The Ex Ch. 02


NOTE: All characters are above the age of 18.


Aurora and Brandon entered the choir room together. The meeting had already started. Mrs. Mott pursed her lips daintily at the two students, and they both respectively looked down, shamed by their tardiness. Aurora hurried to the far side of the room taking a place next to her best friend, a musical genius, Genevieve. Genevieve, or Geni, was a gossip, just the slightest bit overweight, and the best bass player the world had ever seen. Aurora had met her three years ago, and the two had immediately clicked through their opposing personalities. Geni was everyone's friend, no one's enemy, and had a kind and unassuming opinion on every person she'd ever met. If a thug stole her jacket she'd offer him her wallet, because 'he obviously needs it more than I do'. Aurora loved her friend, but she was glad they didn't have to trade personalities anytime soon. For example, in the same scenario presented earlier, Aurora would probably bitch slap said thug. Or run away screaming. One or the other.

Ignoring Geni's insistent nudges about her dramatic arrival with Brandon, Aurora slid off her backpack and pushed it underneath her chair, mouthing the word 'Later' emphatically at her nosy friend.

"As I was saying—," Mrs. Mott huffed at the interruption, "the academic decathlon will take place in Low Rock City, which is a three hour drive. Don't forget that your money for the hotel is due next Tuesday. Oh! I almost forgot. There's been a hotel arrangement mishap, and due to the awkward amount of boys and girls, one room will be coed."

The pheromone filled teenagers looked at each other grinning and snickering, glancing at the people they wouldn't mind being roomed with, but Mrs. Mott quickly squashed their hopes.

"Hush, you mongrels, I will be in the room as a chaperone. It will consist of one boy, one girl, and me. I have already chosen the two aforementioned pupils in order to avoid any sort of sexual misbehavior, and I have the utmost faith that Brandon and Aurora will have no incidents." Finished with her announcements, Mrs. Mott looked expectantly at Aurora, and then Brandon, with a kind smile. "I trust you both."

As Mrs. Mott continued passing out information and flyers, Aurora's cheeks burned with embarrassment. What the fuck? Mrs. Mott knew they had dated! How could she think this would be okay? Two overnights at a hotel with an extremely attractive, volatile, and malevolent ex boyfriend? What am I going to do? What is he going to do? Will he make a move? No, no I'm overreacting. He doesn't like me. Besides, he knows I have a boyfriend. And this whole hotel thing, I'm just blowing it way out of proportion. Come on, it's the Gifted and Talented program. We're nerds, not kinky porn stars. Taking deep breaths, Aurora forced herself to find peace. Nervously fidgeting with her hands, Aurora ignored the insistent nudging of her close friend, Geni, who was bouncing out of her seat with excitement at this new twist in life.

"Brandon?!" she whispered to Aurora. "Omigod! That's so exciting. You're totally over him right? Or...? Oh shit, look, look, look! He's staring at us right now! Well, I mean at you, not me... Aurora, don't look, Jesus! Have some subtlety, will you?"

"Genevieve. Shut. Up."

Barely containing her peevish grin, Geni obeyed, sneaking sidelong glances at both Brandon and Aurora.

Mere minutes later, Mrs. Mott dismissed them all with a wave and a bid of "Happy Friday!" Slowly the room began to disperse of people, but Aurora tried to hang back. Doing so would ward off Geni (she was a rather ditzy girl but she wouldn't dare try to accost Aurora in front of a teacher), and would also allow Aurora to inquire if perhaps somebody else could share the coed room. She knew for a fact several other girls, like Sharon Ring, wouldn't mind a night with Brandon. Much to the aggravation of Geni, Aurora slowly gathered her belongings, pretending to fix a strap on her heels, waving her best friend along with a smile.

"I'll catch up."

"You better." The musical genius skipped off, her blonde bob bouncing with every step.

The room was empty, sans a few lingering kids, so Aurora decided it was now or never. Standing up, Aurora began to approach Mrs. Mott, backpack slung on her back, brown hair cascading over her soft, thin blouse, and almost hitting the waste of her flowing skirt. "Hi, Mrs. Mott!"

"Hey there Aurora! How's the college hunt going?"

"Oh, it goes," Aurora smiled charmingly. "About the hotel room, next weekend—"

"Aurora! You weren't trying to thank Mrs. Mott for her fantastic choice of hotel arrangements without me were you?" Brandon had approached silently, placing one large comforting hand on Mrs. Mott's shoulder. "Trying to steal all my glory, she is, Mrs. Mott." He feigned betrayal, and Mrs. Mott giggled helplessly like a school girl, while Aurora shot daggers through her eyes at Brandon. "Your hair looks lovely Mrs. Mott, did you get it done by my sister?"

"Why yes, Brandon, thank you for noticing! I saw Lola just the other day at the Hair Boutique. She said your mother was well?"

"She is, she is. How is your dog, Rex?"

Like the manipulative manslut whore bag bastard he was, Aurora could do nothing but helplessly watch as Brandon suavely manipulated Mrs. Mott out of the room. It looked almost cartoonish, with his young, handsomely tall stature, with one arm wrapped around Mrs. Mott, an old, petite woman with a curved back and a white afro, in a grandson like manner.

Aurora hopelessly followed the two out the door, waiting impatiently as Mrs. Mott bid her goodbye to Brandon and fluttered off. After waving adieu, Brandon turned around to find Aurora glaring at him with her coal dark eyes. The sugary sweet smile he'd plastered on for Mrs. Mott, swiftly evolved into a content smirk. Raising his eyebrows at Aurora, he looked inquisitively at her.

"Something wrong?"

"Dude! What the hell? You know we can't room together."

"Why not?"

"I have a boyfriend."

"Good for you. I have a goldfish."


"Oh, I thought we were naming shit that doesn't matter."

Aurora leaned over to punch Brandon harshly in the chest. Ow. Cockily, Brandon tilted his head to the side, as Aurora cradled her abused hand. His chest was like velvet covered steel. Damn, that hurt.

"Aww, Aurora got a boo boo?"

She ignored his comment.

"We can't share a room together."

"Again, why not?"

"We aren't dating Brandon, this isn't okay."

"You really aren't making sense today, Aurora." As he said her name, his voice lowered the slightest bit, and his eyes seemed to smolder like the flickering embers of passion. "As you've said, you have a boyfriend, we don't have a thing, aren't all these reasons further proving that we can sleep in the same room, chaperoned, and not get ourselves into any trouble?"

Aurora was stumped for a response. For just a moment. She tried to jump back, but too late.

"Or, is there something that worries you?"

Brandon stepped closer. Aurora shifted so her back was against a nearby wall, but couldn't obviously evade his advancing steps without looking ridiculous.

"No," she replied, her voice strong and dignified.



"Because, I have this strange feeling, that something is bothering you."


"Aurora," he paused, "do you still want me?"

"No! God, you conceited pig. That's absurd."

"It is?"

He took one last step. Aurora's breath caught as she realized her predicament.

His height towered over her, and under his casual button up shirt, Aurora could see his muscles rippling. The strength he exuded was palpable, and Aurora's knees went weak. He always made her feel feminine. One of his legs had slipped between hers, making her skirt ride up ever so slightly. His chest pressed up against her heaving breasts, the bottom of his chin lining up with her forehead as she looked down to avoid his penetrating stare. His jeans felt rough between her thighs, and his hands had moved to her arms, stroking up and down slowly, lightly. Leaning his head down next to her ear, he gently grabbed hold of her lobe in his mouth and ran his tongue over it softly, nibbling, driving her insane. All over, Aurora felt herself get shaky, every movement on her ear made a vibrating beam of pleasure shoot straight for her core. That cheater. He knew that was her weak spot. Gasping, Aurora placed her hands on his chest as if to push him back and looked up at him, eyes burning with hatred and unwanted pleasure as he detached himself from her ear with a smile. Her gaze couldn't help but drift to his lips. She was aching for them on hers, their hard contours melding with her soft ones.

"Because I'm not so sure that it's absurd at all," he whispered. Aurora could smell his breath. It was minty, and Aurora wanted nothing more to be usurped by his talented tongue, and strong hands, but she felt as if this was wrong, inappropriate. But she felt so good, but it can't be right—

Leo. Boyfriend. Exboyfriend. Asshole. Mistake.

"No!" Aurora tried to say firmly, but it came out shaky and unsure. "No," she repeated steadily , this time. "I have to go." She tried to push past the wall of Brandon. He wouldn't budge. "Move it." Shoving him aside with her shoulder, she quickly stormed off, the pattering of her heels the only audible sound in the hallway as she fled, what could have been, a huge mistake.

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