tagErotic HorrorThe Evil Mirror Pt. 03

The Evil Mirror Pt. 03


When I came to my senses I was back in the strange high backed chair, unable to move surrounded by darkness. Before my eyes was the evil mirror, its carved demonic faces leering back at me.

Through the mirror I could see the great stone hall of a manor or castle. It was lit only by the light emanating from great fireplace and from a chandelier filled with candles. In this room I could see my darling wife Dee. She was dressed in a green renaissance style gown; it was low-cut with a laced-up bodice, which showed off her lovely bosom. Her hair was curled and piled up on her head in a most attractive fashion. She was a vision of loveliness but in her eyes I saw anxiousness or maybe even fear as she gazed at the heavily barred door to the hall.

Then I saw why. There a was a loud crash and the door shook on its hinges, the heavy wooden bar that held it closed nearly splintered. My darling looked around for some means of escape. There were others fleeing the room, servants I thought. She tried to escape through small wooden door but it was locked. Then she tried to follow a servant through an iron gate, but he locked it before she could reach it.

She begged him to let her in but, he sorrowfully shook his head and said.

"The Baron comes for you lady. Maybe, if we give you to him he will leave us in peace."

She shook the bars and called out to him to open the gate to help her, but he fled into the darkness, leaving her alone and trapped in the great hall. There was another crash and her head whipped around to see the great wooden doors burst asunder. Into the hall strode men armed and armored for war. There were thirteen of them, but only three were of note. One man, his armor more ornate and gold chased than the others was clearly a nobleman, another carried a mace instead of a sword and wore a helm very reminiscent of a bishops' miter, the third was the largest of the men and wore a helm with the face of a ravening wolf. Following them into the room was a finely dressed woman of about forty years of age. It was Lydia again.

My wife stood brought to bay by these intruders in her own home. She was trembling slightly but tried to keep her voice steady as she spoke.

"Why have you attacked my home? What do you want?"

The men laughed, but Lydia hushed them with a look.

"My brother, the Baron Otto wants your lands my dear lady Dee And since you have spurned his generous and honorable offers of marriage, it became obvious that we must take matters into our own hands"

The baron removed his helm and smiled coldly at Dee. He was about forty as well heavy-set, but not unhandsome. His hair was jet black as were his beard and moustache. His gaze lingered on her face, but took in the rest of her form appreciatively.

My darling tore her gaze from him, but saw that indeed all the men present were eyeing her with ill concealed lust.

Lydia continued. "We brought the Bishop of Nydaman here to officiate at the joyful joining of you and my brother the most noble Baron Otto."

My wife seemed ready to protest but Lydia raised one hand to silence her and continued. "Before you speak let me say plainly what the consequences of such a refusal will be. First, this house shall be razed to the ground. Second, any person's attached to the household shall be put to the sword at once. "Thirdly," and here Lydia smiled very coldly at Dee "You will be given to our men, to be their plaything...until they tire of you."

"You wouldn't dare!" My wife's eyes flashed with defiance and anger. "I am nobly born as you Lydia that would be an infamous crime. The king would not forgive you or your brother."

"True." Otto said in his smarmy voice. "But the King is far away and no one will be alive to bear him the news." He waited a moment for the words to sink in. "Lady I have waited for months for us to be joined in holy matrimony. I will not wait a moment longer. Say you will be mine or I shall unleash my men on this House, your people and your body."

My darling close her eyes in horror at the devil's bargain being force upon her. Then nodding slowly she looked at the baron and spoke. "My people and I will be treated with honor?"

The baron smiled, gloating, he knew now that his case was won. "Of course my dear lady; you shall be treated with all the honor you deserve." He gave a sidelong glance to his sister, who responded with a thin wicked smile, which sent chills down my spine. I wanted to call out to Dee, to warn her that they had no intention of honoring any bargain, but my voice was stilled again.

The Bishop removed his helmet to reveal his baldhead and corpulent features. His beady eyes squinted as he pulled out a rolled parchment, which he examined before laying it open on the table before my wife. "This is the marriage contract Lady. It requires only your signature, my blessing and of course the consummation for your marriage to be legal and binding under the laws of God and man. We can have a full ceremony at a later date" He lingered suggestively over the word consummation and I could see my darling barely repress a shudder of disgust. Sign it she did however while her enemies looked on with satisfaction.

Baron Otto then took her by the hand and together they stood before the Bishop who said the necessary words to wed my beautiful Dee to this awful man. I could see the distress in my darling's beautiful face as she pronounced the words "I do."

"Now to the marriage bed." Otto said after he had kissed her full on the lips. "I am eager to exercise my rights as your husband." My wife stoically accepted these words and let him lead her by the hand.

"Wait brother!" Cried Lydia in a commanding voice. "There are older customs here that must be observed. The good Bishop and I, as well as Your man Wulfstan shall witness the consummation of your marriage to ensure this Lady does not enscorcell you with her wiles and to ensure that it is you and you alone who put the seed of your heirs into her belly."

Dee looked aghast at this and made ready to protest, but the bishop took her by the other hand and together all four of them hustled her upstairs to the bedchamber.

I saw the scene now from the glass of another cursed mirror, which was hung above the headboard of the great four posted bed that was in the room. The Bedchamber was hung with strange tapestries depicting satyrs and nymphs in various forms of copulation. It was lit by candles in sconces on the walls and a fire burned in the grate. I dreaded what was to be done to my wife in this place.

They released her and stood clustered around the bed as the Baron slowly disrobed. "My lady;" he purred "long have I awaited a chance to see your charms. Please doff that gown you wear."

"Not with all of them watching. Please my good...husband" (I could see what it cost her to use that word) do not dishonor me so."

"You will disrobe now Dee." Lydia threatened, "or the Bishop and I shall disrobe you ourselves."

The bishop looked frankly overjoyed at the prospect of tearing the clothes off my wife. "We are legal witnesses to the consummation of the marriage between you and Baron Otto, lady. There is nothing improper about our attendance on such a joyous occasion." He breathlessly intoned.

My wife steeled herself, swallowed hard and with a quivering hand unlaced the bodice and let the green velvet puddle to the floor about her ankles. Then the white petticoats were removed till she stood wearing only a sleeveless cotton shift that buttoned down the front. The Baron nodded at her indicating that this too shall be removed and slowly with a tear rolling down he cheek she complied. Finally she stood naked in all her beauty in front of them, one hand striving to contain her ample breasts the other covering her womanhood.

"So modest." Lydia sneered. "Now in bed and on your back for your husband."

Slowly she climbed into the bed, but when she tried to pull the covers over her nakedness, the Bishop and Wulfstan pulled them from the bed at Lydia's instruction.

"Husband Please!" She entreated. "Am I to be spared nothing?"

"Absolutely nothing my dear." He replied as he climbed into bed now wearing only his leggings and boots. Quickly his was atop her and forced her onto her back. His lips sought hers and she reluctantly allowed the kiss, hoping I thought in vain to win some small affection from this man who had been forced upon her. His hands grasped her fabulous tits and caressed them with abandon. He ravaged her throat and nipples with his lips and tongue. Finally he was ready fro the main course. He unlaced the points that held his bulging member in check and forcing his knees between her thighs spread her wide.

"Please my lord, please be gentle." She whispered in his ear, an entreaty that was in vain, for he forcefully took her, thrusting himself deeply inside her at the first.

Dee let out a little gasp at that first violation. Her little hands clutched at the sheets of the bed as he began to ride her.

The three watching looked on with great relish as Otto fucked my poor wife, pounding her beautiful body into the mattress, with no tenderness or affection. There was only animal lust and hate in the way he used her body. I could see the enjoyment he took from her with every thrust of his cock into her wonderful body. Finally, the inevitable conclusion came to pass he ejaculated inside Dee's body.

Satisfied and laughing he got from the bed and laced himself up; While Dee tried to cover herself with her shift. "Very nice my wife." He said with a sneer. "It's a pity you didn't give yourself to me when I first asked your hand months ago. You might have had a kinder fate."

"Husband..." She faltered, "I do not understand."

"My Dear sister Lydia will enlighten you my dear." He said, bowing in a mocking way before he left the bedchamber.

"You see Dee, now that we have the contract signed and the marriage consummated in front of witnesses, well, we don't really need you anymore. Otto is you legal heir so if you were to die in some tragic fashion he will inherit all that is yours."

I could see my darling shrink back against the headboard, as the three who remained in the room with her seemed to loom closer to her. "What do you mean to do to me?" She asked her voice trembling

"I think both the Bishop and Wulfstan here have been promised certain pleasures that they might take from your body, by force if necessary. If you please them you will remain a prisoner in this house for the rest of your days. If you do not please them, they will let soldiers have their way with you and you will be killed in a most cruel and horrible fashion."

"Please Lydia! Please, I'll do what they want. Just don't kill me."

"Very good Dee. By seniority, it's the Bishops turn first. Turn on your belly for him please. I have seen him admiring that lovely ass of yours all night and now you are going to give it to him."

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