The Examination Ch. 03


"Wonder Woman!" James announced, only stating what was evident. "Wonder Woman!" he said again more softly, still not adding anything to the information already available. "I'm gong to fuck Wonder Woman!"

If he had not been a respected member of the medical profession, the expression on Dr. James Bock's face would have to be called a shit-eating grin. "I've always wanted to fuck Wonder Woman," he exclaimed, adumbrating the obvious. Every man in America wanted to fuck Wonder Woman.

Amaka shook her head. Devoted as she was to this man, at times like this she recognized that James, like others of his gender, was still just an overgrown teen-age boy. "Daring, do you think we should?" Amaka asked. "She *is* a superheroine. Without her who knows what dangers our country would face from natural disasters, foreign invaders, demented scientists, and alien predators. Can we afford to turn her into a sex slave of this Col. Trevor?"

"I'm going to fuck Wonder Woman," James said again, not having weighed Amaka's argument carefully.

"I don't think you should, James" Amaka said, standing her ground.

"Not fuck Wonder Woman?" James asked, finally hearing his partner. "Like hell! Prep her!" he ordered.

A shiver ran through Amaka. She knew she would have to do as he said, even though it didn't seem right. James could make her do anything. There was no point in making him be more forceful. Reluctantly, Amaka pulled down the star spangled tights of the unconscious Wonder Woman and began to tease her pussy with her fingers. She felt the little tingle of pleasure between her own legs that always rewarded her when she did something to please James. Slowly at first but with growing enthusiasm she began to eat the snatch of the costumed woman lying before her.

Wow! With her inhibitions suppressed, Wonder Woman's body responded with alacrity to Amaka's fingers, lips, and tongue. In seconds the helpless superheroine was moaning in arousal and seconds later she was wracked in orgasm. Amaka was rewarded by a copious flow of her love juice. The taste was amazing. Wonder Woman's spend had the sweetness of an over-ripe melon, the saltiness of rare-cooked roast beef, the exotic freshness of wild mushrooms and mountain sage. She knew Wonder Woman was not called that because of the way she tasted, but Amaka decided she deserved the appellation for that, if nothing else!

Wonder Woman had hardly descended from the first orgasmic high when Amaka, no longer reluctantly, began to take her back up the mountain. She was disappointed when James impatiently pushed he aside. "Good job, darling. I'll take over from here."

Amaka watched as James slid his prick into the warm wet cavity her hand had just vacated. Her opinion about the wisdom of this had not changed, but her opinion didn't count. James was fucking Wonder Woman and in a few hours America's greatest superheroine would be little more than the personal property of the man who had sent her here. There was nothing Amaka could do to prevent it.

Fucking Wonder Woman was everything James's wildest fantasies led him to expect. Her cunt opened to his prick like butter, but held it firmly as he slid in and out. She moaned in sweet surrender and a mere tap of his fingers brought her legs to his shoulders. Thrust for thrust, her body responded to his with grace and athleticism. He knew Wonder Woman was not called that because of the way she fucked, but James decided she deserved the appellation for that, if nothing else!

James pushed Wonder Woman through four orgasms of increasing volume before he, too, lost control. As his seed shot into her, he rued not having put an impregnation clause in the contract with Col. Trevor. How could he have known this was not just a routine job of a guy who wanted his secretary for a fuck toy? Too late now. James collapsed on the inert body of the fucked out superheroine.

Amaka gave him a few moments to recover before she spoke. "James, darling, there is something you should know about Mrs. Pickering."

`Mrs. Pickering?' James thought, astounded that Amaka could bring up something so monumentally irrelevant. He had just fucked *Wonder Woman!* "Huh?"

"Yes, darling. I checked her chart. This is the middle of her period. If you do a *really* good job on her today ..." she let the implication speak for itself.

James was starting to be able to think again. "Today, huh?" The boyfriend of the voluptuous matron had not said anything one way or the other about knocking her up. He was mainly interested in taking the money of the unsatisfied wife. Mr. Pickering, who could certainly afford another kid, would be overjoyed, believing it was his, as would the woman's younger lover. Seldom was making three people happy such a pleasant task. It was practically an obligation, James reflected applying Benthamite logic. "But we're not through here." James made the pro forma protest, but he was warming to the idea of putting a baby in the soft round body of Dorothy Pickering and all those pre-natal checkup *that* would entail.

"I'll take care of everything here, honey. All I need to do is put the machines on her. You run along." Amaka coaxed.

"But Col. Trevor will be around to collect her about 5:00 PM."

"Don't worry. I'll take care of Col. Trevor," Amaka assured him. James's cock was getting stiff by the time he reached the door. *****

An hour and a half later Amaka was sitting in front of Col. Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman lay naked behind her still deeply unconscious. If he had not been a high ranking officer in military intelligence, the expression on Col. Steve Trevor's his face would have to be called a shit-eating grin. Amaka regarded him sternly.

"This is a big responsibility, Col. Trevor. We did not know it was Wonder Woman you had sent us. May I have your word as an officer and a gentleman that you will treat her with respect and allow her to continue her duties to our country?

"Yeah, yeah, just let me have her," Steve replied, not entirely convincingly.

"She is a superheroine, after all," Amaka pointed out. "You won't force her to do things that are beneath her dignity will you?"

"Nah" Steve replied distractedly, not taking his eyes off of Wonder Woman's huge bare tits.

"I see," Amaka continued. "Well, then, I have just a few more instructions. I want you to pay careful attention. Col. Trevor, please look directly at me as I speak. This is important. I need you to focus on what I am saying. You must do every thing I tell you ..." *****

"Oh, Steve! Yes! Oh, baby! Yes! Fuck me Steve, Fuck me! Don't stop!" Wonder Woman was screaming in ecstasy as Col. Steve Trevor complied with her totally unneeded injunctions. He had her doggie fashion, holding on to that ample, round ass as he pounded away at her pussy. Wonder Woman's head thrashed from side to side as she called out for him not to stop. This was heaven. She couldn't get enough of Steve's cock. He was such a magnificent lover, so wonderful in every way. As another orgasm engulfed her she knew she was the luckiest superheroine in the world.

Steve was more than pleased with Wonder Woman, he reflected between strokes. The visit to Dr. Bock's clinic had worked out perfectly. Wonder Woman had turned into a sex maniac who never, never turned him down. If they were alone, she would come onto him. She would fuck as long as he could hold out, any time, any place, in any position. As long as she got him in her, she was happy. She though he was a god and loved to do little things to please him. It was paradise to be with her. If he only had more staying power. But sooner or later he would loose it. Oh, no! The overpowering urge to release in her was too great. He had to ... come! Exhausted as always after these bouts, Steve fell into Wonder Woman's arms. He let her cuddle his head to those marvelous boobs, and drifted off to sleep.


"Reveille, darling," Diana's cheery voice rang out, bringing Steve back to a different reality. This always happened. Whenever and wherever he fucked Wonder Woman, he woke up in Diana's apartment. Here, he didn't know if he was in heaven or hell. He could not understand why, at almost the same time Wonder Woman had come back from the Bock Clinic, Diana had started to change. For the first time Steve realized Diana was a woman, too -- in fact a babe! The new clothes had a lot do with it. Diana gave up flats for stylish four inch pumps. The cut of her skirts rose from three inches below the knee to five or six inches above. And suddenly the woman had tits. Not just tits, bazookas! Where had they been all this time? Amazingly, and notwithstanding that he was fucking the lights out of America's No. 1 superheroine, Steve found himself falling in love with Wonder Woman's best friend.

Steve had always known the relationship between the two women was strange, but this was even stranger. Although Diana welcomed Steve's growing affection, she knew about and did nothing to discourage his relationship with Wonder Woman. In fact she seemed to want him to keep at it, like going to the gym, something he should do for is health.

His time with Diana was so different from that with Wonder Woman. The nympho superheroine had only one thing on her mind. She wanted to be stripped and fucked, the harder and longer, the better. She didn't need sweet words; she didn't need foreplay; she needed a man, or rather a man's prick, and bad. They hardly spoke except for Steve to order her from one position to another and for Wonder Woman to moan and plead for more and longer sex, and afterwards to ask when he would do her again.

Diana, on the other hand, was a romantic. She loved candlelight dinners at fancy restaurants, going out to dance under the stars, attending the theater, the opera. But she loved staying home, too. Diana and Steve read aloud to each other. He wrote her poems. She sent him flowers. They cooked together. They spent long happy hours just cuddling on the couch.. After the proper warm-up, Diana loved to let Steve undress her and kiss her big titties, gradually trailing his tongue down her belly and finally eating her. Steve loved to pleasure Diana's snatch. She came hard when he did it right and he was doing it right more and more often Strangely, Steve's memories of their nights together were dim after this point. He certainly couldn't ask Diana if he fucked her or not. He guessed he did, since when he woke up in bed with her, she always told him how wonderful he had been. He was too embarrassed to tell her about his dreams of fucking Wonder Woman

If Steve had been more perceptive about women, that is, if he had not been a man, he might have realized that Wonder Woman and Diana complemented each other perfectly. One wanted a sweet, gentle lover who treated her like a lady, with affection and dignity. The other wanted a vigorous, domineering man who fucked her stupid. Steve might have put two and two together, but of course, he never did.

As Steve fell more deeply in love with Diana, she seemed to change in other ways as well. Clearly she loved him, but she also expected a lot from him. At first she just asked favors, but gradually she became more demanding in ways that Steve could never refuse. He found he was spending more and more time at her apartment, using his own bachelor pad mainly as a place to screw Wonder Woman occasionally. Gradually all his clothes, at least the ones Diana approved of, were transferred here. And since he was living with her, Diana expected Steve to do his share of the housework, more than his share, he sometimes felt.

"Up and at `em, big boy. You have a lot to do today," Diana smiled down at her handsome, infatuated lover. "The place really needs a good vacuuming, dear, especially the drapes. And remember what I told you about separating the whites and colors when you do the washing. Would you do my unmentionables by hand with the Woolite? Let's see, I think the bathrooms could stand freshening up, too. I believe this is the week you clean the oven, no? By the way, could you be a dear and make the canap‚s for Monday afternoon. I'm giving a baby shower for Margaret Stillworth and I do want everything to be perfect as I'm sure you do, too."

Steve looked up at Diana. She was asking a lot. This was his only day off. He had not been able to get in any golf for weeks. He wanted to protest, but she was smiling down at him so sweetly, he just melted. "Sure, honey. What are you doing today?"

"Oh a million things. I've got a girlfriend coming over here at 10:00 to pick me up. Do try to be decent by then." Leaning down to give him a peck, she turned on her heel and left.


Steve shut off the vacuum when he heard the doorbell. Opening the door he saw a tall, beautiful black woman who looked slightly familiar. She seemed to know him. "Hi Steve. Is Diana ready?"

"Almost, I guess," Steve replied with a confused look on his face.

"That's Amaka," Diana sang out from the bathroom. "Keep her company while I finish my make up."

"How are things working out, Steve? Are you happy here?" Amaka asked.

Steve was more confused by this question from a woman he didn't know, but he told her in some detail that yes, he was very happy. "I knew you would be. Diana is a good woman."

"Bye - bye, darling," Diana said as she left. "Oh, I almost forgot. Wonder Woman called. She said she'd like to go over to your apartment tonight for some `good old fashioned you know what.' I told her you could go if you finished you chores. Do try. She sounded pretty desperate," Diana grinned.

Minutes later a still puzzled but excited Steve Trevor was back hastily vacuuming as Diana and Amaka's heels clicked toward the elevator. They kissed briefly and hit the down button.

Diana and Amaka had a big day planned. First they went to the best lingerie boutique in town to pick out more slinky underwear for Diana. Her taste had improved, but Amaka thought she could still use some help. Next, they went to the mall and spent a delightful two hours teasing and torturing a goofy-looking shoe salesman named Bundy by trying on dozens of high heel sandals and spiky pumps, ultimately rejecting them all as insufficiently sexy.

Diana suggested the new French restaurant for watercress quiche and what turned out to be two bottles of Chardonnay. After a few glasses the women were giggling so much several of the other patrons looked askance. The friends were having so much fun, they paid no attention. When they got to Amaka's house around 3:00 PM, both women were tipsy, but they knew just what they were about. As soon as the door closed Diana grabbed Amaka and kissed her hard. Amaka responded, pulling Diana into a tighter embrace. "I've been dying to get my hands on you all day," Diana whispered, nibbling Amaka's ear.

"Not more than I've wanted you" Amaka replied, stroking Diana's buttocks. "I hardly know where to start."

"How about here," Diana replied, starting to unbutton Amaka's blouse. Several mutual orgasms later the two friends cuddled close and fell asleep.

Amaka was awakened by a kiss from Diana. "Oh, Love, I am so happy and I owe it all to you. You've given me everything I ever wanted in a man and your friendship, too"

"Is friendship all you want from me?" Amaka teased, stroking one of Diana's large tits.

"You know what I mean," Diana replied, too serene to be teased. "I have Steve, adorable Steve who makes my heart `go pitter patter ...'"

"The best man you've ever had wrapped around your finger." Amaka smiled.

"And Wonder Woman is getting about as much sex as any mortal man can provide,"

"And since she isn't `giving herself' to anyone, she keeps her super powers." Amaka continued.

"Yes. But I've got a couple of ideas to improve things." Diana grinned

"What?" her friend replied.

"I think I know what to do about Wonder Woman's problem with Steve's stamina.

"I don't know honey. James has done about all that is physically possible there," Amaka cautioned.

"True, but why should Steve be so selfish with Wonder Woman. He has friends like that hunky Bruce Wayne or that cute reporter, Clark Kent. He could invite them over an share!"

Amaka clapped her hands in glee. "That's great! What's you r second idea?"

"Well, I've been thinking it would be sexy to let Steve get us pregnant."

"What?" Amaka asked, a look of surprise and concern crossing her face.

"Not me and you, silly. James is taking good enough care of YOU," Diana chuckled, reaching over to pat the cute little paunch below Amaka's waist. "Me and Wonder Woman."

The end

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