tagLoving WivesThe Evolution of Moira's Marriage Ch. 04

The Evolution of Moira's Marriage Ch. 04


After Lance dropped me off I entered a dark house. It was nearly midnight and I had to work in the morning. My evening with Lance had been so enjoyable but also physically and emotionally exhausting. My thoughts weren't about Clayton but Lance.

Had we really professed our love for one another and what did that mean? I had no intention of leaving Clayton but I also wasn't about to shut the door on Lance as we were just getting started. I was happily surprised at Lance's understanding and acceptance of my marriage not to mention his support. Clayton's happiness was key to mine and Lance's so it was imperative Lance and I work together and get Clayton to willingly surrender all of himself to his cuckold, submissive desires.

I had read and listened enough to Clayton and my psychologist to know cucks craved manipulation, but knowing it and doing it were two separate things. When Clayton's profession to be cuckolded became more pronounced I did more than read and listen to Clayton. I sought professional help from a psychologist who had worked with couples like us. She wasn't just a psychologist, but a cuckoldress so when she spoke it wasn't just theory she was spouting but experience. As for her marriage it was strong as were her relationships outside of marriage.

Clayton knew nothing about my psychologist because it was something I sensed would make him feel even worse about himself. He was a wonderful man, lover, and husband and if being cuckolded and submissive to me is what he needed I was going to help make it happen.

I went into the kitchen and got myself a glass of water. I was parched and while I had felt physically and emotionally hyperactive in the car with Lance the instant I stepped inside my house my long day hit me. I was thankful to see a note pinned to my bedroom door from my cuck advising me he was sleeping in his bedroom. He didn't write it but I knew he was doing it to give me space because we had talked ad nauseum about the realities of dating someone else and how that reality didn't fit into the fantasy all cuckolds shared, a wife clamoring for more sex from her cuck. He had also exiled himself to his bedroom to heighten his own arousal as I knew he was in there listening to me walk around softly stroking his penis but knowing he had better not climax. Knowing I would not venture into his bedroom which I told him was never going to be used for sex between us only added to his agony.

I changed into my nightgown, got in bed, and immediately fell asleep.

In the morning I woke to the phone ringing. It was Clayton calling. He sounded very awake and excited, "Good morning, Moira."

I mumbled back a good morning.

"I didn't know if you'd sleep through your alarm."

Looking at the clock I was now wide awake, "Thanks. I did. I need to get moving."

"I know. We don't have time to talk, but I also wanted to call and tell you thanks. The photos and video were amazing. "

His comment jiggled my memory. I hadn't forgotten about the photos I had taken of myself getting ready for my date, but I had forgotten about the photos Lance took of me. As to the video he must have done that without my knowledge. I didn't know what else to say but, "So you liked them?"

"Liked them? I loved them. I'm ready to burst."

"You poor boy. I'll have to take care of that problem, but only if you're a good boy all day. And you're welcome."

I know he was dying to talk but I didn't have time and I wanted our discussion to be face to face so I shifted from sweet wife to controlling mistress, "Cuck, I need to go." I ended the phone call without waiting for his reply.

As I showered and got ready for work I didn't really think about Clayton, but about my evening with Lance. My poor pussy hurt from riding the Sybian and my throat was raw from deep throating Lance. The words love hurts held special relevance for me that morning, but the physical aches I felt were good. I looked in the mirror and smiled thinking about how hot my evening with Lance had been sexually but how good it felt emotionally. I was in love to the point of feeling giddy.

Work thankfully was busy. I was so happy all day my coworkers even joked that I must have gotten laid. They were of course referring to Clayton having no idea about Lance. Clayton didn't call to pepper me with questions which I couldn't answer at work. It was a point in his favor taking him one step closer to climaxing.

I was tempted to call Lance all day but didn't as I was really paranoid about anyone hearing our conversation. I didn't need tongues. In my car at the end of the day I looked at the photos and video Lance and I took separately. I then looked at what he actually sent to Clayton which I knew nothing about. I was actually glad he sent them, but wondered if he knew it was Lance who sent them using my phone. When I looked at what was actually sent my cuck would have no doubts as to who took which photos and video. Watching the video and looking at the photos aroused me.

I pictured Clayton's little penis throbbing all day wanting to shoot off like a rocket. What Clayton didn't know was were my nipples and clitoris were also throbbing. I drove home eagerly looking forward to reconnecting with my cuck.

I was a bit annoyed I hadn't heard from Lance, but wondered if he was keeping his distance knowing I needed time with Clayton and our children. Still, I wouldn't have minded at least a text message inquiring about my day or telling me he missed me or how good our evening together was.

Clayton's anxiety grew through the evening as we didn't have time alone until after the kids went to bed. He was actually quite entertaining to watch as he expended his pent up arousal by being super domestic cooking a lovely dinner, cleaning up the kitchen with the girls' help, then folding and putting away the laundry he had started when he got home, sweeping then mopping the kitchen floor, and cleaning the half bath.

Meanwhile the girls and I sat down and watched t.v. and chatted about their day. They asked me about my evening. I said dinner was enjoyable and decided not to lie telling them within earshot of Clayton who I knew was listening we skipped the movie as it was getting late explaining we instead went to his condominium as he wanted me to see it. They didn't say anything but I could picture the wheels in their heads turning. They asked about the condo and I told them it was very nice. One asked if anyone else was there and I told her no, just Lance and I.

My intent was to make them comfortable with Lance being my friend as I was certain we would be seeing alot more of him. I told them a mix of truth and lies, how Lance made us a delicious Irish coffee (truth) and how we spent the evening reminiscing and doing a lot of talking (lie).

Clayton's hyperactivity seemed to be waning and I told him to sit down and relax with us. He did listening more than talking as the girls asked me if Lance was married. I told them no. Had he been married? I said no. Was he gay? I answered I was pretty certain he wasn't. I asked them what they thought of him and they said he seemed very nice. One commented about him being handsome looking at her father as she said it prompting Clayton to speak up.

Acting nonchalant about her obvious dig, Clayton quipped, "I'm not worried," flexing his very big biceps before adding, "He might have me beat in the looks department but I've got the guns." The girls and I burst out laughing. He then said, "I'm glad your mom enjoyed her evening with Lance. About time she expanded her circle of friends."

He was referring to my female friends and made his comment to be funny so I wasn't offended. Clayton changed the conversation and got the girls to talk about their respective days. I studied Clayton interacting with our daughters and marveled at how good a father he was, how not just the youngest two, but how all four adored him. He encouraged them to be strong, independent, to think for themselves, to pursue what they wanted, to not let boys dictate their friendships or boss them around. Marrying him I knew had been the right choice.

I was eager to be alone with him and to have his head between my legs.

At 9:30 I got up, yawned, stretched, announced I was going to bed, wished the girls goodnight all the while looking at Clayton who immediately got the hint and announced he too was going to bed.

Within minutes Clayton and I were naked on top of the sheets a very thick towel under my bottom. He looked as eager as I felt and I was glad he didn't pepper me with questions about my evening with Lance because I wanted action, not dialogue. Besides, the photos and video spoke for how the night had gone, excellent.

I did feed his libido by asking him, "Can you handle your wife being in love with another man because what I am feeling for Lance sure feels like love?"

He answered me by going down on me where I warned him to use only his mouth as I was too sore for his fingers or a dildo.

"And go slow because I want to think about my night with Lance while you pleasure me."

A half hour later, courtesy of his talented tongue, I had a very powerful orgasm.

Afterwards he lay between my open legs resting his head on my bush. I caressed the side of his face and told him he had done very well and now it was his turn to climax.

He asked, "Can I go in you?"

I gently answered, "No."


"Because I'm Lance's girl now. Only his cock can go in my vagina. Same thing for my mouth."

"Oh," he said obviously stung.

"Poor cuck. Don't pout. You knew this was going to happen, especially if I met a man better than you."

I knew he was soaking up the denial and humiliation and what would have made a normal man angry did just the opposite to Clayton. I didn't think it possible for him to be any more passive but he was asking me if there was anything more he could do to please me.

I tousled his hair, "Just let me have plenty of time with Lance."

"I will," he assured me.

"Now I have a treat for you. Get on your back. I'm going to ride you."

He got off of me and laid on his back thinking I was going to ride his face. I instead straddled his thighs. His penis was very hard perfect for what I intended to do.

"Clayton, while we can't have intercourse we can have outercourse." I moved up and with my labia open wide began grounding myself against his erection making sure to avoid the upper half of his shaft as I didn't want him climaxing before I did.

I didn't bend over to kiss him and told him to keep his hands off my breasts and to just close his eyes and concentrate on what I was doing.

It didn't take much rubbing on my part to bring me to orgasm because while I was in effect using Clayton's penis to masturbate with I was thinking about all the fun I had riding Lance's pretend cock and how much I wanted to ride the real thing. When I began climaxing I slid my crotch up and within a half dozen strokes coaxed a climax out of Clayton which I knew was nice, but also frustrating as the pressure of my body on the underside of his shaft constricted his contractions. Instead of shooting out all over his belly his cum oozed out.

Afterwards I repeated what I did on Sunday, scooping up his ejaculate with my fingers and feeding it to him telling him, "I want you to get used to the taste of cum because when Lance starts fucking me I'll expect you to clean me."

I took advantage of the moment because I literally had Clayton eating out of the palm of my hand. He was in the zone, under my spell, eager to listen so I told him about my date sparing no detail because this I knew really pushed his cuckold buttons.

As he got deeper into his own cuckold world I too got deeper into feeding his fantasies. In a way I was his own audio book except for one big difference. I was real flesh and bones and what I was feeling with Lance was equally real. I poured my heart out to him which affected him in two ways. His little manhood not only became erect but was involuntarily jerking all over his abdomen and he asked if he could me eat again.

I told him later but right now I needed him to be my friend, not my husband, and not my cuck. I laid down beside him. He held me as I told him how magical the night had been, how I told Lance I loved him and he told me the same thing. I had been on cloud nine all day but now was feeling confused if not used.

"Why hadn't he called me today if he wasn't just playing a game?" I asked.

Clayton said he didn't know but was certain Lance wasn't toying with me. Always the optimist he said, "I bet it's to give you space, time to talk to me, the kids. He doesn't want to intrude."

I didn't realize it but I was crying.

"I don't need space Clayton and I want him to intrude. One phone call wouldn't have been to much too expect would it?"

Clayton assured me, "Moira, Lance will call you."

"I don't know. I just don't want to be another notch on his bedpost. He's been with lots of women."

Clayton pointed out, "If he saw you as another conquest Moira he wouldn't have taken no for an answer last night. He would have figured out a way to get you into his bed."

"I suppose you're right," I sniffled as he wiped away my tears with his thumb.

I rested my head on Lance's chest and he continued consoling me.

Our voices were very low, almost whispers even though the chance of our conversation being overheard was zero as my bedroom was on the opposite side of the house from where the girls were.

It was just so much warmer and intimate to speak so softly.

Clayton actually apologized for his fetish seeing it as the real source of my pain.

"Moira, maybe we should put it back in the bottle," referring to his cuckold desires.

I felt better hearing him say those words because I knew how hard they were for him to utter. He had been waiting for this moment for years. I appreciated his willingness to sacrifice a huge part of himself for my happiness.

He continued, "I don't like to see you all torn up like this. It's not fair of me to ask you to do this, to put yourself out there not just physically but emotionally."

His words really cheered me up.

I patted his chest and grabbed hold of his penis which was now soft.

"Clayton, I'm a big girl. I knew what I was getting into, but knowing it and living it are two different things. I hadn't put myself out there since I met you. He made me feel secure, but less than twenty four hours later I feel so vulnerable. What happened Saturday and last night exceeded my expectations."

"Moira, mine too. If there's anything I can do to make it better just say the word."

As he was saying it an idea popped in my head. I had too much pride to call Lance.

"Clayton, would you call Lance?"


"Yes, you."

"But he's your boyfriend."

He referring to Lance as my boyfriend was pure music.

"I know. I can't call him, but you can."

"What will I say?" he asked understanding I had my pride but willing to risk his.

"Go get my phone. It's in the kitchen. I'll think of something by the time you get back."

"It's late," he said pointing to the clock.

"Then you'll wake him up," I countered.

He got up, put on a robe and retrieved my cell phone. He closed the door, took off his robe, and got back in bed with me handing me the phone. I noticed when he took off his robe his soft penis was now erect again.

"Did you figure out what I'll say?"

"Yes, when he answers tell him you are. Then I want you to thank him for taking me out and for sending him the video and photos. If he asks tell him you would be honored if he wants to see me."

I dialed the number and handed the phone to Clayton adding, "And before I forget I want you to call him sir."

Lance picked up after a few rings. He had been asleep. I could only hear Clayton's side of the conversation but what I heard I liked.

"Lance, it's me Clayton. I'm sorry sir for waking you up."

"Yes sir, I know it's late but I wanted to talk to you before it was too late. I thought you might still be up. If you want I'll call you tomorrow sir when you are more awake."

"What's on my mind? Well, sir, I just thought I should call and thank you for showing Moira such a good time."

"Yes sir. I had a good time too knowing you were taking care of Moira."

I wanted to grab the phone from my cuck's hand but didn't. If Lance wanted to speak with me he would tell Clayton to give me the phone. Several minutes passed where Lance did all the talking and Clayton the listening.

When it was his turn to speak and as I scripted he said, "And sir, thank you for sending me the video and photos of your evening with Moira. I appreciated them very much."

Followed by a moment later, "I would be very honored if you wish to continue dating Moira."

Lance spoke obviously inquiring about my interest in him.

"Yes sir, she told me she had a wonderful time with you."

"Yes sir, she's here. I'm giving her the phone now. I will. Again, thanks Lance for taking such good care of Moira."

My heart was pounding. Clayton handed me the phone but instead of giving me space he began to work his way between my legs. I started to move away until he said, "Lance's orders."

I opened my legs but not before telling him to go slowly.

Lance explained why he hadn't called and it was just like Clayton said, to give me space. I assured him I didn't need space, but him. He asked me out for both Friday and Saturday which I didn't hesitate to accept. I didn't care if Clayton had plans for us either night because I was now in full cuckoldress mode eager to please my boyfriend all the better if it included humiliating my cuck of a husband.

Lance asked every few minutes or so how Clayton was doing. I told him he was doing fine, but not nearly as fine as I felt last night. Lance started telling me everything he planned to do to me and recounted how hot last night had been.

So, while I had phone sex with Lance, my cuck performed oral sex on me. It was a very memorable night, marking a first for me as I had never been serviced by one man while talking on the phone to another. He joined in jacking off as I told him what Clayton was doing. He held off his climax until mine started then let his loose.

We said good night to each other but not before telling each other I love you.

I wasn't just happy but ecstatic thanking Clayton for cheering me up and for making the phone call. I noticed his penis was throbbing literally dripping precum but ignored it. We instead lay on our sides face to face. He was still in the zone, but there was discomfort. Lance and I had really humiliated him.

For the first time in our marriage I offered him my breast for solace, not sex. He latched onto my nipple and we both fell asleep me consoling him for being such a good cuck.

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too much bull shit why would any man put up with a whore like her throw the bitch out

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What ugly and nonsense story

This is garbage and pure lame.
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Sorry no, falls short for me, but at least it is well written and you are trying to

write love and consideration in her relationship with cuckie.

Her actions don't quite jibe with that for me, but I can see how others would see that they seem to.

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