tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Exhibitionist Pt. 02

The Exhibitionist Pt. 02

byDr. Bull©

CHAPTER 1: The Road Trip

It all started two years ago when Mitch and Karen decided to get into shape, the years had added a couple pounds here and a bulge there. Now with the kids gone it was time to look as good as they feel, so they joined a health club. As the extra inches came off Karen's confidence and self-confidence swelled. Her journey into exhibitionism started innocently enough in her own backyard, (see Spanish Fly) and then continued up close and personal with a friend of Mitch's, (in The Exhibitionist).

Mitch was going out of town again, about every two months he would end up going out of town to a city about 3 hours from home for a week of meetings, networking and what he claimed was boring nights. Karen knew better, Mitch was a strip club connoisseur and seldom missed a chance to go when he was out of town. "You'll just go stare at tittys," she wined.

"If their out, I'm looking," he chuckled. He was trying to pack, but Karen wasn't helping, she lay across the bed, wearing a red and black corset with a half cup top that pushed her D cup breasts up and her nipples out over the top. The corset narrowed at her waist accentuating her wide hips, her fingers absent-mindedly curling her pussy hair. She was pouting over the inevitable Mitch had to go. "You could come along, you know," he said as he ran a finger from her ankle to her thigh.

"Not tomorrow," Karen smiled and stretched, pushing her breasts further up in the corset, "I have to finish my project at work... but maybe later in the week."

"We would have fun out on the town, dinner, dancing ...."

"Flashing, sex in public and shopping!" Karen cut him off, striking a pose, "I need more lingerie, don't ya think?"

"Honey, you can buy all you want."

"Will you let me show Curt?" She asked with a shy grin. The day before Mitch and his best friend had returned from their golf game to find Karen dancing naked in the backyard. (read The Exhibitionist)

"'He will never look at you the same way again," Mitch chuckled, "I swear probably still has a hard on." Closing the lid on his suitcase, he rolled it off the bed.

Karen rolled over toward him, "Did you leave room for me?" She batted her eyes and smiled.

As usual, Mitch got together with Greg, Monday after their meetings and they spent the evening at Northern Exposure, a strip club just north of the city. Greg worked for the same company Mitch did, just in a different office they had run into each other several times at the club, so now they just seemed to meet there. They might not be regulars at the bar, but they were known, good tippers usually are.

"Going to the ballet" made being out of town for a week bearable. Northern Exposure isn't a high end joint, it is more like a neighborhood bar with dancers. A half dozen girls trade off every two songs, they might hit you up for a private dance, but their not trying to hustle you for drinks. Spend a little time and you get to know them, single mothers and college girls ranging in age from 18 to 30+. The first time that Greg and Mitch met here Greg met a girl that had gone to school with his daughter. Now both the daughter and the dancer were in their thirties, Brandy has long red hair, a slender body and C cups. Charlie was also one of their favorite dancers, at 6'2" her black hair was short, her body was full figured like Karen's, but her tits were huge, natural hangers. The kind of flesh mountains that could suffocate a man. Both gals were friendly, intelligent and sexy, Greg and Mitch enjoyed being around them. Tipping is a fine art and the great thing about small strip clubs is tipping rules can be lacks, the girls can spend as much or as little time as they want with each customer. Mitch would lie on the stage with his tip in his mouth and the girls would rub him down with their tits and collect their tip.

After Mitch had left the next morning, Karen went to work on her plan, she would be joining Mitch very soon. She had already arranged with Lori, her boss, to take off the rest of the week as soon as she finished her special project. Monday was frustrating, but by Tuesday afternoon it all came together.

After a night of debauchery Greg and Mitch returned to their motel promising the girls to return the next night.

Tuesday afternoon Karen had her bags packed and was on her way, the sun shine warmly through the window of the car as she cruised down the blacktop. An hour into the trip Karen pulled into a rest area; out in the middle of nowhere she had the place to herself. After answering nature's call she returned to the parking lot, the summer sun was beating down across the Wyoming desert, her snug fitting silk shirt was already unbuttoned down between her breasts showing the edge of the flesh colored bra she wore. As she opened her car door and started to get in, the heat rolled out almost pushing her back. It was time to put on something cooler, get more comfortable for the rest of the trip, she started the car letting the AC run and hit the open trunk button. She stepped behind the vehicle opening the trunk lid and fished in her overnight bag for a lighter shirt. She found one of Mitch's shirts she had confiscated, "I look better in it." He had agreed, but 'no bra' when she wore it, was the deal he made with her. A tight fitting grey & black collared bowling Tee shirt, it had buttons running down the center, so that even though it would slip over your head it could also be unbuttoned. It held her up in the right places and allowed her to open it to show more cleavage.

"Perfect!" Karen said to herself as she held it up, looking up and down the highway, there was no one coming from the west and a truck had just crested the hill to the east, might be close but she figured she could change before he go too close. Setting the tee shirt on the open lid Karen unbuttoned the silk shirt and unhooked her bra from between her breasts, slipping both back over her shoulders, over her elbows and then they stopped locking her arms behind her. Karen realized she had forgotten to unbutton the buttons on the cuffs of her shirt; they were tight enough not to slip off and now the cuffs were covered with the cloth of the sleeves.

HOOOONNNKK! The air horn on the big rig scared Karen half to death and caused her to spin towards the sound, she had for gotten about the truck, only there wasn't one truck, but three more following the one she had seen. Her breasts now exposed to the entire convoy each of them blasting their air horn at her as she struggled unable to slide her shirt back on so she had to remove it. The first driver waved after she turned with her arms behind her. The second driver and his hand were both waving, as she was able to get one arm loose, HOOOONNNK! The third truck driver got his waved returned from the half-nude woman at the rest area. Finally clear of the silk shirt Karen waved at the last driver as she slipped the new shirt over her head, her nipples were hard with excitement as she pulled the cloth over them and closed the trunk lid. HOOOONNNK! HOOOONNNK! HOOOONNNK! She could hear the drivers still honking as she got in the car and pulled away from the rest area going on the way they had come from. The AC felt good so she unbuttoned her shirt allowing the cool air to blow across her flesh as she traveled down the road.

Greg caught Mitch at the door as they were leaving their last meeting of the day, "Ballet?" he asked quietly?

"Of course," Mitch's answer came back quickly, "where you headed for dinner?"

"I though I'd try that bar with the prime rib," Greg was ten to fifteen years Mitch's senior, his voice gravely from years of smoking and drinking. "Want to come along?"

"Sure, I need to go up to the room and check in with Karen, and then I'll meet you there say six thirty?" They headed to their own motels, as Mitch stepped into the lobby; he called Karen, "Hey Honey! Where are you?" he asked.

"Right behind you," Karen was laughing as she stepped from the lounge in the lobby, where she had been waiting for two hours while skillfully holding off the advances of a couple salesmen. She had buttoned up the shirt, but had left most of it open a rather daring cleavage line where nearly as much her breast was showing, as was hidden. Karen had enjoyed the attention and the drinks; mostly she kept an eye out for Mitch as they kept an eye on her breasts. "Got any plans big boy?" she giggled as she hugged him and wondered what the salesmen thought as she left with him.

"I was meeting Greg for dinner, then we were going out for drinks at a strip joint," Mitch walked her out to her car to get her luggage, "but I can call him and cancel."

"Can't I just tag along?" Karen asked.

Karen & Mitch entered the dark interior of the Sand Bar, looking for Greg, he was sitting at a table across the room, and he caught their eye and motioned them towards the table. Karen's shirt had gained a button, showing a bit less cleavage, but obviously, she was not wearing a bra as she bounced across the room. The food and conversation was nice, even if Greg's eyes never left her chest.

After dinner, Greg started to excuse himself mumbling something about going to his room.

"I thought we all were going to a strip joint," Karen said stopping Greg in his tracks.


CHAPTER 2: The Club

"You want to go?" Greg asked, looking back and forth between Karen & Mitch.

"Of course, it sounds like fun!" Karen was laughing, "Besides what kind of a wife would I be if I didn't check out where you boys spend your evenings." She batted her eyes at Greg waiting for some excuse, but none came. Twenty minutes later, they pulled into Northern Exposure's parking lot. Walking through the door they were welcomed like old friends, Mitch caught the cover charge, while Greg escorted Karen to the bar and ordered them all a round. The place was almost empty, it was still early and a Tuesday, by the time Mitch joined them Greg was already introducing Karen to Brandy & Charlie.

"So Mitch, you finally brought the little woman in to meet us." Charlie gigged him as he joined the group. Karen and Charlie were built very much alike with two notable exceptions, Charlie had black hair and her breasts were much larger than Karen's D cups, that and the fact that she was wearing six inch heels towered her over Karen.

"She insisted." Mitch replied.

"Just wanted to meet the girls, My Guy, hangs out with when he comes to town," Karen injected.

"She's Pretty Mitch!" Brandy said to Karen as much as Mitch, "I like her and she is no 'little' woman." The red head looked over Karen and questioned, "D or double D?"

Karen blushed a bit, "I wear a D, but they are almost a Double." Even though the two other girls outfits were more revealing, suddenly Karen felt like they were undressing her. She downed her drink and looked at Mitch, "Honey can you get me and my friends, another drink?" Karen was happy, she had been afraid the girls would treat her badly and the guys would ignore her for the dancers. It was as Mitch had described it, a small neighborhood bar.

The drinks arrived as Lola took the stage, a pretty and very petit blond, who danced with a nice ass but hardly any tits. Mitch and Greg tipped her a couple of times, "hate to see a gal working for nothing." There were only about six others in the bar, four were shooting pool in the back and the other two were at the bar. Therefore, Greg and Mitch were about the only ones tipping, next up was Brandy and the crowd move into the stage. Brandy was a local favorite, with her long red hair and white tits, Greg and Mitch both had taken their turns at the rail tipping Brandy, both were rewarded with a face full of tits. Karen had been watching the boys and decided it was her turn.

"Charlie... can I give her a tip?" Karen was unsure if women were allowed to tip the dancers on stage. .

"Sure Hon, she would love one from you." Charlie giggled, "I know I would!"

Karen grabbed a couple bills from Mitch's stack and passed him and Greg on their way back. Walking up to the stage, she tried to hand the bills to Brandy who was having none of it. Taking the bills from her she slipped on in on either side of Karen's shirt, her fingers brushed across her nipples inside the shirt, making them hard. Brandy then pulled Karen's head to her own breasts rubbing her nipples across Karen's eyes and lips. Brandy then moved her own lips to Karen's then worked her way down her neck all the while she was massaging Karen's breasts outside the shirt. Brandy dove deeply into Karen's cleavage and came out with a dollar in her mouth, spitting out she shoved her face even deeper into Karen's cleavage as she went after the bill on the other side.

Karen returned to the table a bit flushed, her shirt stretched out a bit and a button had come undone, once again exposing more of her cleavage. "Wow that was... Amazing," Karen blushed, "I have never had a woman touch me like that."

Charlie smiled at her, "You need to tip on stage next time." Karen gave her a lost look, "Ask Mitch, he'll show you. Meanwhile I need to get ready for my set."

Charlie slipped off to the dressing room and Brandy came off the stage, topless carrying her outfit. She stopped at each of the tippers, giving each a hug including Karen.

Charlie took the stage with a flourish that included a swing on the pole upside down, her left breast popped out of her corset top.

"So Mitch," Karen asked, "what is an 'on stage' tip? Charlie said you could explain it to me."

"No worries luv," Mitch replied in his best Auzy accent, "watch." He walked up to the stairs leading onto the stage; Charlie acknowledged his presence and motioned his to lie down on the stage, which he did.

Charlie danced up above Mitch's head then dropped down putting his head between her knees, she pulled both massive tits out of the corset, Mitch was on stage but Charlie was looking at Karen. "Watch carefully," Charlie's voice carried across the room, the she went into action. She went up on her knees giving Mitch a view of her g-string from below, she reached out grabbing his shirt pulling it up exposing his belly and chest. She fell forward onto her hands, dragging her breasts back and forth across Mitch's nude torso. Charlie watched Karen's reaction as she smothered the other woman's man with her breasts; Karen's reaction went from shock to amazement, then to interest. Before Charlie finished with Mitch, Karen was standing at his feet next in line. "Thanks sweetheart," Charlie whispered in his ear, "stay close."

With his face covered with tits Mitch was not sure what Charlie was talking about until he sat up and was looking into his wife's eyes. She was biting her lip and blushed as he smiled at her. Charlie was talking to her, as Mitch held her hand as she climbed the stairs, taking his place.

Karen was nervous as Mitch helped her onto the stage; Charlie's voice was soothing, as Mitch stayed positioned at her feet. Karen's was head between Charlie's legs she looked up at Charlie's breasts and into her eyes beyond.

Mitch watched as the men in the bar moved closer, it was amazing how if a female customer made it to the stage an unspoken signal went out, to see someone other than the dancer's tits, it was dirtier somehow, sexier and everyone hoped to see Karen's tittys. Dancers know, tips roll in from all around the room as soon as the customer's tits show up, guy's that will not normally tip, roll out for semi-lesbian set.

Charlie leaned down and whispered something in Karen's ear, Karen nodded her head and Charlie started dancing, on her knees, over Karen's face. She stretched out down Karen's body, rubbing her tits over Karen's body, ending with her head between Karen's legs. Charlie shoved her face into Karen's crouch, rubbing the denim across her pussy, slowly sliding back toward Karen's head, Charlie drug her breasts over Karen's body, as her face reached Karen's shirt, Charlie grabbed the bottom of Karen's shirt in her mouth, then Charlie sat up bringing the shirt with her. Karen's tits were exposed to the entire bar, her hands reacted moving to cover, then stopped, Charlie let go with her mouth, her hands moved Karen's shirt above her breasts, then she moved forward brushing her own nipples across Karen's. Money was flying at the stage, Charlie slid back, her breasts fell into Karen's face, Charlie ran her fingernails down the center of Karen's torso to her belly button then back up and across her tits, stopping to tweak and play with her nipples. Charlie played with Karen's breasts licking and kissing them, finally sitting back up; she kissed Karen's cheek and helped her set up.

The whole experience was amazing to Karen, fear turned to pleasure, the fingernails caressing her was so erotic, and then having someone other than Mitch touching her breasts was so exciting. She was turned on, and then suddenly it was over. She sat up looking not only at Mitch, but also at what seemed to be every man in the bar. "Woo-Hoo!" Karen raised her left hand above her head as she took Mitch's hand with her right as he helped her off the stage, her shirt still bunched up under her arms, much to the delight of the patrons. She was sure some how there were more men standing around the bar watching her then there were in the whole joint when she started, all looking at her tits. Standing for a moment at the bottom of the stairs, she raised both hands, shook her tits allowing her to shirt fall down and then she headed for the table.

Karen's shirt only fell down about half way leaving her nipples and the lower half of her breasts exposed as she walked by the crowd of men. Greg waited at the table with Brandy who was still applauding Karen, when they reached the table she stumbled tits first into Greg, who caught her at the waist, rather slowly she picked herself up brushing her tits across his face. "Oops! I'm sorry." She laughed.

"I'm not," Greg looked at Mitch, "I mean it was an accident." Mitch just smiled and shook his head.

"Girl you're a natural," laughed Brandy, as she helped Karen pulled her shirt back into place, "a natural flirt, you would do well as a dancer."

Karen blushed, "I couldn't."

"Sure you could, if you wanted," Brandy encouraged.

"No, no, do you really think?" Karen looked at Mitch and Greg who were both nodding.

"I could use some therapy," Greg smiled.

"Me too!" laughed Mitch.

"Therapy?" Karen did not understand.

"Don't worry," answered Brandy, "they just want to see your boobies."

"Could I really dance here?"

"We could get Joe to let you," said Charlie, who had just finished her set and stopped at the table still topless. "Do you really want to?"

"Mitch? What do you think?" Karen looked to her man.

"You're sexy enough, you dance well enough, all I ask is you remember who you came with when its time to go home." was Mitch's answer.

Another round of liquid courage and Karen was ready, "So how do we set this up? And what will I wear?"

Brandy got up and walked over to Joe, the owner, Charlie said, "Don't worry, we will take care of it." she got up and started talking to the other dancers.

Brandy came back and grabbed Karen, "Come with me girl." and they headed to the dressing room.

The girls had no more than disappeared through the door when Joe showed up at the table. "Uh, Mitch, I uh need to ask a favor," Joe looked uncomfortable.

"What do you need?"

"If your lady is gonna dance, I need you to sit on the far side of the bar."

"What? Why?"

"Well," Joe explained, "some guys have a problem watching their old lady stripping for other guys. So we just need to put you out of reach, if you know what I mean. Your friend can stay," that made Greg smile, "but I need you to come sit with me. Ok?"

Mitch started to object, then just stood and grabbed his beer, "Enjoy the show," he said to Greg. Who smiled back, nodded his head and patted his stack of bills. Mitch followed Joe to the other side of the bar, a good view of the stage, with a barrier between him and it." The next dancer finished her set and the bar was filling up. Mitch had watched as a couple groups come in since Karen and the girls disappeared, where there were a dozen men watching when Karen and Charlie were on stage, the was now a couple dozen, with nearly all the seats on pervert row taken. He was a bit nervous for her and getting antsy. Then she came out of the door, flanked by Charlie and Brandy.

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