The Face-Painter Ch. 09


"It's so beautiful," she whispered softly as she leaned forward and I watched her rub my thrusting erection all over her face. "'s perfect." She almost seemed to being saying this to herself as she drew the hot oozing tip all around her face, a glistening trail of precum being left in its wake like a snail-trail. I looked down at her flushed face and hooded eyes, a look of lustful hunger covering her features. "Oh God, Connor, I want to suck it again so badly, but I need it inside me right now even more. When I suck it later and I want you to cum on my face, will you do that for me?" She seemed to be almost pleading with me as she asked.

"I'll cum on your face as much as you want, Mom," I replied as she continued to roll the long thick tube all over her gorgeous face. Cumming on my mother's face......oh man, how I was looking forward to that!

"Good, but right now, I need this inside me." She moved over to the bed and drew the covers down before stacking up some pillows in front of the headboard. I watched as she gracefully slid her body onto the bed and turned towards me as she lay back against the stacked-up pillows. Her eyes burned into me with a smoldering sensuality that sent a shiver down my spine. I watched mesmerized as her hand slid down the front of her body as she drew her long toned legs up and apart. I watched as she extended one long blood-red fingernail and slid it teasingly along her wet pussy-lips. "I want you right here, son."

"Oh fuck......" I thought to myself as I eagerly climbed onto the bed, my heavy prick bobbing between my legs. She reached forward and wrapped her hand around my engorged love-muscle as I moved between her spread thighs. She brought the engorged head to her oozing slot and fit the dark crimson crown right in between her slick wet cunt-lips. I was on my knees as she fit it in, my body upright as she pulled slightly on my rigid pecker until her warm pink labia had engulfed the massive head.

"Mmmmmm, that feels nice," she muttered softly. With the head of my erection captured just inside her, she let go of it with her hand and I watched as she slid her hands up the front of her bustier until she had each of her heavy breasts captured within her cupping hands. She looked up at me with smoky lust-filled eyes as her tongue slid out to wet her full red lips. "I know you've wanted this for a long time. Why don't you hold onto my ankles and keep me wide open as you watch it go all the way in?"

Her provocative words left me speechless. When she said, "I know you've wanted this for a long time," I wondered how she had known. I filed that away to ask about later, but right now, I wanted to be buried so deep inside her, I think if a SWAT team broke into the room and tried to pull me off they wouldn't have succeeded. As I looked at the rapturous hungry look on her face, I simply nodded as I reached down to each side and grasped her slim ankles still encased in her sexy stilettos. I lifted her legs way up in front of me until they were extended straight up towards the ceiling as I almost folded her in half, and then slowly started to spread them out to each side.

"Oh yeah, that's it," she purred warmly as I moved my arms far out to each side until she was totally splayed out before me. She looked wantonly gorgeous, her huge tits tightly encased in the vivid red bustier, her hands squeezing them softly. Her face was flushed and glistening with a fine sheen of perspiration, her blonde hair spread out wildly on the pillows beneath her. I could see from the look in her eyes that she wanted this as much as I did.....and neither one of us wanted to wait any longer.

I hunched forward and felt her hot wet cunt-lips grip my shaft tightly as I started to push it into her. With my hands still gripping her slim ankles, I looked down as her brilliant pink labia spread lusciously around my thick shaft as inch after thick hard inch disappeared inside her. Oh man, she felt hot, so wet and so wonderfully tight. I could hear her start to breathe more raggedly as I slowly drove over half of my 10" inside her. One part of me wanted to just pound the full length into her as fast as I could, but she had been right, watching it go in inch by inch was exciting beyond anything I had ever imagined. I could feel her legs trembling as I watched her pink pussy-lips tightly stretched around my surging pecker as more of the shaft disappeared from view. Finally, I felt some resistance at the end of my prick and looked down to see about three more inches left to go.

"I.......I think that's as far as your father was able to go when he was all the way in," she said breathlessly as she looked down at the thick root of my cock, the remaining inches begging for admission. "I know it's going to hurt a little, but I want it, Connor......I want it all."

"Okay, Mom," I said as I adjusted my stance slightly on my knees to give me a little more leverage. I flexed back about an inch and then slowly started to drive it forward. I didn't look down this time but at her face instead. Her head went back and her eyes closed as I saw her reach down to each side and grip the sheets tightly in each hand. Her lips were parted and she was breathing raggedly as I slowly but surely drove the last few inches into her.

"Oh........oh.........oh........" She gave off a low guttural groan as I felt her insides stretch to let me in. The hot wet folds of flesh reluctantly gave way as I moved further inside her. The hot gripping resistance felt wonderful as I saw her hands pulling up on the sheets in a death grip. As I felt my shaved groin meet hers, I pressed just that little bit further; wanting to make sure I gave her every last inch.

"Oh Goddddddddddddd," she moaned as I held still with my long thick erection buried to the absolute hilt in her tight gripping pussy. "It's so hard........." I watched her face and saw her breathe deeply as her fisted hands started to loosen their grip on the sheets. She tilted her head slightly forward and looked at me through hooded eyes, that wanton look on her face once more. She gave me a sly smile as I felt the muscles inside her tight channel grip down upon me enveloped shaft. "Mmmmmmmm.....your cock feels wonderful inside me." I kept my throbbing prick planted all the way inside her as I rolled my hips in a slow teasing circle.

"'s so thick......oh God that feels so good." Her hands came back to her chest and I watched as she squeezed her encased breasts as she started to work her velvety hot snatch back at me. It was absolutely incredible to feel her talented cunt sending a delicious rippling massage along the full length of my enveloped prick as she flexed the muscles inside her. I knew she was okay now and sensed she was ready for me to really start fucking her. With my hands firmly gripping her slim sexy ankles, I pushed her legs as far up and out as I could as I slowly withdrew my beefy cock. I looked down to see the entire shaft glistening with a warm coating of her juices, her brilliant pink pussy-lips clinging tenaciously to my retreating manhood. I paused for a second with the broad flared head partway out of her before slowly and insistently sliding it all the way into her once more.

"Yessssssssssssssssssssss," her long gasp was accompanied by her head being thrown back again as her eyes closed with pleasure. As soon as I hit rock-bottom, I withdrew and then flexed forward again, 10" of hard thick cock sliding deep into her clutching motherly channel. I was burning with desire and nothing could stop me now. On my knees between my mother's widely spread thighs, I started to flex back and forth as I fucked her deep and hard. I could see her juices flowing out and becoming frothy around my pistoning cock as our hot flesh pressed against each other. The intense friction between our rubbing bodies was driving me crazy as my mother continued to work her scintillating cunt muscles in a gripping buttery massage as I continued to slam it into her. She was better than I ever imagined, her lusty body being offered up to me to do with as I pleased, her long shapely legs quivering in my hands as I held her split wide open for my carnal assault.

"Oh's so deep," she moaned as her head started to flip from side to side. I could feel the pleasure escalating in both of us as our bodies became covered with a fine sheen of perspiration from our sexual exertions. I had dreamed about this moment for so long that I wanted to make it last forever, but I knew there was no way I could hold back on this one.......and I knew now there were going to be many more chances.....and not just tonight.

"Oh Connor," she groaned as I saw her reach down and grip the sheets tightly once more. I felt my balls start to draw up in their protective sack and knew I was close. I drew back and when I slammed it in again, I gave a circular roll of my hips at the same time as I drove it forward.

"OH CONNOR.........I........I..............OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH....." She let out a loud moan as my thrusting erection triggered an intense climax deep within her. I held onto her widely-spread legs firmly as her body started to twitch and shake while her head flopped from side to side like a ragdoll. I felt that delightful sensation of my boiling semen speeding up the shaft of my pulsing prick as I hammered it into her once more, my midsection slapping noisily against hers.

"OH FUCK..........HERE IT COMES," I said as I drew back and buried every thick inch all the way to the hilt as the first forceful blast shot forth. I felt shot after shot spurt forth deep within her and then took another stroke backwards and slammed it into her once more as I continued to unload.

"Mmmmmmmmm......I can feel you cumming inside me," she gasped as she continued to quiver and tremble through a nerve-jangling release. I looked down to see a frothy whiteness forming around our joined bodies where my last thrust had forced some of the massive load I was filling her with to be pushed out of her stretched opening.

"OH MOM.......YOU FEEL SO GOOD," I moaned as I absolutely flooded her welcoming snatch with my pearly semen. My cock seemed to twitch and spit forever and it felt like I came buckets as her hot gripping channel tried to pull every last ounce of cum from inside me. Finally, I felt the last delicious twinges of my orgasm as the last few drops spat forth. I looked down to see her gasping, her massive tits heaving within the restricting confines of the scintillating bustier as her hands slowly started to release their death grip on the sheets. I let her legs go and they fell immediately on each side of me, both of us near collapse from the tremendous first fuck we'd just shared.

"Oh my God," she whispered in a raspy voice, "that was incredible......absolutely incredible."

I leaned over her and looked into her warm blue eyes, my heart full of love for her like never before. "That was perfect, Mom. You were amazing." She smiled at me contentedly as she put her arms around my neck and drew my mouth down to hers. We kissed softly and tenderly, our soaring libidos temporarily satisfied.

"You were pretty amazing too, sweetie," she replied as she rolled me over and followed until she was on top of me, my spent member still buried inside her. She rolled her own hips slightly and I felt her vaginal muscles grip down on my slowly deflating pecker. "Mmmmmm, you feel so good inside me, I wish we could stay like this forever."

"Who says we can't?"

"This kind of says we can't," she replied as she looked at me with a playful smile on her face at the same time as she squeezed down on me forcefully with her contracting vaginal muscles. She expelled my spent prick out of her in a slippery rush, our combined juices following in the messy wake to fall onto the sheets beneath us.

"Wow, did you ever fill me up," she said as she rolled of me and laid at my side, her head resting on the side of my chest. She reached down between her legs and I watched as her fingers scooped up a massive wad of oozing cum from between her puffy labia. She brought her shiny fingers to her mouth, the whole surface coated with my milky seed. "Mmmmmm......I love that so much." She licked her fingers clean and then stuck her hand back between her legs as she searched for more. She did this a couple of more times before she'd gathered up as much as she could and then lay contentedly on my chest.

"Where did you learn to suck cock like that?" I asked curiously.

"You like that, eh?" she replied as she looked up at me kittenishly.

"It was unbelievable."

"Your dad kind of taught me to do that. Once I agreed to try, he wanted me to keep practicing until I could take it all. I loved it. I loved the feeling of knowing I was pleasing him so much by taking him all the way down my throat. It always turns me on to do it. I'd often cum from doing it, just like in the theatre tonight."

"Did Dad like you to practice a lot?" I wondered if my dad had the same insatiable sex drive as I did, or maybe I'd gotten it from her.

"He did...but I have to admit, I would have been happy to do it more if he'd been able to. Don't get me wrong, I never cheated on your dad, not once; but I'd often spend the night sucking on his cock while he slept. I loved having his hard cock in my mouth and the feeling of having a big load of warm cum slide down my throat was something that I just never seemed to get enough of."

Aaaaahhh, so it was her that I had inherited my overzealous libido from......that was interesting indeed. "Did Dad cum as much as me?"

This brought a little chuckle from her. "Oh heavens, no. I had always thought he came a lot, but after what I've seen so far tonight, he was nowhere even close to being able to cum as much as you."

"So you like that?"

"I love it. There's so much.........if what I felt slide down my throat is any indication, I can't wait for you to cum on my face." She reached down and traced her fingers delicately along my flaccid dick as we continued to talk.

"What did you mean earlier when you said, 'I know you've wanted this for a long time'?"

She rolled more over onto her side towards me, her massive tits pressed against my side as she crossed her hands under her chin and rested her head on my chest, her pretty face mere inches from mine. She had that mischievous twinkle in her eye again, with a playful smile turning up the corners of her soft red lips. "Remember when you had that summer job working construction?"

Did I ever; that was the toughest summer job I'd even had. It taught me quickly the value of a good education. There was no way I was NOT going to college after slugging it out for a whole summer working as hard as that. The pay had been good, but fuck.....I'd never worked so hard in my entire life. It gave me a whole new respect for the guys that could do that, but I knew it wasn't for me.

"Yeah?" I replied curiously.

"Well, I remember one Monday when you came home from work. You started early on that job but finished in the middle of the afternoon most days since it got so hot. The girls were away at camp for the whole week and of course your dad wasn't going to be home from the office for a few hours yet. Well, that Monday, I was doing some work at home but had some files that I was supposed to take down to the office before the end of the day." My mother had worked part-time as a real estate agent before my dad got sick. Once the cancer hit him, she stayed home to take care of him and after everything was settled following his death, she never went back.

"You'd come home and taken a shower first thing, like you always did. When you came out I told you that I had to go down to the office for a while but I'd be back later to fix dinner. I grabbed my briefcase and left. I'd only gone a few blocks before I realized that one of the main files I needed was one I'd been looking at while I'd had lunch out by the pool. I turned around and came right back home. Knowing I was going right out again, I just left the car in the driveway and never opened the garage door; I guess that's why you never heard me."

I wondered where she was going with this; she really had my curiosity piqued now.

"Anyways, I decided it would be actually quicker to just walk around the side of the house to the back instead of going through. I was just about to step of the path onto the pool deck when I heard a sound come from the window of your room. It sounded similar to an animal-like groan and I thought you might have hurt yourself. I stepped over to your window to see if you were okay and what I saw took my breath away.

"I could clearly see you in profile; you were only about ten feet away from me. You were kneeling on your bed, totally naked. Your hand was wrapped around your erection, sliding smoothly back and forth. I looked at your cock protruding from your pumping fist and I gasped at the size of it. Scared that you might have heard me, I shifted quickly into shadows beside your window, making sure I was still able to clearly see what you were doing. I couldn't tear my eyes away from your monstrous prick as your hand milked steadily back and forth; the long thick shaft glistening with some form of lubricant." Even back then, I had discovered the wonders of Baby-Fresh Vaseline.

"I felt a shiver of desire run down my spine as I watched, knowing it was a wicked thing to do; to watch my own son masturbate; but I couldn't tear my eyes away. I felt hypnotized just looking at your long thick cock, and without even realizing what I was doing, I found I had hiked my skirt up and slipped my hand down inside my panties. I was soaking wet, my whole pussy tingling with the excitement I was feeling as I watched you."

"Oh Mom," I heard you groan under your breath. I was shocked to hear you call my name. I watched as you reached down and moved something around on the bed in front of you. I tore my eyes away from your gorgeous prick and tried to see what you were doing. My eyes opened wide as saucers as I realized you had a couple of my bras lying on your bed in front of you. I realized you were masturbating thinking about me, and rather than being upset and angry about it, I was thrilled! I couldn't believe how excited it made me feel to think that you felt that way about me. I thought I must be an evil wicked woman to feel that way, but I didn't care; the whole idea had me so aroused that I was leaking all over my hand as I rubbed furiously at my needy cunt."

"Oh fuck, this is for you, Mom," I heard you say as your hand stroked more vigorously along the full length of your huge prick. I watched mesmerized as you reached down and picked up something else from the bed that I hadn't noticed before. It was a flat object about the size of a magazine cover, but shiny and stiff as if it was covered in plastic. Looking at it from the side, I couldn't see what was on it but I watched as you held it in front of you and pointed your throbbing erection down towards it."

"OH MOMMMMMMMMM," you moaned as I watched you start to shoot. The first white ropey strand shot forth so powerfully, I could actually hear it splatter against the plastic cover of what you were holding. Watching that first beautiful white strand of cum spew forth from you powerful cock sent me right over the edge. I had to lean against the wall to prevent me from collapsing as I started to cum. My hand was dripping as I rubbed my tingling pussy while you continued to unload all over what you were holding. I saw a large gob drop from the bottom edge and fall in front of you."

"All over your face, Mom," you said under your breath as you continued to shoot, your silvery spunk totally covering what you were holding as you blasted away. I was quivering and shaking as I continued to rub my pussy, the tingling sensations of a beautiful climax rolling over me in wave after wave of scintillating pleasure. My eyes never left your stroking hand and shooting prick as I continued to watch, gob after gob of thick creamy cum sliding off the plastic to the sheets beneath you. I couldn't believe how much you shot, and I found myself wondering how it would feel to have a huge cock like that shooting such a tremendous load right into my mouth. The thought brought me to a second crashing orgasm just as the first once ceased. My knees were almost buckling as I rubbed furiously at my enflamed clit, my juices just running down the insides of my thighs now."

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