tagErotic HorrorThe Evil of Hammond House Ch. 2

The Evil of Hammond House Ch. 2


TWO: "Passion and Terror"

Upstairs, Angela's pulse was racing. She found herself laying back on the bed next to Carl, her head spinning from all that he was doing to her. Already her t-shirt was up above her ample, grapefruit-sized breasts and Carl's mouth was exploring them with passion. They glistened from his saliva, her dark areola crinkled from the coolness of the air on her moist flesh, her nipples standing firm as he tugged them with his teeth.

She spoke breathily. "Oh, Carl, yessss."

He moaned against her skin in response and squeezed her other breast before moving his hand toward her underpants. Gently it passed over the elastic and glided across the bulge of her mound. Angela raised her hips in anticipation as his fingers slithered down onto the slippery patch of wetness on the front of her knickers. Her sex was already flowing with juices, aroused at the magic of Carl's touch, and he was sliding his fingers up and down into her slit from the outside.

Angela's breathing escalated and her hips pumped more intensely each time. Carl took this as a signal for his next move and began kissing his way from her breasts towards her sex. Her legs parted as she prepared herself for his mouth. His lips kissed all around the bare skin at the edge of her panties: above the waistband, along the insides of her thighs, finally resting on the center of her passion. She felt him rubbing his lips against her mound and she drove her hips up against him harder and harder. She was so close now, so close and she wasn't even naked yet!

"Oh, Carl! You started without me, how unfair!"

Angela sat bolt upright, totally losing her state of arousal, to see Lisa standing completely nude in the door of the bathroom. Her curly blonde hair was draped over her dazzling shoulders and almost covered her huge 40dd breasts. There was only a smattering of golden silk between her legs, which were far enough apart to make her labia quite visible. Lisa walked towards them, shifting her luscious thighs back and forth. It was quite apparent to Angela why Carl had found her so hard to resist.

Lisa Bonham had been a component of the group since the beginning. She had been Carl's girlfriend when he met Robert during their sophomore year. She was from San Diego and had met Carl on a family vacation to Kingston. When Carl came to ECSU for his studies, Lisa decided the Journalism program there was good enough for her and she joined him. Last year they broke up -- sort of -- so they could see other people, but it was common knowledge that Lisa was in Carl's bed at least one or two weekends a month. With whomever else they shared the bed was a constant topic of discussion.

"Lisa, I wanted it to be a surprise for Angela!" Carl rebuked her.

Angela fumbled to get her shirt back over her bosoms and stood up from the bed.

"Carl, what's going on here?" she asked, her voice quavering.

Her new lover stood up and took her hand.

"Lisa couldn't stay in Brenda's room, not with Robert in there, and she wasn't gonna sleep with that oinker Petri, so I invited her to join us. She's very open-minded about this stuff."

He took Lisa's hand and brought it to Angela's shoulder, who looked on incredulously as Lisa caressed her way gently down towards her breast, swirling around the nipple and clutching the mound of jelly in her palm. Then she lifted Angela's t-shirt and cupped the bare breast in her hand, thumbing the nipple to hardness.

Angela closed her eyes. Yes, it felt nice and Lisa was very beautiful, but this isn't what she wanted. She'd wanted to be with Carl, alone, and to make love with *him*. This kind of experimentation was something she wanted to do later on. Carl had screwed things up, pun intended, and Angela's mood was shattered.

"Carl..." she said, gently putting her hand on Lisa's and pulling slowly it away from her breast. "This isn't what I wanted. I wanted to be with you." She squeezed Lisa's hand lightly, hoping to let her know that she wasn't upset with her. Lisa smiled back knowingly.

"Come on, baby, it'll be great. The three of us, tangled and sweaty, moaning, shaking the bed. Petri'll be steaming when he hears it all the way down the hall."

That did it. Angela understood it all now. Carl had no interest in her at all.

"You bastard. That's all you wanted me for, isn't it? To upset Mark? You don't care about me at all do you?" Angela was getting very upset and tears began to form in her eyes.

"Hey, Angie, I just thought it would be cool to razz Petri. Take his dream girl, fuck her brains out with another girl, make him jealous. If he means so much to you, why don't you go to his room and fuck him?"

Angela turned and stormed towards the door. As she opened it she turned back to Carl. "At least he wants me for who I am," she snapped and left.

Lisa turned to Carl. "That was pretty cruel, you know."

"Not you too, babe," he responded, reaching out to cup her breast.

"Oooo. You sure know how to change the subject, sweetheart," and she pulled his chest to hers, flattening her bosoms against it, and kissed him deeply with her tongue.

Her hands slid down Carl's back and came to his boxers. She began to slip them down, kissing her way down his chest as she went, until she knelt before him. His magnificent erection popped up before her face and she dropped his shorts. He managed to just step out of them before she plunged her mouth over his penis. He moaned loudly as she took it almost all the way down her throat and began bucking his hips while Lisa wrapped one hand around the base of his member. The other hand reached up and cupped the leathery sack that held his testicles. Lisa's mouth was moving hard and fast over him and he was feeling the pressure building within his loins.

Carl Suvega was in heaven already, and the night had only just begun.

Angela's face was wet with tears and burning with anger. How could Carl have been so cruel? How could she not have seen it? No, he was good. Brenda didn't even see it, she was happy for Angela. Carl was very good at manipulation and Lisa's behavior was proof. She would do anything for him, even make love with another woman. Sadly, Angela realized, she probably would have made love with Lisa for Carl too, if he hadn't tried to play that hand so early.

Angela reached for the doorknob to her room, but then stopped herself. She could hear the sounds of moaning and the creaking of wood and metal. Robert. Robert and Brenda were in the middle of intercourse and disturbing their lovemaking was the last thing Angela wanted to do. She looked back down the hall. She couldn't go back to Carl's room. She needed to rest. No, she needed to talk, but Brenda was otherwise occupied.

Mark. She walked on down the hall to Mark's room and tapped on the door.

"Mark?" She waited, then knocked again. "Mark? It's Angela. Can I come in?"

There was no response. Carefully she cracked the door open and peered inside. The light on the nightstand was on, but the bed was empty. Angela slipped into the room and closed the door.

"Mark?" she called softly, her voice still choked from crying.

She walked to the bathroom. The lights were out, but hanging on the door was Mark's bathrobe. This she took and put on, wrapping it around herself and tying it off. She turned on the bathroom light, ran some cold water in the sink, and splashed her face. After wiping herself dry with a towel, she felt much better. Now she could look for Mark.

Angela left the room and headed towards the foyer, completely oblivious to the silhouetted figure that moved in the darkness towards the other end of the hall.

Robert arched his back and squeezed Brenda's arms with ferocity. His whole body shuddered as he emptied his seed into the tight sex of his Asian lover. Underneath him, Brenda could feel the pounding at the base of his erection as he came inside her, his burning semen spurting out in an eruption of passion. At the same time, the muscles of her vagina clenched his member in relentless waves of ecstasy. Her bottom thrust against his penetration, driving him deeper and deeper inside her body.

Together they shook and quivered, trying to sustain the passion for as long as possible, but eventually the surge of orgasm began to fade from their loins and slowly they fell into a loving embrace, their lips joined in a last remembrance of the joy that had just experienced. Slowly they moved apart, Robert's diminishing penis sliding from inside Brenda's saturated mound. His chest brushed against her small breasts and he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a sideways embrace.

"I love you, Brenda," whispered Robert.

She touched his face and kissed his lips warmly. "Robert... Robert..." she cooed and lay her head in his arms.

Together they fell into a light sleep, their real life passion transferring into dreams.

Angela crept down the stairs into the foyer. She twirled around, trying to decide where Mark might have gone. The kitchen? Perhaps. No, the living room. She turned and went into the left-hand door in the back wall. At first she didn't see anything, but then as she approached the couch she saw a lone sock-covered foot hanging over the top of it. Mark was laying on his side, sound asleep. On the floor was an empty brandy snifter and a book.

She knelt down in front of him and looked at his face. He looked so peaceful when he was sleeping. He really was a peaceful, quiet kind of guy. He was very kind and a good friend, Brenda had told her that. Why hadn't she thought of giving him a chance? Angela knew that if she told him what had happened, he would be sympathetic and understanding. Yes, Mark had his problems, but maybe she could be as good for him as he could be for her?

Putting her hand on his shoulder she leaned forward and whispered in his ear. He stirred a little. She whispered again. Mark's eyes fluttered open.

"Angela?" his voice croaked.

"Hi," she responded.

Mark struggled to get up and to shake off the sleepiness he was feeling. That was kind of hard when you've had a bit of brandy. Okay, a *lot* of brandy.

"Wh-what's up?" he asked.

"Sorry to wake you up. I...I needed someone to talk to."

At those words Mark forced off the weariness and blurred vision and motioned for Angela to join him on the couch. She plopped down next to him and began spilling her tale. When the tears started to flow he wiped them away, when she started to shake he put his hand in hers, when she confessed how she really felt about him he pulled her to his chest and caressed her hair. Then she kissed him.

The fire crackled in the silence.

Lisa's breasts swung back and forth like pendulums in the dim light of the nightstand lamp as Carl pounded his manhood into her from behind. Her luscious bottom was raised in the air and Carl's erection slid easily in and out of her blood-swollen lips. His hands clutched the shuddering globes of her cheeks as he hammered himself into her depths. He watched his shaft move back and forth between her buttocks, into the gaping slit just below the rosette of her anus. He slipped a hand down there and began to tease the nether-opening with one of his fingers. Lisa let out a sharp gasp. Then he threw his back and closed his eyes as he began to concentrate on the smooth silkiness of her sex.

Lisa's cornsilk pubic hairs were dripping with lubricant, as were the hairs on Carl's balls and around the base of his penis. Her face was buried into a thick pillow as she stifled her cries. She concentrated on clenching her vagina around him, trying to drive herself over the edge. Then she shoved her fingers down between their bodies and frigged her clitoris as hard and as fast as she could. She had never been able to have a climax during intercourse with anyone, though she could masturbate and come by herself. Something just seemed to hold her back from orgasm during sex. Finally she fell away from Carl, pulling herself off of him, in exasperation.

"Still no luck, babe?" he asked, laying next to her.

"So close, Carl. I was so close."

He rolled onto his back. "Let's try something else," he said and motioned for her to climb on top of him.

She got up to oblige, but her hopes weren't very high. "We've tried it this way before, sweetheart."

"I know babe, but let's give it another chance."

Carl held her as she climbed over him, bracing her shoulders so she could grab hold of his enormous member. She guided the huge mushroom head against her mound, rubbing it into her slit, and then began to descend onto it. Carl looked down between them to witness his penis disappearing into his lover's mons. The warmth and smoothness of her womanhood enveloped him once more and his world began to spin. He felt her hips touch his and he knew then that he was buried completely within her body.

Lisa felt it when the tip of Carl's penis butted the mouth of her womb. He was all the way inside her, stretching her birth canal because he was so big. She started to raise and lower herself, letting their sexes adjust to the new position. She brushed her breasts over his face. Carl's hands slid around her back and then down to her bottom. He squeezed her rear, kneading the muscles and pulling her cheeks open and closed. Lisa could feel her anus being stimulated by the motions and her heat started to rise.

"Oh, Carl. Carl baby, fuck me!" she cried.

Carl lifted her body with his upward thrusts, driving him harder and harder against her cervix. His hands reached further behind her bottom and parted her cheeks. He rubbed a finger along his shaft to lubricate it, then plunged the tip of it into her anus. Lisa yelped with delight as his digit inched its way into her rectum, twisting and twirling inside her. Something was beginning to build inside her and realized that this may actually be the time when she would finally climax with her lover!

As the two of them made love, they became too preoccupied with their passion to notice the movement in the far corner of the room. A dark figure moved quietly out of an open panel and towards the bed, pulling something from inside its black overcoat. It watched intently, through eyes masked in black velvet, as Lisa's bottom moved up and down on top of Carl's rigidness. The scent of sex and sweat and the moans of pleasure and near-ecstasy assaulted the intruder's senses. The sides of Lisa's voluptuous breasts could be seen shaking as the two young people expressed their passion for one another.

"Oh," grunted Lisa. "Oh Carl, yes, yes! So close now, baby. Make me come Carl!"

Carl arched his neck and closed his eyes again to concentrate on what he was doing to his darling Lisa. Her vagina gripped him like a vise as she tried to trigger her orgasm. His thrusts pushed him deeper and deeper into her sex. So hard, she thought, that he would push it right into her womb. The impossible image in her mind, of his glans penetrating her cervix and entering her womb to spill his semen, pushed her right to the edge. She just needed a little more --

There was a noticeable snapping sound. Carl thought it was just the bed creaking, as it had been doing all night. Suddenly he felt Lisa tense up, her body going rigid. Her breathing turned ragged and raspy and Carl felt warmth spreading throughout her loins. Her vagina clasped him tighter than any lover he had ever felt. It pulsed and clutched and gripped him like a blood-pressure cuff.

"Oh baby, Lisa, you did it! You're coming, oh baby!" he cried out and opened his eyes to meet her gaze.

Carl's expression turned from one of passion to one of horror as he witnessed the most grotesque thing he had ever seen. A trickle of blood leaked from Lisa's quivering mouth and dripped off her chin onto her breast. But that drop was only a pinpoint compared to the mass of blood flowing from the open wound below. The X-shaped steel point of an arrow protruded several inches from her chest, right between her beautiful breasts. Blood pumped quickly around the shaft and ran in rivers down her stomach and over her mound, coating their sexes.

"C-Carl..." she croaked, "I-I..."

Lisa Bonham never spoke another word.

She toppled sideways, slipping off his penis with an audible 'pop', and thudded on the floor. She spasmed one or two more times before exhaling a last gurgling breath, then her once bright blue eyes dimmed with lifelessness. Carl tried to cry out, but his voice was gone. Sheer terror overtook him at the sight of her life ending so abruptly and so violently, her beautiful nakedness now marred by the blood and the deathly stillness of her body.

"Lisa..." he hissed, "oh my God, Lisa..."

Slowly realization dawned on Carl that there was a presence in the room. The dark image he had fleetingly seen when Lisa fell to the floor. His shaking head turned with fear to look upon his lover's murderer. Standing in the minimal light was person in a long black overcoat, face covered by a black cloth mask with slits for the eyes, and a black broad-rimmed hat. In the killer's hands was a crossbow, now reloaded, and it was pointing straight for Carl's face. Carl began to crawl backwards.

"No, don't. Please don't!" he begged, backing up towards the headboard.

There was a click and a flash. Fortunately for Carl he had little time to register the impact that slammed his head back against the wall. The tip of the bolt had pierced his skull, driven his head against the wall, and passed through the back of his head into the wood paneling. It held him there, suspended in a kneeling position at the head of the bed, his blood-streaked penis still erect. Carl's death throes caused him to spill the seed he had been preparing for Lisa's womb. His member throbbed and spat several ropes of thick, white semen onto the bedspread before it began to fall into flaccidness. Then the brain, of which ECSU, MIT, NASA, Lisa and Carl himself had been so proud, switched off.

The stranger tucked the crossbow back under his coat and moved towards Lisa's body. She had fallen on her side, facing away from him. He knelt down, reached between her breasts, carefully unscrewed the tip of the arrow, and then extracted the shaft from her body. After putting the projectile away he turned Lisa onto her back and slid his arms underneath, then lifted her up. Her head turned toward his velvet-masked face. Her eyes, wide open but lifeless, caught his glance and something like sadness seemed to creep into his gaze.

"I'm truly sorry, miss," whispered the killer through his mask, "but I need your help."

He adjusted his grip on her body until he regained his balance and then headed for the secret panel in the corner. Lisa's breasts and buttocks shook as he carried her across the floor, but there wasn't anyone around to appreciate the sensuality of their movement. Her killer wasn't interested in anything Lisa could have offered him in that way. His desires were far more personal and subtle than sexual pleasure.

The flames had died down quite a bit since they arrived that night, but there was still enough flame left to cast a beautiful glow around Angela's breasts. She lay on her back, sprawled out in the middle of a white sculpted rug. The fibers were smooth against her bare back and bottom. Her panties and t-shirt lay above her head, having been tossed carelessly onto the dark red wood floor. Mark stood before her, slipping down the last of his clothes: his gray sweatpants. His erection stood out for her to see, his balls hanging in a tight little bag beneath it. The orange light cast distorted shadows of his penis on the back of the couch. Suddenly the shadow moved downwards, towards the shadow of Angela's raised knees, which parted for him.

Angela's light skin seemed to make her blend with the rug, but the dark forest of hair between her legs stood out like a beacon to Mark's senses. As her legs parted he could see her labia spreading open, glistening like a waterfall, mesmerizing him as he knelt over her. Her arms reached out to embrace him, pulling him down to lay on top of her, crushing her breasts, and she pressed her lips as tightly against his as she could. She wanted him to overwhelm her with his passion so she could forget what had happened upstairs, and when she felt Mark's erection brushing against her mound, the name Carl Suvega was the furthest thing from her mind.

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