tagMind ControlThe Experiment

The Experiment


I had always had an interest in hypnotism, but I had never really given it much thought. That was until one day my neighbor Tim was having a garage sale. Being the good neighbor that I am, I went over to see how things were going. We were chatting casually when I noticed one of the books on the table was titled The Art of Hypnosis.

I asked, "Does it work?"

"Does it work? It sure does! Do you remember a few years ago when Tammy started putting on a little weight?" I did remember his wife gaining a few extra pounds a few years back, but she looked great now.

"Yeah, I guess I noticed," I said.

"Well," Tim replied "that's when I got the book. I read through it and then I hypnotized her to exercise every time she got bored."

"No way! For real?" I asked.

"Seriously, that's also why she is such a neat freak around the house. Take it home and see for yourself"

"Ok, I will. Thanks a lot." I was super excited at the possibility of doing the same thing to my wife. I said goodbye and headed home to start reading. After reading the book I was amazed at how simple it sounded, and I couldn't wait to try it out on Danielle, my wife.

Being 33 and having borne three kids has had an effect on Danielle's body. It was not what it used to be when we first met. I know she is capable of losing the weight. It just seemed to be a matter of her not having the time or energy to exercise. Her extra weight was also having a negative effect on her self-image.

If she didn't read so much, and if she used that time to exercise, she could drop the extra weight with ease. So, this was my mission, I would hypnotize her to want to exercise any time she felt like reading.

That night I put my plan into action. When my wife came home I asked her if I could try to hypnotize her just to see if I could.

Danielle replied, "You can try after the kids are in bed."

It was around nine o'clock when we sat down in the living room to begin. I carefully went through the steps outlined in the book. I had her focus on a piece of blue tape I put on the wall. "As you concentrate on the tape on the wall you will feel your eyes getting heavy. You will want to close them, but you won't," I recited. "I am going to count down from five, when I get to zero you will be in a deep trance and open to suggestion"

"Five, four, three, two, one, zero," and with that her head dropped as she slumped in the chair. "Wow it works!" I thought. Now let's just see how well it works.

"Danielle, from now on when you want to read you will be overcome with the desire to exercise. You will not read and you will exercise for at least one hour" I instructed her. "Do you understand?"

"Yes" she replied. I was really excited at this point. I was ready to see if she would really exercise or not. But before I took her out of hypnosis the book had suggested I give her a trigger word to put her back into a trance.

"Danielle, from now on when you here me say the word 'sleep' you will go back into a trance. Now when I snap my fingers you will wake. You will not remember being hypnotized or anything that was said," with that I snapped my fingers. Right away her eyes opened and she sat up.

"Ok" she said. "Can you try again tomorrow? I want to get ready for bed." She got up and headed to the bedroom. This was great because she always reads before bed. I would soon know if it worked. I waited about fifteen minutes and then what do you know, there she was headed downstairs to our makeshift gym. I followed her down to find her on the floor stretching.

"Working out?" I asked.

"Yeah, just a bit before bed," she said.

"Ok, well I'm going to go to SLEEP" and again she slumped over completely out of it. I didn't have any other suggestions ready so I just brought her out of it with the knowledge that I could do it anytime I pleased.

After a few days of giving my wife suggestions to improve herself, one of which was getting her to quit smoking, her younger sister, Erin, called to ask if I could help her quit smoking, too. She came over the next day. She joined me and my wife in the living room. Straight away Erin asked "So, does this really work?"

"Of course it does" I said as I looked at my wife "SLEEP" I commanded and again my wife slumped in her chair in a deep trance.

"No way" Erin said " that is too cool. OK, do me now. " I knew what she meant, but hearing her say the words 'do me' had me thinking sex. Erin is just 28 and she has a great body with perky little tits. I have had many time jacking sessions off while thinking of her. Now it was time to take it further I thought. After doing the whole routine and counting down to zero, her head dropped and she slumped in her chair, her legs relaxing a bit giving me a view of her red panties up her skirt.

After telling Erin that she would find the taste of cigarettes utterly disgusting from now on, I planted the 'sleep' trigger on her for future purposes.

Then, I made my test move with my wife unconscious right next to me. "Erin, in a moment I will snap my fingers and you will awake with no memory of being hypnotized. You will not notice anyone else in the room and you will think you are alone. Your clothes will feel too tight and you will want to take them off." With that I snapped my fingers and she awoke but looked confused. I thought it didn't work at first but then she stood up and looked around. She began taking her clothes off. I watched joyfully as she stripped down to her black bra and red lacey thong.

"SLEEP" I commanded, standing behind her to catch her as she went back into trance. I laid Erin down on the couch next to her sister, "Danielle, strip down to your bra and panties." She quickly did as I instructed her and sat back down. "Erin, when I say 'wake' you will awaken. You will only see your sister in the room and seeing her in only her bra and panties will make you very horny. You will be so horny that you will feel as if you will explode if you don't explore her body with your tongue". If this worked I was going to have a lot of fun with my gorgeous sister-in-law. "Erin, WAKE" I watched as she looked at her sister and started rubbing her mound through her red lace panties. She then stepped closer and knelt down in front of her sister, kissing her breasts while removing her bra. Soon she was kissing and sucking on her nipples. Erin then kissed her way down to her sisters panty covered crotch, slowly removing her panties. I watched for ten minutes or so while my sister-in-law ate out my wife like a pro. Now I was horny and I had to get some of that pussy.

"Erin, SLEEP" I said. "This time when you wake you will still be horny and you will need a hard cock. You will see me and want to please me as well as allow me to please you." "WAKE" I commanded once more and she slowly started across the room to where I was. She dropped to her knees and began unbuttoning my jeans releasing my cock. I was in awe as she took my cock in her mouth; I couldn't believe this was happening. After instructing her to turn and lick her sister's pussy again, I got in behind her and started fucking her furiously from behind. I really gave her a pounding. After a good thirty minutes I blew my load deep inside her.

I cleaned up both Erin and my wife and instructed them both to get dressed. I told them when they awoke they would both feel very satisfied but have no memory of what had happened. "Awake" I said and the sisters both came too.

"Did it work?" Erin said. "Did you hypnotize me?"

"I did, but it will take a couple more times for the suggestion to take hold. I'll come over tomorrow after your husband leaves for work to continue our sessions."

to be continued

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