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The Exhibitionist


The blindfold over my crystal blue eyes was all that I could bear. Jim said that it was a surprise, but hearing him speak and the other footsteps around me just made me more anxious to find out where he had brought me and what he was up to. Or maybe it was the anticipation that made me so uncontrollably suspicious that I just wanted to know where I was and what he was going to do. The voices around me began to fade off and I heard a door open and Jim pulled me through the doorway. The room was very quiet though I swore that I heard the breathing of several people. Jim led me on and then sat me on what I thought was a couch. I felt his warm hand rest upon my thigh and I smiled knowing that he was reassuring me. His fingers grazed my skin lightly and tenderly as they always had when I was scared or when he was doing something that I did not expect.

He moved closer to me and placed a warm wet kiss on my lips and then spoke softly in his very deep voice, "Hun, relax your shaking." He was right. My hands were trembling like crazy. Perhaps it was the fact that I had heard a few muffled whispers or again the fact that I did not know what was going on.

His arms wrapped around me and he held me close. I did relax then in the care and comfort of his arms. That was always where I felt safest. He then began to tell me what he wanted me to do and after some procrastination I began to do as told.

"I want you to perform for me," his soft voice spoke. I knew what he meant by this and I softly smiled. He had made me do this several times at home. He said he loved to watch me, said that it made me look even more beautiful and after he would watch he would make love to me so sweetly that I believe the heavens would ring, but now we were not home. We were somewhere different; somewhere that I knew nothing about. I trusted him though so I complied with his request and lifted my skirt up where my sweet soft mound was exposed.

I did not know who was looking on or what was going to happen, only that I was doing what Jim wished me to do. My white lace panties were exposed to the room and I reached up to the top of my dress and freed my breasts. My nipples were already hard and they felt the chill of the cool air in the room and became even more perked up.

Again I heard a few mumbling voices and I tried to make out what they were saying. I had no idea how many or even who were there. "Calm down Hun, just act as though it's only you and me," Jim quietly whispered making my assumptions true. There were other people there. "Jim, " I whispered. "Why are you making me do this in front of these people?"

I heard him laugh some and he spoke quietly, "Because I want them to see how beautiful you are too."

That did it for me. He only wanted to show his prize off. I was indeed his prized possession. He made sure I knew it everyday as he dressed me up in fancy clothes and paraded me all sorts of places making sure everyone knew that he had the most beautiful woman on the earth, or at least he thought he did.

I began to run my fingers over my nipples. I could feel Jim's eyes on me as though they were hot searing irons. I spread my legs giving him and my audience a full view of the white lace panties I had chosen to wear on this evening. My fingers pinched and caressed my nipples slowly as the other hand worked its way down to my panties. The soft lacey fabric was warm to the touch from my shaved mound lying against it all day. I rubbed my mound through the panties and began to feel myself getting slightly wet. I could still feel Jim's eyes on me, but now I could feel everyone else's as well. The sensation jumped through me and my mind began to wander to those people.

Who were they? Sailors? Drunks? Dancers? Businessmen? Women? I had no idea, but it was then that the entire thing came into play for me. They were here to watch me. They wanted me. They wanted to see me be naughty. I was the one who was giving them the pleasure they wanted.

This excited me very much and I slowly stood to my feet sliding the white lacey panties from my form followed by the black dress. I then sat back down with my bare ass on the edge of the seat and I leaned back so that my audience could get a good view of my wetness. As I started to rub a little more at my pussy I heard a few zippers unzip and a few sighs of relief. They liked me. They wanted me.

I parted my sweet pussy lips and began to rub my clit in small tight circles. My clit throbbed against my fingers and I softly moaned out. It was then that I felt Jim's hand on my thigh. His fingers ran up and down the length of my inner thigh teasing me as he always did. I fingered my clit faster and my breathing began to rise. "Gently," I heard Jim speak softly, but I could not slow myself down. The thought of all those people watching me was the biggest turn on I had ever experienced.

I trusted two fingers into my cunt hole and began pulling them out and pushing them in. It felt like a small cock gliding in and out of me. My toes arched up some. I would come soon and I hope that those who were watching would to. I moved my fingers faster and faster getting my sweet juices all over them.

It was then that I felt something else. It was Jim. He had taken my hand and moved it to his crotch. His beautiful eight-inch cock had been freed and he let it bump my hand. I forgot about myself and began to jerk him off. I always wanted to please Jim. As I jerked him I felt his fingers dig into my love hole and I moaned in ecstasy. "Oh, Jim," I softly moaned. His fingers worked faster and faster on me and I jerked I his cock for all it was worth and believe me that is a lot.

He slammed me onto the ground and pulled me to my hands and knees and before I could let out a word he rammed his cock into my pussy. All I could do was scream like mad. I heard others moaning around me as well as Jim fucked the hell out of my pussy. "Do you like that baby?" he spoke through his constant moans and I shook my head yes saying "Yes Jim. Yes baby. I love that. Fuck me harder and faster. I want to come all over your beautiful cock."

Jim loved it when I got verbal and sure enough as soon as the words escaped my lips he was slamming me for all he was worth. My back arched and I began to come all over his cock. "Oh God Jim! I am coming! I am coming!" He pounded into me hard as stele and he to released his load into me. He growled like a rabid wolf as he came and I pushed myself back against him making sure he filled me full of his seed.

Just at the same time I heard a few more growls and moans and realized that my visitors had just gotten off as well. It was such as rush that I almost came again all over Jim's precious cock.

Jim lifted me from the ground and handed me my dress and panties and led me away and placed me in a bathroom and shut the door saying, "Get dressed and clean up. I'll be in in a moment."

I did as Jim told me and I looked in the mirror of the small bathroom. There I was, my crystal blue eyes shimmering in the light and my blonde hair hanging down over my shoulders. I slipped the dress on and cleaned up and pulled the panties back on. I sat down on a stool in the bathroom and waited for Jim.

In about ten minutes he returned to me and kissed me sweetly and spoke, "Let's go home, Angel." He led me from the room and into another room. There I could see a black leather couch and about fifty chairs lined up in rows in front of the couch, but there were no people. There was only a tape recorder placed in the middles chair in the front row.

I looked at Jim and he just smiled and led me home. He never said anything about that day after that, though I wondered if there really were people there or if he just wanted to see if I would do that for him. Either way I learned that I loved to be watched and that maybe one day Jim would allow me to perform for my audience again.

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