The Experiment


Knowing that every reaction her body was having was being recorded made Taylor shiver with embarrassment and lust mingled in a swirl of confusion.

The balloon swelled inside her as she grew more aroused and her vagina opened in preparation for being filled by cock. Taylor wanted to rub her clitoris but it was covered by a sensor gauging her levels of arousal.

Letting her mind stop working Taylor gave herself over to the passion and need and focused on finishing Ron off and tasting his sperm once more.

Drooling and slurping loudly Taylor devoured this massive tool and she slid her mouth all around his length letting his weight flop across her cheek as she nuzzled him underneath. Trembling with desire Taylor whimpered her need as she lapped at his hanging balls willing them to give her his spunk and end her humiliation.

Frustrated that she couldn't swallow him Taylor tried to open her mouth as wide as she could to take more of his length within, but he was just too big and she simply couldn't take more than the huge head in between her lips.

Pumping and massaging him she made Ron groan with pleasure as she worshipped his prick, and at long last he began to pump himself forward at her forcing his knob past her lips as his climax approached.

Holding him there in her mouth, sucking him to hold him in place she used both hands to pump him and milk his cum from his body.

Then with a grunt Ron pulled back and began to jack off over her wide open mouth. Taylor tilted back her head wanting to catch all of it on her tongue as Ron began to spurt his seed over her face. The doctor's camera was less than a foot from her flushed features as sperm cascaded over her lips, tongue and cheek. The pungent aroma filled her nose and Taylor felt a climax quake her core as a sympathetic orgasm took her.

When Ron was finished drizzling Taylor in his jizz Taylors' orgasm subsided and the doctor moved back and recorded the equipment monitoring the two sex partners.

When the doctor's back was turned Ron stepped forward to Taylor once more and he used his thick dong to wipe his spunk into her mouth. Taylor opened up and lewdly lapped all the thick load he deposited into her gaping maw. Suckling him gratefully she cleaned him and licked her lips.

When the doctor turned back to them she was cleaner and much more ashamed.

"Please return to the bed, miss, and as I gathered the data Ron will remove the devices from you."

Once more the doctor questioned her about how she had felt, and Taylor was forced to articular her repellant pleasure.

"I felt my body respond to the idea of being sexual before it actually began. And when I was fully engaged in it my body felt wonderful. My arousal was powerful and when ... he... came I also had an orgasm." Taylor could not bring herself to use his name. Especially while he was touching her body while removing the various devices from her sex.

"That is fascinating. " The doctor remarked, clearly happy. "In spite of every humiliation I have visited upon you, still your passion is so high that it overcomes your shame. Perfect."

When Taylor was once more nude, and all the various recording devices removed she curled her knees up to her chest and covered as much of her body as she could, her pussy still tingling and needy.

Ron was divested of his electrodes and he redressed. Then the doctor sat and began to write in one of the books on his little desk. Ron left and Taylor lay back on the gurney, curled into herself wondering what was ever going to become of her.

The doctor wrote for a long time. Ron returned and brought more food and gave her another bottle of water, then sat. Sitting on the bed eating she watched the doctor and saw his intense concentration. He didn't touch his food and Taylor marvelled at the man's absorption.

What drove him to do all this? All of this was so extreme, so dangerous, like something out of a horror movie. What drove a person to this level of insanity?

Feeling Ron staring at her Taylor lay down once more and let her mind drift, thinking of good times from her life before this nightmare.

Hours seem to pass and then the doctor stood and said goodnight.

When he was gone Ron stood up and pulled down his pants. His cock stood up already hard and Taylor felt her body pulse with need as she saw him, and knew his plan.

Rolling onto her back she opened her legs to him and he smiled. Looking anywhere but at him Taylor felt him pull her hips to the edge of the gurney and spread open her sodden slit. Wedging his member inside her Taylor winced as her abused body once more accommodated his huge cock.

Once he was inside her all of her shame evaporated and her torrid longing burst open and she groaned her desire to the room.

Ron was not gentle, and that was exactly how Taylor wanted it. Keeping her eyes firmly closed she did everything she could to please him. Any position he wanted her in she twisted into. When he lifted her legs up over his shoulders she spread herself wide and arched her back thrusting her tits at him to grope and squeeze. When he turned her on her side and gripped her buttocks and drove into her like that she grunted with pleasure. When he flipped her over and took her from behind she moaned as she pushed back hard to meet his powerful stroked inward. As his fingers found her clit she exploded with a gushing orgasm that bathed him in her cum.

After she finished he picked up her limp body and took her to the wall. There he lifted her up and entered her while pressing her to the padded wall, her legs wrapped around his hips helping him hold her in place.

Finally once more she took his cum on the face, shuddering with rapture as his sperm coated her features and having multiple orgasms as he used her mercilessly.

When he tied her to the bed he left his seed on her face and smiling he told her how pretty she looked.

At last the lights were out and he was gone. Tied once more immobile Taylor felt the sordidness of her degradation and as tears slipped from her eyes she noticed her tongue snaking out of her mouth and unconsciously tasting the cooling jism trickling over her lips and she shuddered with depraved desire, and mortification.

For three days Taylor was tested over and over, her health examined in every way the doctor knew to measure. For the first time she was taken out of her room and she saw the long dark hallway of what looked like an abandoned hospital stretch into the distance. Doors everywhere. In the next room to hers a gym was set up and while filming her the doctor once more used monitors to measure all her reactions to the various exercises he put her through.

Taylor was asked to run on a treadmill, to ride a stationary bike, to stretch in every direction as measurements were taken. When she had worked out for a few hours there would be a break for food which one of the men, Mark or Ron would bring unasked, so clearly on some schedule, and the doctor would write copious notes about her.

There was a shower in another room and the men all took great pleasure watching her clean her body of the sweat and slime of her activities. Taylor was no longer at all ashamed of her nudity and could usually ignore the leers.

She was given shampoo and conditioner, and after a few days a razor to shave with. The doctor made pains to tell her to, and then watched as she shaved her pubic stubble. He even bade her stand so that he could watch her shave, and he inspected her mound to ensure she got all the little hairs, his always gloved fingers probing her and sliding around the slippery wet area testing for bristles.

Even this only shamed her a little, her body so probed and exposed that even this degradation was next to nothing.

Each day the doctor would end with testing her desire. He would tell her to please one or the other of the men and as she sucked their cocks both of them were tested to see how their bodies responded. They were not given the serum in this time and Taylor noticed her old fear and repulsion beginning to grow stronger than her lust and on day three she couldn't feel any desire at all for the men.

"Ah, there it is the threshold. You feel no desire what-so-ever?"

"No. none." She glanced at Ron's huge member, hard and throbbing inches from her face. "I feel repulsed by it." It felt very good to finally be able to say that and mean it.

"Alright then. Thank you for your candor. Your penis shall not be needed tonight Ron. Thank you." Ron covered himself and glared at Taylor. She looked back at him neutrally, knowing he would probably punish her for this after the doctor left.

"This is good, very good miss." The doctor had never asked her name, and she knew he didn't want to know it. "Things are progressing very nicely. You appear to be in perfect health, and your libido is behaving predictably. Yes, this test is going very well. Very well indeed."

As his attention wandered back to his booklet and he started to write Taylor looked at Ron where he sat staring back at her. There was anger in his eye, but also pleasure. His sadistic streak was pleased by her rudeness. He was anticipating making her pay for her insolence. Taylor wondered why she didn't feel fear. She knew he would make her hurt, and feel fear, but after so much degradation she didn't worry about any more.

When the doctor did finally leave, looking pleased behind his mask Taylor, strapped to the bed once more lay still searching herself for the apprehension she thought she should be feeling. It was there, but buried deep under an apathy she couldn't shake.

Ron made her wait a long time before he came for her. The long wait did stir a foreboding in her belly, but when she at last hear his approach it all evaporated.

Ron entered and turned on the bright overhead lights he had a bottle of beer in his hand and a cigarette burning. He was drunk.

"Hello little slut." He drawled. He ashed the cigarette on her face the hot dust startling her. "That was sure funny today wasn't it? Yeah that really cracked me up how you tried to humiliate me in front of the doctor. Him of all people. That limp dick. Ha!" Ron moved around the bed in a circle looking down at her. She stared back, curious about her lack of fear. She supposed it came from having nothing to lose, or the knowledge that Ron wouldn't mark her in a way that the doctor would notice.

Ron trailed the cool beer bottle around her legs leaving chilled moisture dripping along her skin.

"Yeah, that was pretty funny. I get it. I'd do the same if I were you. But you forgot about our afterhours playtimes, I guess. You forgot how much control I have over you. So now I get to be mean, which I like, and you get hurt, which I like even more."

He moved to the camera and put a new memory stick into it. He then aimed it at the gurney and began to record.

Coming back to her he unstrapped her thighs, leaving her ankles bound. He unstrapped her arm and tied it above her head, then the other. All the while he glared at her looking for her terror. Taylor had none to give him.

When she was spread out before him he opened her jacket and bared her breasts. He then leaned over and began to devour her tender flesh, biting and licking and sucking on her nipples and the soft meat of her mounds. The passion in which he handled her roused Taylor a little. Her body responded pleasantly and she felt the familiar loss of self that sex now gave her since the serum. It was less than usual, but still her passion quickened her body readying her for him with moisture and opening.

When he heard her sighs of pleasure Ron stopped and stood up.

"Feel good? I thought it might. I am familiar with how this stuff feels and works now. It never goes away completely. I've gone days and days without it, but I never get tired of sex. My body can't stop wanting to fuck now. Ever. So your little denial today was not nice at all."

Ron went to a table and rummaged around. The he returned with a tube of lubricant.

"I'm only going to use this so that the doc won't find you too badly ripped up after I'm done with you. He notices little things like that."

Ron squirted some onto his left hand, the tube making lewd squelching noises as the lubricant was disgorged.

Taking his messy hand Ron drove it between her legs and smeared the cold goop over her anus and all around her buttocks.

Now Taylor did feel fear. Did he intend to stick that monster cock up her ass? Taylor had never had anal sex, and from what she had heard and read it was pretty painful at first. And never stopped being painful for some. Ron's cock was so big she was worried she would not be able to accommodate him and that he would really hurt her by trying.

"Now I see it. Good. You are finally scared. You should be. This won't be pleasant I don't think."

Helpless on the bed Taylor trembled as Ron pulled off his clothes and once more she saw his huge boner. Where before she loved it, now she feared it. Seeing his girth, wider than her own forearm, she couldn't conceive of how it would go into her bum.

When naked Ron crawled onto the bed and knelt over her legs. He gazed down at her body and stroked his cock with his sticky hand smearing lube over his thick shaft. Then he aimed his bulbous head at her slit and surprised Taylor by ramming into her pussy making her cry out as pleasure bloomed in her body.

Taylor hadn't realised how horny she was, but as soon as her slippery slot was full of that magnificent cock she trembled with far more ardor than she would have thought possible. Her fear had blinded her to the desire her body had to be used.

Ron thrust into her a few times and then pulled out leaving her desolate at his sudden absence.

He lowered the head of his cock to her anus and slid it around coating it in lubricant left over from his clumsy coating from earlier.

Pressing his bulbous head to her tight ring he pushed forward and she felt herself trying to accommodate him knowing resistance was useless. Trying to relax and open up for him she couldn't seem to stretch far enough fast enough for him. Trying to cram his way into her ass Ron grunted and pushed and the lube allowed him to slide past her resisting sphincter opening her up wide and making her pant with discomfort.

When he had her gaping open with the head of his cock he stopped for a moment and grinned down at her. Taylor saw he was sweating and trembling with effort, and she felt a searing pain in her asshole as he stopped moving just holding her open painfully.

"You like that? Huh? Feel good?"

She tried to wiggle to force him either in or out, but she could hardly move in her bonds.

Ron tilted his hips in and out a miniscule amount, but the movement of his cock head trapped in her anus made her gasp with pain.

Biting her lip against a scream she looked up at him pleading with her eyes for him to stop, knowing he wouldn't.

"Got anything to say to me?" He asked her.

Taylor shook her head not willing to give him the satisfaction, knowing he was going to take what he wanted anyway she refused to give him the pleasure of hearing her beg one way or the other. The thing was that at this moment she didn't know if she wanted more of him inside her or not. Her lust was growing with every moment, but the pain was very uncomfortable.

Sneering at her denial he wiggled himself in her tight opening some more making her whimper with pain.

"No? Nothing to say? Fine fucking have it your way!" Ron then shoved as much of himself into her as he could.

Taylor screamed with the tearing sensation as inches of his gigantic pole rammed into her tender virgin ass. Red hot pokers of pain radiated out of her anus as he pulled back and drove himself into her even more. It felt as if she were being disembowelled and Taylor shrieked as more of him ripped her open.

Desperately she wanted to faint, or fade away as she felt him force more and more of his hugeness into the tight confines of her bowels. Agony blinded her to anything else but the searing sensation of being spitted by him.

Ron would shove into her as far as he could, then back off a bit then drive in further filling her and making her body tremble with pain. Sweat broke out on her skin and her breath came in ragged gasps as more and more of his massive member pierced her deepest darkest parts.

Then Ron began to move in and out of her anus and he fucked her hard and fast, his perspiration dripped down over her body and she saw that he too was in discomfort, but his eyes glowed with bestial delight as he ravished her bung hole.

The more he moved in and out the less the intensity of the pain felt. Her body accommodated him and the flexible tissue of her bowel grew lax and released giving her space to take in this invader.

As she grew looser, and the lube was spread further inside her Taylor began to feel warm pleasure inside her ass. Ron moved in and out easily after a while and he fucked her faster and faster clearly enjoying what he felt.

When after a time he reached down and pressed his thumb over her clit and rubbed Taylor felt an immediate climax rush along her nerves. Her traitor body once again defied her will and loved the abuse she was undergoing.

Bringing her orgasm on with his thumb Ron bucked and heaved inside her ass. Slick with sweat Taylor squirmed in her bonds and wished to be able to grope his hard muscular body in return. Frustrated by her bindings Taylor wriggled as much as possible and even squeezed Ron's cock with her ass, the muscles painful from the violation, but able to respond to her demands.

Before she could achieve her climax he stopped teasing her clit and leaned further forward over her hammering into her helpless body.

Then abruptly he pulled out, and the removal of his cock was almost as painful as its entry. Screaming Taylor almost passed out from the pain as he tore himself from her butt and crawled up her prone body.

Placing his knees on either side of her face he pushed his cock down over her features and smeared his tainted dong over her flushed face. In spite of her pain Taylor tried to take him into her mouth eager to feel his hardness on her tongue.

Ron had no interest in that apparently. Instead he rubbed his cock all over her face leaving smears of lube, and unspeakable matter over her face, the smell rich and pungent. Jacking off he stroked himself and ground the soft head of his prick into her cheeks and over her lips.

When she stopped trying to lick him, as she gagged at the smell then he finally sought to push himself into her mouth. She resisted and he pumped himself harder and harder, bruising her lips with his cock.

Then his cum spurted out over her face, her mouth closed the sperm drizzled along her cheeks and down her neck. Gout after gout splashed over her features and Taylor felt once more the horrifying betrayal as her body shudder with lust at the smell of his cum.

At last he was done and having glazed her whole face with his spunk and the leavings of her ass Ron flopped off of her and stood next to the gurney. His chest heaved with the release of tension and his body gleamed in the bright light, coated in sweat.

Unable to help herself Taylor licked her lips and tasted his jism, and her own ass. Shuddering with revulsion she continued to clean the area around her mouth of his leavings, and she looked at his cock seeking the stain of her body on him.

There were little flecks of brown, but shockingly no blood. The smears of cum and lube were clear and clean of any blood. And that surprised her, she felt earlier as if she had been ripped open, and even now the throes of violation felt like she was torn open.

Ron dressed and picked up the camera and brought it over to record her defilement.

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