The Face-Painter Ch. 02


"Well, I feel like this is my fault and I want to make sure you're okay," she said as she got to her feet and put her hands on her hips in an authoritative gesture. She gave me a matronly look before reaching down and grabbing my arm as she started to pull me out of the chair. "C'mon, young man; I used to be a nurse, you know. I know just the thing to help that along."

"Margaret, it's okay. I'll be fine," I said as I tried to resist as she pulled me down the hallway.

"Nope; I won't take no for an answer. We've got to massage that muscle right now before it tightens up." She pulled me into her bedroom and left me standing by the foot of her bed while she marched briskly into the adjoining bathroom. A few seconds later, she came back into the room carrying a towel in her hand. "Here, take that damp suit off and lie down here." She peeled back the covers on her bed down to the crisp white sheet covering the mattress. She was all business now; I could see her slipping right back into that "no-nonsense" mode that nurses sometimes have to have. "You can cover yourself with this towel. I've got some massage oils in the bathroom. We should get to work on that muscle before it tightens up. I'll be back in a couple of minutes." She went to her dresser and quickly pulled a couple of things from a drawer before she turned on her heel and went back into the bathroom. She pushed the door shut behind her to give me some privacy.

Knowing there was no way I was getting out of here without letting her take care of me; I slipped off my damp swimsuit and hung it from the doorknob of her closet. Now totally naked, I lay down on my stomach on her bed and reached behind me to position the towel over my midsection; so it was covering me from the small of my back to the middle of my thighs. As I heard her opening and closing drawers in the bathroom, I pulled a pillow under my head and wrapped my arms around it as I turned my face sideways and waited for her. A minute or so later, she knocked at the door.

"Are you decent?"

"I'm covered, if that's what you mean." She opened the door and strode across the room towards me, a couple of bottles in one hand and small towel in the other. Before she went back into the bathroom, she must have grabbed some clean clothes from her dresser because she had changed out of her bathing suit. Jesus Christ, did she ever look good now! She was wearing pair of little yellow shorts that fit like a second skin. I could make out the groove of her womanly sex beneath the stretchy yellow fabric. But on top, oh man, I could see the outline of lacy white bra through the tightly stretched cotton of what was essentially a man's singlet; what some people call a "wife-beater". As she walked towards me, I could see those tremendous tits of hers wobbling and jiggling beneath her tight top. The deep scoop neck of the singlet gave me a spectacular view of that deep dark line of cleavage of hers.

"Okay, let's make sure this thing doesn't stiffen up on you," she said as she climbed onto the bed beside my legs. Looking at her kneeling beside me in that outfit, it wasn't my hamstring I was worried about stiffening up. "Now Connor," she said softly as I watched her pour a generous amount of the massage oil into the palm of her hand, "you just lie there and relax and close your eyes. I'm gonna work this nice and slow. That's the best thing for this kind of injury." I looked up at her pretty face for a second as she started to rub her hands together, her fingers and hands starting to shine with the warming oil.

"Whatever you say, Nurse Margaret," I said compliantly as I took her advice; settled my head into the pillow and closed my eyes.

"Smart ass," she mumbled under her breath, but definitely loud enough for me to hear. I could feel the warm smooth skin of the side of her calf press against the side of my leg as she shifted close to me and then I felt her warm slick hands settle onto the back of my thigh, just below the edge of the towel. She started to slide them slowly but firmly up and down, a few inches at a time. I could feel my hamstring twinge under her first probing rub.

"Unnnhh," I let out a little groan as she hit the tender spot.

"Okay, just relax and you'll feel much better after this." She leaned forward and pressed both hands side by side around my strong muscular thigh. A soothing citrus scent wafted into my nostrils as she continued to rub the warming oil into my thigh. She started to move her hands a little higher now, her fingers sliding beneath the towel. Her greasy hands and fingers started to move all over my upper thighs as she pressed and rubbed wonderfully over my skin.

"Mmmmmm," I let out an unconscious moan of approval as her fingers rolled in soft circles over my tender skin.

"See, I told you it would start to feel better," she said softly as she continued to manipulate my sore hamstring beneath her hot slick hands. For the next ten minutes or so, I lay there totally content as she softly but insistently massaged my damaged muscle. Man, did it ever feel good. I'd never had anybody spend that much time massaging my upper leg before.

"Okay, I need to work on it from the front for a while," she said as she removed her hands from my leg and got up off of the bed. "I'll turn around so you can turn over and get that towel back in place." She turned her back to me and I flipped over onto my back. I had kind of gotten the towel awkwardly wrapped around me as I did and then had to pull it out from beneath me in order to position it back over my midsection. I covered myself so the top edge of the towel came to about my belly-button while the bottom again came to about mid-thigh.

"Okay," I said as I lifted one arm and draped it across my eyes. I could hear her crawl back onto the bed and lifted me arm ever so slightly so I could peek out at her from beneath it. From where she was kneeling beside my legs, it would look like my eyes were totally covered by my large forearm; from where I was, I had a perfect view through slitted eyes at that gorgeous body of hers.

"Oh fuck," I thought to myself as she re-oiled her hands and then leaned forwards slightly; her greasy hands coming to rest on my thigh. I had a perfect view right down into that deep cleavage of hers as she started to rub her hands up and down near the edge of the towel. Those massive soft tits of hers were swaying and bobbing enticingly as her hands moved back and forth. It felt great as her warm slick hands moved over my strong thigh, her fingers rubbing and caressing in slow firm circles.

"Mmmmmm," I let out another involuntary groan of pleasure as her soft hands rubbed tenderly high on the inside of my thigh.

"That's it, just lie back and enjoy it," she almost purred as she spoke softly under her breath, her fingers sliding higher up on my thigh beneath the towel. I could feel a stirring in my cock as the exquisite sensation of her magical fingers caressing my upper leg continued. "Uh oh," I thought to myself as I could feel it thickening and starting to extend upwards on my abdomen as her greasy fingers slid gently higher.

"Is this where it hurts?" she asked softly as she rubbed her fingertips high on the inside of my thigh.

"Just a little higher," I replied, my arm still covering my eyes. I could feel the bottom edge of the towel rise on my thighs as her hands pushed it slightly upwards to give her easier access. I wondered from her point of view if she could see my heavy sperm-laden balls, resting gently on the mattress beneath me. I felt her hands grip my thigh and pull my leg ever-so-slightly to one side before her delicate fingers rubbed soothingly over the surface of my upper leg and down over the tender skin on the inside of my thigh.

"Oh Jesus," I thought to myself as her warm slick fingers moving over the inside of my thigh sent an electric jolt straight to my cock. I felt a pulsing throb and could feel my own heart-rate start to increase as it pumped blood quickly to stiffening dick. I could feel it thickening and straightening as the ballooning tip started to move further upwards on my abdomen. I peeked out from beneath my arm and saw Margaret's eyes shift upwards from my thigh to the where it looked like a sleeping python was waking up beneath the towel. I could see her eyes open wide as my stiffening rod moved further north until it was now almost pointing straight up towards my face. Her hot greasy hands kept rubbing deliciously all around my leg and inner thigh as the towel started to actually lift up off my stomach as my burgeoning cock approached total hardness. I watched as her mouth gaped open and I could see her breath start to come in short little gasps as the massive head of my cock appeared above the top edge of the towel.

"Oh my God," I heard her mutter under her breath as more and more of my rising erection came into view. As it got stiffer and stiffer, my dick rose higher vertically off my body, taking the towel with it until gravity finally caused it to slide partway down so more than half of my ten plus inches was in plain view.

"Haaahhh," I heard her take a sharp intake of breath as she looked at my stallion-like cock rearing up before her, the engorged crimson head starting to ooze pre-cum. I wanted to see what she would do, so I flexed my stomach muscles and watched my brick-hard erection bob enticingly right in front of her, my silky pre-cum drooling from the tip and pooling salaciously on my stomach.

As I lay there with my arm thrown over my eyes and pretending to be totally oblivious to what was happening, I watched as she reached behind her and quickly filled her palms with another generous supply of oil. I watched those gorgeous round tits of hers quivering as she shifted closer to me, her eyes never for a second leaving my throbbing prick as she rubbed her hot oily hands together.

"Just relax," she said in a soft hypnotic tone as I felt her warm slick fingers slide higher up my leg. I felt her gently take hold of the towel and delicately lift it off my body and drop it beside her. Now totally unencumbered, my engorged cock bobbed and pulsed right before her eyes with each powerful beat of my heart.

"Oh wow," she uttered quietly as I watched her eyes feasting on my huge erection standing bolt upright before her. As she shifted closer and her hot oily hands started to slide over my abdomen, I watched as her tongue slid out and licked wantonly around her soft full lips. She rubbed her greasy fingertips closer and closer until I felt them brush the side of my cock near the thick hard root. I heard her take another sharp intake of breath and watched as her eyes seemed totally mesmerized by my surging erection as her glistening fingers finally slid around the thick shaft.

"Unnnnggghhh," it was her that let out a little groan of pleasure this time as she slid her other delicate hand just above the first one, the slim fingers of both hands closing deliciously around the cunt-stretching girth of my throbbing dick. I could see that there was still a good-sized gap between the tips of her fingers and base of her hands, even though she had them wrapped as far around my cock as they could go. I continued to lay totally inert as she gave it a soft squeeze and then started to slide both of her gripping hands upwards. I had to exert a huge amount of willpower to prevent myself from letting out a loud groan......fuck, it felt incredible. She slowly but firmly slid both hands all the way to the big mushroom head, her upper hand slowly rotating in a gentle but exquisite twisting motion as she started to slide her hands back downwards.

"Oh fuck, that feels fantastic," I thought to myself as Margaret's magical hands reached the taut base of my pulsing erection and then started to slide upwards once more. She quickly got into a smooth up and down rhythm; her delicate fingers and loving hands sliding all around in a deliciously torturing cork-screwing motion.

I peeked out again and saw her tremendous tits jiggling and bouncing lewdly beneath her tight top as she jacked my surging cock with those slick milking hands of hers. I could see a fine sheen of perspiration on her face and the upper swells of those massive breasts of hers as her oily hands continued to work their magic on my drooling dick. She looked totally mesmerized by my big stiff cock, her eyes glazed over with lust as she pumped her twisting hands up and down wantonly. I took another look at those swelling quivering jugs of hers and felt my balls start to draw up close to my body. As her slick hands continued the slow teasing corkscrewing motion of theirs, I felt the first rush of semen speed up the shaft of my cock. I watched her face from beneath my draped arm as the first ropey strand jettisoned forth.

"Haaahhh," she had that sharp intake of breath again as the thick milky rope shot forth high into the air. I saw her eyes flick up to watch it as it almost reached her ceiling before falling with a noticeable splat onto my muscular chest. Her hands kept pumping together as the next few shots erupted from my spewing dick. Seven.....eight....nine.....I counted as my chest started to get covered with silvery ribbons of seed.

"Oh my God," she uttered as my cock continued to unload under her stroking hands, rope after thick creamy rope shooting forth. Fourteen......fifteen......sixteen.....I saw her eyes and mouth gaping open as she watched the cum continue to jettison from my throbbing cock-head; my chest, stomach and her stroking hands becoming covered with the warm slimy fluid.

"Aaaaaaaaaahhh fuuuuuuuccckkk," she moaned and I saw her eyes seem to roll back in her head as her body started to twitch. Her lips were trembling and she was visibly gasping for air as I could see that an orgasm was ripping through her quivering body. Even as the luscious nerve-tingling sensations coursed through her, her pleasuring hands continued to stroke up and down on my spitting cock. Nineteen......twenty....twenty-one.....With the twenty-first shot, I felt the last of the delicious contractions go through me as I reached the end of a tremendous release. Margaret's skillful hands seemed to know when to slow automatically as she gently milked out the last few oozing drops before stopping, my spent dick still firmly held in her loving grasp.

Feeling totally drained and blissfully satisfied, I slowly lowered my arm from across my face and looked down at her, both of us gasping for breath in post-orgasmic bliss. As I looked at her, I saw her looking in awe at the huge amount of cum before her. There were milky gobs and pearly ribbons covering most of my chest and stomach, while her jacking hands were also dripping with the stuff.

"Connor.....I.....I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me," she blurted out apologetically, her eyes still fixated on the amount of warm cream glistening before her.

"Nothing to be sorry about, Margaret. I loved it. You told me to just relax and you'd make me feel better. Well, I think you did."

"I......I can't believe how big your cock is," she said as her eyes flicked down to my half-hard dick, "and the amount of cum you was incredible!" She paused and looked once more at all the milky discharge on my body. "Your's so thick and creamy." She held her hands up before her face and looked at the heavy whitish gobs clinging to her fingers. "Is it always like that? And do you always shoot that much?"

"Yeah, pretty much. And yeah, I usually shoot that much."

"Wow, that's amazing," she said as seemed mesmerized by the thick heavy cream clinging to her hands and pooling on my chest. As she stared transfixed at the shimmering wads of semen, I saw her tongue slip out and unconsciously slide around her lips again. She looked hungry for it; I wanted to see what she would do next.

"Yeah, but I've made quite a mess. Can you pass me that towel there?" I asked as I pointed to the towel that I'd had covering me earlier.

"NO!" she blurted out anxiously.


"I.......I mean......can I.......can I have it?" she asked, excitement lurking behind her mature eyes. I could see that hungry look there and new exactly what she wanted.

"Sure, have as much as you want," I said with a sly grin on my face as I folded my arms behind my head and lay back against the pillows beneath me. I watched as she slowly brought her hands up to her face. Her nostrils flared slightly as she inhaled deeply, the musky scent of my seed filling her senses.

"Mmmmmmm," she purred as her eyes closed softly for a second as she savored the warm manly fragrance of my fresh semen. Her eyes looked down again at her sticky hands as she brought them to her mouth. I watched with satisfaction as her tongue slithered out right into a big milky strand dangling teasingly from her fingertips.

"Sssssslllupppp," I heard her make a wet sucking sound and watched as the quivering strand of dangling cum was sucked into her vacuuming mouth. Her mouth closed and I saw the muscles in her neck contract as she swallowed. "Mmmmmm," she mewed like a kitten as the hot slick cream slid down her throat. Once she had that first taste, there was no stopping her. Her tongue eagerly lapped up all the milky semen from her hands before she leaned forwards and brought her face towards my cum-covered chest. Those big heavy tits of hers hung down pendulously; even encased in her lacy bra, the sheer weight of them caused the clinging material of the singlet to distend enticingly downwards.

"Do you like that?" I asked as I watched her circling tongue capture the stray drops of silvery seed from her beautiful red lips.

"Oh yeah, it's been awhile since I've had any," she said as her hungry eyes took in the mass of cum shimmering on my body, "and never this much at one time before."

"Well, go ahead, we wouldn't want it to get cold now, would we?" I said as I reached forward and put my hand on the back of her head and pulled it downwards. She didn't need any coaxing and eagerly let me pull her mouth down onto my chest. I watched with a blissful smile on my face as her lips spread over one huge gob and I felt her tongue slide over my skin beneath. I could feel a gentle sucking and then watched as the pooling gob disappeared up into her vacuuming mouth.

"That's a good girl," I said as I moved her head over to the next big gob. I put my hand back behind my head with the other one and just watched as my buxom mature neighbor enthusiastically cleaned the rest of my warm milky semen off my body. She licked and sucked up every creamy morsel until all that was left was a fine sheen of her drying saliva. She purred and mewed like a kitten with a bowl of warm milk the whole time. A mischievous grin came to my face as I thought about this in relation to my new job; I didn't have the heart to tell her she was licking up $200 worth of cum!

"Oh my God," she said as she finally raised her head and looked at me with glassy eyes, "what a huge load. I......I love it." Her tongue slid all around her chin and lips one last time as she made sure she had every pearly drop.

"I'm glad you like it," I said as I checked the time on her alarm clock. "Oh man, it's later than I thought. I've got to get over to my mom's." I rolled off the side of the bed and started to pull on my trunks. "Sorry Margaret, but I really have to go."

"That's okay," she replied as she rolled onto her back and languished against the stacked pillows in front of the headboard; that big voluptuous body of hers begging for attention. I watched as she slid one hand between her legs and started stroking the inside of her thigh with those magical fingers of hers. I figured it wouldn't be long after I left before they'd be working their own magic once more. "Maybe next time you won't have to leave in such a hurry." She gave me a big doe-eyed look, and if I hadn't promised my mother I'd be there, I would have stayed and filled every needy hole in that gorgeous body of hers.

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