The Exchange


Her Note:

Well, I missed not having you and being here alone! Oh the wonderful things I could have done with you! I could have awakened you finding you disheveled, hair matted, laying in my scent having been marked as my bitch. Me delighted by your look, smell and the knowledge that you are MY bitch.

My senses ignited again merely by looking at you. I quickly slide my panties down from beneath my skirt and sliding in next to you with my backside to your face...I tug your leg and whisper "Good Morning baby."

" Breakfast" wiggling my fleshy cheeks against your lips and nose. Wanting so to feel your loving tongue on the rim of my ass sending me to heights I've come to need from you. My hand reaching back pulling myself open for you to gain access. Your eyes barely open but your breath warm and your tongue hot with saliva dances around in the tight circle of my bud.

You say nothing as you give me what I want, filling my crack with your saliva and letting your tongue slide in my crevice now back and forth letting it briefly stop over my hole and flick.

Your hands now spreading my cheeks as you lick me with the flat of your tongue. I feel you moving and getting yourself into a better position to lick me. I look over my shoulder and see you........eyes closed mouth working purposefully for me ... so much my baby bitch. The softness of your attentions, the loving care you are giving me .....the site of you sends me over.

My hand on my pussy as I cum.....your magic tongue in my holding my skirt in my other hand my moaning steady and low my mouth drops open but nothing comes eyes bulging as the intensity of my climax washes through me.

Finally I gasp, trying to take in enough air to breathe normally again. My head lays down across my arm.

I rest and say nothing, completely immersed in the pleasure just received.

As I regain my bearings I look at you....your eyes once again closed, your face as sweet to me as ever...more so in fact...lips red and slightly puffy from their morning exercise. I quietly slide off of the bed...your eyes shut and your breathing shallow...asleep again.

I step into my panties, tug them up and with a shimmy of my hips adjust them before pulling down my skirt and smoothing it. Slipping on my shoes and walking to the mirror for a quick run of the brush through my hair. Replacing the brush in my bag I tip toe to the side of the bed and kiss your cheek...wishing I could stay and fuck you all day long.

My response:

Feeling the bed shift as you move onto it, I start to climb out of my dream.

I had been reliving the night before with every tender caress, vicious slap, eager probe, and wanton action recalled in equal measure and delight. I smell you on me. Feel you on me and in me. The bed sheets twisted and rumpled about me. Damp with our shared cum and your piss.

The warmth of your body in my dream is now replaced with the actual warmth as you press your ass to my face. My tongue moves as if on its own, and the tip finds your rosebud.

Tasting you, wanting you, I rim you before wiggling it into your ass. I can tell you want this as your ring is loose and my tongue gains entrance to your depths. As you spread yourself for me, I move my tongue in and out. Fucking your sweet ass, your flavor filling my mouth and senses.

I pull out and lick up and down your crack, finding your puckered bud in the midst of each swath of my tongue. Flicking at it now, I rearrange myself under you for a better angle of attack. Wanting you to cum and to be close and ready and able to drink from you when you do.

Oh how I love your ass! How could I not? It is part of you.

As I focus on your tight hole again, I hear you moaning. Hips swaying slightly as you seek more of my tongue. I hear the soft, wet movement of your fingers rubbing your pussy and I know you are on the brink.

Tirelessly, my tongue explores the hot, smooth, tight inner space of you.

I do not hear you, but I know you have peaked. My tongue almost tore from my mouth as you contract and squirm. I want to move it to your pussy but it is trapped so I suck softly, enjoying the bitter musk instead.

My chin and lower jaw coated with your climax. You remain rigid but shortly after I feel your body relax and your weight holds me under you.

By your breathing, I sense that you have fallen asleep, sated for now. With reluctance, my tongue leaves you. I take long breathes, luxuriating in the press and aromas of your body. Soon I drift back to sleep, my contentment cresting, never wanting this moment to end.

I wake later to find you gone. Eyes search the room for you in vain. Finally seeing the message left in my lipstick on the mirror.

"Shower and change the sheets on the bed. Make yourself pretty for me. When I return I will fuck you that much harder to return you to the state you are now in."

Below the writing on the mirror I see the rest of your message. This part not in words but rather in the form of a display.

The dildo pointing to the ceiling with the harness at its base, a large tube of lube beside it and the clear glass rod. The rod composed of a series of balls, each larger than the preceding, with short spaces between each one. The smallest the diameter of a dime, the largest the size of a small fist.

Lips forming a smile, I gather the sheets into a pile under me. Using them for friction, I hump on the bed. Legs spread, hands joining with the soiled fabric, I move frantically. Imagining what you will do with those items. My asshole puckering and my pussy so wet, already feeling you entering me, filling me...and I cum...

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