tagErotic HorrorThe Examiner's Table

The Examiner's Table


Where am I? I looked around trying to figure out where I was and what had happened to me. I was lying on a gynecologist's examining table. What was going on? I found I had on no clothes. I wiggled around trying to figure out what was going on.

I was in a large white room with glass walls. People were seated behind the walls but they all seemed to have blank, expressionless faces. I had to get off this table and out of this room, but it was impossible. My hands were tied to posts behind my head and my feet tied to the stirrups at the end of the table.

When a nurse in a white uniform approached I tried to ask her why I was here but I could not talk. My tongue felt thick and could not move in my mouth. She used a cotton swab to swab the inside of my mouth. The swab tasted funny. I was shocked when she leaned down and started licking my nipples, her hand sliding down between my legs, massaging my clit.

I wiggled and struggled, trying to get off the table. She just kept on, making my body burn with pleasure while my mind tried to deny what was happening. My pussy rubbed against her hand, I had no more control over my body as my hips moved rhythmically. I was helpless and so hot I thought I couldn't bear it.

She straightened up as a man in a white doctor's lab coat slowly approached with what looked like a urine sample cup in his hand. Another shock rippled through me as he bent and start to lick my throbbing clit, thrusting his tongue into my vagina. I felt the cold edge of the plastic cup pressed firmly against my skin, just below my hot throbbing pussy. He sucked my clit as he slid his fingers inside me.

I could no longer stop it. I felt the scream come from my throat as hot pussy juice gushed into the cup. Over and over my pussy orgasmed so hot and intense I thought I would faint. Unbelievably he set the cup on the table beside him. With absolutely no expression on his face he pushed his hard-huge cock inside me. Swift and hard, he fucked me. My hips rose to meet his hard thrusts repeatedly until I felt his hot cum explode inside me.

Still no expression on his face? My body was pulsating, my breathing harsh and heavy. I felt him slide the cold speculum inside my body, the clicking noises as he used it to widen the walls of my vagina. I felt something moving inside me, as if he was swabbing my vagina for pap smear samples. This was too much. I tried again to ask what was going on but could not speak.

He finished and left the room. Another doctor approached in a white lab coat. My heart beat hard as I thought it was going to happen again. I couldn't stand any more, I was going to faint. But this doctor seemed neither a man or a woman, just the same expressionless face and no features to identify its gender.

Gently something was inserted into my ass. My pussy was gently massaged until I felt my body throbbing again. What did they want? What was happening? No word was spoken as the gentle massaging continued. My body arched as my throbbing wet pussy orgasmed. I felt the cum dripping down the crack of my ass onto whatever had been inserted into my tight wet asshole. The no-gender thing kept gently touching me as it removed whatever had been inserted into me and left the room.

I looked around at the still expressionless faces behind the glass wondering what was going to happen to me next. The nurse returned, saying nothing she gently wiped me off. As she started to lick my nipples again the first doctor returned.

No more! I couldn't bear it to happen again. But as before, he carried the specimen cup in his hand, his face expressionless. Why were they doing this to me? My thoughts raced frantically, trying to deny what was happening as he started licking my pussy again, sucking my clit and sliding his fingers inside me.

My body arched as my throbbing pussy again orgasmed over and over. A darkness seemed to close in around me as I felt myself falling, losing consciousness. Wanting this undeniably disgusting hot throbbing to stop, not wanting to feel any of it.

I woke up, my pussy soaking wet, thinking it had all been a dream but the nightmare was so real I could still feel it. Beside me on the bed, I saw a specimen cup full of liquid with writing on the label I could not read. Oh no! had it really happened? Had the throbbing intense pleasure that disgusted and pleasured me beyond my wildest dreams been real or just a dream? I never wanted to sleep again. I wrapped myself in a blanket after turning on the light and lay shivering until I saw the beginning of the sunrise.

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