tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Exploits of a Sexual Counselor

The Exploits of a Sexual Counselor


I love being me. I don't think that anyone has as much fun as me. I don't think anyone can do what I do, which is why I have so much fun. So what can I do you ask? Well, let's just say that I have the wonderful ability to morph any and all parts of my body anytime I want. So what do I do? Well, I use this ability for the best reason possible...sex.

I can change my body to meet the desires of any man or female I want. I don't use my abilities with men often, as it just doesn't do it for me. Sex has become a daily routine for me, and with the number of people out there, and the possibilities it presents, it is fun every time. The best aspect of it is that I can change the size and shape of my cock to fill any woman that comes along. It's always fun watching as they realize that I am filling them like it's their first time all over again. I've seen some of the most experienced women gasp as their normally loose pussies suddenly seem as if they aren't loose enough.

Often I come across women who want to experience what it feels like to be with another woman. I can do that too. Like I said, my entire body can morph. Once women realize what I can do, the ideas come out. I've even had women who want to experience double penetration. Let me tell you this, the stimulation of having two penises, and getting them both pleasured at the same time, is sensational! I have been doing this long enough that few ideas surprise me anymore. But as I've said, I never tire of doing this. Every woman is different.

Well, I can't live my life performing sex day in and day out without supporting myself. I've found the perfect job to suit my sexual needs. I'm not a male prostitute, though I do get paid for my service. My job is listed as a sexual counselor. In a nutshell, I help counsel others on how to have a more enjoyable sexual experience. A lot of times, it's usually a wife who wants to better pleasure her husband. Occasionally I have men who want to be able to pleasure their wives. To help avoid me directly being involved, I have a very sexual and attractive female business partner who the men are more than willing to work with, with my supervision to guide them.

I don't always get to work directly with the customers, as some couples prefer to work with each other while I guide them. So thankfully, my business partner helps to relieve me. With all of this, my service can get up there in price, yet the success is amazing. With no commercial advertising, and only word-of-mouth to rely on, it is quite a successful operation, financially and sexually. Enough money is made that I can enjoy sex without being paid on a regular basis. The initial payment depends on what type of service they want, how many people are involved, and how long the service will last. The cheapest service is when I'm not involved, but am coaching a couple. The most expensive service is the overnight package.

In regards to STD's, my partner is tested weekly to prevent infection, and thankfully, my morphing ability prevents me from getting infected. Trust me on that. Once I went through a period where I actually tried multiple times to get infected as a test, and never once picked up anything. It actually has been beneficial with those customers who have a disease and want to try three-ways without risking the health of another person. One time, a wife came in wanting to learn about how she can pleasure her husband, hoping to rekindle some of the flame in their marriage. They had been married for about ten years and she was in her mid thirties. She wasn't the most attractive lady you could find, but I questioned what was wrong with her husband that she would come to this point. I asked some of the usual questions, including whether she had ever considered inviting a third person into the bedroom. She quickly responded that she is turned off by that. When I finished questioning her, I informed her what we would be doing, and after some initial hesitation about "cheating on her husband", I eventually got her to go into another room where we keep a good supply of lingerie, costumes, bathing suits, and many other articles of clothing. She came back out in a Mrs. Clause outfit, complete with the basic red and white dress, hat, stripped hose and garters. She quickly explained how she wanted to be Mrs. Clause and have Santa (her husband) have his way with her. I could tell she was nervous. I started talking her through this, explaining how discussing fantasies with her husband could be a start. I motioned her over and had her kneel on the floor. I began to unbutton my pants as I explained to her that despite what she may have heard about the taste of semen, most women find it quite sweet. I kept talking, talking her through the action, until she finally looked at my exposed member and shakingly took hold. I helped her learn how to properly hold it, rub it, and lubricate it for increased pleasure. Pretty soon, she continued without coaching, and she was actually pretty good.

Eventually, I worked her into licking the head, then the shaft, and finally sticking the head into her mouth. Soon, I had her giving me a quality blowjob, looking up into my eyes as I instructed her on different techniques. Finally, we reached deep throating. She wasn't that good at that, and had a hard time getting past the gag reflex. I told her that not everyone can do it, but if done, it can be extremely pleasurable. After this, I told her to close her eyes, and at this point I morphed my penis into a pussy. I had her stick her tongue out and lean forward to like me, and she was caught off guard by the change. She was probably further caught off guard when I took her hand and showed her how to massage the area around the clit. She soon did what I asked without me holding her hand. The even further surprising move was when she began to lick my pussy without being told to. I asked her to name her favorite actress, and then morphed my body into the shape of Julia Roberts while she was focused on my pussy. When she opened her eyes and looked up at me face, she stopped. However, it didn't take long for her to decide to continue. I continued to instruct her on pleasuring a woman's pussy, before showing her how to manipulate the breasts for pleasure. Based on her lack of experience with even the female body, I could tell that she hadn't played with herself much in her life.

After a little fun with this I morphed back into the male body I use, and had her lay down on the fur rug in the middle of the room. At this point with clients, I intentionally morph my penis a bit smaller. This is so when I finally insert myself, I can adjust it so that it is a tight fit. Grabbing a pillow, I handed that over to her as I lifted up her Mrs. Clause skirt. As I unclipped her garters, I explained that I was going to walk her through a few things that she could teach her husband how to do. I could easily tell that she was enjoying this by her moist red panties. I rubbed her mound through her panties, explaining that by leaving on such clothing as panties and hosiery, she can receive more stimulation than with them removed. Her reaction nailed that idea home as I soon had her squirming. After getting her panties a little more moist, I then removed them. Pulling my body forward and straddling her, I leaned over and had her lick her own panties. I wanted her to taste her own juices. Like everything else so far, she listened and performed. While she did this, I positioned myself over her and began to run my cock up and down along her belly, then her waist, then above her pussy, and then I began to play with it around her mound. I began to poke at her lips, teasing her into thinking I was going to stick it in. Pretty soon she was bucking her hips trying to force it inside herself. I smacked her ass and she stopped quickly enough. I think she began to enjoy that as she would soon start over again, always with a smile. I soon began smacking her breasts instead, watching has her breasts would jiggle each time I did. Soon, she had red hand prints on her breasts. I eventually started stimulating her exposed clit by rubbing the head of my penis against it. Her body reacted quite amazingly to that stimulation, and I explained it to her and even showed her exactly what I was doing. She promised that she would be showing her husband that one.

That was the last thing I did before spreading her lips and inserting myself into her. She gasped, and then commented on how loose it felt compared to her husband. I didn't let that slide and quickly lengthen my cock a few inches while expanding it until it fully filled her. This probably caught her off guard more than anything, as her body pulled in surprise when I did this. The feeling of tightness can be a wonderful feeling, for males and females. With her pussy has wet as it was, it more than lubricated her enough to reduce pain. I began slow, getting her used to the sensation of my cock rubbing against her vaginal walls. At this point, I had extended my length to about six inches, and was slapping balls against skin with each thrust. Now, I've always had a natural ability to tell when I was going to ejaculate, so decided that this time I was not going to fill her up, but cover her instead. I pulled out and quickly pulled her Mrs. Claus dress up to her head and splurged all over her belly. Taking her hands, I forced her to rub it all over her stomach. As soon as I started her on doing this, I slowly inserted myself again and started over. Within a few minutes, I pulled out and splurged over her breasts. Without prompting, she rubbed it in again. This time, when she finished, I pulled her dress down, then inserted myself back into her pussy. Once again, it only took a few minutes before I pulled out, this time repositioning myself and splurging all over her face. She tried to start licking what she could but I stopped her and instructed her to rub it all in. She rubbed it on her cheeks, her nose, her forehead, her chin, and her neck.

When she finished, her eyes expanded as she watched me extend the length of my penis to ten inches. This time, I inserted myself once more, slowly inserting myself the full length of my shaft. I could feel the tightness of her vagina extend only so far along the length of my penis before stopping. I could tell I had entered her uterus. I began to thrust completely in and out of her, her body reacting with large shudders each time. She was getting the full experience this time, feeling what many women don't experience in their lives. There is nothing that can compare to length and width. My assistant has frequently requested this service of me, telling me that every time. It didn't take long to for me to come to fruition again, letting myself go inside of her.

Now, I often get asked about this because women don't want to become pregnant from me. I reassure them that I unfortunately can't have kids. I got asked this again when I later finished with my current duties.

With Mrs. Clause covered in cum and sexually satisfied, I pulled out and sat down on the couch. She laid there for a few minutes before giving me a look asking for more. As much as I wanted to continue, I told her that she should take shower and get dressed, go to the store and buy something sexy, and go try out some of the new things she had learned with her husband. I also mentioned that she should consider purchasing an adult movie as well, and watch it with her husband. I gave her a small list of movies that included the same things we covered, and if her husband asks, say she saw it in the movie. She stopped in about a month latter, thanked me for the service and tipped me an extra $1000 beyond her initial payment. Her initial payment was $1000, and paid for two hours of service with me. She refused an offer to teach her some new techniques.

Now most of my clients are like this lady, thoroughly enjoying the experience. While she didn't want to learn anything new, some do come back for more. Some come back because of me, some come back to actually learn something new, and some come back with partners. I love my life, as would anyone who took this up as a profession. Thankfully, nobody else could be as successful as me.

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