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The second thing I noticed about her was her thick chestnut hair tumbling over her shoulders and down her back. Then I became aware of her sparkling green eyes and warm, inviting smile. But first I noticed her breasts which seemed to be softly exploding from beneath her white silk blouse. She wasn't huge like some silicon stripper, but she was definitely well endowed; and by the way she packaged herself, she appeared to be both well aware of and quite comfortable with her sexuality.

She was sitting in seat 4A, the last row of first class on a flight from Seattle to San Francisco. My seat was 4B, on the isle to her right.

As I settled into my seat, she crossed her legs, exposing a long expanse of stocking, with just a hint of the tops of her stockings peeking through the slit in her long, beige, button up skirt. Thinking to myself about the delightful trip awaiting me, I smiled and introduced myself with my trite but standard airplane opener, "Headed out or headed home?"

"Out," she replied. "My name's Julia," she continued, her warm smile melting my normal inhibitions.

"David; and I am on the way out, too," I said, returning her smile.

"Business or pleasure?" she asked.

"Pleasurable business, I hope. And you?"

"I try to mix them. It makes both so much more interesting, don't you think?"

Quite intrigued, I made it a point to openly look her over. I could feel her eyes following mine, drinking in my appreciation in silent gulps.

Just then, the flight attendant started into the preflight announcements, and both Julia and I paused to fasten our seat belts. As she twisted in her seat to find the end of her seat belt, she leaned towards me and reached across herself with her left hand to pull on her seat belt. Since I was twisting to my left for the same reasons, our combined put my head quite close to and directly above her ample and somewhat exposed chest, and I had a glimpse deep into her cleavage. I had a good, but momentary view of her sheer, light tan lacy bra and the well rounded melons straining to be free. I had no idea how soon they would find their freedom.

As I stared down her cleavage, I could feel her eyes on me. I looked up to see her face only inches from mine, and she winked at me. A smile took on a slightly mischievous twist as I realized that she not only knew I had been ogling her boobs, but she had planned it!

As I smiled back, she asked, "like them?"

Somewhat stunned by her directness, I stammered for a moment, and then replied, "What I could see of them looked delightful."

As I was wondering how far this would go, the plane started its taxi down to the runway and the flight attendants continued their narrated pantomime explaining what we should do "in the unlikely event of a water landing" as if landing on water was actually possible for a 737.

As our plane accelerated down the runway, we were pressed back into our seats, and Julia looked out the window. We were taking off to the South, into the prevailing southerly winds, and given that it was a rare beautiful clear day in Seattle, I wondered if the pilot would give us a good view of Mt. Rainier.

I didn't have to wait very long before the pilot's voice came over the intercom announcing that the people on the left side of the plane would get a good view of "The Mountain" as we passed close to its 14,000 foot peak.

As I leaned over slightly to get a look, Julia leaned back so I could see the mountain better. She was making a comment about the glaciers on the top when we hit a small patch of clear air turbulence and she was bounced upwards, her boobs almost colliding with my chin.

As I pulled back, she laughed and said, "You don't need to be in such a hurry!"

I wasn't exactly sure what she meant, but I had my suspicions, as I noticed something I had missed before. Her nipples were clearly visible as they pressed through her bra and the thin fabric of her buttoned blouse.

Our conversation shifted to small talk about Seattle, our jobs (she was a public relations consultant for a small firm in Seattle), and our interests (we both like backpacking and camping).

The flight attendant served us our drinks, and the pilot announced that he was turning off the seat belt sign and we were free to walk about the cabin. Julia leaned close to me and asked to be excused so she could visit the rest room.

As I unfastened my seat belt, stood up and moved into the isle, I watched her uncoil herself from her seat. She stood up, she put her right leg well towards me and the slit in her skirt opened up to the point where I could clearly see the top of her stocking on her right leg, and even some naked flesh above the stocking.

As she moved past me, she put her hand on my arm and gave me a gentle squeeze as if to say, "I'll be back soon."

And she was. But something was different. It took me only a moment to figure it out. When she left, her bra had been clearly visible through the fabric of her blouse, but now I could see no sign of a bra. But I could clearly see the lines of her breasts, and her nipples were even more pronounced.

Taking what I felt was only a small risk, I said to her, "Somehow I feel like I can see you better now. How could that be?"

Her smile, this time, was quite devilish as she replied, "And how do you feel about seeing me better?"

"That's hard to say, and getting harder," I replied, as I felt my erection growing. I followed her eyes as she looked towards my lap and cocked her head coyly and said, "My, my. Did

I do that to you?"

She crossed her legs again, and I noticed that she had unbuttoned at least two more of the many buttons up the front of her skirt, giving me an even better view of her lovely legs.

I leaned back in my seat and forced my eyes off her body and looked directly into her eyes. It was time to up the ante. "My favorite sexual fantasies are watching my woman expose herself in public and having public sex with her. Are they yours, too?"

Rather than respond orally, she smiled with her eyes and I watched as her right hand unfastened a button on her blouse, giving me an even better view of her breasts. I had my answer.

"Do you do this often?" I asked her, feeling the need to push the edge of the envelope.

"Not often enough, but I've had some practice."

"Since we're trapped in this plane for the next hour or so, would you like to tell me about some of your favorite experiences, or just get naked and fuck?"

"My, aren't we Mr. Direct? Don't I shock you? Aren't you scared?"

"Surprised. Pleasantly delighted is more like it for me. And no, you don't shock me. You titillate me."

"Puns, too. This is too much. You deserve another button. Top or bottom?"

"Your pick," I replied with a wide smile.

As she casually unbuttoned yet another button on her blouse, and her cleavage grew to resemble a miniature Grand Canyon, she responded, "So you would like to hear about some of my experiences, eh? Or would you rather have one with me?"

"I thought I was having one right now."

"No, darling, you haven't seen anything yet. Where are you staying?"

I told her the name I was staying at the Fairmont and she looked at me with surprise and said, "Me, too! Isn't it a grand hotel?"

"Yes, I kind of like it. It passes most of my hotel tests."

"Hotel tests?"

"Well, I travel so much that I have developed a very quick way of assessing the quality of a hotel. When I walk into the room I look for three things. First, I count the number of phones. There should be one by the bed, one by the desk and one in the bathroom. If there aren't three phones, I knock off a point. Then I look at the location of the desk and the television. If I can't sit at the desk and work while also watching the TV, they loose a point. And finally, if the pillows on the bed don't include at least one soft feather pillow, I knock off another point. Everyone starts with five points. I knock off a point if I have any problems checking in, so It's possible to go from five to one pretty quick. The final point depends on the quality of room service."

"That's a pretty simple system. I like it. So, does the Fairmont rate a 5?"

"It did the last time I stayed there."

"Well, David, it looks like we're going to have an interesting ride to the hotel together."

By the time the plane started to descend into San Francisco, she had unbuttoned two more buttons on her dress and one more on her blouse, and was getting some pretty interesting looks from the flight attendant and even some of the other passengers. But this didn't appear to faze her at all.

As the plane landed, I expected her to Button up again, but se didn't. Instead, she asked, "Will you help me get my bag down?"

"Sure," I replied and got her small garment bag down from the overhead compartment. As we left the plane, I carried her bag over my shoulder and my two bags in my left hand. She put her left arm around my waist and reached up to give me a kiss. As I stopped to savor her kiss, she turned to face me, and her right hand reached between my legs and started stroking my still stiff member. We were standing in the middle of the concourse with passengers streaming around us as I felt her hand unzip my fly and reach inside my pants.

I pulled her close to me and kissed her harder, then broke the kiss and told her, "I don't want to get arrested yet, so help me put it away for the moment, won't you?"

She smiled, and with both hands, tucked my cock back into my pants and zipped my fly back up, then turned, grabbed my hand in hers and started down the concourse saying, "I can't wait until we get into the taxi, can you?"

Not knowing exactly what to expect, but with my suspicions growing, I eagerly followed her through the airport and out to the waiting line of taxis.

We dumped our luggage into the trunk, and then jumped into the cab, telling the driver our destination. As we took off, she turned and kissed me again, and started to unbutton the remaining buttons on her blouse. In moments, I was staring at her naked chest with those wonderful mountains of happiness and peaks of pleasure before me.

As I reached down to kiss her rigid nipples, she turned around and leaned her back into me, exposing herself to the driver and to anyone else who happened to look into the cab. The driver noticed immediately, and I could see his eyes grow in the rear view mirror. But he was smart enough not to say anything. At least, not yet.

As I wrapped my hands around her breasts and started exploring them, she reached down to her skirt and slowly unbuttoned the remaining buttons. In moments, her skirt fell open revealing her stockings and garter belt. And nothing else.

First her hands, then mine, moved towards her pussy and started playing. In moments, we were both masturbating her and she spread her legs widely apart, and in clear view of the driver.

By this point, the driver was spending more than half his time looking in the rear view mirror, and on highway 101 in San Francisco, that can be dangerous.

I was about to say something to him, but Julia beat me to it and said, "If you don't keep your eyes on the road, I'll have to stop pleasuring my lover, and I'll be angry with you. Then I won't be able to reward you. You want your reward, don't you?"

I almost laughed as I saw his eyes snap to the road and I heard him say, "I'm very sorry, ma'am. I would love a reward."

"Well, then, just get us to the hotel safely and you'll get your reward," she said, then turned to me and unzipped my fly again. This time, I didn't try to dissuade her.

First, she wrapped her lips, then her whole mouth, around my cock. But only for a few moments. "Fuck me, quick!" she said as her head came out of my lap and she straddled me.

And from South San Francisco all the way into the heart of town, in broad day light, we fucked like teen-agers in the back of that cab.

As we neared the hotel, she buttoned up her blouse and put her skirt back on, and then she told the driver to pull over to the side of the road for a moment. She hopped into the front seat with him, and told him to turn off the meter and keep driving. He stuttered for a moment about the possibility of getting fired if he got caught with the meter off, but she looked at him and said, "Well, if you don't want your reward, that's OK with me, but I'm not going to pay you while I'm giving it to you. Your call."

It took him all of two seconds to make up his mind and suspend the incessant ticking of the meter. And then it was Julia's turn.

"Unzip your pants and take your cock out," she told him, "but don't take your eye's off me." Sitting in the back seat, I could hear, but not see what was happening; but the sound of his fly coming unzipped was a clear indication that Julia's words were being well attended to.

"Now look at my breasts," she said, "and start pounding your meat. Do you like my boobs? Are they big enough for you?"

"Lady, they're beautiful. Can I suck your nipples?"

"Sorry, but this is show and tell time. I show you mine and tell you what to do with yours. Beat it faster."

I could hear him pounding his prong while I listened to Julia's instructions. It was strangely erotic. She was completely in command. He would do whatever she told him to do.

"Now follow my hand as I reach down and start playing with my pussy," she said. "Are you getting hot yet?"

I saw him nod his head vigorously.

"Are you close to coming?"

"Any moment, now."

"Good. See me play with my clit. Isn't it pretty? I'm getting so hot watching you beat your meat. I can't wait until you start coming."

"Well, your wait is over, because here goes," he groaned. He threw his head back, and after a few more rapid arm motions, he stopped, suspended in his own bliss.

Julia opened the cab door, her blouse wide open and her skirt split almost to her waist, and got into the back seat with me.

"When you're ready, you can drop us off at the hotel," she told him.

As the cab pulled into the Fairmont hotel's opulent courtyard, Julia buttoned her blouse and skirt, but only enough to keep from causing too much of her to be on display too quickly.

We paid the cab driver, and walked into the hotel lobby. "Two rooms or one," she asked.

I thought about it for about 3 nanoseconds, and said, "One sounds like fun, doesn't it?"

Her head tilted as she looked out the corner of her eyes to me and said, "my, but you're quick with the puns."

"You're pretty quick yourself," I responded, letting her count the meanings.

We checked in and proceeded to our room, with the bellman following at our heels. As we rode up in the elevator, she started unbuttoning her blouse again. The elevator was loaded with mirrors, so even though the bellman was standing behind us, I'm sure he could see what was happening.

As we walked down the hall towards our room, her blouse wide open, she continued with the buttons on her skirt. As we got to the room, her skirt was held in place by only a single button. Her pussy was in full view to anyone walking towards us, but nobody happened to be nearby except our shadow, the bellman.

I opened the door, let her in, and held it for the bellman. As she walked into our suite, she unbuttoned the last button of her skirt, and in a single flowing motion, she removed and handed both her skirt and blouse to the stunned bellman as she turned into the bathroom saying, "Be a dear and hang these up for me, won't you? I need a shower."

And with that, the door to the bathroom closed and the bellman's jaw fell on his foot. I just smiled at him and said, "Would you hang up both garment bags, too, please?"

He had developed a severe case of many thumbs syndrome and I heard him drop one of the bags at least twice. But soon, he ran out of stalling tactics, so I tipped him and he backed out of the room. He was walking a bit awkwardly, as if he had a pole stuffed up one pant leg; but it looked like he could handle himself OK.

After he had left, I puttered around the room for awhile, and then lay back on the bed while Julia took her shower. Shortly after the water stopped, she emerged with a towel around her head, and walked straight to the window of our room. It was a wide window facing south onto California Street. Like most hotels, it had a layer of thick curtains inside and a light, gauzy curtain close to the window. She pulled the thick curtains wide open and separated the lighter curtains about four feet, and stood right in the window while she finished drying herself.

Across California Street, we could see the rooms of another fine establishment, the Mark Hopkins Hotel. Since it was still daylight out, we couldn't really see into any of the rooms, but it seemed quite likely we would be able to later. And if we could see into their rooms, well... it seemed like another of my fantasies was going to be realized this evening.

As if she was reading my mind, Julia asked, "Do you want to fuck in the window where people can see us easily or on the bed where it will be more comfortable?"

"Before dinner or after dinner?" I replied. "We'll be more visible when the sun is down, but I could sure use some horizontal calisthenics."

"So fuck me now, big boy, and we'll put on the show later." She lay back on the bed, her legs spread wide, inviting a muff dive, and said, "Is your tongue as talented as your mouth?"

What could I say to that? I dove.

After a delightful lovemaking session, it was my turn to shower. When I finished and emerged from the bathroom, she was already dressed. She had on a white linen dress, cut deeply in the front with spaghetti straps over her wide shoulders. She turned around and I saw the expanse of bare back now facing me. It was so low in the rear that I could almost see her buns. And up the left side, it was slit almost to her waist. The dress was perfect for the woman wearing it. Both almost screamed, "Look at me!"

Well, even though it was summer in San Francisco, the evenings are cool. So she added a bright red cape from the closet, held out her hand and said, "Ready?"

I almost started out the room with her before I realized I was still buck naked from the shower. 90 seconds later, I had slipped on a pair of flannel slacks, a black T-shirt and a sports jacket and was ready to go.

We rode down the elevator, walked through the lobby and out into the beautiful California evening. Instead of a cab, we jumped on the cable car and headed for the Fisherman's Wharf area. We found a small Italian restaurant with adequate but subdued lighting and a good menu, and a great view of the San Francisco Bay. We got for a booth near the window, and ordered a bottle of fine Chianti. Then the show began again.

I noticed that her left shoulder strap wasn't on her shoulder any more. In fact, it was closer to her elbow. The loose strap had a corresponding effect on the top of her dress. Sitting next to her, her entire left breast and her erect nipple was clearly visible. And anyone walking down the street outside would have the same view.

Looking her square in the nipple, I said, "You are truly outrageous. And I love it."

She smiled warmly, and said "Do you know what you want yet?"

"How do I answer a question like that from a woman like you at a time like this?" I replied.

"Let me think about it. Yes, I do know what I want. I want to see the look on our waiter's face when you flash him, then I want to have a light dinner, make our way back to the hotel as slowly and openly as we can, then put on a show for the folks at the Mark Hopkins. How's that fit with your agenda."

"Perfectly, she responded.

As if on queue, the waiter showed up and asked "Are you ready to order, yet." Without missing a stroke, so to speak, Julia said, "I think so, but could I ask you a question about this item?" she said, pointing to a selection on her menu.

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