a pale pink satin. I wanted to compliment her on how becoming of her the sexy set was; I wanted to tell her how I thought it was perfect for the Valentine's day occasion, but my mouth wouldn't speak.

My eyes tracked her heading towards the bed and crawling to the center, then sitting with one leg bent and one extended, shyly rubbing them together.

"I'm waiting," she prompted.

"Have you played a seductress before?" I couldn't help but ask; this was a side of her I'd never seen.

"I've imagined this day with you long enough. We are getting married, after all. I told you I wanted something new. I think this is the icing on top of our exciting day."

I unbuttoned my jeans and undid the zipper. I was holding onto the seam, before I dropped them, I looked up at Zara and asked if she was sure. She bit her lip and nodded her agreement.

Having only my boxer briefs left, I inched onto the down comforter.

Zara unhooked her bra and teased me, taking way too long to toss it away. At last, I saw her carelessly throw it onto the floor, her breasts resting on her rib cage when she lowered her arms.

Already my dick was aching to be unhindered by my under clothes. I observed her reclined body, as I crawled closer. Her hips had a minute gyrating motion; as if she were summoning me.

Those few seconds it took to reach her felt so long, but I did not have one complaint about it. The sex itself probably would not last very long, so it felt proper to savor every detail beforehand.

The dim glow of cool colors from the city below cast a blue hue in the room, bathing my fiancee in azure radiance. Her eyes were even more fiercely bright, staring at me.

Her chest looked crafted to fit perfectly into my hands. Now that I finally had her within my grasp, I was almost too nervous to take her. My arms remained straight while I was over her, keeping some distance between us.

Zara gave me a kiss and said, "I'm going to show you how much I appreciate you." Her hand touched my arm, signaling me to move. I did so, shifting my weight to the other arm.

Keeping an eye on my woman, she shimmied out from underneath me and urged me onto my back by pushing on my shoulder.

Both of her hands interlocked with mine after taking a seat on my crotch again. She came forward and made out with me like nothing I'd experienced before. Her soft nipples caressed my chest as she started grinding.

A small groan snuck out from her voice. Still being kissed, my breathing quickened at the sensation of her movements.

Although it was torturous to not feel her envelope me, I thoroughly enjoyed the way she dry humped me. Her hands released mine and she sat up. It was my turn to tease her.

I grabbed her twirling hips, delicately pressing my thumbs into the soft flesh just inside her hip bones, and I worked my way up her curves. I knew she was wanting exactly what I was doing; her head was rolling back slightly.

There were her breasts. My hands glided up, just underneath. I felt the ideal weight of her chest between my thumb and forefinger, and my hands shifted up further. No force, no pressure, just tracing around the shape of her. Zara sexily moved her arms to her head to swipe her hair to one side, then over half her face before wrapping her lips around a finger and dragging the moistened digit down between her cleavage. My thumbs stroked her nipples over and over until they were raised.

I let my hands pass over her shape once more and finally pressed them into her chest. So incredibly soft, yet firm.

In the meantime her hips had slowed, but she performed more precise, and forceful actions, committing to each shift. Each time she let up the pressure I had to gasp for air, when she pushed into me, my whole torso flexed. Luckily, I managed to keep my head on the pillow so I could eye her non-stop during the action.

I could smell her natural lubrication, her sweat, her perfume, all of them mixing into one intoxicating scent that could have made me beg. I definitely would have if I hadn't bit down on my lip to stop myself.

Swiftly she turned away and sat between my legs. That's when I saw her get on all fours and leisurely take off her panties with one hand. Bent over, her ass before me, I saw everything in stunning detail, even in the faint lighting.

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