tagLoving WivesThe Evolution of Lee Anne

The Evolution of Lee Anne


I really wanted to watch my wife suck another man's cock!

I know that this may seem strange to a lot of you and it hasn't always been this way. Lee Anne and I have been very happily married for almost 26 years and it really has only been in the last 5 that I would have even entertained the idea. It's strange how it sort of sneaks up on you.

When Lee Anne and I first started dating she had never had an orgasm and never even really masturbated. Her strict Catholic upbringing, along with her parent's asexual relationship, took its toll. Why would she think any differently with the set of role models that she had? If she did have a date and wore a sweater, her mother would accuse her of wearing something that was easy for a boy to get into.

She was a beautiful and intelligent teenager that was never given a chance to have fun. She worked hard, got excellent grades, and was generally a very nice person but her parents stole her happiness.

I actually knew her a couple of years before we dated and always felt that she was special. She had that ivory girl look with full beautiful lips and, unknowingly to her, "fuck me" eyes. It also didn't hurt that she had really nice tits.

I was just out of a miserable 7 year relationship when a friend of mine told me that Lee Anne was single. It would have been easy to ask her out right away but I didn't feel that would have been fair to her. I had a feeling that she wasn't the type you date for a while and then leave. I also had a feeling that, even then, she was the one for me.

So I waited about 5 months before I asked her out. This did take guts on my part but it was only fair to her. I did go out on dates during that time but never did anything with these girls. I wasn't a player when I was single. So I waited.

When I finally did give her a call, and she said yes, I was thrilled. She told me later that she thought it was a pity date and I was forced into it by our mutual friend. This is how her mind worked. So we went out and I knew I was hooked. I think I started planning our wedding on the way home. Nothing physical happened at all until our 3rd date (Lee Anne said it was later but I was pretty sure I had her top off that night).

We had sex for the first time about a month later. It was good and I but could tell that there was a very passionate person inside of her that wanted to get out but it wasn't going to happen overnight. I knew I had to be patient and decided to act against my natural instinct to try to bring her to orgasm quickly. I wasn't even sure if she would be able to sense one coming on. If it didn't happen then she might feel bad and I didn't want any negativity associated with sex.

I would massage her body and would concentrate more on her legs, arms and the back of her neck. Lee Anne suffered from bad headaches so focusing on the base of her neck always seemed to get her into that zone of relaxation. I didn't want her to feel that we had to do anything and, if we did, it would be on her terms.

This was very hard on me... literally. I always had a raging hardon and all I wanted to do was dive in and do my all time favourite thing...eating pussy. I could lick her for hours and never tire of it. I think I was born to go down on women.

After she was finally relaxed I would kneel between her legs and massage her thighs. Slowly at first and then, with increasing pressure, I would slowly work my way up to her pelvis. This would take a while but I got to the point where, as I was running my hands up her thighs, she would start pushing up against them. This did not happen on the first night. It took a while to get her to the point where she wasn't focusing on me touching her and finding imperfections but, instead, she was just enjoying the feeling of my touch.

Imagine the weeks where I was staring at her beautiful, sweet pussy and not touching it? My cock was aching by the time I finished the massage and we fucked. I was always surprised that I didn't come immediately. The transformation of Lee Anne from a passive to passionate lover was startling. We both preferred the missionary position as we liked to kiss a lot when we fucked.

Within a short time she was becoming more vocal and using her hands to pull me tighter to her and begging me to pound against her hard. In the beginning when we used a condom I would finish inside her.

One night, when we were in the middle of a particularly long and vigorous fuck, Lee Anne reached down and started touching herself. She had never done this before in front of me and feeling the back of her hand against my pubes sent me quickly over the edge. At that moment I took a chance and asked her if I could come on her. Without hesitation she nodded an emphatic yes.

Her eyes were closed tight and her breathing was heavy as her finger was furiously working on pussy. I pulled out quickly, ripped off the condom, and moved up so that my cock was aiming at her breasts. Grabbing her other hand I put it on me so that she could finish me off. She started pulling on my cock while still rubbing her clit. And I came.

I came so hard I felt like I was going to pass out. I thought a light flashed in my brain as I shot my first load of cum onto her tits. I actually think I heard it hit her. My second shot went further and landed on her chin sending a line of cum up her face and on to her forehead and hair. Three or four minor spasms followed when I realized that my legs were cramping up trying to support my weight over her.

When I came out of my euphoria I looked down at her and saw the most cum I have ever put out. I had shot onto her breasts, neck, chin, nose, and hair. She looked up at me with shock in her eyes. Neither of us knew what to do. We stared at each other for the longest time and then she started laughing. She laughed until she started crying.

Seeing her laugh with my cum on her face I couldn't help but laugh too. It was one of those defining moments in a relationship that could go either way and I will remember it forever. From that moment on I never came inside her. She always preferred it to on her and I wasn't going to complain. Our sex life exploded...both literally and figuratively.

When we would shower together she would get on her knees and suck on me. I hadn't cum in her mouth in all the time we have been together. I was pretty sure that most women didn't like it, contrary to what most men thought...or hoped. Instead Lee Anne would let me cum on her face. A lot. She got to control it and I got a lot of blow jobs. It was a total win/win situation.

Watching my cum shoot across her face and land on her beautiful lips was so fucking hot. When we fucked, and she was ready for me to cum, she would reach down and play with herself for a bit and then let me smell her fingers. Sent me over the edge immediately.

Life was very good. Lee Anne finally got to the point where she would let me lick her knowing that she wasn't going to have an orgasm. She loved the feeling and I love the taste. I was in no rush.

One night in particular I had rented (yes rented!) a porn for us to watch. She had never seen one so I didn't know how she would react. I chose an erotic massage video so I wouldn't have to listen to some lame story line performed by terrible actors.

It was simple - a beautiful naked woman massaging a handsome naked man. He of course had a large cock which didn't bother me at all. I am right on average at 6" and am very happy. I think that not making the size of my dick the focus of my love life has emphasized my other skills.

Lee Anne was intrigued when I told her about the video so, after she had a relaxing bath, we settled in to watch. It was slow and very erotic. The masseuse would run her hands all over his body but not touch his cock. He was rock hard and looked to be about 8" long. For about 15 minutes she would use her hands, face, and breasts to massage him. Lee Anne was mesmerized. Her breathing quickened and became shallower.

She started rubbing her thighs together which was a definite sign that she was getting turned on. She was leaning against me so that I could gently massage her neck and was enjoying the feeling of her pressing against my hard cock. I slowly moved my hands from her shoulders down to cup her breasts . She pressed harder against me when I gently pinched her nipples between my thumb and index finger. They we're fully erect and very sensitive.

In the video the girl was now fully massaging his cock and it was glistening with the massage oil. It looked incredibly impressive. I could only imagine what Lee Anne thought of it.

The action in the movie was intensifying so I decided that I would position myself between her legs so that I could lick her. I had a pretty good feeling that she was very wet and I wanted to taste it badly. She laid back on the couch facing the TV without ever taking her eyes off of the screen. I got in front of her and parted her legs just enough for me to get between them. My happy place.

Lee Anne moaned slightly as I ran my hands slowly up her thighs parting them a little more. Still she didn't look away from the action on the TV. She was absently playing with her nipples and her eyes looked to be glazed over.

I leaned forward and inhaled deeply, taking in her sweet scent. My head was spinning from that beautiful aroma I love so much. Very lightly I touched my tongue to the hood of her clitoris and she involuntarily arched her back, pushing her pelvis up toward my face. I backed away. Teasing her. Still she did not lose focus on the movie. Her breathing quickened.

Without looking I could hear that the man in the video was going to cum soon. I pressed harder on her, continuously running my hands slowly from her knees to her upper thighs, causing her muscles to tense up. With each stroke I ended closer and closer to her pussy and each time she moaned softly.

Matching me stroke for stroke until her pelvis was bouncing off the couch and then, just as the man in the video started cumming, I pressed my tongue hard against her clit. She quickly grabbed my head pulling me hard against her. She was cumming.

Her entire body become rigid and the two of us didn't move, locked together for what seemed like eternity. I couldn't breathe but I also didn't want to move. I didn't want to disturb this moment. I thought I felt her clit pulsating against my tongue until, finally, her body went limp. Heat radiated off her skin and she was breathing quickly.

I put my hand on her breast and felt the rapid fire beating of her heart. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning softly. I kept the pressure on her hoping to prolong this beautiful moment. The was her first orgasm and I wanted it to be all about her.

Lee Anne opened her eyes lazily and looked down at me. This was the most erotic moment that I had ever experienced. I didn't want it to end. She couldn't speak right away and, clearing her throat, she almost purred, "Fuck me".

I was more than ready. My cock was probably the hardest it has ever been and I was not going to last long but had a feeling that she wouldn't care. She just wanted me inside her.

I positioned myself over her and, in the low light from the TV, I could see a thin sheen of perspiration on her skin. She reached up to pull me closer to kiss me tasting herself on my lips. I moved her hand to me so she could guide me into an her. Instead she rubbed the head of my cock on her still sensitive clitoris, mixing my precum with her wetness.

Slowly, steadily I pushed into her. "I'm so sensitive right now," she said breathlessly. Just as slowly I pulled out of her. She moaned her objection and wrapped her legs around me drawing me back in. I was close to cumming. I didn't want to be. I wanted this to last my senses were on overdrive.

Pulling out I thrust back into her quickly. Pounding against her I could feel my balls slapping against her. Fuck!. I was done. Lee Anne squeezed her breasts together as if to offer me a target. That all too familiar feeling took over and I managed to just pull out in time for her to reach for me...directing me to finish on her. She smiled as I came on her tits. All the while she never took her eyes off mine.

That first orgasm opened up her world to many experiences. Her first orgasm from masturbating, her first multiple orgasm, and videoing ourselves having sex. Once she allowed herself to feel pleasure for herself she was able to come quickly and often.

Not long after we got our first home computer in 2008 I discovered Literotica. Growing up reading Penthouse Letters, I was overjoyed with the prospect of having virtually unlimited access to erotic stories. I had always shared these stories with Lee Anne and she enjoyed them. I would print out the ones that appealed to me and she would read them in bed. She wasn't always in the mood to read them but, when she was, it usually lead to a memorable night.

With advances in technology came the ability to read the stories in bed without having to print them out. I would occasionally go away for work and she would be left home with her stories. She would text me telling me how many orgasms she had. To say that I loved it is an understatement. She wasn't doing this for me. She was doing it for herself.

Once I got home I would check her browser history to what stories she was reading. In the beginning, as expected, she was reading the safe stories. The First Time and Loving Wives stories. As time went on I noticed a change in the genre that interested her. She started reading more stories about voyeurism and exhibitionism and what surprised me the most was that in the majority of the stories the woman was the exhibitionist.

Usually she was having sex with another man and she had her husband stay in the room to watch them . I wasn't sure what to think of this. I wasn't upset at all. I was just ... shocked. Surprised at what she liked to read and, more importantly, how I reacted to it. I found that I started thinking about it more and more.

I always preferred erotic stories over porn and this new scenario started showing up during my masturbation sessions. I was actually getting off thinking about Lee Anne with another man.

I had masturbated many times over the years thinking about her with another woman but I think that is universally a guy thing. This was another man. It got to the point that I actually couldn't cum without imaging Lee Anne with her lips wrapped around the head of another man's cock, jerking him off and having him cum on her face and tits.

There wasn't a chance that this was ever going to happen but I had some incredibly intense orgasms just thinking about it. I was literally becoming obsessed with the idea.

I had to say something to her. At least it would lead to a very intense fuck. The problem was how? This wasn't the sort of thing that I bring up during dessert. As it turned out, I didn't have to.

On a nice cool evening last fall I was enjoying a relaxing moment in our hot tub when Lee Anne decided to join me. She typically doesn't use the hot tub and especially not before bed. I wasn't going to complain. As we enjoyed looking up at the dark starlit sky she looked over at me and nonchalantly asked me if I would be interested in a blow job.

Without hesitating I hopped up on the side of the hot tub and waited. My cock was already half erect when Lee Anne made her way over to me. She started by gently wrapping her fingers around me and sliding her hand up to the head of my cock and squeezing, causing a drop of precum to appear. She leaned forward and, with the tip of her tongue, licked it clean.

The sight of my wife looking up at me from between my legs is almost enough to get me to cum. She rested the head of my cock against her lips and flicked the sensitive underside with her tongue. All the while she was gently stroking me and keeping me on the edge. The steam was rising off the water making it an incredible site.

She put the head of my cock in her mouth and gently sucked while applying pressure to my taint with her finger. She has an amazing way of making me feel that she is making love to just my cock. I was in heaven.

I had to say something. If this wasn't the perfect moment I wouldn't know what would be. I looked her in the eyes and told her that I had been fantasizing about watching her do this to another man. She froze. Her eyes widened but she still had her lips wrapped around me.

The pounding of my heart was deafening over the rush of the water. She looked up but maintained her grip on me and began to slowly move her hand up and down, running her thumb over the head of my cock which was slick with precum. She wasn't stopping so that was a good sign.

Eventually she sat up and moved in closer to me, resting her elbows on my thighs while still slowly playing with me. I was at that instant both worried that I had made a mistake and incredibly turned on.

"Are you serious?" she asked. Studying my face intently. "You want me to suck another man's cock?"

Just hearing her say it almost sent me over the edge. I managed to squeak out a yes as I felt my balls tighten. I was going to cum very soon. She said nothing. She could sense that I was on the edge so took her hands and mouth off me. Instead she ran her index finger from my asshole to the underside of my head. With each touch I felt the contractions of the imminent explosion.

I could tell that she was trying to decide what to do next. She started rubbing my thighs as my cock flexed with every touch. The agony was exquisite.

Then, with an almost perceptible nod, she said, "Ok." and proceeded to engulf my entire cock in her mouth. My hips bucked hard against her almost causing her to gag but she pushed hard against my thighs. I tried to warn her that I was cumming but I was too far gone.

She held on with her lips tightened around me. Then I came. I had no idea how much I came but it seemed to go on and on. The contractions continued as Lee Anne continued to milk me with her mouth seemingly sucking every drop from my balls. I felt close to passing out. There was only silence.

There is that special moment when you step back from the intensity of an orgasm and the rest of the world comes rushing in. I slowly started hearing my breathing again and the bubbles as it broke through the surface of the water. My legs felt rubbery under Lee Anne's grasp. My hands ached from gripping edge of the tub so hard for so long. I didn't care.

The realization that Lee Anne agreed to my fantasy and swallowed was almost too much. I started immediately doubting that it even happening. Looking down at her sitting between my legs, looking both sexy and sweet at the same time, I knew the truth. Whether or not anything ever happens as a result I do know that she has at least agreed and that might be good enough... maybe.

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Enjoyed the buildup and the final scene as Lee Anne, nodded her head and said "OK"
That was an electric moment. Looking forward to more chapters as things evolve.

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My First Story

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Good chapter one.........when is chapter 2 "heading" our way (pun intended)?

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Awesome start

Patiently waiting for the next chapter. Thank you.

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A very good buildup

This will definitely lead to some great chapters down the road. Stopping the first one here was perfect. Too many authors tend to rush to get to the sex. I am looking forward to more. And maybe think aboutmore...

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