tagFetishThe Ex Comes for a Visit

The Ex Comes for a Visit


It was another typical day off for me. I was surfing the web for interesting stories when I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and there stood my ex-wife. She looked at me and smiled and asked if she could come in.

"Sure," I said.

"How are you today?" she asked.

"I'm ok and you?" I replied

She responded by reaching up and grabbing my head and pushing her soft little lips on mine and kissed me softly. Every once in a while she would ram her tongue down my throat and take my mouth. After a few minutes of this I was helpless to stop wanting her. She backed away a little and looked up at me. She's a few inches shorter than me but very sexy with a sexy tight little ass I love to have my hands on. She stepped forward back into me and kissed me softly again and asked if I still wore panties. I told her my new wife doesn't know but yes I wear them when I can.

"Today?" she asked.

"Yes, a silky, white thong," I said.

She told me to show her so I took off my t-shirt and shorts and showed her my thong which was getting stretched at this point by my hard cock. She reached down and grabbed my cock and kissed me more and more. She leaned up to my ear and whispered, "Do you want to be my bitch again?" I moaned, "Oh god yes!" into her ear and began to kiss and lick her sexy little ear. I kissed and licked her ear for a while and then slowly worked my way down to her neck and nuzzled and kissed her neck.

She backed up and slowly lifted her shirt over her bare tits and I bent my head to them and lightly bit the nipples like I know she likes. I love biting and licking her nipples. Feeling her body under my hands as I please her nipples feels so good. Running my hands all over her back and stomach as I bite her nipples. She pushes her tits at me and moans as I make her feel good. My hands running all over her feel the goosebumps rise as she gets hot and horny.

She grabs my head and pulls my head to her and forces her tongue into my mouth, over and over. Holding my hair with one hand and running the other one over my face she kisses me. She knows how to make me hot. She backs away and pulls down her shorts to reveal her little black thong. God, she looks so sexy. She slides up against me so I can feel her body on mine as once again her lips softly take mine and make them hers.

"Take off my thong," she whispers into my ear.

I get down and pull down her thong noticing that the silky fabric is wet in front. As I pull the thong from under her feet she pushes her pussy into my face and lets me feel the wetness and smell her arousal. I can't help it I breathe in her pussy and stick my tongue out to taste her. MMMMM she is so hot and sexy it makes my head spin. I want her and I can't help it. She holds my head against her wetness as I tongue and kiss her sweet pussy. I feel her shiver and I know she is going to cum. I reach around and grab her sexy ass as I lick her to orgasm. She spasms against me moaning and pushing herself to me.

Once she comes down from her orgasm she lifts her foot to my face and tells me to kiss it. My lips touch her sexy foot and I grow even hornier. I need her. I want her. I can't stop it. I will do anything for her. She leans down and tells me to kiss and lick both of her feet. I kiss and lick all around her sexy little feet, kissing the sole and sucking her toes. All that exists for me is her.

"Stand up bitch," she commands.

As I stand up she runs her hand over my hard cock in my thong. Slowly running her hand over me she smiles at me and says, "you are my bitch aren't you?"

"Oh god yes," I moan helplessly.

"Kiss me bitch," she says.

I lean down and give my lips to her moaning into her mouth wanting more and more. I cannot stop wanting this sexy woman in front of me. She fills my mind as we kiss and I can't help but submit to her. She slowly kisses her way down to my thong. kissing my cock in the thong she makes it all wet and then pulls it down and off of me.

"Do you want me?" she looks up and asks.

"Oh my god yes yes yes," I moan while I push my body against her.

She takes the head of my cock into her mouth and slowly sucks it and licks it. Feels so good I never want her to stop. She slides her mouth down on my cock and slowly back up a few times and then stands up and kisses me so I can taste myself on her lips. So dirty and yet so erotic I love it. She whispers in my ear that she knows I like the taste of cock. She knows my secrets. She knows what buttons to push. I lust for her. She reaches down and picks up her thong and slides it over my head onto my face.

"Smell it bitch, do you like it?" She purrs.

"I love it, mmmmmmmmmmmm," I moan to her.

"Good bitch, I want you to smell my panties every day when I'm not here and jerk off thinking about me." She says, "Understand?"

I say, "Oh yes I understand!"

"You understand what?" she says.

I know what she wants, "Yes Mistress I understand!"

"Very good bitch!" Mistress says.

Sliding her thong off my face she pulls me around so her back is to the bed and she falls back and pulls me with her. Her lips once again seek mine and softly she again owns me with her sexy lips. She lays back and puts her legs on my shoulder and says, "Fuck me bitch!" I slide my cock into her wet and waiting pussy. Slowly I slide my hard cock in and out feeling her wiggle under me as we become one. She takes one of her feet from my shoulder and pushes it against my lips. I know what she wants and I begin to kiss the sole of her foot. I love it her foot is so sexy and hot against my face. I kiss and love her foot moaning into it.

She begins to cum underneath me moaning and wriggling. She looks beautiful as I gaze down at her coming on my cock. I lean down and kiss her. I can't help it I need her kisses. Her lips are so sexy and soft. I can't help but want them. I continue fucking in and out of her pussy. I want to make her come again. I feel her start to tense up again and I know she is close so I thrust in and hold my cock deep inside her . She moans and writhes and comes on my cock again. Slowly she comes back down to earth and looks at me and smiles.

"Get on your back," she says.

"Yes Mistress," I reply.

I lay on my back as she asked. She lays next to me and starts to kiss me softly while running her hands over my belly and slowly down to my cock. Reaching my cock she rubs it up and down a few times. Then her hand makes its way to my balls where she lightly teases me by running her nails all over my balls. Feels so good. I don't ever want her to stop. She moves her head down to my nipple and kisses it with her sexy lips. I reach down and begin to jerk my cock. She slides up to me and kisses me and says, "that's it bitch play with that cock."

"I want to see you come while I play with you my little slut," she says into my ear.

"Oh my god yes yes yes," I moan.

"Next time I come over I want you dressed more like a slut," she whispers into my ear while licking it.

"Yes Mistress," I groan.

She continues playing with my balls and kissing me softly and then every once in a while she shoves her tongue down into my mouth to let me know she is in control. I give myself to her. I need her like this. While she is kissing me I open my eyes so I can look at her beautiful face while she kisses me. I dream of her. It's always this. I start to feel very horny and I know I'm close. She runs her fingernails all over my balls and all around my crotch and legs. As her nails dip down onto my ass I moan and groan. I need it so bad. I am going to come. It is here, oh so good feeling mmmmmmmmmm, Oh god yes yes yes yes I explode all over my belly and chest.

After I come down I lay there with my cum all over myself. She gets off the bed and puts her clothes on. Except for her thong, which she grabs and puts next to my head and says, "Don't forget to smell my panties while you jerk off bitch!" She leans over and kisses me softly and tells me she'll be back soon and she will bring some toys with her and make me a real bitch for her. I watch her leave and I miss her already.

I hope she comes back soon.

(To be continued?)

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