tagErotic HorrorThe Exorcism of Betty Ackland

The Exorcism of Betty Ackland



There was a time when primitive men lived side by side with gods from other planes of existence. These gods were called 'Angels' if they did good for man, and 'Demons' if they did evil to man. Then a great war erupted across our plane of existence as the Demons tried to destroy the Angels whom they hated, led by the Demon called Lucifer. The great war resulted in Angels and Demons being banished from our plane of existence forever, leaving behind only those who were born as a result of human mating. Some cultures called the men and women of such matings: demigods.

The great war has since become myth and legend, and even to this day many faiths have incorporated it into their holy texts.

However, the Demons returned though. They found cracks between the planes that were actually inside human hosts that carried traces of Demon DNA. So they learned to force their will inside the host, taking them over in an effort to control and degrade that human until its soul was theirs to keep.

The Angel hybrids had one weapon though that could drive the Demons out and seal the cracks within the host forever. Despite the best efforts of humans to exorcise Demons, it's only the Angel Hybrids that can give the victim of possession the cure they need. Gabriel Jones is one of these Angel hybrids that lives today.

The Angel hybrids have kept their abilities potent by only breeding with humans that have strong traces of Angel DNA within them. Ensuring that the genes didn't get overly diluted as the centuries rolled by. As a result every generation would see a few emerge that could lead the fight against the evil of the Demons

What you're about to read are the case notes of a victim of possession as written by Gabriel Jones during and after his involvement in her affliction. Therefore it doesn't read like a story so keep this in mind as you continue. Gabriel has kindly added some notes in brackets so we can understand better what is going on and why he works the way he does.

Please take care in reading this file as it contains sensitive information that may upset some readers.

Betty Ackland Case Notes

20/03/2010 (1132hrs): I was just contacted by Martha Ackland about the possible demon possession of her daughter Betty. Martha told me over the phone that Betty's behaviour had turned most unsavoury during the last six months and this seemed a total contrast to how she normally was and they thought she was possessed by a demon. I tried to fob her off thinking that it was more likely a case of a 19 yo woman being held by the parental leash just trying to get free. However her mother was adamant that her daughter was possessed even though I was thinking she is more likely just rebelling.

The mother told me that Betty had all of a sudden being behaving in such a manner:

1. Disrespectful, almost hostile to Parents and authority figures

2. Dumped her long time boyfriend who was a nice boy whom they hoped she would marry one day.

3. Stopped going to church and other religious activities all of sudden.

4. Has been found intoxicated on alcohol and with illicit drugs on her person.

5. Was going out with strange men and staying out all night.

6. Possible evidence of self mutilation but Betty denies it.

8. Has become sexually preoccupied, and is masturbating frequently.

9. Does not seem to sleep much.

On the surface of it there are some signs that look like the parents fears may be justified but also a lot of these behaviours can be bought about by substance abuse or mental illness. Betty could be possessed or she could just be having a good time. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. So I decided to meet her because at least I could rule out possession. Appointment made for tomorrow morning at 10 AM.


21/03/2010 (1430hrs): Betty's Parents Martha and Frank were waiting for me and greeted me warmly (if not a little desperately) when I arrived at 10AM as planned. Betty was in her room when I got there and I spoke to her parents first. Sitting with them they told me more of Betty's recent antics and rumours they have heard about what she had been doing.

Transcribed from tape:

Me: So what are the rumours you have heard?

Mother: She is having sex with any man like a whore.

Me: Do you mean she is working as a prostitute? (I was thinking it is not uncommon for junkies to hook for money to score with).

Mother: (started crying) No I mean she offers herself to men for free...

Father: Martha please this is Betty we're talking about...

Mother: You tell Mr Jones what she did to you. Come on!

Father: I don't want to speak of it (His face went bright red in embarrassment).

Mother: She tried to have sex with Frank here..her father? Can you believe it? (she cried some more after she said that).

Father: Oh Martha why'd ya tell him that for? Now he'll think we're one of those kind of families.

Me: Sir I am not here to judge you or Betty. But it does seem strange that she would do that.

Father: Shameful I'd say. It's them drugs she's taking not some demon like Martha thinks.

Mother: (She poked her face up from behind her hands and spoke in a near whisper) We had to get our internet connection turned off as she was doing things on a web cam site and thousands of people were watching her. (her face blushed bright red).

Me: Doing things? (I knew what she meant but I just wanted to hear her say it because I am a bit twisted).

Mother: umm you know... masturbating... sticking dildos inside her vagina and bottom at the same time... having sex with men... (it became too much for her and she buried her face in her hands and sobbed yet again).

Father: Is all this detail necessary?

Me: It helps me get a clear picture of what has been happening. How did you find out she was web camming?

Father: A friend of mine told me he had watched her. Let's just say he isn't a friend anymore.

Me: Has there been any other incidents apart from her increased sexual appetite?

Mother: She was caught spray painting '666' on the door to several local church's, even ours. (she cries even more).

Father: We was so embarrassed we can't return to the church anymore, Mr Jones.

Me: There is a chance that none of this behaviour is related to demon possession so have you thought about what you might do if that is the case? I mean she is at the age that severe mental illness can often emerge.

Father: We're taking her to a shrink tomorrow afternoon. The appointments booked already. Wouldn't surprise me if they throw her in the loony bin!

Mother: Frank! (she hits his arm hard).

Father: Well we have to face it sooner or later Martha. Betty just might be crazy!

End transcription

I informed them that I would first assess if I think she is truly possessed and if she was I would begin an exorcism straight away. I told them that regardless of what they heard coming from Betty's room they were not to come into the room at all. I warned them that they may hear what sounds very nasty coming from her room but they were to stay away, or else the exorcism would fail. They agreed and I left them and walked up the stairs to her room.

Betty Jones (prior to this behaviour change) was solid young citizen in her community. The 19 yo was attending a local College studying to become a nurse, was a devout Christian until recently, and went to church sometimes three times a week as all her friends are into the church scene. She had a boyfriend named Joe Francis and until this incident was still a virgin saving herself for marriage. She is 165cm/5' 5" tall, slim build, auburn hair, green eyes, and overall a pretty "girl next door" type.

I walked into her room to find her laying on her bed in a clean white nightie reading a book. So far so good.

Tape transcription 2:

Me: Hello Betty, how are you?

Betty: Hi. Are you the man my parents called? (she doesn't seem too interested in me at the beginning)

Me: Yes, my name is Gabriel. Your parents seem really worried about you. Do you know why?

Betty: They're just overreacting since I decided to have some fun in life rather than what they want.

Me: Sounds like you have been having more fun than most? (I sat down on a chair opposite her bed)

Betty: (she shrugged) I am over 18 so I can do what I like. Yet they treat me like I am a child. (she was pouting like one that's for sure).

Me: Parents can be like that I guess. Still it must be fun making them so unhappy eh?

Betty: I don't give a fuck about my parents. (She suddenly looked at my groin) So I suppose you want to fuck me too now you've heard how easy I give it up? (she was looking at me demurely, like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth)

Me: Why do you think that?

Betty: That huge boner in your pants. (She was pointing at my groin and laughed wickedly). You're not much of an exorcist are you? I mean are you planning to force them out through my cunt. (The look in her eyes was really off putting to be honest, like a cannibal looking you over for lunch).

Me: My methods are somewhat unusual but they get results. (At this point reached into my pocket and pulled out a crucifix and threw it so it landed in her lap. Betty jumped hurriedly and shrieked in fear and the cross fell off onto the floor.)

Betty: Get that thing away from me you creep!

Me: I am sorry Betty but it's part of my tests to see if you're possessed and I have to say you have passed two with flying colours.

(I bent over and picked up the fallen crucifix and as I stood up I immediately noticed that Betty had pulled her nightie up and was exposing her pussy to me. Jesus she has a beautiful looking pussy I must say. Thank god I am not a priest so I looked at her pussy and admired it. She had a brazilian wax with nice meaty labia and a big clit. She was wet too.)

Betty: Some tests! Getting a boner and looking at my sexy pussy like a total pervert. Wait until I tell my mom and dad about this.

(What you the reader of these notes may not know is that when we Angel hybrids are near possessed people we get a boner. It feels different to a normal boner that one gets prior to having sex, as it tingles madly in these circumstances. We refer to our cocks as 'Demon Divining Rods' and find that this bodily response is more reliable than using crucifixes or holy water because people can fake reactions to them. The diving rod works for men and woman alike.)

Me: You must be used to be around perverts by now from what I have heard? (I was goading her as I wanted her to get really horny because it makes her easier to perform the ritual).

Betty: Even the priest at my parents church got his rocks off recently blowing his jizz all over my face. You men are too easy to control because all you ever do is think with your cocks. (Then she crawled over and unzipped my fly and in a moment had my cock out and was sucking on it. Fuck it felt good the way she worked her tongue all over my shaft and head as her head slid up and down. I stood there enjoying it while she worked me over. Demons know how to give the best head I find)

Betty: (She undid my pants and let them drop to the floor squealing in delight then sucking on my balls and running my cock all over her pretty young face) You want to fuck this young bitch don't you? (Betty's voice suddenly sounded harsh and guttural).

Me: Why not? Why should you have all the fun! (She laughed loudly throwing herself back on the bed pulling her nightie up and spreading her legs.)

Betty: (In that same horrible demon voice) You would fuck her with her poor parents downstairs praying to their god for her soul? What kind of man are you?

Me: The damage is already done from what I've been told. So what is one more cock stuffed inside her. (Now I climbed on top of her and positioned the head of my cock at her slit, rubbing it. Fuck she was very wet by this stage). Oh by the way just a quick question who exactly is at this party? I mean what demons are enjoying this ride?

Betty: There are three of us.

Me: What are your names? (My cock hovering at her cunt entrance she was grinding trying to get me to penetrate her but I was teasing her only at this stage).

Betty: We three be Beelzebub, Furfur, and Astaroth.

(Readers this is an interesting point because in my experience generally you tend to find more Demons inside than this. I have exorcised people with over one hundred demons inside them, and so in that case waiting for them to name themselves takes a while. It isn't important that you get them to name themselves like they do on the movies, but I just like to know who I am fucking with. Call me old fashioned.)

Me: Ok then, now we're getting to the crux of the situation. (Then I shoved my cock deep inside her pussy and Betty screamed in a most unholy gurgle of demon voices as she writhed under me. I grabbed her cotton nightie by the neck and in one motion ripped it in half so she was now completely naked.)

Betty: (Betty was panting in my ear as I steadily slid my cock in and out of her then she let's out a guttural laugh) You now belong to us exorcist man. You take this sweet young woman with your manhood just as we will take her soul. You like fucking her don't you?

Me: (I am an honest type of man so I said) Yeah she feels so fucking tight which is surprising given the dick you have feeding her lately. Her cunt is amazing. Did you really make her fuck that whole bar full of guys in a gang bang? What was there forty guys?

Betty: (Betty laughed as she wrapped her legs around my waist) Forty-five to be precise, fucked her in a back alley and she had cum dripping out of her pussy and ass for a week after that.

Me: (I rolled over onto my back and Betty on top began fucking herself up and down my 9 inch cock. She was really getting off on it too.) Forty-five men eh? You demons play rough. This poor girl was planning such a nice life until you came along.

Betty: (An almost masculine voice sounded from this pretty young woman) Our pleasure is in her defilement! (It laughed which was creepy. After several minutes of her cowgirling me and me watching my cock slide in and out of her wet cunt again we rolled around and ended up in a doggy position) Fuck her ass! (I pulled my cock out of her pussy and then she pulled her ass cheeks apart to show me her anus. I pushed the tip of my cock to it and then started to put pressure on the area. Her anus suddenly opened and my cock started to slide inside her ass) "Ohhhhh YEAH! THAT FEELS SO GOOD! (I realised at this point she had orgasmed as my cock sliced her ass open)

Me: Don't tell me you have been getting her sodomised too during this time? (The other sound on the tape is my balls slapping her pussy with each thrust. Betty clasped that anus tight then loose, tight then loose, just like an experienced hooker would trying to milk your cock)

Betty: (Betty laughs in that hellish demon tone again) She loves it up the ass this slut.

(I grabbed her hips and rammed my cock into her fast and deep making her squeal in delight then she would pull away from me and spin around and suck her ass taste off my cock. There was even shit on my cock at times as I penetrated her so deeply and she would lick it off my cock and play with it in her mouth before swallowing it. She did this to try and gross me out but it didn't really work).

Readers: From this point on there isn't much conversation for a while, just a lot of panting and growling on the tape so I will explain what happened.

I must have been fucking her solid for fifty minutes now. That was another family gift we had amazing endurance in the sack and poor Betty was racking up the orgasms that was for sure and her constant screams of demon pleasure mixed with profanity must have been really upsetting for her family to hear downstairs. However I had a job to do and I couldn't worry about them at this stage.

Still I had to finish this thing and I was feeling myself beginning to build to a climax at last and flipped her over onto her back. Then I slid my shit covered cock down her pussy and began to fuck her hard. You should have heard that pussy slurp and fart and as now I pounded her hard.

The poor young woman wrapped her legs around me again grinding herself into my thrusts and panting wildly. She was cumming again and again I could not believe it but at least these demons would have some nice memories to take back to hell with them.

Me: (I felt her fingernails scratching my back and she was biting me on the shoulder as her body rocked under me and then finally I shot my load inside her) "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHH AHHHHHHHHH AND I COMMAND YOU ALL BACK TO HELL! (My jism squirted deep inside her womb. I don't really need to order the demons back to hell, but I just do that for the folks outside the room because they expect it from watching movies etc.)

Betty: Holy Orgasm commences.

Readers: A Holy orgasm is unlike any a human can experience through conventional sex. Not even tantric sex can get close to it. Firstly the possessed victim begins convulsions that rattle the bed. They scream, they squirt, and sweat so much that it rises off their bodies like steam. Then they begin to levitate as they get filled with a collective human psychic energy that is part of what keeps Demons [and Angels] from physically entering our plane of existence.

Then as they hover in mid air light begins to shine from every body orifice. Not light like from a light bulb, but a holy light that cleanses the soul and the body. Then my DNA is infused into her DNA destroying all the Demon DNA in her body and sealing up the cracks forever. This is the whole point of the exercise. I have to fuck her to get the demons out. So when she asked me if I was going to push the demons out through her cunt, she was ironically correct.

Me: (I had dressed by this stage and was sitting down watching her have her holy orgasm. Hers lasted a good forty minutes which is pretty good. Once she fell back onto the bed she lay there still like a new born lamb still glowing. Then she opened her eyes) You OK Betty?

Betty: (She looked at me a bit dazed and confused) That was.......amazing!

Me: You'll be fine kid! (I reached down and pulled the blanket up and covered her sweaty naked body and then walked out of the room. Her parents were waiting outside her door and they were as pale as ghosts themselves.) It's OK the demons are gone now and they shouldn't come back as long as you leave her as she is for the next 24 hours. No bathes, showers or sponges, and she is to fast with no fluid or food for 24 hours. Do you understand?

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