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The Faithful Lady & The Black Man


My names Lady Denisa I’m 47 have been married to Lord Henry for nearly thirty years. The year’s 1944 and my husband’s a Wing Commander in the R.A.F. He’s currently in Africa as Officer commanding Sidi Ben Alli. He’s been there fighting the Nazis for nearly two years so not been back to England in that time.

We’ve five children all married and between them they’ve presented me with eight grandchildren, the oldest a thirteen year old boy.

I’m five nine tall, grey haired and unfortunately my figure isn’t as slim as it used to be. I’ve always had big breasts at 36c but admittedly they’re beginning to droop a bit now. However with the help of a supportive bra I still cut a striking figure if the wolf whistles from the young enlisted men is anything to go by. My few boy friends were invariably vetted by my mother for their ‘class suitability’ and I was chaperoned each time I was with a young man. I met (Hooray) Henry at my Debs coming out ball, eventually he asked for my hand and my Father the Duke gave him permission to marry me.

On our wedding night we had sex in the only socially acceptable position the missionary. It wasn’t good, he just thrust until he came then turned away and slept with the satisfactory grin of someone who’d ‘done his duty’! I got no satisfaction at all but expected none, mother had told me to just lay back and think of England.

I got pregnant first time and our later infrequent functional sex acts resulted in the rest of our brood. This provided him with an heir and spares, which he said was the whole point of the messy sexual exercise.

Over time the children all moved away and we left our main estate for a small manor house when Lord Henry was posted to this East of England fighter base. On the odd occasion my husband wanted sex we used ‘Old Henry’ a reusable condom made of light pigskin. Neither of us got any fulfilment or sexual release from this but it was a marriage ritual that expected to be performed from time to time.

While my husband’s been away I wasn’t supposed to think of sex, it wouldn’t have been proper. But living near my husbands home air base I was expected to socialize with the other (long time temporally parted) officer’s wives. Manny had young lovers and told me with relish of their infidelities.

Most of these women were sexual predators trying adventurous sexual positions I’d never even dreamed of. Some weren’t content having just one discrete high-class lover. Manny were having gangbangs as they called them with huts full of teenage enlisted men taking it in turn to fuck them all night. One even admitted that she liked three men to fuck her at once one in her pussy one analy and a third cumming in her mouth while she jacked off two others.

These young airmen were from working class backgrounds and the wives said they were completely uninhibited. Not making love or courting them for long term relationships. No these boys were what the wives called their bits of rough from the poorest areas of society. These crude male animals just fucked their officer’s wives purely for the sex.

Not being satisfied with their frequent orgies with young boys the officers wives occupied the airmen’s working hours with lesbian sex. Licking and rubbing their pussies together and experimenting with every form of article that could be accommodated in their vaginas as dildo’s. These were insatiable amoral and immoral slut wives the ultimate exponents of cuckoldry.

These highborn pampered females had decided to fuck frequently was their unquestionable right. Consequently if their wimpy husbands used the excuse of war to deny them their rights to uninhibited sex, it was logical to take as many substitute sexual partners as were available.

I did my best to obscure from my mind any thoughts of my fellow wives rampant sexuality and unfaithfulness. However in my lonely bed their lucid descriptions of how exciting their sexual adventures were haunted me. Even then I was too inhibited to masturbate these feelings away and so got more frustrated.

We officer’s wives were expected to attend functions to show the flag as it were. It was at one of these duty engagements that my life changed dramatically forever. I was invited to a welcoming dance in the officer’s mess, in honour of the first squadron of U.S.A. allies to be posted to my husband’s home airfield.

Out of duty I went with the other wives to be formally introduced to the American officers. They were all white except for the first black skinned male I’d ever encountered.

This pilot officer was not only black but also looked more like a thirteen-year-old boy. He’d an almost feminine face and shook my proffered hand nervously. “Lady Denisa.” I announced a bit haughtily to my shame. “Kenny Black from Harlem, New York, U.S. of A. Mam.” he said shyly.

Later one of the other wives said sneeringly that blacks shouldn’t be allowed here with us upper-class ladies. She droned on that he didn’t even have handlebar moustaches like our husbands. She doubted the boy had even gone through puberty yet so couldn’t grow hair on his upper lip or elsewhere. (Emphasizing the elsewhere with a snigger) The rest of the group of stuck up women laughed at the joke and the poor boy realized he was being ridiculed. It seemed that even these highly promiscuous wives drew the line at black men.

We all danced with the white officers but I noticed the baby faced black boy being ignored and looking so sad. This was unfair he was one of our allies risking his life for us after all. On a whim I offered to dance with the boy thirty years younger than myself. There were gasps of disproval from the other wives not because of his age I guessed, but because an older married senior officers wife was dancing with a black man.

The young looking black officer smiled shyly and accepted by saying, “Mam!” I said on a whim “Call me Denisa!” This was unheard of; married women should always be addressed according to class protocol by formal titles such as Mrs or in my case, your Lady.

The black boy was a wonderful dancer, great rhythm and enthusiasm. I followed his lead and also danced uninhibitedly, probably because I’d been drinking all evening on the free bourbon the Americans supplied. This was far stronger than the fine wine I was used to and it was getting me squiffy. I alternated partners, as a dutiful officers wife should. But as I was the only female who’d dance with the black child as I’d mentally christened Kenny, every other dance was with him. We’d initially danced to fast records like in the mood; later as we got more inebriated they changed the music to slow tunes that provoked clingy type dancing

Kenny the black boy / man seemed reticent and disinclined to hold me close, so I pulled him to me. In an instant I realized the reason for his reluctance, what felt like a baseball bat in size and hardness pressed into my stomach. This black ‘child’ was most definitely a man!

I should have been revolted pushed him away and walked off the dance floor and out of his life forever. But I hesitated for an instant and was lost, this young boy / man who looked no older than some of my grandchildren was sexually aroused by me a grey haired grandmother!

Had I been sober I’d have remembered my position as a respectable long time married aristocrat. But in my drunken state my pussy automatically reacted to the boy’s closeness and was soaking my panties. Unconsciously my own body was lusting after this young boy with opposing coloured skin who wasn’t even from my own class.

Luckily nobody was taking any notice of us, the other wives were just as drunk and the lights subdued. I couldn’t stop myself pushing against the black boy again to better judge the size of his impressive erection. It must be false I thought, my husband’s when he could get it up at all was only four inches long and far thinner than this massive object I’d located against my body.

My husband Henry was the only man I’d ever seen naked and been my only sexual partner. That’s why this huge hard thing confused me, as we danced I tried to gather my thoughts. If this was indeed the boys penis it had to be over a foot long. Not only that it felt thick against my forward leaning body, as wide as one of the bourbon bottles.

Still holding the young man to me I looked at his face properly for the first time, he was gorgeous. He’d well-defined dark features with slightly larger lips than the local white men. He still looked like a thirteen year old but his massive erection confirmed he was the eighteen-year-old pilot he claimed.

The over indulgence of alcohol made me feel woozy and I unintentionally staggered against the black boy. He didn’t show disapproval but spoke kindly to me asking if I wanted to go outside for some fresh air. I agreed but when the cold December air hit me I almost passed out and slipped on the ice. I went down with a bang damaging my leg and one arm. Kenny picked me up, asked if I was ok and should he fetch the medical officer.

I told him not to do that as I didn’t want my husband to find out I’d got drunk enough to fall over in public. I attempted to walk home but when I tried I couldn’t manage it. Kenny offered to drive me there in his jeep and I’d no real option but to accept. When we arrived at my manor house I tried to walk to my door but couldn’t even make that short distance.

Kenny was concerned and prepared to help me. From my upbringing I knew I shouldn’t allow him to enter my home while I was alone. But realized I’d no choice as we had no servants in this house. He kindly got me inside and threw logs on the fire. He was about to leave when it became obvious I was to drunk and bruised to make it up the winding staircase by myself.

Kenny kindly suggested assisting me up to my bedroom. When I agreed he lifted me in his strong muscular arms carrying me upstairs with little effort and placing me gently onto the big four-poster. I asked him to stir up the open fire in my bedroom and throw some more logs on before he went. As he did this, the sparks illuminated his feminine looking black face I gasped because he really did looked like a black thirteen year old.

The young black man appeared scared and vulnerable so I tried to give him a motherly hug. But he mistook my maternal gesture as something much more intimate and before I could protest his muscular arms responded crushing me to his strong chest.

This show of naked emotion took me by surprise and felt absolutely wonderful! Against my upbringing and better judgement I hung onto the black boy and tried to give him a chaste peck on the cheek. But he turned his head and it ended with me kissing his soft black lips.

With a start I came to my senses and remembered I was a married woman and shouldn’t be doing this. I attempted to pull away but my embrace and kiss had reinforced his wrong conclusion about my intentions. He’d taken my actions as a green light to him and kissed me back hard.

This wasn’t supposed to happen was it? The young black man kissed me tenderly then I felt his tongue licking my lips and trying to enter my mouth. I clamped my jaws closed, I couldn’t let him, didn’t he realize only my husband could do that? But Henry never did this anyway even when he was here and he’d been away so long.

Without warning Kenny thrust his hand into my bra and fondled my right breast. I tried to say no, but as my mouth opened the black boy forced his tongue inside it. His tongue licked mine and I was lost, without thinking I automatically responded and entwined my own tongue with his.

I’d never been kissed so passionately it felt absolutely natural, as did the way young black Kenny was tweaking my swelling nipples. Was it the excess of alcoholic drink that made me powerless to resist this young black boy? During this further embrace I again felt his steel hard erection pressing against my body.

I knew I shouldn’t be doing it, but I had to know if this rock hard bulge was real or imagination. Slowly, so as not to startle the youngster I slid my hand down the front of his trousers. What I felt took my breath away; his throbbing cock was even bigger than I’d supposed, I couldn’t get my hand round it.

My pussy was soaking and I just had to see his big black cock naked! Sensing this he took off all his clothes leaving him stark naked in the semi dark. Within seconds he’d undressed me and I’d grasped his big black cock. The fire flared up and in its light his penis looked impossibly massive. My other hand felt his big hairless black scrotum.

The young lads balls were double the size of my husbands and his magnificent erection reached almost to his nipples. I grasped it at the root then put my other hand on and above it then again and again. My god it must be at least twelve inches long I thought in wonder at its length and girth. As my husbands was so much smaller this hard ebony rod seemed unreal!

Kenny moaned and put his hand on my pussy but he didn’t seem to instinctively know what to do to pleasure me, he just stroked it like he would a dog. I recovered enough breath to ask him if he was all right. He replied. “Mommie I aint never seen or felt a woman between her legs, I aint never had no girlfriend.” I was astonished at this confession. Kenny continued, “The girls all laugh at me cos they say I look like a young girl.”

“You see mommie I was brought up by a white couple and wanted to fuck my white mommie she was 47 when I left but I never got the chance. I don’t like young girls cos they just laugh at me. Will you be my mommie and show me what to do?” I said in a shocked voice, “Are you really telling me you’re a virgin and want me to take your virginity?” “Yes please mommie Denisa,” Kenny replied, “I want you so much mommie and I’m terrified I’ll die a virgin. Please be kind to me mommie!” I thought for a while, if I did it with him it would be adultery; I’d be cuckolding my husband, a slut wife like the others.

These were all the things I looked down on these unprincipled women for. I felt superior to them, the ‘whores’ or the local ‘bikes’ as I’d called them because every man rode them! Not only that I was a respectable grandmother and he was a foreign black man who looked younger than my own grandson!

But I was half cut from the excess of alcohol and unquestionably turned on by this boy / man’s finely chiselled and muscular black body. My pussy needed urgently to suck his huge dick inside its soft confines. But surely I couldn’t take such a big black pole inside me could I? Then I remembered after five babies my vagina should stretch to accommodate even this huge knob.

While I was thinking I guided his long slim black fingers so they caressed my labia, vagina and clitoris. If I was expecting to have the moral strength to resist his charms allowing this ultimate act of intimacy was a big mistake. At the same time without thinking I’d been rubbing my other hand up and down his spectacularly big black shaft.

In the light of the fire I saw beads of his white pre cum oozing out of the pink slit on top of the mushroom shaped cock head. The white liquid contrasting against his black pole as it ran down it in little rivulets.

Even so I couldn’t let myself be unfaithful to my husband with this boy could I? Then I remembered Kenny’s augment, it was true, this poor virgin black childlike man could be killed in battle in a few days never having had sex with a woman.

Kenny pleaded, “I don’t know what to do, please teach me mommie Denisa?” I was wavering then said, “We shouldn’t but I can’t let you die a virgin can I, but you’ll have to wear a condom. You see Kenny I’m still having periods and this is my most fertile day I’ve just felt myself ovulate. You have to appreciate I mustn’t get pregnant with your black baby!”

He did understand and said eagerly “That’s ok as long as you take my virginity mommie Denisa, I love you so much!” I lent over and got the skin condom ‘old Henry’ from its box and lay on top of the young black boys body in the sixty-nine position. Without telling him what to do the young black lad started licking my already swollen and excited genitals. Oh god I couldn’t take much more of this without cumming myself. But it felt so good I just hadn’t the will to stop him.

I had to have, needed desperately to engulf his long black cock inside my vagina to fuck him. I was almost to my orgasm from his oral stimulation; with hands trembling I tried to get the small sheath over the boy’s extra large cockhead. Its wouldn’t fit, no way would it ever go on, he needed one twice this size.

I knew I must tell him we couldn’t have full penetrative sex as the condom didn’t fit and I was exceptionally fertile. Quite obviously we daren’t do it without protection, or it would ruin my life forever should we succumb to our lust.

Despite this inbuilt taboo my pussy overruled my mind as my orgasm almost engulfed me. In a pure animalistic act I defiantly lifted his huge cock shaft till it stood vertically. At the same time I used my other hand to hold open my labia and vagina. Then lowered myself so the black cockhead was touching my holes entrance. The feeling of his soft cocktip was far too much to bear.

By now I was on the very edge of an orgasmic precipice. I felt the first luscious waves overwhelming any resistance and desperately mounted him completely. Dropping my whole weight onto him so that his cock shaft speared me fully.

The feelings caused by his massive weapon were of exquisite pain, fullness and euphoria in equal measure. Immediately I was shaking and spasming on his pole with the biggest orgasm I’d had in my life, I squealed and screamed in ecstasy. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure swept me away in a tide of lust. I forced myself down on his huge shaft even further and felt the young boys fat cock head force open my vulva’s entrance and jam itself into my ovulating womb.

I was crying in lustful greed and without any logical thought for the social consequences shouted in pure exaltation. “Fuck me my young black lover, shoot your sperm right into my cunt, make a black baby in my womb!”

I was shaking uncontrollably with a series of constant orgasms when the boy grunted and shot load after load of his young black mans virile sperm right where it was guaranteed to impregnate me.

I held him tight, told him I loved him and would have as many of his babies as he could give me. I confirmed rapturously and completely sincerely that I’d leave my husband and was his big black cocks white cum slut forever.

At the pinnacle of my extreme lust that’s exactly what I wanted, needed desperately. To have his black baby making sperm combining with my white woman’s egg. Producing a mixed race baby for me to hold and love as a memento of my young black lover.

I fucked this young black boy frantically all night, his cock staying hard for hours and shooting repeated loads of his virile black baby making fluid right in my receptive fertile womb. I did him in every position I’d ever heard of from the other wives. I shagged him hard but tenderly making the most of his muscular but childlike body.

Though I’d never even considered allowing anal sex I actually begged him to penetrate my anus. His cock was far too big for comfort, in my virgin back passage; in fact it was extreme agony. But I was determined to give this lovely boy access to every part of my body.

After the wanton all night fucking and sucking I felt fulfilled in every sense of the word for the first time in my life. When he withdrew his massive cock from my vagina I cried for him to put it back up my hole.

This black boy eighteen but looking nearer thirteen was my Nemesis. The goddess had her vengeance on me by supplying this perfect youth with his gigantic ebony cock then withdrawing it from my womanly haven.

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