tagLoving WivesThe Ex-Boyfriend Ch. 06

The Ex-Boyfriend Ch. 06


Laura led us into the living room and saying that as we had spent the last couple of hours filling her tummy with a marvellous meal and great wine. Now she needed to be filled in some other places with our hard cocks and amorous intentions.

She instructed us to sit down on the sofa and knelt in front of us. Without waiting or any other comment she began to loosen Ed's belt, unzipped and pulled off his jeans. I was watching as she leaned forward and kissed him on the lips whilst at the same time a hand reached down to fondle his cock and balls inside his shorts. Their tongues intertwined and I glanced down to see the impressive bulge in his underwear began to grow in response to her fingers. He in turn reached up with both hands to fondle Laura's breasts through her blouse and bra. After a few minutes he moved a hand down between her legs and began to rub her pussy through her jeans. It was obviously that they were getting more excited by the minute, but I must say that just watching them was having the same effect on me. My wife was actually making out with her ex-boyfriend and right next to me!! It was strangely exhilarating and I felt my cock begin to of its own accord grow within my pants. Laura broke her kiss and looked over at me with a smile. She looked down at my crotch and saw a tent forming in my pants.

"You like to watch me with someone else, don't you? We're not even undressed yet and still it is turning you on. Please, why don't you help me out of my clothes so you can get the full effect?"

Without even thinking, I got up and gave her a kiss, then helped her to her feet and kneeling in front of her unzipped her pants, lowering them to her ankles. Then as I lowered her panties and saw and smelt that glorious aroma that could only come from panties that were dripping wet with her juices, I could not resist, leaning forward I swirled my tong along her slit and around her clit. She gave out a small moan I could tell she was more than ready for another round of heavy duty fucking. At the same time Ed was helping her to remove her top and unhooking her bra. She was now totally naked telling us that we needed to naked as well.

It was now Laura's turn to kneel in front of Ed to pull down his boxers to release his now fully engorged monster 10 inch cock. Firstly, she gave it a quick lick and then swivelled round towards me, unbuckling my belt and taking off my pants. I took off my own shirt and she pulled down my boxers to free my own hard cock. She looked at both of our cocks with true greed and passion and said that she was ready to take advantage of our bodies, our cocks and us. Remaining on her knees between us, she first licked and sucked Ed's cock and then mine, not just once but over and over again. God we were so hot and ready to go we couldn't wait to see what this incredible horny lady had in mind for us next.

My, it didn't take long for her to make her wishes know. She said she wanted both of us to fuck her at the same time. My heart began to race at the very thought of my wife being fucked by the two of us, as this was maybe, my ultimate fantasy. Laura told Ed to get seated on the sofa as she wanted to ride his big dick first. His cock was already impressively sticking straight up; she told me she needed me to help her get all of it inside of her.

"I need you to guide that big fat cock into my sodden pussy. I really need you to feel how huge big Ed's cock is, so you can appreciate how it must feel for me to have it deep inside me."

She knew that having me do that, would be playing with games with my head, I have never handled another guy's cock, would it make me even hornier? So without a further thought I wrapped my hand round and fondled his monster cock, as Laura climbed over it, I aimed it first at her gaping wet hole. Laura just straddled it for a minute or so to let me contemplate what was about to happen. During that time I could feel the blood pumping up into its full 10 inches. With my hand still wrapped around it I could appreciate its girth as well as it length. It was not only several inches longer than mine, but it must have been at least twice as wide. I now completely understood why Laura felt it was so special. What woman wouldn't?

Finally, as she began to lower herself over that monster cock I moved it backwards and forwards up and down her cuntal slit, rubbing it over her puckered ass hole and protruding clit. As she impaled herself, I kept hold of Ed's cock until she was at least half way down and her pussy lips were touching the top of my hand. When I eventually, I forced myself to let go of his cock, she, with a slight cry, slid all the way down taking his entire length into her waiting pussy. I heard her let out a gasp as she hit bottom and she turned and asked me to kiss her again. I kissed her with passion as she slowly began to ride Ed's cock up and down. After a few minutes she told me she really loved me for understanding and letting her do this, she said she now needed to suck on my cock while he was fucking her. I stood up facing her and she leaned down to take my cock into her lips. I was so excited that I was worried I would cum all to soon into her mouth, she sensed that I was close to the edge and backed off a bit now just licking it lightly. Incredibly went on for what seamed like hours, but what could only in all reality been just a few minuets.

Ed was thrusting from below and Laura was countering him with her own downward. I'm sure that the world could hear the squishing sounds of her pussy juices as she continued lightly sucked on my cock. It was easy to tell that both of them were getting more turned on by their fucking and I too was now more than ready for something more when Laura told me she wanted me to now fuck her in the ass. Believe me I didn't need to be told twice and in preparation moved around behind her. Laura obviously had planned this well in advance and told me that there was a bottle of lube was on the coffee table. I applied some to my fingers and her asshole; I slowly worked one, two and then three fingers into her puckered rosebud. I also liberally pored some more onto my cock and worked it in. God, we were ready to do something that I had only ever imagined in my dreams, and never thought I would ever actually experience. I was about to take part in the double penetration of my wife, fucking her ass while she was being cunt fucked by a Ed and his monster cock.

Laura and Ed stopped fucking for a moment as he slid down the sofa lying on his back she still impaled with his cock deep in her cunt. I slid behind her to line up my cock, she being like the meat in the most delicious sandwich I was ever likely to taste. Ed reached up to spread the cheeks of her ass to giving me even better access to her readied asshole. I slowly eased the head of my cock onto her tight sphincter. She took a deep breath and I took this as a signal that she was ready for more of my cock. I pushed in slowly and felt the head of my cock pop into her ass. Stopping for a few seconds I let her adjust to the feeling of my cock inside her ass. Soon she told me she was ready for more, I slowly slid my whole hard cock deep inside her body.

She immediately began to moan saying, "That's it guy's, God it feels so good, fuck me now. I can't believe how full I feel with both of your cocks deep inside me."

Ed and I both began to pump into her at the same time. It took a little while for us to get the rhythm just right, but we soon got it down to a perfect art. With both of us thrusting into her at the same time I could feel our cocks touching through the membranes in her ass and pussy. Boy, it felt great to me, but it must have been even better for Laura because she was more excited than I've ever seen her.

She was thrashing about and yelling out, "Yes, come on fuck me with your big hard cocks. I love being filled with all that cock. Don't stop, now give it to me harder, fill me with you hot, wet cum."

I really didn't need much more encouragement, but tried to thrust into her ass even harder. Ed also seemed to pick up the pace a little as well. I reached around and grabbed her big, beautiful breasts and pinched her long hard nipples, which seemed to set her off even more. She began to shudder in what I knew had to be a huge orgasm. Her body was on fire and her asshole began to spasm around my cock gripping it tighter than it had ever done before. I could feel her pussy was doing the same thing to Ed's cock as she was in a total convulsive state. Her cunt juices sprayed out of her as Ed's cock drove again and again, as deep into her as he could get banging right up against her cervix. I couldn't hold out any longer and yelled out that I was going to cum. Ed began to groan and also began to pump another load of his cum deep inside her. My own orgasm was so strong that I almost passed out. It felt like every drop of cum in my balls was being sucked deep into her ass, into the centre of her very being. Laura continued to shake with orgasmic convulsions for at least another minute before she collapsed on top of Ed and I collapsed on top of both of them, feeling more sexually drained than I ever had before. We were all soaked in sweat and covered in pussy juice and spunk.

When I caught my breath I slowly tried to pull out of Laura's ass. However, her sphincter was still gripping my cock tightly as if it, like me, didn't want the pleasure to end. I lay back at the end of the sofa and watched my wife slowly come back down to reality from her sexual high. After a couple of minutes she looked over at me, blew me a kiss and smiled with a look of utter contentment. She then did something I was really not expecting. She began to inch forward allowing Ed's now deflating cock to slip with a slight plop out of her. However, she didn't stop there she scooted forward until her cum soaked cunt and ass were over Ed's face. She reached around to the back of his heard and pulled it forward so that his mouth and lips rested on her pussy.

She then told him. "Jim got to taste my cum filled cunt earlier, now it's your turn to taste and enjoy."

He didn't hesitate and immediately began to eat and lick Laura's sloppy pussy. If what I was seeing was anything to go by it appeared he was enjoying it as much as I had before, he was aggressively licking up and down the full length of her pussy. She so, so, enjoying his efforts and urged him on and on by grinding her cunt harder and harder into his face.

"That's it, eat my pussy, lick my asshole. Taste and smell and enjoy all three of our combined juices. Just you think of how much fun we had getting them there and now you get to savour it all."

It seemed to me that she had really liked and enjoyed taking charge of this whole sex scene. Although it had started as my fantasy, it was obvious that she was as into it as much, if not even more than I was. In fact it was obvious that she was using both of us as part of her private sex toy collection and I was pretty dammed sure that neither Ed nor I minded being used as such.

I could not believe it but Ed's tongue was working it magic on her again. Even though she had just come down from an earth shattering orgasm she was rapidly building up to yet another. I got up and moved next to her so I could kiss her at the same time. She was breathing hard but still our lips pressed together hard and our tongues intertwined. Later she told me it was exactly what she wanted at the time, but she continued to grind her pussy against willing his mouth. We continued to kiss passionately as her orgasm continued to build. A few minutes later she broke our kiss to let out a cry of passion as she came with a bang one more time. She climbed off of Ed's cum and pussy juice soaked face and fell exhausted at the end of the sofa. I quickly took her in my arms and held her tight, telling her she was the sexiest wife a man could ever want.

As we all claimed down we started to reflect on what had just taken place. We all agreed that it was the hottest sex any of us had ever experienced. I was amazed at how Laura was able to handle both of us at the same time, and how amazing is was to feel someone else's cock inside my wife while I was inside her as well. Ed said that feeling my cock nudging his as he fucked Laura's cunt was a truly unique experience. Laura asked if he enjoyed eating his first creampie. He told us whilst he wasn't sure he wanted to try it at first, she didn't really give him any choice when she plonked herself on his face. But he said, having been forced to do it, at the end of the day he actually enjoyed the taste and that it had added to the overall excitement. Plus it was really exciting to have Laura take charge of the situation, and to see how she reacted to his eating her out. He was definitely not sorry he had done it, and would love to do it again given the opportunity.

Laura was last to tell us that the double penetration was for her far better than even she had ever dreamed it could be. She said, it was so exciting to have a cock in her mouth whilst she was being fucked, but having both of her bottom holes filled with cock at the same time was way beyond anything she had ever imagined. The feeling of fullness was amazing, and she could not believe how sensuous it was to be sandwiched between two horny men.

She then said, "I wonder what it would feel like to have a cock in my mouth while at the same time being fucked in her pussy and ass. Having three loads of hot, creamy cum deposited in my body at the same time would be the only way to possibly beat what I just experienced. I don't know if I could ever experience another orgasm stronger than what I just had, but God I would love to try and find out."

We all laughed and I couldn't help but think that my wife, that not long ago needed to be talked into a threesome, was now willing to try something even more adventurous.

We were all exhausted and decided to clean up with a shower and get ready for bed. Ed had to get up early tomorrow morning and I just wanted to hold my beautiful wife who had just fulfilled my ultimate fantasy. Ed retired to the quest bedroom and Laura and I climbed into our king sized bed feeling more sexually satisfied than at any other time in our lives. My balls actually ached from coming so often and so hard. I'm sure there was not an ounce of cum left in me. Laura and I cuddled together in the spoon position with my cock wedged in between her butt cheeks that I had just finished fucking. Amazingly my cock began to stir as I thought about what had just taken place. I knew I could not perform again tonight, but I couldn't help but think about tomorrow as I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning next to my wife with a raging hard on resting up against her ass. I reached around and cupped one of her big breasts with my left hand pulling and tweaking her nipple and kissing her on the back of her neck.

"Good morning babe." Laura responded "Good morning to you too. It feels like you have recovered from our orgy last night assuming that's your cock poking me in the ass."

I was thinking about a morning quickie, but she had other thoughts. Saying, "Honey, I want to make love to you too, but we have a guest in the next room that has to leave soon and I want to give him a little going away present before he goes. You and I have all day to play, but right now I want to have that big cock down the hall deep inside my cunt one more time. You do understand, don't you? I promise to make it up to you later."

After what I had experienced the last couple of days how could I deny her request? I had seen what that 10 inch monster was capable of doing and up close at that! And I knew that we probably would not be doing this again for quite some time. I gave her a kiss and a light slap on her bare ass leaving a slight red hand imprint telling her to go enjoy herself.

I got up, put on a robe and went to the kitchen to make some coffee. Laura, slipped on a silk robe, but rather than follow me to the kitchen, headed down the hall to the guest bedroom. I watched as she knocked lightly and opened the door. She smiled at me and waved as she entered the room leaving the door ajar.

I made some coffee, got out some orange juice, and set out some muffins and toast for breakfast. Once the coffee had finished brewing I poured myself a cup and decided to wander down the hall to the guest bedroom. When I got closer to the room I could hear the noises of a couple fucking and I knew Ed was enjoying his wake up call.

Through the open door I saw Laura on her hands and knees with him fucking her from behind. I heard her cry out

"That's it, fuck me hard. Shove that big cock deep inside my cunt and let me feel all of it. I want you to fill me with your hot, wet spunk one more time and leave me with a reminder of that big, fat dick."

He was doing his best to give her what she wanted as he was slamming his cock into her hard. With each hard stroke I could see her lurch forward; her big boobs hanging down between her arms swinging back and forth. If he drove into her any harder he would have ended up knocking her over. Both of them were covered with sweat and I was thinking to myself that this was a much more enjoyable way to get a morning work out than running on a treadmill or going to the gym. Even I just watching and gently wanking my cock was feeling the heat and sweating! After a few more minutes I saw Laura began to shake in what I knew was a prelude to another orgasm. Ed's cock was once again working its magic and giving her an orgasm through fucking, which was something I was not able to do on my own. Her orgasm last night during our double penetration was the first time I had seen her fucked her to an orgasm without oral or finger stimulation. As Laura began her orgasm Ed also announced his, with a loud groan. He shoved into her as far as he could for one last time as he emptied the contents of his balls deep inside her vagina. Both of them collapsed onto the bed with Ed sprawled on top.

When he caught his breath he told her, "Babe you have drained my balls of everything they have in the last three days. I have never felt this way before, but I honestly don't think I could get another drop of cum out of my cock if I had too. Even after saving it up for two weeks before we met, I just can't believe it is possible, but after all this was the most intense period of sex I have ever experienced. Even when we dated, when we would fuck all weekend, I never ever felt this way."

I saw Laura smile when he said this, I knew that she felt proud that she had managed to drain all the cum out of two healthy men in just a couple of days. I do understand that not very many women are capable of such an accomplishment! Boy was I so very happy I was married to one who could!

Ed got out of bed when he saw me in the doorway watching and stroking and headed to the shower to clean up before breakfast.

I walked into the room with my cock leading the way after watching my wife being fucked by her ex-boyfriends big cock that one last time. I tried to think how many times I had seen her fucked by him over the last three days and concluded it must have been at least 6 or 7 times. Given that number it was no wonder why his balls felt drained. I had felt the same way last night, but I had recovered some of my virility because of the good nights sleep last night. I was more than ready to take some sloppy seconds and Laura appeared up for it as well.

I dropped my robe and she said "I see that you still like seeing me fucked by another man. I think I'm getting to like it too, so this may actually turn out to be that hobby we have been always been looking for, something that we can both really enjoy doing together."

I laughed and said "Yes, I like it a lot more than shopping and I'm sure you think it's more fun than playing golf."

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