The Fall of Reason


Her hips were thrusting slightly, eager to get started, just like a man. I was lost in her beauty and the beauty of her passion and desire. I discovered myself reaching down between my legs and grabbing the head of her cock, never taking my eyes off of hers, and pulling her cock towards me.

"Fuck me with this gorgeous cock, baby..." My words were soft but insistent. Now it was Sophie's turn to be at a loss for words. She nodded and grunted.

I spit on my hand and lubricated her cockhead, pulling it towards me and then pointing it downwards, down towards my 'cunt'. Sophie looked down, watching open-mouthed as her cock approached heaven.

She instinctively shuffled forward to gain better access. At that moment in time that her cockhead made contact with the electrified muscles around my asshole I think my groan ended up sounding like a long scream and it was soon accompanied by Sophie's low, throaty rumble of a moan.

I rubbed her cockhead in tight, tiny circles around my 'cunt', lathering our spit into place.

Sophie took over. Her hips slowly thrust forward. Slow but steady. I let go of her cock but held my fingers lightly around her cockshaft. I felt my back arch involuntarily as her bulbous cockhead forced itself past into my ass. I struggled to keep my eyes from rolling back in my head as my ass muscles snapped over the ridge of her cockhead. I had to watch her. I had to see it all.

She was gasping for breath, moans and groans and grunts shooting out of her mouth at random as she watched, hypnotised by the sight. For the first time in ages, she spoke. Growling mumbles, but audible and coherent all the same.

"I'm fucking your cunt, babygirl... can you feel it? Can you feel my cock in your tight cunt?"

"I love your cock. I need it in my cunt... Come on, fuck me with it..."

"Yeah... yeah... yeah..."

She thrust forward, harder this time and my fingers felt her long cockshaft entering me. Deeper and deeper. The pain was instantly transformed into pleasure, which my moans confirmed.

The initial fascination was fading, replaced by raw, intense fucking. Sophie knew the moves and she was more than ready to use them. She started a fucking motion with her hips and ass, eyes still glued on my cock-filled cunt. The sensation of her cock gliding in and out of my tight hole was excruciatingly glorious.

She found a rhythm that suited her and my ass rose up to meet her every thrust.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..." were mumbles that came out of my mouth to the beat of her thrusting.

She was far gone now, but looked up at me with those wild eyes. I obliged her unspoken wishes, rubbing and pinching my nipples, licking my lips and playing the girl as best I could. She nodded as I did so, sucking saliva back into her mouth so as not to drool.

One of her hands let go of my leg and flew down between her legs. She had a cunt of her own, after all, and she needed to feel the sensations, feel the heat of it, feel her orgasm building.

She fucked herself with her fingers without a pause in her cockfucking of my cunt.

I could see it on her face. She was working rapidly towards release, towards total orgasmic ecstasy. I needed to join her and my hand glided down over my stomach muscles, taut and hard due to the fucking, and slid under the elastic of my knickers. My cock leapt up when freed and I grabbed it hard, just squeezing it until it was ready to burst. I didn't even fucking need to jack it, just feeling my hand on it was enough to send the waves of pleasure surging through my body.

But I didn't cum. I wanted to wait for Sophie and the wait wasn't a long one. She watched me holding my cock as she fucked herself and my asscunt. It was one long, rolling wave of passion and when she started to buck and writhe in orgasm I merely let go of my cock and it proceeded to do what it does best. Cum roared up my shaft and spurted violently onto my stomach and chest.

Sophie screamed at the sight of it, which coincided with the peak of her own orgasm. One last, hard thrust into my asscunt and she let her cock rest there, buried deep within me as she twitched and shivered and came, fighting to stay upright.

It lasted forever and a day, our orgasms. She managed somehow, in the chaos of it all, to reach down and scoop up huge globs of my cum on her fingers and reach up to smear my seed all over my mouth. I licked hungrily at it, no doubt looking like the like fuckslut girl she wanted me to be.

Finally she collapsed onto me, gasping for air and sanity, slobbering me with wet kisses and softer moans. Her cock still buried in my asscunt. Gradually, it slipped out and flopped onto the bed. We lay there caressing one another, Sophie mumbling 'good girl... good little fuckslut...' into my ear. Words that pleased me in this new obsession.

A new obsession that, I feared, had just begun.

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