tagAnalThe Experiment Pt. 03

The Experiment Pt. 03


Note: With this final story in this storyline, just don't forget to mind the category. If it's not for you and you want to know how the story ends anyway, you can read the last few paragraphs...

Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks!


"You know Heather, despite everything I've discovered about you these past couple of months, there's one thing that absolutely has to be clear." I told my girlfriend.

"And what's that my dear?" she replied in a smooth voice, her mouth right to my ear.

"I'm not a submissive person..." I wasn't sure of how she'd react to this. She knew it; it wasn't the first time I was saying it out loud. I moved very slightly, trying not to show my nervousness.

"Oh really? Are you very sure about this?" she asked.

"Yes." I replied, gasping. To my credit, I only gasped once.

"Hmmm. Tell me, lover, have you ever been with a dominant partner? A really dominant one?"

"Well, no. I never have." I admitted.

"So you're more of a dominant man yourself?"

I grinned, shaking my head. "In life or in bed?"

"Is there a difference?" Heather replied, squeezing her hand harder.

"Yes, of course." I said, shaking my head slowly. "In philosophical discourse and argument, I'm quite dominant, but other than that I'm not a boor. And in bed, well, it depends on the—" I stopped short as Heather squeezed again, but managed not to gasp this time.

Heather glanced at me and cleared her throat. After licking her lips, she calmly said "On the woman? So you've never been with a man?" She was smiling as she asked that, looking me right in the eyes.

"Nope, never."

"Shame... I know of a few men that would love to play the domination-submission game with you." As she finished, she squeezed her hand again, her saliva making a distinctive squishing sound.

"Oh..." I said involuntarily. "Well in bed, with you," I specified, "I'm up for most things. But in life—"

"Again; is there a difference?" She interrupted me. "You think that when we're out shopping, or with friends or on campus, that I don't think about fucking you, about sucking your cock or pressing my pussy against your face?" When she finished, she slipped her hand up and down, making me squirm.

"Shit!" I exclaimed, grinning. But I tried my best to focus. "You remember my tease about you and men with low willpower?" This was a while ago, when I had told her that all her boyfriends had been submissive men. "Well, I'm not one of them. Think you can handle that?" I said in what I hoped was a confident voice.

"Sure, I can handle that no problem. How about you? Think you can handle me?" she asked, breathing faster.

"I think the answer to that is obvious. How about you untie me and—"

"Oh no... we're not done talking."

I swore mentally as she said that. "How long have I been here?" I asked. I could see in her smile that she was, in fact, surprised I had lasted this long.

It had begun about thirty minutes ago. With a dare of course. Heather told me that she'd be able to reduce me to a quivering mess unable to hold a conversation. I said "Go for it!" and so a few minutes later I was utterly naked, standing in her spacious living room, with my hands tied together straight above my head and attached to a long taut rope. Heather had then disappeared in her room and come back wearing nothing but a garter belt and suspenders. She had loosened her dark hair and as she walked towards me I stared in wonder at her bright beauty. Even back in our first college year, as students, Heather had had a stunning figure. At twenty she'd already had the curves that would have made any woman jealous. Even though she had never tried to dress to enhance or flaunt her breasts, hips or ass, nobody could have missed them.

Heather was now fully ripened, the glorious bloom of a woman at her peak. Even if I had seen her naked many times by now, when she came out wearing nothing but those suspenders, I had been buffeted by her sexual presence and felt myself tremble. And get hard. Her large breasts had swayed and shook with her every step, her pale pink nipples almost glowing on her tanned skin. For me, in her living room, she had deliberately walked like a model, highlighting the curves of her hips and roundness of her thighs. The pure white lingerie a stark contrast on her golden skin. The thin strip of dark pubic hairs above her pussy served as another contrasting point.

A minute later she was standing right in front of me and my cock was betraying my feelings by standing fully hard. And so she had begun to caress my cock with one or two hands, had taken me in her mouth as I talked, and had even slipped my cock against the wet lips between her legs. Sweet torture.

Now, twenty-five minutes later, I was still talking somewhat coherently despite her best efforts. And the subject was rather important. I wasn't, in fact, a submissive man in real life. And it was now perfectly clear that Heather was a dominant woman both in and out of bed. The ball had made that explicitly clear.

I had to take control over the conversation. And suddenly I knew how. "Heather... Domination is fun and all, but didn't you tell me that you were a feminist?" Of course she had, it was one of the defining features of her life.

She froze for a brief moment as I said that before replying "Yes, of course I am. That's why you're standing there all tied up and I can do whatever I want with you."

She sounded calm but I knew I had her on the defensive when she turned around, her back now to me. She then rose on the balls of her feet and proceeded to move back against me, pressing her sweet ass on my cock. Given that my cock was pointing upwards, it didn't bury between her legs. Instead, it ended up pressed between my belly and her ass, its underside enfolded deep in her crack. Heather moved her ass from side to side, my saliva-coated cock between her buttocks.

She then reached between her legs and placed her hand gently on my balls. After a minute, she moved away and pulled my cock down, trapping it between her legs this time. I felt her wet and burning pussy on the topside of my cock. Heather began moving forwards and backwards slowly, teasing my entire length with her lips. "You were saying?" she asked, a hint of laughter in her voice.

Looking down, it really looked like she was fucking me, moving back and forth like this. I scrunched my eyes closed for a moment and said "I was saying that a feminist should strive for equality, not domination."

As I said that, I saw her shoulders dropping slightly and she dropped on her heels with a sigh. I was pretty sure she was about to concede defeat as she pulled away from my cock. But as the tip of my cock slipped against her anus, I gasped one more, and last, time. When she turned around, I saw her expression change. She had indeed been ready to concede, but her eyes widened and her grin flourished. "Really?" she asked, excited like a schoolgirl. Heather even jumped up and down a few times, making her decidedly-not-schoolgirl breasts bounce with her.

She stared into my eyes a few seconds. "Really Jer? You're into anal?" I didn't say anything, knowing I couldn't fake my way out of this one in my current state. "Oh my gods!" Heather said, jumping up and down again. "Oh right! I remember the bit with Aoife, when she was..." she stopped herself. "Oh boy, do I have you now! You mean that if I do that again..." and she did, turning around and pushing my cock against her asshole, "that you'll be putty in my hands?"

"Untie me and we'll see who will be putty when my seven inches are sheathed in your ass!" I growled.

"Oh no mister... Oh no no no." Heather was still grinning. She had pulled away again and had turned back around, looking at me with glee. "Did you know that anal sex is the ultimate submission for a woman? Or that I've never let any man there? Or that I'm never going to let one? But now I know how I can get you to break!"

I didn't know if her use of the word 'man' was deliberate of just generic. Had she let a woman...? In any case she turned around once more, rose up on her toes and slipped my cock against her pussy before pulling out and letting my glans tease her asshole. And I was indeed broken. My cock was covered with her juices and slipped sweetly against her anus. I twitched forward, vainly trying to test her resolve against anal sex. It failed, obviously. I was still securely tied and couldn't move with any sort of force.

Heather was laughing, and I couldn't do anything about it. She had kept me on the verge of climax for the past half hour with her hands and mouth. Now with all this talk of anal sex with my cock against her asshole, I was completely unable to hold any sort of conversation. There was only one thing I could do.

Taking a deep breath, knowing I was very close to climaxing, I hid it the best I could and started talking. Or tried to. I wanted to make her believe that I was going for one last attempt. After a few words, Heather reacted as I hoped she would: she used her hand to rub my cock against her asshole a bit harder. And that was all it took. I hid my climax until I exploded against her sweet little asshole and she gasped as I did. And laughed. She held my cock against her hole, letting me spend myself on her.

Climaxing while tied up was a new feeling, both frustrating and exhilarating. I kept trying to push against her, but she was squarely in control. She did keep rubbing my cock against her and the feelings were remarkable. I had an anal fetish, and it had been a fucking long time since I had sodomized anyone. This was pure delight... and frustration at the same time. When I was done she released my cock and dropped down on all fours in front of me. I could see some of my sperm on her asscheeks, but most was dripping down lower into her crack, coating her pussy lips before falling to the floor.

Heather then leaned down even more until her face was on the floor, her ass thrust upwards towards me. She then grabbed her ass with both her hands and played with my cum for a while. "You like this, lover?" I could only nod. When she placed one of her fingers on her asshole and played with it I gasped out loud, seeing and feeling my cock twitching. "Oooh... This feels really nice!" she cooed, teasing me like a demon. After that she slipped part of her finger inside her ass, pushing some of my sperm with it. "Well, what do you know... there's now some of your cum inside my ass." she sighed loudly. "And to think that your cock won't ever go there... Such a shame..."

I tried one more time to break the strap that was binding my hands... in vain. I wanted to drop behind her and fuck her. I was still hard, perfectly hard despite having just cum. Heather on her knees, ass outwards, with her asshole filled with my cum... Shit! And the damned woman knew it! She turned her head and looked at me. "What would you do if you weren't tied?"

"I'd fuck that perfect asshole of yours until you'd start talking gibberish, overwhelmed with too many climaxes..."

"Even though I told you I didn't want that?" she replied, her voice slightly different.

As I looked at her as she stood up and turned around to face me, I could see that she was more serious. She looked at my cock and smiled. She came very close to me, pressing her breasts against my chest, and whispered into my ear "You can do whatever you want with me, but don't try to sodomize me without my consent, please." Again, I knew she was serious this time. I didn't know how I knew, but even if she was smiling, something was different. Heather could move from this dominant roleplay to an authentic voice in a blink of an eye. But wasn't she dominant in real life? Right now, I was completely at a loss.

I nodded, adding "Of course... Never without your—"

But she interrupted me. "No self-respecting feminist would let herself be sodomized." My eyes narrowed as I looked at her: her expression was different once again. Not playful, exactly, but not serious anymore either. Was she teasing me still? Was she dead serous about not anal sex? I was unsure of what she was trying to say. All I knew was that she didn't want me to fuck her ass. At least not now.

After that she brought the little step right in front of me, climbed upon it and began to untie my hands. I leaned down and grabbed the perfect nipple that was just at the right height, and sucked it in my mouth. Heather gasped and moaned as she untied me. My arms hurt a bit as I brought them down, but I didn't care. I grasped Heather, forcing her breasts against my face as I feasted. After a few minutes though I needed to fuck something. I turned her around on her little step and slipped my cock between her cheeks. When I found her warm pussy I pushed up wards and finally impaled myself inside her.

We both moaned at the same time and I began fucking her. This position was fun, with her higher than me, but I needed something more intense. Heather was rather tall for a woman, and soon I pulled her down from the step. Holding her from her hips I began pounding into her. It felt so damned good! "Still hard... That's good," she said. "That's very good..." I had been teased for a long time, and despite my amazing release against her asshole, I wanted more. Grabbing both of her massive breasts in my hand, I pulled her close against me, forcing me to slow down a bit. Whispering into her ear in turn, I asked "Can I just caress it with my thumb?"

"Hmm hmm, yes, but no more."

I pushed Heather on all fours, then pressed her head down on the floor. With both my hands on her ass I fucked her hard again, staring at the mess of sperm all over her. When I placed my thumb on her asshole I growled, caressing the sensitive skin and feeding my fetish. Soon, even though raw pleasure was beginning to overwhelm me, I noticed that Heather was also responding to my caresses, moaning in time with my thumb as it pressed slightly harder. She was breathing faster and faster as well. It could be because of her own impending climax, but it could also mean that she wasn't as opposed to anal sex as she claimed.

That would have to wait for another time, though, as I felt my climax cresting inside me. When I began crying out I felt Heather twitching in front of me, her own climax exploding. We came together, and while I managed not to push my thumb inside her, I never stopped caressing her asshole as I spewed whatever was left of my cum inside her pussy.

I finally crashed upon her and we fell to our sides. I managed to keep my cock inside her as I was spooning her, trying to help her stretch her climax for as long as possible. Eventually we stopped gasping and I said "You know, one day you'll be the one strapped up there, and I'll have my way with you..."

"Oh no you won't... I'm the dominant partner, remember?"

We both laughed, but some part of my mind wondered how serious she actually was. She knew, knew it perfectly well after being my friend for more than for ten years and after the discussion at the ball, that I was not like her previous boyfriends. I had met most of them, and it was obvious that Heather usually chose submissive men. Yet she had chosen me and she was maintaining her dominant facade. The coming week was shaping up to be memorable, as we would probably have to solve this through sex like this...

I woke up alone the next morning in Heather's bed. She was gone for the day, having a class and a few meetings today. Downstairs I found a letter from her. Here's what Heather had written. "Dear lover. I know you'll be glad to hear this: I've decided to I'll let your fuck my ass! Yes, really! Before though, there's something you'll have to do. Or agree to let me do. It's simple really, and won't be long. All you have to do in order to get access to my lovely little asshole, is, simply, to let me fuck yours with a strap-on dildo. Simple, no? Love, Heather. xxx"

Oh the little minx. The little bitch! I laughed out loud, alone in the kitchen. While I was not, in principle, opposed to submitting to her strap-on, I still had reservations. First, if I agreed, it would mean that she would win. Even though being sodomized was indeed a submissive thing, if I went through with her proposal I would be the submissive one. Second, I had never had anything in my ass before! I was aware that anal sex could be painful if rushed, or even when done carefully, but her proposal brought that pain home.

I had never had a girlfriend that viewed anal sex as a normal part of our sex life. One of them had let me do it more than the others, but it was always a special thing. None, of course, had ever proposed to sodomize me! I had never considered that aspect of my fetish. I spent the rest of the day thinking about it, and the solution I came up with was both ingenious and, of course, completely dominant. "Now, how can I get my hands on Aoife's email or phone number?" I thought with a naughty smile.

When Heather came back from campus later that day, she invited me to a restaurant. She then disappeared to her room to change and told me to install a specific app on my phone in the meantime. I was puzzled, as it was an accounting app, but did as she told me to. I explored the app a bit before she came back down and was still curious as to why she wanted me to install it.

When she reappeared, I grinned. And growled. On campus and around town, Heather always dressed conservatively. She wasn't conservative at all though. It was just a decision she had taken years ago, the best way she had found to reconcile her luscious, preternatural curves with her staunch feminism. She couldn't exactly walk around looking sexier than a fertility goddess and preaching feminism. Well, technically she could have done it as it's not a direct contradiction, but it would be harder to get her message across. Just like if I tried to teach philosophy wearing a pink tutu.

By looking at her, it was obvious that we were going out of town for dinner. She was wearing a rather tight leather jacket which did nothing to hide the deep valley of her cleavage. In fact, it was clearly cut to enhance it. A flat chested woman, or even one with average sized breasts would look silly with such a jacket. Heather? She looked positively dominant. Her tight black skirt helped with that look, but most of all, her ponytail was the defining factor.

She often tied her hair in a simple pony tail, either right at the base of her skull or slightly higher. But with very long hair like she had, if she tied it too high, it swished around too much and attracted the attention of every male around. Tonight, she had tied it as high as it was possible to do it. And it wasn't simply held by a elastic band. Oh no. It was a firm tube, approximately five inches long, which rose from her skull until it freed her hair. It made an impressive sight, and if the sexy leather jacket wasn't already a clear enough sign that Heather was dominant, this made it explicitly clear.

"Hmmm... I like the look."

"Why thank you!" she replied, a genuine smile on her lips.

"Is it a coincidence that the tube is about as long as my fist is large?"

Heather stopped walking and looked at me. Her expression had changed, had become a lot hotter. "My dear... You keep thinking that you're the dominant partner here. Tsk, tsk, tsk... Now, give me your phone, I need to do something to that app."

I smiled, enjoying this game, and gave her my phone.

I tried my best to make her explain that accounting app, but failed. As soon as we got our table, she went to the bathroom. I looked around me, trying to see if I recognized anyone, perhaps from the ball, but nothing popped up. It was all very mysterious. When she got back at our table she asked, without preamble and with a very neutral expression on her face: "Are you interested in my ass only for you, or for my pleasure as well?"

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