tagErotic HorrorThe Examiner's Table Ch. 02

The Examiner's Table Ch. 02


Note: As requested, I have decided to continue the nightmarish fantasy of "The Examiner's Table".


The Examiner's Table-The Nightmare Continues 2

The day was dark and threatened with thunderclouds as I finally got up, being careful to set the specimen bottle of liquid on my night table. I really had no desire to even touch it I needed to get up, shower and get dressed. I had an appointment with my gynecologist today and was scheduled for a real pelvic examination. I wanted to take the specimen bottle with me, but I was sure she would think I was crazy if I told her about my nightmare or whatever it had been. Maybe it would be best to talk it over with my psychiatrist, she might be a little more understanding and would be able to relieve my fears.

The worst part of going to the gynecologist is not being able to douche or use a body spray before I went. I was always so self-conscious of that, wanting to smell sweet and sexy but had been advised it could alter the test results. I dressed in my sexy black lace bikinis with a matching bra. My gynecologist was beautiful, with dark hair and luscious tits any man or woman would love to get their hands on. It only made me more nervous since I had fantasized about her delicious body more than once.

I sat in the waiting room, waiting for my name to be called. I tried to concentrate on the game I was playing on my smartphone, but it was impossible. I was glad when the nurse finally called me. After I was weighed, blood pressure taken, and all the questions had been answered, the nurse told me to undress and gave me a paper gown to change into. My body seemed on fire as I put on the paper gown and covered up with the small paper blanket. I don't know why they bothered since I would soon be in the stirrups, my bare pussy hot and wet in front of the doctor's face.

The doctor knocked and entered the room. As always, I felt the surge of hot blood coursing through my body as she asked me to lie back with my ass on the edge of the table, my feet resting in the stirrups. She tore the paper gown over my breasts first, squeezing and examining them for any signs of abnormalities. As I stared into her black eyes, she slowly lowered her mouth to touch my lips as her fingers pinched my nipple.

Shock turned to wet hot heat as I felt her tongue slip between my lips. Her hand slid between my thighs as she bit my nipples. My ass came up off the edge of the table as I arched upward toward her caressing hand. I looked for the nurse who always remained in the room during the examination and saw her sitting on the doctor's swivel chair. She slowly rolled across the floor until she was positioned at the end of the examination table.

Oh my God, there was nothing in the world as hot as having my ass and pussy bare naked with my feet up in stirrups. I saw the nurse reach for the rubber gloves on table as the doctor started pulling her clothes off. She pushed her naked breasts in my face as I felt the lubricated gloved finger of the nurse pushing into my tight asshole. I was ready to dissolve in a sea of desire as I sucked the doctor's hard nipples before she climbed onto the examination table and kneeled with her bare pussy over my face.

I couldn't resist licking her clit as I felt her head lower between my thighs. My body arched uncontrollably as she sucked my clit. The rubber gloved finger stabbing into my ass suddenly stopped as I felt the hard rim of a plastic cup push against my skin just below my throbbing wet pussy. My nightmarish fantasy repeated as I pushed my tongue into her burning vagina, my hands reaching up to grab her ass to pull her tight against my face.

I felt my body explode as my cum gushed into the specimen cup. The doctor calmly climbed down from the table and started to dress, not saying a word. I stared at her disbelievingly, wandering what the hell had just happened. I raised my head and my eyes bulged as I saw the same specimen cup from my nightmare, filled with liquid, sitting on the table. I could not find my voice to protest as I felt the hard-cold speculum being inserted into my vagina, the swab tickling my insides as more samples were taken by the nurse.

After removing the speculum, the nurse walked over to me, swabbing my arm before injecting me with a hypodermic needle. The room seemed to tilt as I watched the door open and the tall doctor from my nightmare entered the room. He went straight to the end of the table as the nurse stood by my side holding my hand. I felt the suction cup fitted onto my clit as he flipped a switch on the machine he had wheeled in with him.

My body shook uncontrollably as I felt the sucking sensations rip through me with unbearable pleasure. My body heaved upward as I felt his cold stiff lubricated cock being shoved into my asshole. He fucked my ass hard as I orgasmed repeatedly into the cup held against tight against my throbbing pussy. With still no expression on his face he set the cup aside, then continued to pound his cold dick into my ass. I felt the explosion of icy cum in my ass as my body jerked spasmodically, my cum pouring out of my pussy and sliding down the crack of my ass.

He inserted the speculum into my ass and I heard the clicks as it expanded. I felt no pain, only an unbearable pleasure as I felt the swab tickling inside my asshole. As he clicked the speculum closed and removed it from my ass I also felt his hands removing the suction cup from my clit. Again, not a word was spoken as he left. I tried to ask the nurse what was happening but when I looked up the face was no longer that of the woman I had seen when I first entered the room.

The thing standing beside me in a white lab coat seemed neither to be male or female. I opened my mouth to scream but no sound emerged from my throat. The thing just stood beside me, caressing my hand as I shook and trembled, terrified of what was going to happen to me next. When the door opened again, my senses reeled as what could only be described as a monster with a demonic leering grin entered my room. The thing that had been holding my hand moved behind my head, grabbed my other hand, and held the both behind me.

As the demon approached I fought to break free but my legs were tied to the stirrups and my hands were held firmly. As he leaned his burning lips to my breasts, my body arched as his searing hot tongue sent waves of desire pulsing through my veins. I writhed beneath his hot flicking tongue, my nipple grew hard as I felt the searing burn of his hand sliding down my flat tummy and between my legs. I had never felt such intense desire as the hot burning pain from his hand seared the tender flesh of my pussy, burning my clit.

He climbed onto the bed above me. His cock burned my lips before he pushed it deep into my throat. I sucked his huge dick as he pumped into my mouth. My body was on fire with a raging desire so intense I thought it would consume me as he climbed down and walked to the end of the bed. I looked at the raging fire of Hell burning in his eyes as he slammed his hard-pulsating cock into my soaked throbbing pussy. My hips arched as he burned my tender insides.

My world exploded as orgasms burst upon me. Cum exploded from my pussy, soaking his flaming cock as he fucked me harder and deeper. I couldn't stop the orgasms that repeatedly shook my body. Finally I felt the hot lava of his cum squirting deep inside me. My world dimmed as my body spasmed out of control and I lost consciousness.

I awoke slowly, feeling the painful burning between my thighs, wondering where I was. I was lying on what looked like a normal hospital bed in a small glass cubicle. My wrists and ankles were strapped to the bed. I heard the beeping of the monitors connected to body. Where was I? Had I had another nightmare? I moved my eyes around the small room but saw no door, no opening of any kind. Oh my God, had I become trapped in my nightmarish fantasy? I prayed that I would awaken in my cozy bed at home. My horror grew as I watched with bulging eyes as my gynecologist approached my cubicle.

I screamed as a glass door I hadn't been able to see slid open. Her expressionless black eyes terrified me as she approached my bed. I had to wake up from this nightmare, but I was trapped. I could only watch helplessly as she undid the straps holding my ankles. She raised the cold metal stirrups at the corners of the bed. As she lifted my feet, placing them in the stirrups, the nurse wheeled in a table covered with ominous surgical instruments. I gave in to the darkness that was enveloping me as the doctor raised my blanket, exposing my burned naked pussy before her face.

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