tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Exposure of Sara

The Exposure of Sara


Overt sexual content

Sara’s mother told her that Sara never liked wearing clothes. She informed her that from the time Sara could toddle around she would always pull anything off her mother had on her, plus her diaper. She said that later when Sara was about five and six, she had to watch her like a hawk when she took her to go swimming because Sara would always pull her bathing suit off and go swimming around naked in whatever pool, lake or ocean they were in.

As far as back as Sara could remember, she’d always hated wearing clothes. They just felt so confining to her, as if she couldn’t move or function correctly when she was all weighed down with clothes. This was particularly a problem being a young woman with women always seeming to have to wear so many clothes and clothes that are too tight or heavy. In elementary school she was always getting in trouble for stripping down at recess. Of course, the older Sara grew the more attention she seemed to receive from boys and that was rewarding in itself.

When Sara was in the sixth grade, she and a group of boys would always disappear during recess around the side of the school and Sara would strip down completely for them. They loved it and so did she! It always felt so liberating to her and free. Sometimes Sara would convince some of them to do the same thing. Their bodies looked so funny at the time to her with their little hairless peckers. But she never let them touch her, that was one of Sara’s big rules. You can look, but you better not touch. Sometimes she would touch them though, if they begged her enough and if a boy was particularly mature before his time, his dick would get real hard. One time Sara actually stroked a boy’s cock until he shot off against the side of the school. That was so hot to her, having that kind of control! But he got scared when it was happening to him, because he really didn’t have any idea at the time what it was. He never came around the already extremely pretty blonde girl again after that.

Of course this whole thing made a lot of the other girls real jealous of her and they hated Sara for it. Every once in a while they’d all gang up on the eleven year old girl at recess and pull her clothes off and run away with them figuring to really embarrass Sara when she had to go back to class naked. But she would fool them. Her family lived pretty close to the school and Sara would just run home for the day and if a teacher asked her the next day why she didn’t return to class she would tell on them and those girls would get in big trouble.

Every once in a while when Sara was going home naked, some perv would stop and try to convince her she should get in his car for a ride to her home, but the young girl never fell for that one. But she always wondered why with all those people driving by and seeing a young girl stark naked walking along the side of the road that they didn’t call the police or something? But Sara supposed it was true that nobody wanted to get involved anymore.

During her senior year in high school Sara had a best friend named Andrea and Sara considered her way cool. She wasn’t like Sara, but she didn’t judge her either. In fact, she used to try and help Sara in any way she could. Sara had retailored her yucky gym suit. She had the blouse cut up to just across the bottom of her breasts and she had the shorts cut up right along the bottom of her labia! In fact, it was so short, that if Sara wanted, she could turn a certain way and a person could see her entire pussy!

By this time Sara was eighteen years old. She stood around five feet, two inches tall and had shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore a 34C cup, had a twenty-four inch waist and had a tiny bit of a bubble butt. All in all, she was pretty hot and had no difficulties at all attracting boys and, in some cases, grown men.

One day in the twelfth grade the girl’s gym teacher was out sick and, the girls had to go to class with the boys, so they had them all doing gymnastics together in the gym. The teacher was this real young guy, Mr. Boyd. He was really good looking too. He was fairly tall, with a nice bod and blonde wavy hair. It was his first year teaching. So anyway Sara had it all worked out with Andrea who was supposed to jump on the small trampoline and vault onto the horse and do one of those basic put your hands down between your legs and touch once with them and then jump off the horse. Well, Andrea hit the trampoline super hard and vaulted all the way over the horse and landed awkwardly right at Sara’s feet and acted as if she had fallen and on the way down she grabbed Sara’s shorts and pulled them down to the floor.

What a laugh! Sara wasn’t wearing any panties, of course and then when Andrea stood up she acted as if she were off balance and she pulled Sara’s blouse up over her head leaving her standing there in front of all these young men and women stark naked. Sara felt so tremendous she was almost cumming right there and she looked at Mr. Boyd and he was getting a hard on. So Sara kept looking at him and smiling. She thought he was so hot! Some of the girls finally ran over and helped her get dressed.

That afternoon right at the final bell as Sara was leaving her last class, Mr. Boyd suddenly appeared at her elbow and asked the pretty young woman to follow him into his office. Sara couldn’t understand what any of this was about until she followed him down to his office by the gym and saw Andrea sitting there. She looked way bummed out. Mr. Boyd told Sara to keep standing by his desk while he went over and locked his door. She began to feel uneasy wondering what he wanted. He went and sat down behind his desk.

He explained, “Let me get right to the point, Sara. That display this afternoon was horrible. If I were to tell the principal what had occurred, you would be expelled in a heart beat and so would Andrea for helping you in your little foul minded scheme.”

Sara glanced back at Andrea and she hung her head guiltily. The pretty blonde instantly realized the jig was up and that her friend had cracked under the pressure and admitted everything to Mr. Boyd. When Sara looked back at him, he continued, “That’s right, Sara. I’ve talked to Andrea and she told me all about it. You have one chance to save yourself and Andrea too.”

“What’s that?” her voice quavered. It wasn’t an act. She really was scared. Sara didn’t want to be expelled!

“Well,” the young teacher explained, “I think you have some serious emotional problems, young lady with this need of yours to expose your body to the opposite sex like that. If you go on like this, you could end up getting arrested or even worse, raped! Now, I want you to receive some counseling for this, but I’m worried that something might happen, before you can get to a counselor or the counselor is able to help you, so I would like to help you first, if I may.”

“S-Sure,” Sara stammered. “That’ll be fine.”

Andrea started to get up to leave thinking her part was over in what turned out to be quite a charade. Mr. Boyd directed, “Oh no, Andrea. I want you to stay too. I think you can probably help Sara with this.”

Andrea sat back down reluctantly. “Well, what do you want me to do?” Sara asked, feeling a little braver seeing as though he wasn’t going to turn them in – at least, not right away.

The young teacher explained, “I need you to strip off all your clothing.”

Sara flushed bright red in embarrassment. It’s one thing to be in charge of when you strip off, but another thing to be in a locked office with your close friend and a young good-looking male teacher and he tells you to do it.

He further directed, “Come on, right now. I need to see how it affects you in order to better help you.”

Sara glanced at Andrea for some support and she was looking at the floor, so the young blonde removed all her clothing. It didn’t take her long because Sara wasn’t wearing much – just a blouse and a short skirt – no bra or panties. She stood stark naked in front of him except for her shoes.

Mr. Boyd walked around the desk and looked her closely up and down. He said, “Take your shoes off too.” And he watched Sara as she removed her flats and placed them on her other articles of clothing.

“Spread your legs some. Good. Now do you see this?” the teacher asked Sara, bending down and pointing at her exposed labia. “You are getting excited, now that’s not natural in this situation, is it Andrea?”

Andrea silently shook her head. She told Sara later she was too frightened to say anything.

“Andrea, come up here too,” Mr. Boyd ordered. Andrea grudgingly joined her friend and tried not to look at her standing there totally nude with an engorged labia hanging out. “Okay, Andrea. I want you to remove all your clothing too.”

Andrea turned bright red and exclaimed, “I will not!”

“Andrea,” he said severely, “You are involved in this too. I would hate you to get expelled. I’m not asking you to remove all your clothing because of a whim or that I need to see you naked. I have a full grown girlfriend. I don’t need to see eighteen year old girls naked. I’m trying to help your friend. I want her to see how a normal young woman reacts to being naked in a public setting.”

Well, now Sara knew a load of bullshit when she heard it, but either apparently Andrea didn’t or she didn’t know what to say to it, so she slowly removed every stitch of clothing she was wearing. And it turned out that Andrea was a knockout. As previously mentioned, Sara was pretty hot, but Andrea was drop dead gorgeous. She had really long dark black hair that hung straight down her back, great big breasts, a narrow little waist, her pussy had jet black pubic hair and her legs were long and luscious.

Of course, she was terrifically embarrassed. She told Sara later she hadn’t been naked in front of a man since she was a little girl and that had been her father. Andrea stood kinda hunched over with one hand across her pussy and the other attempting to hide her luscious breasts. Mr. Boyd went over and stood in front of her.

“Now you see, Sara,” he declared, “this is how a normal, modest young woman acts when not wearing anything in a public place. You can put your hands down now and straighten up for a minute please, Andrea.”

Andrea just stood there. She appeared frozen solid in shock. The young teacher went on in an angry tone. “Andrea, I said to lift your hands for a moment! I don’t want to have to keep telling you everything twice. The next time this happens I’m just going to quit fooling around with you and send you down to the principal’s office.”

Andrea, very halfheartedly, straightened up and dropped her hands to her side completely displaying the ample charms of her completely nude body to the young teacher. From what Sara could see from the corner of her eye, Andrea appeared to be blushing mightily.

Mr. Boyd stepped back in front of Sara and explained, “There again, Sara, do you see how embarrassed your friend is? Now that is a natural reaction, Andrea is not enjoying it. But you are sexually twisted somewhere. You do act as if you enjoy it.”

The young teacher continued to speak, as he began to pull his t-shirt over his head displaying a very muscular upper body physique that tapered down to a narrow waist. Sara was practically creaming right there to discover that he indeed was a hunk! “Now I want you both to look at me and see how unnatural it is for me to be naked in front of you in school like this.”

He then proceeded to pull his gym shorts and jock strap down to his feet stepping out of them and laying them on his desk. Mr. Boyd stood before the two startled young women completely naked except for his gym shoes. His hips were slightly bigger than his waist, his stomach was flat as a board, and his legs were muscular, but beautifully sculpted. His penis didn’t look wrinkled at all like some of the ones Sara had seen on younger boys, but probably the reason for that was presently it was way hard! It stood straight out between seven and a half and eight inches long from his big thatch of blonde pubic hair. ‘Wow!’ Sara thought and she happened to glance at Andrea who was looking at the floor, but Sara knew Andrea had gotten a good look at that monster prick because she was shaking and Sara was afraid her friend was going to faint.

“Now,” Mr. Boyd continued, “see what you being inappropriately naked could bring about. Why you might cause someone to take their clothes off themselves and then step up to you and do this.” The young teacher stepped close to Sara and leaned down and began to passionately kiss her on the lips, while running his left hand down her curvaceous body until he located the young woman’s clitoris. He must have been very accomplished at this, because he seemed to locate it immediately and he began to stimulate Sara’s love button with his digit. She moaned and almost swooned in his arms. It felt that good to her!

While continuing to push his finger in and out hard, Mr. Boyd broke off the kiss and glanced over at Andrea. “Andrea!” he shouted. Her head snapped up. Andrea appeared so red her face resembled a ripe tomato. “You need to watch us,” the young teacher ordered sternly. “You were involved in this as much as Sara and you need to see where it can lead if gone unchecked. Now I don’t want to have to tell you again!”

Mr. Boyd suddenly just leaned over and picked Sara completely up as easy as can be and lay her across his desk! He then inserted his large erection into the young woman’s dripping, distended labia. Even though Sara was technically a virgin because a man had never penetrated her, a giant dildo that she had found in one of her friend’s parents’ room had and it had broken Sara’s hymen. Consequently the young teacher was able to slide all the way in easily. Of course he never would have expected to find anyone Sara’s age who was still a virgin, but she had always been put off by the total ineptness of boys her age and so had waited. Sara certainly wasn’t going to tell him that technically he was copping a cherry, that’s for sure!

Since he had encountered no resistance, he began to plunge into her again and again with great speed and power. God, it felt good to Sara, but it felt as if he was going to rip her pussy in two he was going so hard. “Oh, God!” Sara began to scream. “Fuck me!, fuck me, Mr. Boyd!”

The teacher, from time to time, would glance over to Andrea to make certain she was still watching and he would make eye contact with her. He had a little exhibitionist problem of his own, plus in his mind he was fucking the two young women at the same time.

Suddenly Sara began to enjoy her first climax brought about by a man as waves of cum washed out of her. “Ah, ah!” the young woman screamed. Then Sara felt and saw Mr. Boyd tense for a second and then twitch and then he was shooting his hot load of sperm right into her. When he had finished, he semi-fell over her on the desk. “God,” Sara heard him murmur. “You are one hot little piece.”

She smiled sweetly at him, showing her dimples and answered, “Thank you, you ain’t so bad yourself.”

“Hahaha!” the young teacher roared.

Sara looked over to check on Andrea and she was standing transfixed with her mouth agape. Now that he had gotten his rocks off, Mr. Boyd was anxious to get the two naked students out of there before someone saw them. They dressed quickly and just before leaving, he cautioned them to say nothing or he would tell the principal what they had done in gym class. Both Andrea and Sara realized that he would win in any kind of a telling contest, because they had messed up first in front of a lot of witnesses and, after all, he was a teacher and they were just two students who had been involved in purposely stripping Sara naked while in class.

None of this had much effect on Sara, other than to let her know that she loved the feel of a man’s cock inside of her, but it did something bad to Andrea. It warped her in some tragic way and she became the slut of the entire school. And Mr. Boyd never touched her! Sometime during the spring she had gotten pregnant and she dropped out of school and Sara never saw her again. She really did miss her good friend after that.

The End

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